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Sequel to Pinky Dinky Pie. Contains a pony in diapers. You have been warned, but I ask you give me a little bit of leeway in that regard and give it a shot.

Pinkie loves just about everything, big or small. It’s not a matter of whether she loves something, but rather how much she does.

Today, Pinkie isn’t in a very loving mood.

The pep has fled the pink pony, leaving her as sweet as a raw lemon and a mane less poofy than a deflated souffle. She’s grumpy, grouchy, her posture all slouchy, and the Cakes want nothing more than to help their newest ‘daughter’ back to her usual boumcy self. It’s no easy task, figuring out the nuanced and indescribable thoughts of Ponyville’s partier, but Mrs. Cake has plenty of experience in figuring out what her foals need. With lots of love, more than a few snuggles, and a small fleet of balloons, she might just be able to help her Pinkie Dinkie Pie back to her old self.

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D'awwwwwwwww Pinkie :pinkiehappy:

I loved this story on Furaffinity, and I love it here. Love your work conflicted, can't wait for your Shining Armor fic! :pinkiehappy:

This is so sweet. I don't understand why, despite the subject matter, this has so many downvotes. :pinkiehappy:

4638892 He's gonna make a Shining Armor fic? (I don't follow him on Furaffinity so sorry if that's where he announced it)

4639373 Get a bit depressed, go to momma and put on diaper and be treated as child to relieve yourself of depression.

Write it down as story. Read story to yourself. Than tell me if it is weird or not.

Just too much weird friend. Too much.

This is one of your best fics. I love it. It is so Pinkie. Don't let the down votes get you down. This one is great.

"Weird" (which is as subjective as preferring apple pie over vanilla cake) isn't a reason to downvote something. To dislike something so much as to put it beneath your foot merely because you don't understand it is, ironically, the height of immaturity. Also, read the original if you want context, as it actually does make sense (or at least, that's what most of the comments on it attest to).

4639373 heres the pic based on it by Stargazer (I think his Deviantart account is bobmortar)


To the the writer be you sir or ma'am

This one is impressed

Despite pinkie being this ones least favourite pony it can make an exception for such a good



I don't care much for diapers, but ponies and balloons always get a smile from me.

this story is sweeter than sugar :pinkiesmile: :heart:

Despite Pinkie Pie being my least favorite, I loved this story. Really cute.

I believe that understanding it isn't the problem, per se. The reason why I think it is weird is because I understand it.

Do you know who uses diapers? Little babies who don't know how to control their muscles, get to a bathroom, or communicate in any other way besides crying. Do you know who else? Aging people, for the exact same reasons.

Do you wear a cast on a perfectly good arm? No. Do you eat petroleum jelly (purified oil) because you can? No. Do you crawl around on your arms when you have functioning legs? No.

Do you wear diapers when you are a capable adult? Hint: no.

And ironically, you are quoting maturity when to "revert" to a younger age because you "literally can't even" is honestly one of the most immature things I've ever heard of. Sure, you can go to your parents for help, but once you are an adult, you are equals. You will always be their biological child, but you are your own completely self-dependent person.

See above.

Do you need to eat candy, even though you know it's bad for you and vegetables are better?

There are reasons behind everything, and you casting it in black and white only serves to highlight how you haven't even attempted to understand it, despite your claims of such. There are more fetishes than can be listed, and it's important to note a fetish is a strong emotional response to something, not a sexual desire as is often mistaken. Pinkie enjoys diapers because they remind her of foalhood, something she didn't exactly get to experience in her life on the rockfarm for obvious reasons. They put her in a position of reliance, but Mr. and Mrs. Cake turn that reliance into comfort and security, both of which are very important to a pony like Pinkie who is childlike in demeanor and sometimes suffers from self-doubt issues. Who doesn't pick up an old toy from their childhood and spend a few seconds reminiscing about the made-up adventures they used to have with it? Pinkie's response is merely that to an increased degree.

