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This story is a sequel to Twilight gets a Puppy

Meet Rahs Sparkle, Moon Dog, Thespian, unexpected brother of Twilight and Spike Sparkle, even more unexpected grand pup of Princess Luna, and current target of the pink boat horse's nautical nonsense.

Join the Sparkle siblings as they deal with Chaos, live through Nightmare Night , survive the CMC, deal with charlatans, giants, dating, and the wedding of the century.

All somehow without strangling each other, or their friends.

Cover art by marking

[ Despite having to tag the story with Gore it is light on that. It is however somewhat heavy on innuendo and lewdness, but there's still no tag for that.]

[ It would also be good if you read the first book as it ties directly into this one.]


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All my laughs, hahahahaha!!

BWAAAAHA HA HA HA HA HA mine is an evil laugh!

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

For added halarity, pretend the red text is in Comic Sans. TDR would've done that himself, but was unfortunately unable to, due to the limitations of FimFiction markup.

Now this is how you start a story:rainbowlaugh:

Re-wrote somepony else's diary? While that joke is still a classic, it is quite an old one, Discord. If you are that bored, then you could just send Twilight some of Celestia's embarassing photos (I'm sure you've stocked many) or made the three little filles of Ponyville your avatars. That would count as chaos job well done for this generation.

i loved discord directly influencing the story, thats something you find rarely in good stories.

Ayyyyy, Dissonance, how ya doing, buddy ol' pal?

To quote the man with the mustache - 'Mother of God!'

Author's Note:

And so it begins

So it does :moustache:

If the cat has wings, I'm gonna call shenanigans. I already have a discord-created winged cat.


Rahs had wings briefly.... in the last book

WOOOOOOOO! This story's not dead!

Also Destiny 2: Forsaken's coming out next week! WOO! #letmeknowifyouplayDestiny

*ambulance sirens in the background*

We need to get that 4th wall to the hospital! He's been brutally murdered and maimed by Discord! "


It's too late. There will be no fixing it. We'll have to install a new one after Discord's been dealt with.

That looks more like a saber tooth cat
But the frst did say he looked more feline is some aspects

"somewhat heavy on innuendo and lewdness, but there's still no tag for that."

The fact that you wrote that instead of abusing the sex tag like certain authors do imidiately puts this into my waiting list of things to read. Nothing more disappointing trying to find an adult story with adult scenes only to find out it's due to "coarse language" xD

Gonna go read the first story now ^^ Hope this will be a good ride

that image what Rahs more or less looks like? because if so, he kinda looks like Inigo. (follower mod for skyrim)

It is however somewhat heavy on innuendo and lewdness, but there's still no tag for that.

Sex Tag: What am I, chopped liver?



As close an aproximation as i could find. least the amber eyes and ears are right , though Rahs doesn't have saber cat fangs.... i really need fan art.

9138580 Yeah well sex tag pretty much means sex. Since i don't write clop it's not something i'll use. Hinted banging , dirty talk and Cadence aside, i don't get into detail more than the suggestion. Plus i don't want to draw in people looking for porn and then pissing them off for no reason.

Why do I have the strange feeling that instead of Dissy getting encased in stone again, he and the Sparkle siblings will reach some sort of deal/understanding where he doesn't go too far with the chaos, and they don't stonify him. Besides, Discord messing with Celestia is always fun!

*gets Voltron and a giant newspaper* Bad Discord!

Took longer for the armor to give than I thought it would :derpytongue2:

Congrats, man! Second chapter and it's already 1st place in the Featured box!
Now I'm wondering: Spike, Rahs, and Twilight just felt a shiver on their spines - Does that mean that something bad happened to Shiny? He's the fourth Sparkle sibling after all...

“ Ughh... we shall have the maids hide the good silverware. And so help us Tia if he messes with our Neightendo save files we are killing him this time, council be damned.” Luna grumbled.

Wow, this Equestria is really advance. Wonder who Luna ususally play it with?

“Let's pretend we didn't see it and keep walking.”

Why I have a feeling Discord will hit it well with the Sparkle siblings?

Thank the gods that the diploma survived!

and we learn that discord and the princess is twilight and shiny armor great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grand parents on they mother side,

which would explain a lot I think on how crazy and smart they are,

“You guys go get me some Alfredo or something nice from the menu as carry out. I'll go get the girls and we'll meet at the train station.” Twilight grumbled.

