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"Death is only the end if you think the story is about you."~Welcome to Nightvale


This is less a single fic and more a collection of stories that i wrote down to get out of my head.

Here you might find unused Puppy verse or SiS stories as well as random tangents.

While i might make some of these stories more than one chapter, if a particular mental tangent proves popular enough i might make expand it.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

Twilight Sparkle and her brother Rahs Sparkle have become gods. One would think that would mean that there would be less problems for them. Having survived three years in Ponyville [ or Ponyville having survived three years of them] the Sparkle siblings and their friends are about to have a whole lot more problems.

Vicious vines, end of the world doomsday cults, vampire ponies, Equestria Games, Party wars, Lip sync scandals, breezies, a trade expo, members of the royal family moving into town, betting pool changes, more dating shenanigans, a fishy presence, darkness, and the return of a great evil.

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[ As usual i post my Slightly dirty tag here as while there is no clop or smut, it's hinted and and conversations tend to get a little filthy, also Cadence.]

Editing assistance by ThatNoobPony

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A confused, and hopelessly lost bandanna clad martial artist finally gives up on his unrequited love and decides to leave the chaos surrounding her and his oldest rival. he had gotten lost lots of times before and wound up in odd places, but pastel colored talking equines were a new one.

[ Perhaps the most obvious set up for a character displaced fic I've ever come up with.
A Ranma 1/2 MLP crossover.]

[ Just another idea that popped into my head i need to get rid of before working on something else.]

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 2

After the insanity of the Royal Wedding, all Rahs wants to do is relax, and maybe finally make it in theater, and find a girlfriend. His Granny Luna and Sister in law Cadence were really interested in that last one.

Of course as one of the Sparkle siblings, relaxation is often hard to come by, particularly with a neurotic sister, a devious younger brother, and all their insane friends. Then add in a demonic rabbit, the return of a great evil, a pegasi betting pool, TRRRRRRRRRIXIE, a massive sports event, witch wolves, a well chewed chaos god, a mysterious thief from another world, and an ancient curse.

It's going to be a busy year.

Another season in the Puppyverse.

Season 4 is live https://www.fimfiction.net/story/456282/twilight-gets-a-puppy-season-4

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Nightmare Moon's return was not without incident and injury. Those that were chosen by the Elements suffered and were pained in the attempt to save Celestia's younger sister. While they succeeded, the trial left scars.

Princess Celestia sees this as everything going as planned and is ready to use the new Bearers for anything she needs taken care of.

Princess Luna thinks the group should be protected and only used when the situation is at it's most dire.

A compromise is made and Luna is allowed to form a team to deal with threats that do not require an orbital strike from a friendship canon. Provided she can find those willing.

With the memory of Nightmare Moon still fresh in every ponies mind, Luna is unable to find ponies who are willing to serve her readily.

So what is a Princess of the Night to do?

Not recruit ponies obviously.

[ Story has my usually Lewd jokes and comments but no sex and thus the warning is here. Story not affiliated with TGaP or SiS. It's just yet another idea i had. ]

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This story is a sequel to Twilight gets a Puppy

Meet Rahs Sparkle, Moon Dog, Thespian, unexpected brother of Twilight and Spike Sparkle, even more unexpected grand pup of Princess Luna, and current target of the pink boat horse's nautical nonsense.

Join the Sparkle siblings as they deal with Chaos, live through Nightmare Night , survive the CMC, deal with charlatans, giants, dating, and the wedding of the century.

All somehow without strangling each other, or their friends.

[ Despite having to tag the story with Gore it is light on that. It is however somewhat heavy on innuendo and lewdness, but there's still no tag for that.]

[ It would also be good if you read the first book as it ties directly into this one.]


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This story is a sequel to Stories in Stone, Luna's Royal Guard.

Platinum Scale.

Bleu Scale's partner.
Jer'rahd Kaisur's mare friend
Famous singer.
War Hero.

Her death in the battle of Dullahan keep set the stage for many events to follow in the Stories in Stone universe.

But what would have happened if she hadn't died?

[A Tales in Stone story that was too big to fit into the side archive and so i decided to make it it's own story.]

[ Reading Stories in Stone, Luna's Royal Guard up to the battle of Dullahan Keep is necessary for you to understand this story.]

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When Twilight Sparkle had the magical surge that cemented her place as Celestia's student, the amount of power she released not only hatched a baby Dragon, it brought forth something else. Something that shouldn't exist any more.
Something that has Celestia worried.

A fluffy puppy.

[Despite the gore tag it's rather light on that, and they have yet to make a lewd tag and there's a bit of that.]

Editing help by Lawlypops, ThatNoobpony and people in the comments.

Modoc is converting this story into a youtube audio format if you'd rather listen to the story. That link is here.

Season two is live here, Season 2

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This story is a sequel to Stories in Stone, Capricorn's Curse

All Stories must end, even those in Stone.

The final book of the Stories in Stone saga.

Warning, this is a particularly depressing book and if you like how the others ended i would suggest stopping there. There is little of my humor or usual writing in these chapters. How ever if you want to see how everyone in SiS met their ends, continue.

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This story is a sequel to Stories in Stone, Lost Empire

A Princess who's suffered great loss and has no idea what to do now.

A musician struggling with the idea her fame was made off another's skill.

A mother whose life was robbed from her.

A former ruler who has given up nearly everything for those who see her as a monster.

A mare who is trying to find the perfect way to propose to her love.

And a country, locked away in time.

TDR Presents
Book 4 of Stories in Stone
Capricorns Curse

Chapters (31)
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