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Thanks for the watch, you're the best! :twilightsmile:

Hey thanks for the fave on my story, consider leaving a follow so you won't miss any of my future fics! :twilightsmile:

Maybe so, but I stick to it. That how I do and you first who say something negative about it. I may change that in future, but now I choose how do bookshelves on my page. And nobody appreciated when told to how to think. We have to agree to disagree on that matter.

The comments sections of stories are where your opinion of the story should go. That's what they're there for. Using bookshelves as your sole means of delivering your opinion of a story is cowardly, passive-aggressive, and rude.

Everyone had right on their one opinion. And someone with as many followers and stories with such ratings can afford to ignore opinion of some one as me. But if you don't like it I just remove your story from my BOOKSHELF. That particular bookshelf I made so beginners will be notice. I understand that for someone as popular as you it will be offending.(That wasn't my intention) It is good story, just not my cup of tea.
Good luck with writing in future.

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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