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This is an unoffical sequel to Puny Purple Pony, written with permission from The Conflicted Writer,

Twilight attempts to open portals to other worlds, including the one of the Big Ponies, in order to see how much better she can do this time round.

However, a misstep and a tripping over a certain Chaos master's tail lands Twilight back in the Big Ponies' world, but will she be able to return as soon as she had last time and what will she discover in this world that is tied to her destiny?

Teen for possible violence later. slice of life is meant to include adventure because of a little exploring later down the track and romance is because of the two Big Ponies Twi knows.

Images from here and here.

Featured on 25/4/2014

Chapters (15)
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I love it I loved the one-shot and I love this sequel you made keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by phonopony deleted Apr 24th, 2014

Twilight will be stuck in that world for sixteen years

ahhhhhh buck

You really like taking over other people's stories don't you?

After reading it, it really isn't as good as your other stories. For some reason it just feels like its missing something. Maybe it'll show up in later chapters, so I will watch for now.

So, let's get this straight.

// - You write a sequel to a story without asking its author for permission to do so.
- You use the cover art I made for that story without asking permission to do so.
- You publish a story with quality that is WAY below the original's, and last but not least
- You don't even bother to check for typos and grammar errors.

I smell a report here...

4283698 because of this points, I have to vote the story down. Sorry, but to write a sequel AND use the cover art without the permission from the original artist's is in my eyes disrespectful.

So you essentially Plagiarized Conflicted's story?

Not cool dude! You should get permission from the author before writing a sequel...

I even read the first chapter to give you the benefit of the doubt, but man just no. It's no where near as good as your other work, there's a ton of spelling errors. That's beside the fact you essentially stole someones story.

I'm leaving a downvote, for Plagiarizing.

Following The Conflicted Writer's Puny Purple Pony, Twilight atempts to open portals to other worlds

And that's just the first line. Just the synopsis has several more, never mind the story. Truly disgraceful.

And the worst thing is, since "this is fanfiction", the admins can't really do anything about it. At least they removed the cover, but that's pretty much all what my report could do.

Comment posted by Darkentrophy deleted Apr 24th, 2014

Okay, so you apparently do have permission for this.
My other three points still stand.

Well said. Down voting this story because it is painful to read through and trite.

Am I really the only person who gets a creative commons on my ideas? Lol...

Also, not cool copying someone's story and cover art and stuff without permission, i could see using the same cover art for an entirely different story and finding out later, I've done that before, but for a story that's a continuation and all of that, that's just not right man. You gotta ask first.

4283698 okay, i bucked up in not asking you for the cover art. i didn't even have a chance to find you. and i DID get permission from The Conflicted Writer to write this sequel. i asked him before i even wrote it and if it seems poor quality right now, its because I've yet to get through chapter two and flesh out the Big Pony world.


4283867 I didn't plagiarize the fic. i asked permission from the writer before i wrote it. ask The Conflicted Writer yourself

Alright, after I read you really write this Story with the permission from The Conflicted Writer (sorry for the suspicion :fluttercry: ), I gave the story a Chance and read it. The problem is, my thumb down still stands.

But I dont give a thumb down without telling you why:

1) The idea is good, with Discord sending Twilight back to have a "little" fun. But 16 Years is a bit too much. 16 weeks would be more as enough to embarrass Twilight with a whole Baby treatment.

2) And in this case it was a bit too fast that the big ponys found out Twilight was Intelligent.

A totally plus is this:
The idea Twilight says "ma'am" but Big Mare heared "mama" was SO **** DAMN CUTE! But as I said, it would be at least 274% more cute if the Big Ponys didn't know Twilight was intelligent.

Thats my opinion so far to this story.

4287627 the sixteen years is because there's something twilight will learn about the big ponies world that will shock all and she will need those sixteen years to understand what's happening.

this story will be going further then simply padded pony. it goes into a huge event that none will see coming until too late

4287639 Then the time is justified.

But sorry, I'm not a big fan of this "time jumps".

