• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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Rainbow Dash

The brisk evening air blew through Rainbow Dash's mane as she prepped for the race of her life.

She grinned, as she looked to her left, seeing Soarin’, a blue pegasus with a black mane, stood in an aggressive pose. On her right, the Captain of the Wonderbolts, Spitfire, stood proud, a look of determination on her face as she stared outward at the course.

Dash's heart pounded in her chest as the race official raised the flag. She licked her lip and skyrocketed herself

"Oh, it's on now," Dash, cries out as she zips passed the first bend, Spitfire making a surprising fast lead. Soarin was close behind as they rocket through ring after ring. Dash flapped harder as she started to overtake Spitfire and her lead. At one of the tight turns Spitfire spat in Rainbow's direction, hitting Dash in the face. Dash shook her head for dry up her face, groaning a "Hey!", before she flew even faster to catch up.

"What the matter, Dash? Can't handle a little singing from the, 'Fire?" Spitfire taunts as she rounds the turn.

"Come on, Dash, get your head in the game." She bit her internal cheek, flapped her wings harder, and zoomed around the bend, catching up as they came into the home stretch.

The pounding of her heart filled her ears flying neck and neck with Spitfire. Just as Dash was about to pass her, Spitfire's tail erupted into flames. Dash's eyes went wide, and slowed just in time to avoid getting burned.

By the time the fire and smoke had cleared up, Spitfire had crossed the finish line.

"Looks like I won," Spitfire says smiling as Dash crossed.

"No, you cheated!" Dash said pointing her hoof, glaring Spitfire right into her soul.

"What are you talking about? I didn't!" She stomps.

"You shot fire in my face, I almost got burned!"

"Oh, is Dashie a sore loser?" a voice from behind Rainbow.

Dash turned to see Fluttershy, a creepy motherly expression of her face. "No, she is a cheater! I would have won!"

"Oh, Dash, you know you’re too small to race the big ponies," Fluttershy said while ruffling her mane.

"But I am a big pony, Flutters!" she huffed unaware of the padding around her waist.

"Oh, not yet, but you will be someday, Dashie," Fluttershy replied patting Dash on the head again.

"What? No!" Dash turned to see the now young Wonderbolts laughing at her. outraged, she decided to go after them. Before she could take to the air, Fluttershy grabbed her wing. "No, Dash, you'll hurt yourself!"

"Let me go! I'm fast and strong, I know it!” Dash pleaded as she kept trying to pull away, but to no avail. She watched as the Wonderbolts flew off without looking back. "No, come back! We are not done!"

"We don't hang with fillies that call for mommy!" they called as they flew out of sight.

"No, come back! I’m a big filly!" She squirmed helplessly in Fluttershy’s grip trying with all her might to escape.


Dash jolted awake gasping, a few tears ran down her cheek. She closed her eyes for several moments as she took deep breaths to calm down. She listened to the morning bird song as it soothed her and forget the bleak dream.

Dash eyes opened feeling confused when she realized that she had no birds in her house.

She quickly glance at her surrounding and gasped at the sight of large blue wooden bars around her. "What the hay? What’s going on? Why does my bed have bars all of sudden?"

An unpleasant sensation between her legs then got her attention. Upon loking down she spotted the yellow stained plastic wrapped around her waist. "What? A-a diaper and it's used? What going on!”

As she tried to remember what she did last night, Fluttershy large form walked into the room towards the crib. She smiled as she looked down at Dash.

"Oh, is my little Dashie awake?" she cooed.

Dash nearly screamed as she looked up at Fluttershy. The mare towered overhead much like everything around her. "Fluttershy, what the hay is going on and why are you so huge?"

Fluttershy smiled, seemingly unable to grasp what she was saying. "Good morning to you too sweetie. Now let's get you changed, before your tushy gets all red."

Dash tried to back up as the bars were lowered with ease and squirmed as she was grasped in Fluttershy's hooves. "You didn't answer me! Fluttershy, please tell me what the hay is going on here!"

"Mommy will get you in a fresh diaper Dashie, yes she will." She said, setting Dash on the change table, buckling her in place.

"Shy, what are you-” cold disinfectant wipes slide between her legs. “wow, hey don't touch me there! Only the Foracologist and I can touch it!" She shifted about as the shy cleaned her private area.

“My your fussy this morning," Fluttershy cooed.

"Do you hear me, Fluttershy? Hello?" Dash waved her hooves in the air, helpless to fight the diaper change.

Fluttershy listened to Dash babbling endlessly as she taped up the white diaper with a thunderbolt printed on the front.

"There you go, Dashie! All clean, and ready to start the day!" She gave Dash a hug, and set Dash in the foal carrier on her back.

As Dash was brought down the stairs, she flailed her limbs as they dangled out from the bottom leg holes. As they descended the staircase she started to put the pieces together of what was going. The sudden realization hit her as she tried flapping her now stubby but strangely working wings.

"Fluttershy, why am I a foal?"

Much like her other attempts Fluttershy didn't respond. Dash looked about her cottage. Much was the same except for playpen with various foal toys in the corner of the room.

As they entered the kitchen Dash’s jaw dropped at the unexpected sight of Discord leaned down and pecked Fluttershy on cheek. "Morning dear."

Dash jaw remained open. "Discord? No way!” she shivered at even the remote concept that entered her mind, no doubt scaring her for life.

“No, this has to be a dream. Worse, a nightmare!" h\Her wings twitched more flapping out of sync. "Come on, wake up." She shook her head, desperate to get out of this craziness.

"Discord, do you want to give Dash her breakfast?" Fluttershy asked as she sets her foal in the yellow highchair sliding the tray in place against Dash’s tummy.

