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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

Twilight Sparkle and her brother Rahs Sparkle have become gods. One would think that would mean that there would be less problems for them. Having survived three years in Ponyville [ or Ponyville having survived three years of them] the Sparkle siblings and their friends are about to have a whole lot more problems.

Vicious vines, end of the world doomsday cults, vampire ponies, Equestria Games, Party wars, Lip sync scandals, breezies, a trade expo, members of the royal family moving into town, betting pool changes, more dating shenanigans, a fishy presence, darkness, and the return of a great evil.

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[ As usual i post my Slightly dirty tag here as while there is no clop or smut, it's hinted and and conversations tend to get a little filthy, also Cadence.]

Editing assistance by ThatNoobPony

Useing Ko-Fi to accept donations to get Fan art for the story. What art I have so far is also linked HERE!

TGaP now has a TV Tropes Page thanks to matt+s0101745, You can find that HERE.

Season 5 link is HERE.

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First cunt, more like it.

Buckle up boys, girls and that lovely rainbow in between, Its gonna be another wild ride!.

Well that was uncalled for.




Now now. I was first cause i have an author comment.

Nah. I reject your reality and substitute apricot preserves.

I see we're getting right into it with the [Censored] vines

fish puns...as if they could scale with the others! halibut we just white the rest of them right here?

The sparkles can never get a break between seasons, can they?

Come to think of it, re-experiencing these events consecutively via fanfics rather than having the between-season hiatus to separate them really does put the timetable into perspective.

Is the picture the Goblin slayer references?

Surprise! Already hit the featured page.

This is going to be a fun season, isn't it?

The cover art, can we talk about that?

Who knows what I'm talking about, knows what I'm talking about.
Supreme choice in meticulously drawn horse smut, but also, now we know your tastes... Heehe.

Keep up to good work, none the less.

Rahs claims he doesn't know what it means, but everyone is skeptical that he isn't just trying to be dramatic again.

Always a possibility :trollestia:

Author's Note:

'Fish puns,
fish puns,
rolly polly fish puns,
fish puns,
fish puns,
eat them up,

Fish puns this time huh :trixieshiftright:

I guessed he mean that cover art was from a smut MLP comic, so he just assume your taste in comic from there.
Nevermind the source, I can deduce from the image that this season will be intense to the extreme.


I thought it was just an angry twi pic......

10013141 LOL!

10013254 Like THAT is any real surprise!:duck:

10013297 The way this is going I would NOT in anyway, shape or form be surprised if this Twilight ended up like the Twilight in Sparkle's No. 1 Assistant . DRUNK off her plot at any given time AND for so long she's coherent and capable at any given time and packing heat that you have to go Warhammer 40K to have more as standard issue. Relatively speaking. So much pain, so much blood!:pinkiecrazy:


Exactly as 10013357 said. But to be honest, I'm just teasing you a little bit ;)

Unless you really do not know the source of your cover art. Then.. I think you would be appalled to know from whence it came.
Ps.- It's from a really... adult comic.


Might I get a link to such a comic? I’m always happy to see more risqué content.


I know this is not a place to do that and I know in what light that paints me, but... ehh...
I've sent you a PM with the link.

Because, I'm not going to post it here, obviously.

Pffft hahaha! Knowing where THAT image originally came from, it gave me the wrong impression about this part.

The image of this fic is from a porn mlp comic.........

Comment posted by eregonlover deleted Jan 1st, 2020

Well, at least it delivers the message 'You don't mess with Twilight' cross.




I may need to change it.......

Eh. It should be fine. Nothing Explicit is shown on the cover art. Heck, I didn't even realize myself it came from that particular bit of adult content until it was pointed out. There is no artist mentioned so no one will be able to go looking for the source material easily. And besides, seen far worse cover arts than this from explicit sources on other fics.

Personally, I don't see the reason why. It does not show anything explicit or improper. Just because where it came from does not mean it will always be bad. I think it really give off the vibe on how scary Twilight can be, which we expect to see in your story from time to time (especially this season when her beloved library get smash).

