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This story is a sequel to The Witching Hour - Chaos is Change

Captain Midnight Storm of the Bearer Guard, tasked with protecting the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, has her hooves full. Between dealing with new recruits, rogue ponies, and the whims of alicorns and her charges, it's enough to make anyone want to get away.

So what will she do when the things she's been looking for come looking for her?

Join Midnight, Sapphire, Squeaks, Windrunner, Honeycomb, and the rest as they make new discoveries, deal with old foes, and embark on a journey that will change everything for not only them, but all of Equestria in part 3 of The Witching Hour!

Cover art by Niban-Destikim

Chapters (14)
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Well, this is a welcome surprise

THANK YOU for that first rant!
You just hammered all my "man, wtf is wrong with you, Celestia?" I had about the Crystal Empire plot all into one neat little package.

Midnight lowered herself in a formal bow, wings outstretched, then, to Luna’s surprised, face-hoofed. “One last question,” the kirin said, “how are we getting there?”

Well, Midnight *did* originally ask 'how are we getting there?' in her rant at the Princesses so it's not like she forgot, so no embarrassment to the kirin! Luna and Celestia should have that well in hand.

Awesome seeing this tale's continuing.
Looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

Awesome, Loved how you started it off.

Yay! Midnight and co. have returned! Really looking forward to this!

So we learn just a little bit more about the origin story of why the kirin are gone. General Steel Spark, huh? And he committed a crime? At least we have a name, just not what he did. But what he did is likely the why they kirin are 'left Equestria.' Discord hinted that they were betrayed, in a manner of speaking, and I'm starting to have a better picture of what happened. My theory is Spark did something that caused enough fear and panic among the ponies that Celestia and Luna were forced to either kill or banish all of the kirin to prevent anarchy and keep their positions of Princesses. Probably to the demands of ponies.

Keep an eye on the story Requiem for the Kirins
While it will be told what happened to them in this story, that one will have more details.
In fact, my plan is to upload both the chapter of TWH that finally reveals this story AND the final chapter of RftK, which records the incident, uploaded on the same day so that the full story can be appreciated.

Jesus christ, I remember reading the first installment of this around when I first joined the fandom. I remember you went on a hiatus and I lost interest. Oof it makes me feel old

The saga continues, nice! Yeah, fingers crossed, I'd really like to see this getting it's conclusion, that is the whole thing not only this story.

Midnight's till being just as sassy, I can see. Good for her and for equestria, they're going to need it.

YOU feel old?
I got into the fandom right after the episode Luna Eclipsed came out. Episode 4 of season 2!
I was around when Twilight was still a unicorn! I was around when changelings weren't a thing! I was around when all the information the show gave us definitely put alicorns and draconequi on the level of GODS!
I sometimes miss those days.

I plan to keep this thing going until the end of season 4

I remember when "Alicorn Twilight" tag was a thing! Quite ridiculous in retrospect.

Finally. Can't wait to start reading this beauty.

Not what I expected to find, but quite the treat nonetheless.
Let us see what Middy gets dragged into this time.

Thank you for still writing and best of luck to you. :)


There's no escaping the Pink


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Ah yes this is a good start.
Sorry, I forgot to turn off the water.

*Ducks behind Calypso* Cally! Do something!


...dear, sweet, unholy mother of me...


Hey, you know who likes fun? Midnight!

Midnight; fun!
Midnight; fun!
Midnight; fun!
Midnight; fun!
Midnight; fun!
*run off to find Midnight, taking the Pinikes with them*

Alright, you want a clone war? I'll give you a clone war.
*Opens nearby door labeled "Emergencies Only". Seriously Calypso"*
Mah brudahs! Do you wish to kno de weh?
*aggressive clicking noises*

Okay, this cemented Midnight’s place as “Best Character”, up from just being one of my favorites. Full on reality checking to the Princesses will do that.

Sorry just got to into it, thanksfor reigning me in. Have a moustache :moustache:

i remember when you first released the first part of this series what caught my eye is the fact that midnight is a kirin from what i have seen there really are not a lot of stories with kirins on fimfiction.

