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If you don't think you're good enough for anybody, just think of being there for everybody, then think that everybody had the same thought process as you. Bingo, community restored.



It was during the Chaos Era when Discord stumbles upon a group of fillies. When he saved a filly from getting bullied mercilessly, what would he do when he realised that she did not want to leave his side?

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Comments ( 5 )

I'm not certain if the narration was supposed to be a simulation of Discord's chaotic nature, but if it was, good job. A few things here and there that could be fixed, but as a whole, very nice and heartwarming. Good to know that even Discord doesn't like bullies.

Thanks for letting me know that you like it. I do agree, grammar is something that I need to work on. Welp, thanks again.

I'm a bit confused, was this meant to be written in a way Discord would? Even if it was it still feels rather amateur. Though I do love the idea of this story and will probably be reading the sequels.

Very cute, well done and thank you.

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