• Published 11th Mar 2019
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Graveyard Shift - TDR

Princess Luna forms her own group to deal with the threats to Equestria.

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Graveyard Shift

Princess Luna shifted in her chair, her wings rustling slightly. A soft sigh escaped her muzzle as she looked out over her balcony down at the city of Canterlot lit up before her. It was far later in the night than she had expected her little ponies to still be awake.

It had only been a little over two months since she had been freed of the nightmare. She still felt weak and her body was having difficulties keeping up with a thousand years of cold seasons and viruses attacking her all at once. She had not enjoyed the mass of vaccinations she had received to bolster her alicorn immune system, and the weak strains that had been put in her were the likely cause of her sniffles.

Granted dinner was currently what ailed her stomach. The refinement of food and drink was far richer than she was used to. And the portions, one could feed an entire village in her time on what a pony in this age considered a meal.

It had taken Tia at least three of such meals to realize that Luna was not eating the food because she was famished, but because there was so much of it and her instincts screamed at her to not waste a bite.

To say Luna was in shock when told what she didn't want would be disposed of was an understatement. While such was a common practice now, it would have been considered a jailing offense in the past. Famine was always a near enough threat that the very thought of some one wasting a meal would earn ire of many and oft retribution as was shown by the inglorious ends of a number of nobles of her time.


That many diseases had been destroyed and hunger was barely a worry for any save the most destitute or lost was a great weight off her shoulders. The future was a wondrous thing, electric lights, nightclubs, more food and leisure time than was thought possible in the past. This future was indeed more glorious than she could have ever imagined.

So much had changed that Luna wondered if she would ever understand it all.

But there were somethings that had remained the same.

There was still crime, still monsters that preyed upon ponies. Threats that were too much or two far for the Guard to sort out. Things that could well spiral out of control if not nipped in the bud before they were allowed to grow.

Tia expected that if anything too bad happened, she could just send her student and her friends to deal with it.

Luna was not happy with that.

A seamstress, a farmer, a weather pegasus, a student, a baker, and what ever the yellow one was. Six 'normal' ponies. Despite her training, Twilight was not a combat mage, Rainbow Dash was not a Wonderbolt, and the others were not soldiers. There was barely an ounce of combat skill or training among them all put together.

It was little more than luck that allowed them to defeat Nightmare Moon. If Twilight had not been clever in figuring out the last riddle of the Elements, the six would be dead and the rest of Equestria and Equss would have followed as eternal night froze everything.

As it stood Applejack was still in the hospital from her injuries, Twilight Sparkle had lost an eye, Fluttershy would never fly again, and the others would have scars that would be with them until their final days.

That was not to say things had gone horribly. They had succeeded and Twilight had wised up and was no longer associating with Celestia save by royal order. Whatever connection they had was broken when Twilight found out Celestia machinations were what put her and her new friends into that position to stop the Nightmare.

That discussion had been heated and had brought far more attention to them at the hospital than Celestia probably had wanted.

The conversation had also come to an abrupt end as purple hoof connected to white muzzle.

Luna was quite surprised at the resulting rant that followed, evidently Twilight had been bottling up some of her issues for a long time and the dam had finally broken when Applejack had nearly been killed, only the farm ponies ridiculous toughness had saved her life and kept her going long enough to activate the Elements.

Despite Twilight's desire to stay in Ponyville, and have nothing to do with her former mentor, Tia was already making plans and tests for her former student, likely out of habit more than anything else.

Still the defense of Equestria had been under Luna's purview in the past and with what she felt she owed the current bearers, she wished to ensure that they did not have to deal with every little threat as Celestia wished.

This had led to... sort of an argument between the two Princesses.

It was a heated discussion at best, one that both backed down from constantly, after so long apart neither was willing to fully argue with the other.

Still the discussion continued and in the end a compromise was reached.

Celestia knew Luna did not like to sit idly by even while she was still recovering her magic and her former stature. And Luna knew Celestia preferred to have everything orderly and organized.

So the deal was made that Luna could set up her own group to deal with threats and dangers. And if this group managed to do what was expected of them, then Luna could expand it and the Element Bearers would only be called in for things that her team could not deal with. Luna would simply need to recruit the ponies for the team herself. A retired Guard and a noble were brought in to advise Luna on her choices and what would be needed and what was and was not allowed any more.

After meeting with Ambassador Prince Blueblood, and retired General Jer'rahd Kaisur Luna felt she could trust their opinions on matters despite their clear dislike of each other.

The first and largest hurdle had been every ponies reluctance to have anything to do with her. Guards were nervous, servants fled, the common pony bowed out of fear more than respect. The few she found that she would want refused outright, or made up excuses to refuse her.

Disheartened by the waking world, and how she was viewed there, Luna turned her search to the slumbering world, seeking out those of interest there.

Those results came back much more favorable, and after a few nights she had found her seven founding members.

Now all she needed to do was collect them, convince them... and think of a name for the team.

Simple right?

TDR presents.....

A story neither in stone, nor about puppies....

Graveyard Shift

Author's Note:

yet again i get a story idea and it runs away from me.