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Sometimes, stories have a way of coming to live in the strangest of ways. One night, Discord got a little bored and decided to stop by Pinkie's to rid himself of it. Unfortunately, a series of events is inadvertently set in motion. Something that even he couldn't have seen coming.

Co-author: shagohad12

Containts: foals, mane 6, regression, Trixie, decisions, shipping

Chapters (16)
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Sounds like a cute Story. And a nice idea with Pumpkin interferes Discords magic^^ I hope to see more in the Future :pinkiehappy:

You finally post this like you said.:pinkiehappy:

um... okay. didn't really see pumpkin having a part in the chaos... though, knowing those two foals, makes sense

i'm guessing pumpkin's magic made discord forget a lot.

actually, now i'm worried. when is this set? if it's right before tirek, we might have a problem when he arrives... although, since he sees himself as dash's daddy, i guess discord wouldn't betray them.

still, what does this mean for twi? is her family now living in ponyville or is she up in canterlot now, with no way to speak with celestia or luna or cadance and no idea how to fix any of this?

- Yes was going with pumpkins surge cause discord to be caught in the reality bending shockwave.
- This is probably within season 4
- Well not telling you'll just have to wait, i'll be publishing the next chapter on Wednesday (to be fair i'm still working out the idea for the second arch of the story)

”Amen. Behold! The great and powerful princess Trixie!” She shouted, and to add to her proclamation, a tiny pair of wings extend from her back.

That posing lost a bit from his effect as I imagined her sitting in a diaper on the grass. But still cute^^

I do hope you have scoots as a foal or something in this soon ^^

20 Bits that Scoots is Rainbow's foalsitter.

4561477 Did you even read the story? *facehoof*

Okay. Did not see that coming. I mean, trixie being turned into a foal anda being twi's daughter, yes, but being an alicorn? Did not see that coming.

Yes, and it seems I missed something. What did I miss and where?

4561775 :derpyderp1: derp read your comment wrong. nevemr mind what i said i kind of read it as rainbow folaissting scoots lol

Nice to see that I haven't actually forgotten something. And I'm still betting on Scoots being the foalsitter.

So cute, can't wait for more! :twilightsmile: I bet Pumpkin and Pound are Pinkie's parents.:pinkiegasp:

I think Trixie is really trying to change her attitude... while her new parents take to change her diapers^^

It really don't need a geniues to see tha, Blueblood will be a pain in the flank When he keeps his behaviour...

Trixie a princess! The day of reconning is nigh!

I do not know what's worse?, Finishing as blueblood. or take it as a child.:rainbowlaugh:.I feel sorry for rarity.:raritycry::raritydespair:

good interesting start.

good interesting start.

Pinkie Pie... on a Leash....



You have no idea how hard it was to find a clean picture of Pinkie on a Leash.

Curse you foal leash!

those dang leashes. Always a pain in the neck.:pinkiegasp:

Oh, my, Pinkie.... On a leash.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

okay. didn't see that with pinkie happening.

as for blueblood.... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: serves you right, you jerk. also, don't go dissing trixie. in case you didn't notice, she's an alicorn now. that makes her a princess and since you're now rarity's kid, you ain't a prince. she outranks you. HA!

i honestly can't wait to see what happens next:pinkiehappy:

4587824 by what you're saying i assume when you were searching you mostly found... yeah, not gonna say it. i'm just gonna say i'm guessing they were inappropriate pics:pinkiesick:

They weren't safe for Pinkie

Thus is hilarious! Keep writing please! :pinkiehappy:

well cant wait till next chap this is gonna be a fun ride and so far it has been

PInkie was soon taken downstairs and was set in a soft padded highchair. “Good morning Pinkie.” Mrs. Cake voice motherly sang out as she came into the kitchen a bright smile on her face. Pound cake sat across the table casually scanning the morning paper, her blue bow tied to her long beautiful mane.

i think you meant pumpkin. also, why's she reading the paper. i didn't think a teenage pumpkin would care about something like that.

i really look forward to where this is going.

cheese and pumpkin are friends.:twilightsmile: oh, are they more than just friends?:pinkiegasp::rainbowwild:

well, if blueblood's adopted, maybe his is still of royal blood, but, being in an orphanage, none knew it? still, right now, he's lower class than trixie:trixieshiftright::rainbowdetermined2::coolphoto: and i love it!

