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*Contains slight diaper usage*

Twilight Sparkle, as hungry for knowledge as the great unicorn mage Starswirl the Bearded, has created a portal to the multiverse, where endless wisdom awaits her. Excited, proud, and perhaps too tired to be thinking straight, Twilight jumps right into adventure! What does she find? Well, she certainly isn't too big for her britches... compared to the giant horses she meets, how could she be? Suddenly feeling pretty small, Twilight finds herself a foal for a night until she can find a way to prove she's intelligent. Well, it could be worse; at least these Big Horses make some pretty good parents.

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Alright we don't always get along you and I, but you can sure write a nice story. :heart:

Fantastic, as always, really great work that always delivers in the smiles. Adorable ending too. Can't wait for what you create next.

That was a great story. Personally, I'd like to see this story again, but from the giants' perspectives. And it seems that Shrek is a bedtime story there. Quite interesting.

Thanks so much for this story! It was so sweet, and even though Twilight wasn't too happy with her situation, there are some who'd be a bit jealous!

Upvoted and favorited immediately.

4255413 Oh, she might not have been 'into' it, but she certainly didn't mind the situation. ;)


Perhaps she'll need to make note of exactly how she cast that spell... :twilightsmile:

Provided she figures out a way to get home when she wants, of course.

I would not mind reading another like this.:twilightsmile::raritywink:

4255959 Then please, take a look at the rest of my work~

You should make a epilogue (one when all 7 go through the portal)

4256048 Too much work, honestly. I wouldn't know what to do with all of them.

Unless you bought it from me. :P

4256090 well that's your decision, not mine.

Very nice. Original and well written.

Awesome work! Why have we no portal like that? :pinkiehappy:

This really is one of the best things ever!
It warms my heart like nothing else that you decided to go along with using my picture for the cover :heart::rainbowkiss:

A part of me's sad this ended so soon:fluttercry: a few more days maybe, just to make things last a while. Maybe twilight could've learned more able the big ponies, maybe even met one or two more of them. Since they were farmers I doubt they were the only ones close by the farm.

A Sequel, maybe?

Anyway,I really enjoyed this. It was a time when an adult was put into a foal situation but only that pony knew it. It was really sweet. You did very well here, my dear writer:twilightsmile:

Exemplary work. I think it had potential to be much longer, but it certainly worked as an encapsulated one-shot. I feel very satisfied with the turn-out. :twilightsmile:

I am now curious to know how would it feel as a human to be cared for by that female horse.:duck: She is defiantly gentle and motherly. (reminds me of Clover from Animal Farm)


That's... That's what I was gonna say... :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::twilightsmile:

4257917 great minds think alike:raritywink::twilightsmile:


In that case! :raritywink::twilightsmile:

I suppose I better start on that fanfic now, eh?


The thing is, this is a commission. As much as I would have liked to continue this, the commissioner didn't want to pay for more.

If either of you would like to, though... :3

This is adorable and really great. So I guess that Celestia wasn't as tall as the big ponies, but big enough to seem like a teenager?

4258372 if I knew how to pay over the internet I certainly would.

*sighs* :ajsleepy: sometimes, I hate my limitation:fluttercry:

*Contains slight diaper usage*

What the hell

BWAH! A Padded Pony story got Featured! I don't think that's ever happened before!

4259305 Do you know how to use paypal? That's all you need.

4260321 no. my dad handles all those things. its a little over my head, to be honest. and he would NOT agree to me paying for you to keep writing, much as i hate to admit it. he;s not anti-brony, but that kinda thing's something he just wouldn't agree with.

it's why i haven't been able to help Pounce by buying the Pounce Aid cd, even though i really want to

4260408 Ahhh, I see. :( I'm sorry to hear that. I would suppose you're a teen, then. You can't earn some money and ask for your own bank account and paypal, huh? It's not the hard to make your own Paypal, actually.

4260477 sadly, I'm over eighteen and can get money of my own, since i have a job, but my dad just wouldn't allow me to use my money like that. to him, it's just a waste, i nothing i do can change his mind on that and no, he won't let my have my own paypal for that very reason.

As for why I'm still living with my parents... I've a brain injury, so it's gonna be a while before I'll be able to live on my own. it;'s not a serious brain injury, i can speak and, clearly, write with ease. but leaving home probably won't happen for a while

4260659 That's awful. D: I'm so, so sorry... that's not fair. I wish I could help...

4261133 its fine. i've been dealing with it since i was seven, so it's normal for me

That was almost distressingly adorable.... and remarkably believable given Twilight.

4260659 cryptocurrency, crypto is the way to go, buy some doge or bitecoin or litecoin, nothing stopping you then from using it as you please.

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This was great, I loved it. However I think that while the tally math was a good move, the plus, minus and equals symbols should not have been so easily interpreted given the language differences. you could try doing proggressive pictures such as two tallys combined using bubbles and arrows or a next state diagram of sorts. And since that is an explanation nightmare I suggest putting a short commentary of her hoping the symbol system is multi-universal, or the parents taking a moment to discern the sign convention.
That being the only inconsistency i saw and being very small, this was a very enjoyable and thought provoking story. I would be very interested in seeing a sequel/prequel of starswirl's appearance and possibly being mistaken for a gnome or dwarf (despite it being implied that he too was babied).
Thanks for writing this!

Big Stallion pointed to the big green thing and said something that sounded like ‘shrk’ a few times. The creature’s name, perhaps?

Its shrek.

Was ‘shrk’ the word for ogre?

i fucking knew it.

I opened the story yesterday, but only just read it now, so when i pressed "like", it jumped up with about a hundred. I have the powah!! :rainbowdetermined2:

4262461 Could you do the same for my Story? :pinkiehappy:

Well that was certainly something adorable! Positively adorable. I do hope those two do get a foal though. Maybe have Twilight visit them in a sequel? After all it wouldn't be unreasonable with her curiosity.

4258372 Hmm... how much would you calculate for a sequel?

4263115 The first 5000 words cost $50, and the next 5000 cost $40. This story right here cost someone $82, by the way, so take that into consideration.

4263224 *whistle* thats not little...

But maybe when I and some others collect together (maybe 10$ from everyone), it could work.

Do you use PayPal?

4263266 Indeed I do. And while I know it is a tad pricey, I ask you read my new journal(s) to understand why I charge so much.

4263269 It is totally worth it. The problem is just, I dont have the money... :fluttercry:

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