That is, of course, a highly simplified form of the this story's and Pinkie Dinkie Pie's subtexts. If you actually care to add something of substance to your baseless attack, I would recommend you read the aforementioned before attempting a rebuttal.

4643452 "...ponies are very strange creatures, Pinkie Pie. They think if something isn’t the way it always is, something is wrong.”

4639689 well just because it's not standard normal doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it.
Also it has a premise if you look at the top where it says it's a sequel to pinky dinky pie.

4643452 It's because you understand it? If you truly understood it then you wouldn't be going around being the God-forsaken fimfiction police telling us right from wrong.1st of all There are more fetishes than can be listed, and it's important to note a fetish is a strong emotional response to something, not a sexual desire as is often mistaken as stated by darkentrophy.2nd you speak in black and white, need and response but you haven't looked at emotional needs witch is more of a gray area witch is touched on in the story before this: Pinky Dinky Pie (maby you should go look at it).3rd and this one you might have a hard time grasping but I'll try, if someone or something wants to do something you might not agree with within their own home and in this case behind closed doors it is in their God-forsaken right to do so.

Good-day sir,
Blazing Cat

The shortness was a fault as if it just were a little longer we could've seen the complete effects but otherwise a basket of sugar and hearts strong enough to cover equestria in diabetes just like pinky dinky pie

3.75 out of 5

Blazing Cat

4643996 Cute.

So your grand response to his argument was
"It's a fetish."
"Fetishes can be highly emotional."

With a little lemon twist of snark to his comment as a whole. Using a diaper fetish to get a little sense of comfort and relief from two "parents"? Sounds pretty immature. I can buy candy, but I don't go about doing so in a stroller while two older people push me around like I'm their child. Understandable to go do something for a little relief, but you wanna know what I do? I take a walk in the park. I read a book. I watch a comedy.

Twist this anyway you want to, but you'll never be able to tell me that this little fetish isn't slightly odd at the least nor will you ever be able to tell me that this might not be off putting to even people on this site.

Friend, you talk about black and white yet that's clearly what you're doing with negative responses towards this fetish as a whole.

and you casting it in black and white only serves to highlight how you haven't even attempted to understand it

Lol yes because everyone who speaks ill of putting a diaper on at twenty seven is just an asshole who doesn't get it.

American education system at its finest.


Twist this anyway you want to, but you'll never be able to tell me that this little fetish isn't slightly odd at the least nor will you ever be able to tell me that this might not be off putting to even people on this site.

I never said it wasn't odd, I pointed out the flaw in his reasoning, just as I'm pointing out your strawman argument in how you target only the first part of my second paragraph and largely ignore the rest to prove your invalid and tangential point. And odd it might be, but if you look at the comments of those people who didn't allow a single non-comformative aspect corrupt their enjoyment of the story you'll find plenty of happy readers. In fact, there's several who state they don't particularly like Pinkie but found this story to be immensely enjoyable anyways, despite their bias.

Sounds pretty immature. I can buy candy, but I don't go about doing so in a stroller while two older people push me around like I'm their child.

If you read the original, as I told Wolf to, you would know the context and reasoning behind her fetish, as well as the fact that it's a private thing and when she's not playing the Cake's foal she's her regular show-self, contributing to running the bakery and doing all the Pinkie Pie things we expect her to. This doesn't consume her life, it is merely a part of it, a guilty pleasure to fill some empty space and certainly better than more socially "acceptable" vices like smoking or alcoholism.

Lol yes because everyone who speaks ill of putting a diaper on at twenty seven is just an asshole who doesn't get it.

People can say that wearing diapers is weird because that's a personal opinion, and that's okay. Some people think liking MLP is weird, some people think enjoying bondage is weird, I myself think certain aspects of the diaper fetish community are weird in relation, but you know what? That doesn't matter, because it doesn't affect me and while I may not personally enjoy certain aspects, I've taken the time to understand why others do. It's called being an intelligent and reasoning human being, and that's the only thing separating us from instinct-driven animals; our sentience and ability to think about what others may feel is the fine line between man and monkey.

