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been a bit · 9:30pm Aug 8th, 2023

Alright it's time for a state of the rabbit address.

TGaP is still planned to go the full 9 seasons, but I am stalling because i've reached the episodes i've never seen before. That said i really want to get to the next big plot points and none of them are left in season 6.

My current main focus is on my Worm/ Hellsing Abridged fic called WALK on Space Battles. My Muse is all in on this one.

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Update on my nonsense · 11:41am Aug 7th, 2022

Alright so you might have noticed my writing has slowed down.

It actualy has not. It's just spread out everywhere from TGaP.

Every single work i have pending has at least a draft and i've been running other things here and there. So here's the comple list of what i am working on.

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Well i didn't expect this. · 3:59am May 31st, 2022

So I just got a message tonight and it seems i've been invited as a Guest on the Barcast podcast. [horrible idea really]

But as far as i know i will be on there this Friday unless something changes.

No idea how this is gonna go.

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Just a heads up · 1:33pm Apr 1st, 2022

First off let me say that continuing in my tradtion since that one failed joke i am not doing an April fools day thing.

Also this is your warning that it is April first.

Secondly I am again looking for a artist for some work There's been a call for the dragon trixie, Nox calbigmac, and super power sparkles. I still have 50 in the kofi account from the last donations so i should be able to get one at least.

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Happy Twilight Day. · 11:52pm Feb 22nd, 2022

What does this mean?

Well it's Tuesday.
It's also February
And it's the 22
in the year 2022

2-22-22 for those using the month /date /year system

and it's a Tuesday.

A more Twilight day there is not unless it's also new book day somewhere.

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Current nonsense · 12:01am Oct 7th, 2021

Okay. i'm sure some of you have noticed i've got longer and longer delays between chapters. This is mostly because i'm spreading myself super thin with all my projects[ and Disgaea 6 and Hotwheels unleashed and the new metroid, though thats friday]

I am currently working on the new Puppy chapter. This is going to be delayed because i am also working on the next 5 puppy chapters at the same time due to my weird planning and stupid ideas.

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Slowing down? · 3:14am Aug 11th, 2021

Alright so some of you might have noticed i'm not posting as fast in the last few months as i usualy do.

Main reason for this is i started a new job and i don't have as much free time in a forced lunch break to type.

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TGaP Artwork · 4:25pm Apr 26th, 2021

Okay just a heads up to those not paying attention to kofi. I seemed to have lost contact with my current artist. Not sure what's up but i hope they are okay.

Still everyone is waiting for new art after their donations so i need to find another artist. Any suggestions?

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Artwork for TGaP · 12:28pm Sep 8th, 2020

Alright here with another please read.

I now have a Kofi page. https://ko-fi.com/tdrtgap

I'm using this to commission more art for TGaP since i'm poor .

Currently I've purchased 4 pieces and have another two on the way from donations already.

The Artist is https://www.deviantart.com/xxmarkingxx, though i have another one or two in mind if he gets swamped.

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My opinion on the current state of things in the US. · 11:43am Jun 5th, 2020


That is all.

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