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On a dark and stormy night in Canterlot, a young Twilight Sparkle finds a strange tome and the attention of a wondrous spirit who seeks to heal and give warmth where it is needed.

Warning: Contains themes of infantilism, age regression, diapers and spooky ghosts.

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Comments ( 7 )

A pleasantly written story. I found the details and the inner thought processes of Twilight added a lot to the story and the flow was quite natural all throughout. Aside from the very rare spelling or formatting mistake, such as some of the book titles mentioned not being italicized or put in quotations, I found the story an entertaining piece to read.

I personally would like to see this idea expanded upon. Perhaps having this story added on to or some sort of sequel. Either way, its a unique idea that one doesn't read about very often and I would enjoy seeing more about it. Lovely work.

7255893 Thanks. There might be a few mistakes in there, considering I didn't edit this before posting it–I'm the laziest–but I'm glad it didn't impede too much on the experience.

I kept the ending open so I might do a sequel, but whether and if when it'll come is up in the air right now. I would certainly love to expand on this, however, as it didn't really delve too much into the regression, which was what I wanted to do anyways.

A rather unique fic, and I would have to agree with 7255893. There's potential for expansion or a sequel.

The only thing that bothers me is that the diapers and foalish side of Twilight seems to come out of nowhere, with no foreshadowing. Cadence also seems to come out of nowhere, again with no foreshadowing. Other than that, nice story.

7257449 Yeah, the second part of the story is sudden. It's supposed to be. The only foreshadowing I did was the first book Twilight read. She basically stumbled into a spirit that wanted to help her and its presence affected her state of mind. If I do a sequel, it'll go into some details on what exactly is going on since this is a concept I really would enjoy to explore more.

7257902 Yes, I would like to see this expanded on. This is a story that warrants a sequel.

This was one of the most heartwarming tales I've read in quite awhile. You set the atmosphere so perfectly. I could hear the rain outside along with the thunder. More importantly is how well you captured that state where you are so over-tired that it can be difficult to discern between reality and fantasy. Was Twilight visited by a spirit? Did she hallucinate it? It doesn't truly matter as the end result was getting some much needed shut eye.

The conflict Twilight felt as the story progressed was great, too. I'm sure the transition from being a carefree filly to Celestia's faithful student was not easy. So many expectations and responsibilities all for real or self-imposed.

Well done. A most epic write.

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