Go mah brudah! Teach them da weh!
*hundreds of blue, black, and silver uganda knuckles charge forward, spitting and informing the many Pinkies that they do not know da weh*
*pulls out phone*
I might want to see if Alucard wants me to owe him a favor as well...

*spins around on big, expensive chair while wearing a dark cloak*
Goooood~, her hate has made her powerful...
*This is a Flip-Mo Squad/Jim Carry Colabo-*
Hold on, gotta take this. Hello? Yeah, I was wondering... yes, it's about my loin spawns... no, I can't take care of it myself... you're telling me you don't want me to owe you? Hello, chaos creature on par with gods saying he'll owe you one. Are you serious right now? Well f:yay:k you too, then! *Hangs up* this is why I don't deal with vampires very often. Now, where were we?

Ink, why is there-?

*Picks Midnight up and throws her around the corner* Best Character to the rescue!

What the Buck!?



Protect da queen, mah brudahs!

I'm glad to see the next season has arrived! I enjoyed seeing Midnight falling into her position as a Captain, and I'm looking forward to seeing just what all will happen with the training of the new recruits.

Also, I just have to say (after re-reading the ending of the prior story) that I enjoyed how you made Chrysallis' plan actually make some sense. And I'm further enjoying how you had Midnight question Celestia's orders. That whole bit in the Crystal Empire did seem... ill-thought out. Seriously, it sometimes seems like Celestia is just rolling the dice in regards to the fate of her nation and student.

Well, like the title says, no stupid sticks allowed in my story

“Yes, ma’am!” the unicorn said, sitting straighter and saluting, “Umbra Shroud, reporting for duty!”

You're gonna be more important than most of the recruits :moustache:

Twilight made to argue further, but Celestia raised a wing. “Please, Captain Storm, share your concerns.” The alabaster alicorn looked a bit miffed while Luna seemed to have a bit of a smirk.

I am Luna in this scene :ajsmug:

“Smarty Pants,” Midnight said simply to which Twilight flushed, remembering when she thought she was late with a friendship report. “Twilight,” the kirin continued, “you are one of, if not the , book-smartest ponies I know. If I need to know some fact or how to do something by the book, you’re the first being I’d come to. That said, involve Celestia in any way, shape, or form, and you suddenly get hit by the stupid stick so hard you’re facing backwards. The times she visited Ponyville are good examples.”

Very true :moustache:

“We have discussed the points you have brought up, Captain Storm,” Luna said, her voice audible again, “and we agree that the Elements should be given to the bearers as a safety measure for this mission.”

They should be given to the mane six permanently, because Midnight is right, they're completely useless up in Canterlot :applejackunsure:

... Tirek is going to be interesting, since Miss Storm doesn't have magic.

I totally didn't make a very unmanly noise when I saw this. Nope definitely not. And it most certainly didn't resemble a teenage fangirl. You know, because it didn't happen.

I keep on pressing the next chapter space, but nothings happening.:ajbemused:


Celstia seems compentant enough for domestic stuff military matters she knows jack shit.

... What do you call the ability to shapeshift into a castle-sized dragon?

WOOOO! More Midnight and friends. (I'd put a pinkie icon here but HeartfireFirebrand seems to have stolen them all)

One error I found

A week after the wedding, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna had arrived in Ponyville with an absolutely ENORMOUS dragon in toe.


I approve of Midnight's rant here. As a Captain of the Guard, she has a responsibility to address problems with orders she's given (or in this case, orders given to someone she's protecting that potentially conflict with said protection). In this case you get the impression Celestia's trying to get Twilight and co. to fail, even with lives on the line. Calling it a test just shows that Celestia knows the solution already. Her actions are completely inexcusable, especially given her position. Lack of intel gets people killed, and Celestia should know that.
I see Luna knew exactly what was going on from the start. Here's for common sense!

A similar rant was made by Twilight herself in RHJuinor's Parting Words.

