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My doctor says I have a malformed public duty gland, and a natural deficiency in moral fiber and I am therefor excused from saving any universes today.~HGttG


This story is a sequel to Twilight gets a Puppy

Also know as Encyclopedia Everfree and the Moon Dog Almanac, this story contains chapters and exerts from the book written by a one Princess Twilight Tuesday Sparkle, with assistance from Baron Rahs Sparkle, Sir Spike Sparkle, and Emperor Shining Armor Sparkle.

A collection of observations and research notes brought to you by the Puppyverse Sparkles.

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Okay, this is going to be awesome.

Buckel up Bookerohs! This will be a ride!

*squee* Here's to more "Sparkle family shenanigans"tm.

in other words, in the words of the gods bane known as the sparkles....

I can already tell that I'll love this :twilightsmile:

TDR Presents

No matter what the Sparkles say, I'm the one writing this.

A collection of Puppyverse information.

The Totally Awesome Guide to a Deadly Forest of Death

Wonderful title :trollestia:

And as we all know, the future is where we shall spend, the rest of our lives!

And now I imagine Rahs reading this entire section in Criswell's voice :D Well done, sir :)

Ah, fyay it, why not. Let the insanity continue! Hopefully with more snarky footnotes.

The names have been left the same because no one is truly innocent.

Some similar quotes follow; find the sources yourselves!

  • ”Toute ressemblance avec des évènements réels, des personnes mortes ou vivantes n'est pas le fait du hasard.”
    (”Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is NOT accidental.”)
  • “Any resemblance to real persons or events is a crying shame.”
  • “The crimes you are about to hear have all been specially committed for this program.”
  • ”At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.” (Note that what occurred took place strictly in the authors’ imaginations.)
  • ”The following is based on actual events. Only the names, locations, and events have been changed.”

And as we all know, the future is where we shall spend, the rest of our lives! 7

“Speak for yourself!” — White (God of Time), Time Turner/Dr. Whooves, et al


Ahh but isnt everything you do from this point on 'your future?'


Not necessarily… Ever read Bearing an Hourglass by Piers Xanth-ony Anthony? In the book — part of a series — Time (with a capital “T”) is an office not unlike that of the presidency, along with those of Death, Fate, War, Nature, Evil, Good, and Night. When a person assumes the mantle of Chronos, the Incarnation of Time, their arrow of time is reversed. i.e., their passage through time (small “t”) is from the objective future to the objective past instead of the other way ‘round. This begins at the moment they take on the job and ends at the moment of their birth — the point at which they must hand over the job to another. It’s only by use of the Hourglass (capital “H”), the magical artifact and symbol of the Incarnation of Time, that Chronos can temporarily un-reverse their arrow of time and interact with the rest of the universe normally.

So Time’s future is also Time’s past, and Time’s past is also Time’s future. But your future is Time’s past, and your past is Time’s future. Get it? :twilightsmile:

:applejackconfused: :rainbowhuh: :raritydespair: :pinkiesick: :fluttercry:



The incarnations of imortality are not legit. He lives backwards anyway, but the past is still his future and he had some time as normal before he took the hourglass that.. to be fair, was pretty fucked up. Not as fucked up as death war and the devil, but still.

And yes i love that book series.

There's a new one most people havn't heard of involving Nox as well.

Forward, or foreword?


You mean foreword

2 Ogres and Oubliettes was created by Tactical Studies Rules, and the current editions are owned by Orbsah.~Editor

Wait, does that mean Task Force Games exists? And Avalon Hill? Can I buy a local copy of Star Fleet Battles 5001 (A.K.A. The Designer's Edition) and/or Naval War? Hypothetically?

Does she? While foreward is a common misspelling in our language, in this case she may be setting up some protection or warning before the main event.
That's my headcanon and I'm sticking to it >.>

Rahs doing the intro, in the voice, from...

The Twilight Zone.:moustache:


oh yeah, this is gonna be good.

Sounds like they might work as impromptu weapons dropped on enemies but like anything explosive potentially as dangerous to the user as the other side

But fear not gentile readers

Which brings to mind the image of circumcised readers....

Let me just say that I’ve visited Site D, and IT’S A HOAX. “Site D” is clearly meant to be a diversion from where the trees have really been hidden.

From a tactical standpoint this thing is a mess. While the tree is immune to burning itself down if the cherries all caught fire the tree could detonate with the force of something like a Dragon Slave. Add in that the main reason it was grown was to deal with creatures that regularly spit fire, and you understand what I mean about it being a mess.

Yikes :twilightoops:

Youd have to be some sort of crazed prodijy if you wanted to try useing these things as some sort of twisted firestarter?:pinkiecrazy:

I forget, did spike mention if he hated the trees? cus from what he said from the chapter they were featured in, I'm pretty sure he hates them. If he did mention it, point it out cus I can't find it.

Stolen from the Dungeon Master handbook.

Instead of Encyclopedia, I rather call this a collection of rants, or discussion between the Sparkles. In other word, I think Spike's name for the book fit the contents more than Encyclopedia.

please make a whole guide im sure it will be awesome and make a lot of readers very interested and use it for other stories as a reference to the everfree

A house cat sized, tiny form,

Best for travel and/or naps

a pony sized form,

useful for deal with the common races

a house sized form

for reminding the common races what they're dealing with

and a mountain sized form

When one wants to stretch out a little

This one sounds more like a rant rather than a publishing paper, even without Pinkie messed with it.

I keep wondering what would happen if Spike realised he can Hoard information, such as information about information about Gods and their portfolios?

Hmmm. Do you like, Um, Bananas?

OOK. :pinkiecrazy:

Which is why Bleu sent Spike to Celestia, because White pointed this out? Possibly while being slightly singed?:twilightoops:

Love the chapter. would however like to point out that footnote 13 is currently unsigned.


No it's up there

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Totally Awesome Guild to the Deadly Forest of Death

Autocorrupt strikes again? (Actually, on further examination, the previous chapter has the same thing, so either it's intended, or autocorrupt mangled one and it was then copy/pasted into the next chapter, I'm not completely sure which actually...)

Yes, but the actual footnote doesn’t say who it was written by. All the others are signed by the character who wrote it with a ~, but 13 is blank.


Ahhh i see. I missunderstood the comment evidently and thought the number wasn't there

The trick with the relation of the digestive and reproduction organ is at least the ameoba, but possible can be traced somewhat later in the evolutionary tree? Or dark magic applied to Rabbits. see Reproductive Abilities of Lapines under Duress? :trixieshiftright:

16Which gets on my nerves as they have no auditory receptive function at all. ~Twilight

Come on, Twilight, I thought you were better than that. Sensing sound is just a variation of sensing pressure waves in air, and you don't need ears for that.

Well, the comment war was amusing.

For something this small one would think that that might take a while due to size limitations, though with no bones to speak of the parasprite can unhinge itself and devour something nearly four or five times it's size in one gulp. The implications of this are terrifying when you compare the average size of a foal to the size of a parasprite.

Well that's dark :trixieshiftleft:

Depending on how sensitive their wings are, they could be using them to "hear" the vibrations in the air from the music, and that polka stimulates something that causes them to follow it like a cat to a laser pointer...

Glad to see Shining Armor has a hobby. Bonus points that it involves dragonflies.

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