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*Warning: This story has ponies in diapers being silly, and very few adult baby elements. If this displeases you, I implore you to take this with a grain of salt.

Spas are supposed to help a pony relax, yet the close Starling gets to the one in the pamphlet, the more stressed he feels. The printed words say his secret is safe, but for a pony who's never shared his deepest desire, no amount of papered reassurance will calm him. Fortunately, though, he finds more than a confident in Ponyville's newest spa; he finds a friend.

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Even though I usually hate stories with OCs in them, this was good. Starling definitely wasn't a Mary Sue and it was definitely enjoyable to see the spa back from another story. :rainbowkiss:

Looks like the sequel came at last.

But it would have been better if the other members of the Mane 6 came in instead. Anyways, keep writing more on this place and keep Age-Regressing the ponies you see fit to enter.

Nice work, TheConflictedWriter.

Keep it up and make more of these Fontaine De Jouvence fics. They're no doubt the best AR fics I've ever seen.

Oh goodness, a new fic! I'll have to read this one when I wake up, but if it's anything like your other works, I'll enjoy it immensely!

This was a good story, and it was nice to see the Spa from "Twilight and Rarity Go To The Spa" return. :heart:

Now if only we could get that long awaited update of "Pinkie Dinky Pie". I'm sure you are very busy, but it's been over a year. :eeyup:

SOOOOO CUTE!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: make more plese!!!

Didn't expect to hear from the "spa" again :twilightsmile: quite a nice thing to see again. I do wonder why a he would come to the spa if all he wants are diapers though, it isn't clearly explained, and if it was I most likely missed it. But, maybe he just wanted a friend to be with while he was diapered, at least, that's what I'd like to think. Nice to see the ponies there are getting better at their equestrian. Don't quite recall such paperwork to go there though, perhaps it's to avoid the incident that happened with rarity from happening again~ was a good read as usual with your work, and maybe we'll see the spa more often and hopefully more Starling, he's too adorable :rainbowkiss:

Again, another work of mastery. This impeccable idea of the Fontaine de Jouvence is one found once in a lifetime, and the characters you are creating to fill it are to die for. I adore these stories you are making here, however much for either fun or personal reflection as they might be intended. Well done, sir

One word.... Ahhh mazing... Captures another side of this interesting nursery perfectly... I hope to see more soon... Maybe a little flutterdash (not shipping) action in the nursery.... Tehehe

And people were complaining about there being no Mane 6 in this one? I thought it was wonderful myself.

Great story! Keep up the good work.

Who's a zilly pony~?
You're a zilly pony~!
Who iz? You iz! <insert customer's name here>

OK, so I wasn't a huge fan of Starling's character at first, but there was definitely enough fluff to remove my doubts and make this a great read. All said, I really enjoyed another "spa" pony story... super cute, and gave me cuddly feelings all day! :heart::yay::twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

I wonder what would happen if Starling ran into some of the "younger* fillies and colts who patronize the spa? He seems like the type to get wrapped up in game pretty easily! :rainbowkiss::heart:

So they definitely cater to a large audience. Do you think they carry some bondage stuff at this spa?

3989785 your pic is my computer background

this was good but it could have used some wetting and messing

5897047 wellllll.... that's just the thing. TCW is not your grandmother's diaper story writer.

...wait, that came out wrong. I call do ever!

Ahem. The Conflicted Writer's stories are a lot more about exploring the (perhaps surprisingly diverse) psychology of AB/DL's, than delivering, um, well, "money shots." Right there in the first one, "Pinkie Dinkie Pie", there was a store clerk who more or less exposited the entire gamut diaper lovers can run. They might just do #1. They might do neither.

Starling is one of those which appears to do neither.

Not so sure how to feel on this...

I think what might be missing is having one or to others with something in the middle of this and the last story. Or perhaps more 'Prench-accent' with Épingle. Or at least on the level that Drôle had. One charm I think was key in the last story.

But I'm keeping an open mind though.

do enjoy the tales of Starling. I first got to know the character just after I lost the last of my sight and a friend here sent me a story of foal Starling.

Having read this brought back more memories from how I read the other spa adventures. I do recall being quite impressed with your use of French. It made the caretaker all the more lovable.

Starling, as a gorwn-up, is quite the lil' stinker. Perhaps the caretaker will be ready for his shananigans next time?

The best part, for me, was being able to have the two nap together based on how poofy the padding was. That sounds so soothing. Especially with a room full of fresh foal powder. :)

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