"Oh, I'd love to my dear," he grinned in an unsettling manner. With a snap of his talon, a jar of greenish mush appeared on the tray.

"I”m not going to eat foal food!" Dash said slapping the jar off and desperately fiddling with the tray and safety belt. "Is this some kind of cruel joke, Discord? Because it's not funny!" She yelled, angry with him.

Discord took a step back as the jar clattered to the floor. "Oh dear, it would seem Dash is a bit cranky this morning," he smiled wiggling his talons. "Time for the tickle monster to visit! Rawr!" He approached the helpless foal and started tickling her belly.

Dash was unable to stop the ticklish assault as the tray blocked her only means of pushing him away. "Haahaha! S-stop!" She squirmed about, her hooves utterly failing in stop the fingers.

Discord chuckled as he kept up the tickle, lifting the jar back up to the tray. With a swift movement of his paw, he pinned Dash's hooves upon the tray and slipped a flying spoonful into her mouth.

"Yuck! What is this, pound scum? It tastes awful, worse than the baked bads, and those required stomach pumping for Pinkie!" Her complaint was cut short by another scoop of foal food served with swoosh of the airplane game, then came another, and another in a seemly never ending rhythm.

She licked her lips after a short pause. The horrible taste of food lingered in her mouth its slippery texture the consistency of vomit.

“I need a drink,” she said to herself panting, “if not cider, at least water.” Before she communicated this, the last few spoonfuls were shoved into her mouth faster than a falling deck of cards. Dash stuck her tongue out when it was all over “blah!”

“Good Dashie you ate every bite for daddy, good filly!” Discord praised patting her head. He got a washcloth out of thin air and began to scrub her face.

“Hey, stop!” Dash squirmed at the sudden assault to her face. The persistent taste of the foal food kept lingering in her mouth and no matter how much she tried to lick it away, it just wouldn't disolve.

While Discord cleaned up her face she thought to herself. “Discord, this is all your doing. I just know it,” she pointed her hoof at him, waving it about like a sword in an attempt to look menacing.

It didn’t work.

“Awww I think Dashie wants to cuddle,” Fluttershy cooed with her usual warm smile.

Before Dash could do much else other than rant, Discord liquefied the buckles of the highchair, and scooped her up “Awww does little Dashie want to be close to Daddy?”

Dash pushed back with her weak hooves. “No, I don’t want to get close to you, Mishmash, let me go!” Her fidgeting slowly died down as she heard Discord’s heart beating in a random order.

“Oh fine, I don’t have a choice do I?”

“Oh! You like daddy's cuddles, don’t you?” Discord cooed, holding her closer to his chest.

“No I don’t, and you’re not my dad, hell you not even a pegasus! Stop putting words in my mouth.” She unknowingly shifted about to get comfy and putting up less of a fight.

Fluttershy smiled “She really likes you!”

“Was there ever any doubt?” he said, tickling Dash a bit causing her to giggle involuntarily.

A few moments later Dash felt a sudden descent to the floor.

“Finally you’re letting me walk shesh.” Rainbow said. She stretched a bit about to take a step only to be stopped by Fluttershy.

she nuzzled Dash warmly. “It’s such a nice day, how about we go to the park and enjoy the nice sunny day?” she asked popping a pink pacifier into Dashie’s mouth.

Dash blinked finding herself sucking the pacifier instinctively. She frowned, trying to spit it out but her mouth didn’t seem to want to listen and thus kept on suckling.

Fluttershy hums some familiar tunes as Discord wheeled over the stroller. Dash tried to take a step again only to be picked up and set inside it the buckles clicked into place up holding her in snug.

“You ready to meet your friends Dashie.” Fluttershy cooed as she put the diaper saddlebag on her back.

Dash hardly paid attention rolled her eyes as she fiddles with the buckle with her feeble tiny hooves. ‘Come on you stupid buckle,” she grumbled. Her effort seemed useless and she gave up slumping into the chair.

Discord kissed Fluttershy cheek before she left out the front door.

Dash made a face, shaking her head at the sight of the two kissing. “Ugh, I really hope this is a bad dream and I'll wake up soon,” she said. Along the way she scanned the sky for her house, only to find no trace of it.

“Oh come on! Where’s my house?” She asked. She panicked as she looked around frantically. She kept looking all the way to the park and still found nothing. “If this is Discord’s idea of a joke it isn’t funny,” she huffs.

It seemed a few other families had gotten the same idea to come to the park today. Despite this the park was mostly vacant excluding the few pegasus doing laps around the square.

“Come on, wake up!” Dash said squirming around.

Fluttershy wheeled to one of the many benches and looked down at her babbling foal. “Oh, you want out okay silly filly,” she unbuckled Dash and sat on the bench keeping Dash close. ‘There now you can enjoy the sun with mommy,” she whistled bird song to a few birds in the nearby oak tree.

“You're not my mom Fluttershy,” Dash interjected trying to pull away. Her attempts were met with Fluttershy easily holding her close to her side.

“Dash you can run around later,” she said and looked up for second to spot Big Mac pulling a baby carriage behind him. “Oh hello, Big Mac.”

“Howdy Fluttershy, how's Angel.” Big Mac asked. He wore a saddle bag full of supplies judging by the bulk of it.

“Fluttershy let me go.” Dash whined pulling again.

Her whining got the attention of somepony in the carriage. “R-rainbow? Is that you?” the voice calls out.

“Applejack!” Dash shouted, looking towards the carriage as Big Mac unstrapped himself and lifted out the orange foal inside.

“What the Hay!”