I can see them in Canterlot now…

Rarity: "I'm a social outcast! My life is ruined!"
Rainbow Dash: "Uh Rarity—"
Rarity: "I betrayed my one and only sister for the chance of true love!! What kind of pony does that make me?!"
Rhas: "Whoof."
Fluttershy: "Rahs, that wasn't very nice."
Spike: "But not inaccurate."
Rarity: "My dreams! My career aspirations! My boutique expansion plans! They're all gone!"
Applejack: "Are we just going to continue ignoring how Rarity is wallowing in self pity on her fainting couch?"
Twilight Sparkle/Spike: "Yes."
Pinkie Pie: "WEEEE!"
Rarity: "Pinkie Pie! This couch is not a go cart!"
Pinkie Pie: "But you put it on roller skates. How is it not a go cart?"
Rainbow Dash: "Thank you! I've been trying to ask her that for the last five minutes."
Rarity: "Rainbow Dash! Have you been trying to mock me in my time of need?!"
Rahs: "You've been doing a fine job of that yourself."
Rarity: "Twilight—"
Twilight Sparkle: "He's right. You have been. And unless you want to be incarcerated for assaulting a member of the royal family, I suggest you let it go."
Rarity: "Fine."
Pinkie Pie: "WEEE! This is the best go cart ever!"
Twilight Sparkle: "Please tell me that sound of shattering glass didn't come from Donut Joes."
Spike: "Alright. I won't tell you."
Rahs: "Whoof."
Twilight Sparkle: "…we can't arrive at the castle soon enough."
Fluttershy: "Oh dear…"
Applejack: "Come on, Rarity. Let's go make sure no pony got hurt in that crash."
Rarity: "Why do I have to… right. I'll just follow you."
Fluttershy: "Should we go after them?"
Twilight Sparkle: "Normally I'd say yes, but we're on a bit of a time crunch. Applejack will make sure those two catch up."
Rahs: "Whoof."
Twilight Sparkle: "He's not my "Ex". We only went on one date. So the fact we're passing Avianna Manor has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to get to the Castle as soon as possible."
Rainbow Dash: "That's what this place is called? Heh. I like G's name for it better."
Fluttershy: "I didn't know you went to Canterlot with Gilda."
Rainbow Dash: "Well, it wouldn't be called sneaking out if everypony knew about it."
Spike: "Pinkie Pie, when did you…"
Pinkie Pie: "I'm still down there. I just don't want to miss this doozie!"
Rainbow Dash: "Besides, everypony in Cloudsdale was expecting G and I go on a pranking spree that Nightmare Night."
Fluttershy: "That's because you pranked Zephyr three days before while wearing your Cat Pone costume."
Rahs: "WHOOF!"
Spike: "Yeah, Twilight! Warn us when you're going to stop like that."
Rainbow Dash: "I don't remember you complaining after he was covered in tree sap."
Fluttershy: "He deserved it, but you really should have waited for Nightmare Night. Pranking him that early meant everypony in Cloudsdale knew what to look out for."
Rainbow Dash: "Which is why G and I went on a pranking spree in Canterlot. Nopony here expected it! It was the perfect time to prank a few ponies who otherwise would have half the city Guard chasing us any other day of the year. And this house had the perfect smoozy Nightmare Night party just asking for a pranking. It's a shame we didn't know it was a birthday party before hoof… uh Twi? Spike? Rahs? Are guys okay?"

Something like that would be absolutely delicious.

Which would then be promptly followed by…

A secure location in Canterlot castle.
Cadance: "Now, if we introduce Goldie to Scrooge just after he's found the lost treasure of Esuom Yekcim that should—"
Luna: "Why did thee stop? I see no problems with thine plan for uniting the O'Guilt and McDuck clans thus far."
Cadance: "Twilight found her…"

“ Ughh... we shall have the maids hide the good silverware. And so help us Tia if he messes with our Neightendo save files we are killing him this time, council be damned.” Luna grumbled.

I agree with Luna. There are lines not meant to be crossed and messing with a gamer's save files is not chaotic, it's just evil. I know if someone messed with mine I'm getting my bat so I support Luna's choice in her actions should he do so.

I'm interested to see how chaos magic does, or doesn't, work on Rahs.

Why sent the world on its head when you could just be an enourmous pain in Celestia's enormous arse?

I was glad he did it. My score on Super Mare-rio was so embarrassing since I never been able to get pass the first level. :trollestia:

“And he uses said powers for pranks and laughs. He is an annoying pain, little more.” Luna grumbled.

“ He made ponies his playthings and treated them like puppets!” Celestia protested.

“Having been an actual puppet for over a century the fifteen minutes it takes Discord to get bored with pranking some pony barely counts.” Luna growled.

“Why are you defending him!?”

“Because we have seen much worse and do not even consider him a threat.” Luna said darkly. “ Besides, he is likely just thine problem again.”

I have to agree with Luna on Discord's threat level :moustache:

“Yes, well. Neither of you are the bearers now though right?” Cadence pointed out.

Well no, but if Twilight ever hears why Discord is causing trouble in Equestria she will most likely never help Celestia with anything again :ajbemused:

Twilight lifted the scroll in her magic opening it and reading over it with a frown before she let out a long sigh.

I get the distinct impression that there was not a lot of information on that scroll :facehoof:

Oh right i have been mening to ask:

Since Celestia is Into the "bad colts", did she date Tirek ? :trixieshiftright:

You know this sort of nonchalance to coming chaos very tangentially made me think of Ian Malcolm...

Wonder how Discord and Dr. Malcolm would react to each other.

cant, ran out of fourth walls last week, new batch doesnt come in until net quarter...

After reading the whole thing i can say one thing for sure.
It would be an amazing story if it didn't rehash the episodes so much. I LOVED the original parts of it, but the chapters with slightly changed mlp script were meh at best, with a few good twists here and there.
As such, i found myself skipping large portions of it, just to get to the original pieces.

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