I'm only writing this because I've followed this series and you for awhile and I've liked it but I hope for no more rants like that.

Because it isn't actually good. Look, I get it. The whole Crystal Empire thing was stupid. I know that. It's one of the very few things in G4 I actually genuinely disliked. But when I decided to watch a show for ~8~10 year olds about pastel ponies learning about friendship I knew what I was getting into. And yes I know people like to pull that "but kids aren't stupid" excuse but let's be real the mass majority of them aren't thinking about cartoons like this on a more complex level.

That point of the writing felt like a story and just you yelling at the fictional magical pony princess for being in a kids cartoon. You having a ranting blog post. You say you don't want "stupid sticks" in the story yet you left her as stupid and then what felt like you taking a character as a mouthpiece to yell at her for being dumb and how your way is better. Mind you, you could've just circumvented the entire thing by just writing her as...not stupid? I'll at least acknowledge that you tried to reason it in story after but...yeah.

Midnight turned at the confused look on Honey’s face and also saw the dark grey mare with a dark purple mane and tail running up to them. Seeing their attention on her, the pony came to a skidding halt right in front of them. “Please, please, please tell me I’m not too late!” she panted, her dark green eyes pleading. “I accidently broke my alarm clock and-!”

“You’re here to join the bearer guard?” Midnight interrupted. She could see the messenger was a bit fidgety. Either he was a real stickler or the urgency had been downplayed so as not to make anyone panic.

“Yes, ma’am!” the unicorn said, sitting straighter and saluting, “Umbra Shroud, reporting for duty!”

“First of all, Umbra Shroud, you’ve pretty much missed my entire introduction, which I will not be repeating and reflects poorly on your time management skills” Midnight said sternly, making the unicorn wilt. “That said, do you have any issues working alongside changelings, dragon, hippogriffs, or any other non-pony species that may happen to be accepted into the guard?”

Umbra blinked, then looked over Spine, Scarlet, and finally rested her eyes on the five changelings.

“Well!?” Midnight snapped, making Umbra jump.

“N-No ma’am, no problem what so ever!” the unicorn quickly assured her.

“You took your time answering and you don’t sound so sure,” Midnight said, sounding unconvinced and glaring the unicorn down.

“I have no problem working with any creature ma’am, be they changeling, hippogriff, dragon, or anything else, ma’am!” the unicorn quickly said, “I’ve just never seen a hippogriff or dragon in the flesh before and I didn’t expect to see changeling here, ma’am!”

“Learn to expect the unexpected, trainee! You have your enlistment papers?”

“Yes ma’am, they’re right-.” Umbra began reaching to open her saddle bags but quickly found her world spinning as Midnight grabbed her saddle bag strap with a wing claw and practically threw her towards Windrunner.

Sisters, I knew this part was going to be hilarious Ink, but Luna's starry mane and tail. :rainbowlaugh: My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard. Ow, ow, ow. I'm okay now, I promise.

I can't think you enough for helping with dragging Umbra out of development hell either. Thanks to you, my little Umbra has a fighting chance. And I am beyond grateful for that.

And I am wondering just how Umbra broke her alarm clock. :eeyup:

Yes, that will be an interesting few chapters. Especially since they won't be the season finale.


You're gonna be more important than most of the recruits :moustache:

Let's just say that Umbra is here to help. :eeyup:

It's basically- *taps microphone* The Weekend Of Midnight! in which I post a chapter a day for a weekend. An extended weekend in this case.

And in his story The Audience, both of which I love and will admit I took inspiration from, but I did sit back and tried to figure out just how Midnight would word and execute her argument rather than just copy and paste from his works.

*bows* I try.
As for her alarm clock, it has been said that certain things are better left up to the imagination of the audience. I leave it to you as to how she done did it; 50 bits says it makes you laugh hard.

Maybe, I don't know yet.

On another note, it always bothered me very badly how Celestia handled these situations. There is a difference between trusting in someone, and displaying bad judgement. I feel that moments like this clearly showed bad judgment.

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