4287654 sorry. i will try to make it not so jumping around. i have to make sure twilight learns about her new life. the end result should be worth it.

I left another comment about the fact that I learned that you had permission. I'm sorry about jumping into assumptions, but CW is my friend and I wanted to protect him; I never would've thought he'd give permission to, um... this. Maybe if you put it in the description that you in fact, do have it and isn't just a copycat, that would've been helpful.
As I said, my other three points still stand. The story is low quality* and full of grammar errors and typos, neither is justified by having only two chapters around. And I'm available on many platforms: FA, DA, DB, here- it's not that I'm unreachable. If you didn't even bother to find me, that's a whole other story though...

*: I only read the first chapter, I admit, but I couldn't take more. Maybe as an original story it wouldn't read as bad, but since this is a sequel to one of the most well-written padded pony stories around, it's impossible to not compare the two. You should read more of CW's stories and learn from them (and I don't mean steal more ideas - more like learn style and level of detail), and your mistakes.

This. Story. Is. AWESOME! Oooh, I'm thrilled to see this continue.

4287971 well, he did say he wouldn't endorse it unless it was well written, which, from the comments I've been getting, everyone seems to think it isn't.

though twenty likes is pretty good, its only two higher than the dislikes:fluttercry:

Ah, but he gets permission first. Nothing wrong with it if he has permission.

no, plagiarism is if he took an others story's and posted them as if they were his own. not if he gets permission and then proceeds to write a story based off of that idea, or continuing it.

I know there's a lot of nepotism for it, simply because your English isn't quite proper. I think people really need to take "Padded Pony" stories with less seriousness. This is a cute story, and I like it! :twilightsmile:

Applejack looked away, a mournful look in her eyes. “Big Macintosh and Granny Smith have been trying to look after her. After our parents died last year, they’re really the only family she’s got. I tried caring for her myself, but she doesn’t seem to like the city life of Manehatten.”
Fresh was still confused. “So, why are you asking me? Can’t Big Mac and Granny look after her?”
The city mare shook her head. “Like I said, they’ve been trying to, but looking after their farm takes up too much time, now that mother and father are gone. They barely have any time for her. She loves living on the farm, but they can’t look after her and the farm. So, I talked with Big Mac and Granny and they agreed that, if you’ll agree to it, she should come and live here.”

several sentences later

Applejack nodded. “She loves being on the farm, but Big Mac and Granny can’t look after her and it. I can look after her in Manehatten, but she doesn’t like it there. So, would you take her in and let her live on your farm? I know you’ve got a lot to handle now that you’ve got your own foal, but...”

didn't you already say that?

I have read your Story again and after this new chapter I will give it another Chance. I like your idea how you let Twilight stay in Diapers until she is "old enough". It sounds like something Discord would come up with.

I give it a thumb up but no Favorite for now. Maybe with the next chapter.

Is the queen a changling or that worlds queen faust?

4408186 no and no, though maybe i'll make the queen's mother Faust

While I'm sure I might've asked this, have you got an editor? It might help up your rating if you can get one. It's nice to see your skipping past years of uninteresting stuff. I am quite curious as to how this will go.

Hmmmm interesting, need MOOOoooooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee:pinkiegasp::derpyderp1::ajsmug:

That is all :rainbowwild:

Hmm, so AU universe in alt universe, nice. Also, Cheese Sandwich got gender bent....hmm, what would a female. Weird Al look like .

It is possible that Trixie or even Fluttershy are Ditzys Mother.

mind freak out need to read more. how long the next come out?

I say Fluttershy is definitely Derpy's mother, because

“Somepony’s going to get hurt.”

is something Fluttershy would say.

4429019 will try to get it out before monday, cos i got to go back to work that day

I begin to like this story. But I cant stop to think of the Original, which was a "Padded-Pony-Story". I think thats why I cant take this Sequel to my Favorites. Because the main idea (Twilight trapped in a dimansion with Giant Ponys which think she is a foal) is not present. But I will still read it and maybe I will bring myself to Favorite this story.

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