4610186 hmm good point i'll change it to pre mare magazine lol

I appreciate the story. But my question is... how old are the regressed characters in this story?

4612112 I'd say a few months, most definitely under a year.

Very good start. An awful lot of errors (No offense, editors) but a fun start. As a show of my appreciation, take this golden star and green, disembodied hand with a thumb extended. It always points up. I'm not sure how.

Heh. Anyway, onwards to the next chapter!

“Looks like my little Apple is wet!"


Please tell me this was an accident.

“If being a foal again means Trixie gets parents that love her, does Trixie really want to give that up?”

Well, shit, that's depressing. I'm sad now. Sorta. I'm still getting over the emotional roller coaster of days 5 and 6 of my newest story, so I dunno if I'm really sad or not.

I'm hoping after all is said and done, that Blueblood has a better attitude. I hate douchy Blueblood.

Fluttershy x Discord with Rainbow Dash as a foal;
Cheerilee x Big Mac with Applejack as a foal;
Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry (:twilightangry2:) with Trixie as a foal;
Rarity with an adopted Blueblood as a foal;
And the Cakes with Pinkie Pie as a foal.
With Rainbow and AJ as foals, who are the Elements of Loyalty and Honesty?
Why does Trixie have such a fear of Pinkie?
Does anypony else know what was real before other than the foals?
And are there more foals?

I like this story........... Fave:scootangel: now plis keep up I like this idea, and just a hint::heart: can RD tease AJ for beeing named :ajsleepy: jacky :heart::heart::heart::rainbowlaugh::ajsleepy:

4622348 Well...I don't want to say too much but we already gave away who were taking RD and AJ's place as elements. Just take a deeper look at the Trixie chapter. Also, there will only be one more foal and this one is a dozy.

4624676 Please don't tell me that Flash is one of the Element bearers.:facehoof:
Also, it seems I forgot to ask about the new Element of Laughter.

4625832 Well I looked over and yeah it wasn't very clear but as far as the bearers. Cheese is now laugher. Big mac is honesty, Spike is loyalty.

And as of now the last foal has be scrapped so as far as now that's all the foalified characters.

I don't know why but I found this chapter now, after reading blueblood's and pinkie's. Still, glad to find out what happend to trixie. Considering the dream she was having, if those were her past family, I, glad twi and... *grids teeth* flash will be her parents now.

Sorry, i try being tolerate with flash, but it's hard to ignore how I feel about that guy. Hell in my latest Fic I'm even planning on making him seem like a jerk.

On a glorious day in the Equestrian (e)Empire, Discord, lord of chaos, loomed overhead. (h)He looked down upon it, his eyes scanning for the perfect chaotic [His "perfect moment" would be when it is the most opportune to cause chaos. If he acts when it is already chaotic, the act is redundant.] moment to strike.

Well, I am interested in the story...but the Grammar-Nazi inside of me wants to run away screaming...

~ Michael A.

Hurry and update! This is really good!!! :pinkiehappy:

Yes! Now, for rainbow and blueblood to figure something out. pinkie... i don't know how she's gonna do it. being pinkie, whatever she does to prove herself will just been seen as pinkie being pinkie.

4569609 Um...wouldn't that be incest? :rainbowwild::twilightoops:

4645701 Ummm, maybe??? Well I've read the rest of the story and that's not what happens, idk it was just a thought because that's what a lot of stories do. :derpytongue2:

Alright. Now how are the other foals going to communicate? I don't think Trixie is even going to try, though. She likes having a loving family.

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