Ehem he might have pulled it from the clean version of the site, as a cut out pic from the comic, or something similar, as for the contents... No judging unless it's in the extremes, also the pic is clean enough that he can leave it, without anyone but perverts realizing what it comes from or is attached to.

[obsolete comment]

Has the cover art ben changed because I found it on deviantart and it looked clean to me.

That's one of the clean locations, and that is all I'm saying.

[obsolete comment]




it's less i need a reason too and more i don't want any confusion as to what my story is.

same pony who killed his father at sixteen

Didn't Sombra kill his dad at age of 11?

Yeah, looks like a bit of a continuity error. The Crescent Empire Second Epilogue says that he killed Solomon before his 12th birthday and then held the Empire for about 10 years before it was displaced instead of 3 years.



i never specified the age he killed Solomon beyond, young, but i did fix this

I had to go check the wiki to remember what the hell this season was.

*2 minutes later* Right, I remember now. Orbital Friendship Cannon goes back into the tree of bullshit and Twilight rips off DBZ for 30 minutes.

Rahs and Luna have stand alone lesser portfolios that list 'dreams', though by the same token they are not shared.

Taken from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/dream
1 : a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep
4a : a strongly desired goal or purpose

My guess?
Luna's portfolio relates to the dreams that happen during sleep.

Rahs's probably relates to people's dreams for the future. Their goals, desires and aspirations. These are the dreams that would lead to storytelling and drama.
The farmboy's dream of going on a great adventure and seeking his fortune.
The sheltered princess's dream of running away from the political intrigue she's forced into by birth and falling in love with that special someone.
The doctor's dream of finding a cure to the rare disease that took a friend from them early in life.
The explorer who dreams of being the first to set foot where noone else has before.
I think this is the "dreams" that appears in Rahs's portfolio.

Now the heads of state have been temporarily incapacitated/removed from office.

The political chaos this is going cause is going to be so much fun!

Though I wonder if today is Friday or Tuesday since this happened in Canterlot but the plunder vines are just outside of Ponyville. Oh it would be delightful if this crisis lasted from Friday to Tuesday.

And I’m sure Discord would love every second of it.

Here are my predictions on the next chapter.
Twilight: I bet she planned this just to annoy me. Sunset, do you like to show your m... father you can run the show?
Sunset: I thought you are a princess?
Twilight: Nope, never get coronation (and doesn't plan to). So I am just a random OP alicorn librarian in an unsuspected small town.
Sombra: Right, an unsuspected town where disasters are norm and the housing of the last (ex-) monstrous Witch Wolf.
Witch-Jack: Hey, leave meh out ah this! Ah busy trying to get rid of these annoying vine that try to invade mah farm. <munch, munch> Hmmm? It tastes like chocolate milk?


Next chapter is probably a little too early for Twilight to try pawning off ruling Equestria to Sunset. For one thing, the news has to get to her first. Chapter 2 would be where this makes more sense.

As for what the next chapter may contain… my money is on Equestria’s Nobility trying to do something so incredibly stupid to usurp the throne that it forces Blueblood to catch the next train to Ponyville with Sunset and Sombra in tow.

Not to save their lives, but moreso to keep those two from committing regicide against the majority of the nobility. Irregardless of how many problems that would solve, he plays cards with at least three of them on a weekly basis.

Yes he takes them to the cleaners every week.

Not just Discord. Caramel corn?

Wait... Isn't that cover from Alcor's A Display of Passion? :rainbowhuh:

*looks at comments*

Ah, I see we have other men of culture as well. Regardless of your opinion on his type of works, we can all agree that they look amazing.

Maybe Sombra could find something to do with his cousin Blueblood? Or helping Shining Armor? He seems a little like a tactician... Maybe Spike could invite him for a O&O?


Oh wait, you didn't know?

Ooh, you thought it was an angry Twi pic! Well, actually, it's a picture of Twilight looming over Anon because she's very, very horny and she's become a bit rapey (though Anon doesn't mind anyway).

P.S. Keep it for the laughs. The comments are worth it. For me at least. :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: Of ALL the bits of art you could have chosen...you use this one. (to be fair it is a damn good comic)

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