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Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 2 - TDR

Chaos, bad dating advice, Apples, and more shipping. All in season 2 of TGaP

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It crosses your path. Nightmare Night Bonus Episode.

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 2

It crosses your path,
Nightmare Night Bonus Episode.

[ Canterlot, 6 years left until the return of Nightmare Moon]

“….... and at the end there was no way X equaled 7 ¾. Woooooooooooo!” Twilight concluded.

Spike, Rahs, Cadence, and Shining Armor all blinked nearly in unison as Twilight finished her ghost story about imaginary numbers in math. The group staring at her uncomprehendingly finally made the purple filly let out a huff of annoyance.

“Well if you studied higher mathematics, that story is downright terrifying.” Twilight protested.

A crack of thunder made the group wince as they all looked to the window to the pouring rain outside beating down on the glass.

“I can't believe Princess Celestia canceled Nightmare Night.” Spike pouted.

“She didn't cancel it Spike, it fell on the middle of the week this year and it's a school day. All the festivities have been moved to Friday.” Cadence explained again with the air of some pony who has explained this fifty times already and still had the question asked.

“That's not Nightmare Night. That's November. The most boring month of the year, nothing happens in November. “ Spike protested.

“Not true. November has , Saddle Hawkins Day, King Tut Day. Lets see, there's Gull Fawkes Day, though why any one want's to celebrate a Griffon that tried to kill a bunch of other griffons so he could try and get his favored religious and political beliefs back in charge, is beyond me.” Twilight added. “There's also National Square Dance Day, Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, and World Toilet Day.”

“None of that sounds remotely interesting.” Spike grumbled.

“Woof.” Rahs added.

“Yeah, I guess Black Friday's kinda fun, all the holiday toy catalogs come out.” Spike grinned.

“Exactly. It's far less boring than February.” Twilight ranted." There is nothing worth anything in that month."

“Hey now.” Cadence protested at the slight the filly leveled against her favorite holiday of the year, Hearts and Hooves Day.

"Calm down Cady I'm sure she'll understand the importance of discount candy day on February 15th soon enough." Shining grinned, only to get hit in the face with a pillow as Cadence glared at him.

The group of them were spread out on pillows in a dark room with only a lamp in between them. Long shadows were cast on the walls as they had opted to pass their time with horror stories before it was time for Twilight, Rahs, and Spike to go to bed.

Granted the first one attempted hadn't been scary at all to any one other than Twilight.

“Okay does any one else have a story?” Shining Armor asked rolling his eyes.

“I've got one.” Spike chimed.

“Spike if this is a sequel to 'The dark Cave of Darkness' that you told us when we went camping in the summer, keep in mind the only one that scared was you. And you kept having nightmares about it all weekend.” Shining Armor smirked.

“I don't got one.” Spike corrected.

“Fine my turn then.” Shining chuckled. “It's a short one though.”

Shining Armor cleared his throat. “ The last pony alive on Equss sat back in his chair reading. Then there was a knock on his door.”

There was a pause as every one looked at him.

“Well go on.” Cadence urged.

“What do you mean go on. That was it.” Shining Armor offered.

“ So what a griffon knocked on the door?”

“What no, I said he was the last pony alive on Equss.” Shining responded.

“A griffon's not a pony, neither are burros, Moon Dogs, or zebra.” Twilight pointed out.

“Or Dragons. Kinda sucks there's only one pony left though... did the others go to the moon?” Spike considered.

“Whaaa what... arggggh....” Shining Armor grumbled burying his head in his hooves.

“I may have one.” Cadence smiled.

“Oh really? If it scares me too bad will you help me get sleep?” Shining Muttered with a small grin.

Cadence stuck her tongue out at him and looked back to the others who still didn't quite get the flirting.

“Well I've been reading a lot of my aunts old books here and there and I found this tale.” Cadence offered.

“Have you ever trotted into a room and found a vampire? No, I don't mean the sexy kind from some of those books Rahs reads and pretends he doesn't, but a foul creature with black carapace, limbs dotted with hole filled limbs and bug like eyes? The sort that snarls as you enter, freezing you in place with a hypnotic flicker of power and dancing green flame? Leaving you frozen in the moment as it slinks closer to you tracing it's tongue along your neck as if seeming to be ready to sink it's fangs into a vein and draw out your life's blood? Only to find it's not blood it seeks but something else, something you wouldn't even know you were missing as it feeds. Have you felt the sicking dread as the magic's of the thing warp your mind, adjusting your very memory?” Cadence let out a small huff of breath.” perhaps I should ask that another way... have you ever trotted into a room and forgotten why you came in?”

The small group stared at the pink foal sitter blinking slowly at the mare.

“What?” Cadence asked.

“That was may more creepy than scary.” Spike stated.

“Bark.” Rahs added.

“Yeah what he said , it sounds almost like you experienced this personally.” Twilight considered.

“Such a horribly scary story, can I sleep in your bed tonight?” Shining Armor smirked only for Cadence to hit him in the face with a pillow.

“Woof!” Rahs said excitedly.

“Really you know something?” Spike asked.

Rahs grinned grabbing up the lantern holding the glowing thing under his chin, his long ears giving his shadow a malevolent look on the wall behind him.

“Bark... grrrr... yipe... . Howl … grrr....” There was a dramatic pause. “ WOOF!” He cried out the last.

Twilight and Spike both shrieked and dove under their blankets as Rahs cackled menacingly.

“Oookay and with that... it's time for bed.” Cadence frowned... “Come on, go brush your teeth, lets go....”

"That wasn't a no." Shining Armor called out.

Cadence sighed ushering the trio up and into the bathroom.

Author's Note:

Yes i know i made a blog post saying i wasn't doing one. Then i read a story posted a while back by IPostAtMidnight on one of those short horror story sites and i came up with this idea.

Cady's story borrowed heavily from IPostAtMidnight's story plot with a pony twist added.

The joke of the title is of course that the chapter name is Black Cat.

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