So, considering that, it's rather fitting he chose "nightwolf" as his name.

Also, I'm Canadian you blithering simpleton. And besides that, how the American education system would work into that completely eludes me, although judging by your page you seem to have a deep-seated bias against them so I assume it's your go-to insult when you're not capable of formulating something intelligent and original.

4646252 U wot m8? Alcoholism is the only path to happiness. Pathetic. I expected better from Canada.

Staff edit: NSFW image removed

Blocked and reported.

>Blocked and reported

U mad that I completely destroyed any semblance of an argument you had?

4646645 No I would never report you, my friend. That was merely me saying I am out of here :)

Have a nice day!

I'll admit, I was expecting something of unimaginable awesomeness.

And then Balloon Pinkie.


a strong and unusual need or desire for something
an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion
a course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment.

I think all fetishes are weird, not just this one in particular—and some are criminal (pedophilia comes to mind). As you can see, it's in the description of the word. You try to explain it and call it normal, but the fact that it is still a fetish—regardless if you call it as such or not—still makes it abnormal.

Pedophilia is classified as a mental disability, not a fetish.

Does the medical community consider pedophilia to be a mental disorder?

Yes. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has included pedophilia in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders since 1968.

Again, I never said it was normal, I said there were underlying reasons for it. Stop putting words in my mouth and actually pay attention to those that do come from it.

But I digress, fetishes can take on any form, and infantilism (what Pinkie is exhibiting) is relatively common. You won't hear about the hair cutting one too often, for example.


Pedophilia is classified as a mental disability, not a fetish.

Hmph, I was not aware of that. I concede that point.

Again, I never said it was normal,

You never said it was normal, and yet you insist I treat it as such? What kind of sense does that make? You keep saying that I should accept, tolerate, and attempt to understand it, but in your own words, you say that it isn't normal.

I just don't get your point anymore. Do you have one? What are you trying to prove?

A simple wolf like me cannot possibly decipher your obviously superior thoughts. Great personal attack by the way: it was completely uncalled for, and you didn't even bother to say it to my face. :twilightsmile:

Note: In respect of the author, I will not respond to any comment posted here. We have stopped talking about the story.

4649780 please show me when I said normal I just said you shouldn't go around calling something wrong:scootangel:

Aww that was so sweet:twilightsmile: I loved the ending, perfect analogy. Just Daww :rainbowkiss: I have to wonder why so many hate this, maybe the subject. Oh well haters gonna hate :derpytongue2:Regardless this is still a terrific story. Kinda depressing at the beginning, but the ending makes up for it:pinkiehappy:

"Just like how you love the friends you still need to meet.”


That was beautiful, Mrs. Cake. And totally a worldview that I can imagine Pinkie Pie following. Everyone is a possible new friend we've simple yet to form that bond with.

Usually, I'm not much on comments, but I had to post my appreciation for this story. I was already a follower and a fan of PDP, but if I could, I'd not only give another thumbs up, I'd give you a cookie too! :pinkiehappy: Excellently written with good imagery, brilliant use of dialog (Just like the original), and a clear knowledge of the characters. I believe someone else posted this already below, but I'll repeat it: Don't let the down votes get to you, this story is an excellent piece of Padded Pony fiction. :pinkiesmile:

found the sequel!!!

4702872 i loved this story very much

Funny. I thought you weren't continuing this.

I'm getting even deeper concerned now. This will not only keep Pinkie pie bottled up but this has the potential to destroy everything she has achieved already with the mane 6 and on her own. Pinkie pie is a wonderful mare, why can't anypony also see the beauty in that.


