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"An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it brings all the horses to the yard."~Welcome to Nightvale


Nightmare Moon's return was not without incident and injury. Those that were chosen by the Elements suffered and were pained in the attempt to save Celestia's younger sister. While they succeeded, the trial left scars.

Princess Celestia sees this as everything going as planned and is ready to use the new Bearers for anything she needs taken care of.

Princess Luna thinks the group should be protected and only used when the situation is at it's most dire.

A compromise is made and Luna is allowed to form a team to deal with threats that do not require an orbital strike from a friendship canon. Provided she can find those willing.

With the memory of Nightmare Moon still fresh in every ponies mind, Luna is unable to find ponies who are willing to serve her readily.

So what is a Princess of the Night to do?

Not recruit ponies obviously.

[ Story has my usually Lewd jokes and comments but no sex and thus the warning is here. Story not affiliated with TGaP or SiS. It's just yet another idea i had. ]

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Oohh, interesting. Gonna read this, as my "tracking library" has been empty for more than a week now. None of the 200+ on-going stories that I read has updated in a while.

Story not affiliated with TGaP or SiS

so, no familiar names will be dropped or mentioned?

Nice. Looking forward to more.

Also, do you already have every character you need or do you accept OC submissions?

"Let me tell you the story of... the hash slinging slasher!"

Whatever connection they had was broken when Twilight found out Celestia macilations were what put her and her new friends into that position to stop the Nightmare.

I assume you meant "Celestia's machinations"?

Looking forward to this.

As it stood Applejack was still in the hospital from her injuries, Twilight Sparkle had lost an eye, Fluttershy would never fly again, and the others would have scars that would be with them until their final days.

Damn what the hell happen

This is going to be hilarious, I can already see it :rainbowlaugh:

Their suffered damages were unexpected though. This Celestia is way more callous if she thinks that sending untrained civilians to face similar threats will be a good idea.

Let's hope Luna can take up the slack :twilightoops:


i already failed with that by naming 'Prince' Blueblood and Jer'rahd. It's just not part of those worlds.
one or two are being fiddled with still but most are set.
spell check missed that one.
It was a much more violent fight.

It's what Celestia did in the show, only this isn't a foals cartoon.

I know that but I was shock that is the more realistic on what happen. But now I want know on what to the other three?

Shouldn't Luna and Shining Armor worry about giving them military training and gear, then? If it isn't a cartoon show I doubt the captain of the guard would even consider letting his now half blind sister stay nearly defenseless against mundane threats, and at least give a fighting chance against the things the elements must be wielded against.

If that is a future plot point do few free to disregard this, though.

Interesting... :trixieshiftright:
Ok I'm on board, this alt universe seems very plausible.

I am interested, but, I want to know one thing.

Where did you find that cover art? :rainbowhuh:

Probably should have guessed that


Horse with fangs specifically

All in just two months, too.

Oooh, a company of monsters. This'll be interesting indeed.

Is me or are The Beasts of the Moon being used a little too much?

Why does that former town's population sound like an SCP facility's birthday?

So a half-shogoth? Curious. Also curious that he likely has less on his rep sheet than the CMC. Well if you discount the mutations on others, that is.

Sounds like larval Discord, really.

The town got what they deserve in more ways than one

I don't think a larval discord would look like a "weird pony professor". But fair enough.

He's inflicted plenty of permanent transformations, it seems. Just none on himself yet.

Also gonna give Luna props for efficiency: both of the examples so far seem like a little stimulus could make them boil over into an elements-worthy problem, but she's attempting to defuse and redirect them now rather than later.

Apocalypse Meow. Best cat name.

So I got to ask: Does this mean Bright Mac and Pear Butter are alive ?:trixieshiftright:

Darn, I really want to see what happens when Luna first recruits them. Great story so far though.


Princess Luna thinks the group should be protected and only used when the situation is at it's most dire.

its* most dire

I'm loving the premise of this story and the motley crew that Luna is gathering together and looking forward to seeing how they interact and where the story goes. (but please don't forget about TGAP)


This will come up later as the gathered crew is going to meet the mane 6 at some point.

it is , but at the moment he doesn't know about it. He and Cadence were shipped off before longest night on a 'ambasadorial tour' and not expected to return for a bit yet. They should be back by then and shiny is not yet captain.

It was kinda my thing from SiS but the term Beasts of the moon won't be used here, not favorably any way.

9505443 not quite.


he has his own changes as hinted but i've not described him just yet until he meets the others. They are all intentionaly left vague.

Thank you.

Once all 7 are gathered the first meeting will happen

The reason i'm writing this is a ran head first into a Writers block with TGaP. One of the tips i've heard for getting past a block is to write something else. Hence this.

Another tip was to kill some one in the story but i doubt any of you want that.......

Mildly interesting, I said MILDLY interesting.

Now now, what would life be if it remained only "mildly" interesting :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm, so Celestia has had a prisoner of war in inhumane conditions for thousand years. That has got to be a crime against equinity or something, in addition to being a war crime. But well she is Celestia so there likely is no justice for him.

This was my favorite chapter so far!

Still I think my favorite thing was the time I was chick-napped and carried about Equestria by a pack of library interns who took my picture at various landmarks 'enjoying' myself, before returning me with the stack of photos in a scrap book titled, 'my vacation'. How they convinced those pretty Griffon hens to pose with me like 'that' I will never know, nor will I forget.

Please, PLEASE tell me either Sunset or Twilight were involved in that. Even if not, this is simply GLORIOUS!! :pinkiecrazy:

Mildly interesting, I said MILDLY interesting.

Something tells me equestria does have a strong sense of irony :derpytongue2:

Yes i had to use that title.

For shame :rainbowlaugh:

The conversation had also come to an abrupt end as purple hoof connected to white muzzle.

Twilight Velvet (Twilight Sparkle's mother): "She can be lucky my daughter was faster than me. Otherwise..."

I did my own search, and everything I found leads back to an character/user named "ponywolf".
There are accounts of him with this logo on FB, Twitter and Steam; he even has his own website "ponywolf.com".

A desk might come alive and run out of the school house carrying a screaming pony with it.

:pinkiehappy:: "Heh."

I just realized that Twilight will be so embarrassed when she meets this guy :pinkiecrazy:

A story neither in stone, nor about puppies....


It is the steady click of the loom as fate weaves, it is the scratch of the pen as the story is told, it is the astral choir of the twinkling stars and the turn of the planets. It is the crackle of the suns energy and the faint popping and twang of a seeds growth. It is the first cry of life and the last breath of death and every heartbeat and draw of air between, it is all things and nothing.

So... the Song of your sphere?

lycanthropes? The awoooo is strong with this one...

When is the Next chapter?

The beast had scared the shit out of every pony and run off into the woods without so much as turning over a cabbage cart.

I can't be the only one who mentally heard someone yell "My cabbages!", right?

Maybe she will use her off-work time to travel back to the empire, beat some asses and teach them to be better individuals instead of ravaging each other for coins.

Hm. The exact same complete opposite of Screwball, he seems. Nice.

Ha! Poor guy. All but jinxed it.

Now this team just needs a dedicated healer and they're good :moustache:

Alicorns be scary especially the blue moody ones :moustache:

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