Oh my god, are you serious? Really? Okay, look. I get it, this is weird. Both are. But do you think that maybe you're looking to deep into this? Are you assuming Pinkie is always like this now? This is meant to be silly and feel-good. That's it. You're looking way, way, way too deep into this. It's fiction. There' suspension of disbelief, isn't there? Just... cute me some slack. Please.

well in the previous story you kind of implied that. It's simply wrong when parents let their fear of losing their child influence their decisions.

It is never said that Pinkie isn't like this always. For example it seems that her friends are kept at arms length now and only her parents can get to her.

Maybe I am looking a bit too deep into it. It's just that I've seen what kind of damage parents who refuse to let their child grow up can do and it can totally destroy a child. Many of those end up in closed institutions or if that doesn't come fast enough can commit suicide. That Cub cake is afraid to lose her foal just really hit a string with me.


Something to put your mind at ease, then; in this particular story, there's a part where a shadow passes over Mrs. Cake's eye. It's when Pinkie makes a mention that nothing lasts forever. Mrs. Cake knows Pinkie won't always be her foal. What does this mean? Will Pinkie eventually be some stallion's foal? Who knows. It's for fun and warmth.

Loved both of them, regardless of anything others found wrong. Best one I've read yet. Great storyline and I just love the loving connection between the cake parents and pinkie, something I never was able to have because I was cooped up in my Tom since I was for with an abusive stepmother and a father who was never home. Aside from that point great job.:raritywink:

I really like this story. I can kinda relate to how Pinkie felt. I get days where I just want to sit and not do anything, not think about anything. But in my group of friends I'm the one who helps everyone, trying to keep them happy. But when I have one of those days, suddenly something is wrong and a hundred people are asking me,"oh whats wrong" "Why are you sad?" "Can we do anything to help you feel better?". I actually feel happy when thinking about nothing, when everyone keeps asking why I'm depressed when I'm not starts making me depressed. Mostly because they don't listen when I say I'm fine and that I'm not sad. It gets really frustrating when that happens.

I would actually like to see this series continue, but with more then one chapter :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Can I be honest with you? I don't like this story too much :applejackunsure: Sorry but, it's seriouly, but I love too much the previous :pinkiehappy: I thing this story was more hard to understand. If you are planning to make more sequels ( and please, I would love if you make more ) , I would like that the next have more explanations and talks between the characters. Please make more, I really love this Story that Pinkie became a baby again and being care for the Mrs. Cake! :rainbowkiss:

Omg thank you so much for continuing this, i loved pinkie dinkie pie and im certain i will love this, you are an awesome writer and i can only think of 7 other series of fimfictions that are better than this (they are full length stories by professional fanfic writers im guessing) so know i like this very much, keep up the awesome work, you're great, never listen to haters, they just want to ruin great things, and i hope all the criticism you receive for your work is constructive, you rock, thankyou if you read this.

well, I read both stories and I find them interesting, if a bit odd.
an adult dressed as and acting like a baby is a bit odd (some might
even say creepy), but given that Pinkie never received and (open)
love growing up on her family's rock farm and that she is sort
of childlike anyway, I'd say the "baby fetish" for lack of a better
term, is almost fitting. thus, these are sort of cute and innocent.
detractors may say that the Cakes are being selfish by wanting to
keep Pinkie a a foal and away from her friends and duty as an Element,
party-planner and what not. of course, one might say that she's being
selfish by not contacting the othe Elements and thinking "they only
like me because of my parties." I would say continue this because
I'm curious as to what the endgame will be. will Pinkie's fetish be
accepted or will Celestial step in? I'm curious and looking forward
to more.

You fetish freaks, I swear to God man.

Pinkie poked her head out like a spooked little animal observing a much bigger creature. “And we’ll use the cookie cutters I made?”

Oh my god. I think I finally understand some of the fluttering reaction I get from your stories. My heart has been touched. Heart touch! Stop it! Stop touching my heart! My heart can only be touched so many times in one day! Get your finger off of my heart! :heart::derpytongue2::raritystarry::yay:

god, this fanfiction is nice, i love it!

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