• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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For Trixie, the world seemed to freeze, her heart raced as another knock rang out across the room. Each rapid knock sounding as loud as thunder to the panicking little filly. She fantastically examined the room for somewhere to hide. Her body shook as she thought of what would happen to her if they found a foal all alone and without an adult around. Without much time to think she tried sliding off the bed, unfortunately forgetting about her small size. With a thunk, she fall unto the semi solid carpet floor. She winced as she felt a pain in her back using all her willpower to hold back her yelp before scrambling back to her hooves and wiggled under the bed.

“Hello?” The maid called out moments before the door unlocked. Light spilled into the room as the maid peeked inside. Upon seeing the empty room, she pulled her cleaning cart into the room her eyes soon spotting the cape and hat on the stand and a open suitcase. “Must have forgotten them,” she said, grabbing them setting them into a box marked with, lost and found.

Trixie watched the cleaning mare enter the bathroom leaving her to think for a moment. She glanced at the cart worried about her cape. Even if it wouldn’t fit her, she’d no doubt grow back into it. She turned her attention back to more important matters at hand. Her shaking hooves shifted covering her mouth as to not give away her position despite the light crinkle the diaper made when she did so. She thought of making a run for it as she saw the open door, but would that do any good, quite possible it could make matters worse. Her wings suddenly flap out of sync on their own due to her anxiety, kicking up dust and lint. Despite her best efforts, Trixie was sent into a sneezing fit.

Upon hearing the fit, the maid came back into the main room. “Somepony here?” she looked around curious looking towards the bed.

Trixie couldn't stop sneezing shifting about which only caused more sneezes. By the time her fit was over as saw the pair of blue eyes staring at her. Oh horsefeathers

“Aww, hey there little filly, what are you doing under there all alone,” the maid cooed. “What kind of parents just leave a foal behind?” she asked, lifting Trixie into her forehooves, cradling her close to her warm fur.

Trixie squirmed shocked and afraid of what might happen, but just as soon as her fears surfaced they began to die down as the warm embrace soothed her. She wanted to panic but found she couldn't muster the ability to.

“Thats it, it’s ok now,” she cooed, giving her a nuzzle. The maid paused for a moment as she looked down at the foal examining it more closely. Her eyes went as wide as dinner plates seeing Trixie exotic features. She gasped. “Oh my, you're a little alicorn!” Without even taking a moment to breath she quickly dropped everything setting the foal on her back and heading out the door to see her boss.


Twilight mane was already frazzled as she scrambled to find everything she would need for the trip. She remembered everything from yesterday or was it the same day she couldn’t tell, the point was she need to get going. “Spike wake up already.” She called into Spike room her crown atop her head.

“Huh?” he asked, sitting up, letting out a tired yawn, “Wassup?”

“We need to catch a train to Los Pegasus asap,” she said. Her little dragon assistant blinked staring at her confused. “To save Trixie, remember?”

“Oh...oh!” he shouted, his eyes going wide, “Lets go!” he shouted, rushing toward the door.

After a rushed packing session they head out to the station. Passersbys watched the princess run down the street wondering what was wrong. When they arrived at the station, PInkie Pie was there to meet them.

“PInkie?” Twilight blinked tilting her head. She shifted her bags a bit.

PInkie PIe nodded giving Twilight a hug. “I'm coming with you, I can’t leave a new friend alone.”

Twilight having no objections gave a nod in return gesturing PInkie to follow into the train. Once seated the alicorn kept looking out the window wings twitching. “It’s going to be long trip, who knows what my little trixie gotten into. What if she can’t remember who we are, or she gets foalnapped.”

If not for PInkie holding her down Twilight would have hit the ceiling of the train car. Spike rubs Twilight back. “Twilight it’s going to be okay, I mean she's an alicorn foal too, that’s sure to get her lots of attention,” he said smling, “She’ll be easy to find then.”

A few breaths escaped Twilight mouth using the method Candace had show her to calm herself however the result was rather limited. “Y-yeah, you’re right, I’m sure we just have to find a large crowd or something but still w-”

PInkie put a hoof gently to Twilight mouth. ‘Twilight relax, and have something to eat. Food helps the brain afterall.”

Twilight ear still twitched as she got comfy on her seat once more. She still couldn’t stop herself from thinking about all the things that could go wrong. With her attachment to Trixie even stronger feeling that motherly impulse in her growing with each agonizing minutes as the train pulled out of the station. ‘Okay Pinkie, i’ll try.”


Trixie had no words for what was happening before her. Here she was sitting on the manager's desk, being stared at by 5 complete strangers. The cleaning mare that brought her to the room was staying close, apparently feeling responsible for Trixie. She shifted in the diaper that one of the workers had brought, apparently they had some extra supplies for guests with infants. It felt nice to be in a diaper again and simple suckled her hoof listening to the conversation, wondering what lay in store for her until Twilight showed up.

The sky blue pegasus stared at Trixie for some time, blinking several times as he scratched the back of his neck. “Well...this is certainly interesting,” he flipped through the registry upon his black magnetite table top, “considering Trixie never checked out this morning,”

Trixie nodded unsure if they were paying attention to her.

A red maned earth pony mare looked over towards the foal. “So what? You're assuming that this is Trixie. I don’t see how a typical unicorn could turn herself into alicorn.”

Trixie let out of huff, babbling a complaint while crossing her hooves, rather cute like by pure accident. She was not a normal unicorn, at least not anymore. The fact she couldn’t talk did worry her a bit, but she just figured it was due to her young body.

The stallion once more blinked, turning his attention back to the foal on his desk. “She seems to be aware of what’s going on. I mean how else can you explain finding a foal in her room.”

The cleaning mare gave a soft pat to the diaper, causing Trixie to giggle. “What do we do with her then?”

“Shouldn’t we alert the guards of something?” one of the others asked.

The manager adjusted his glasses as he made a quick glance at Trixie before speaking. “I suppose we could, but how do we even explain this? If anypony finds out about this will be swarmed with reporters and all sort of ponies.”

Trixie let out a sigh of relief. At least glad she wouldn't be taken to a orphanage or something worse than that. Although getting attention would be nice but being swarmed wouldn’t be.

“We could put her in a daycare center for now,” The redhead mare replied.

“But that might bring her unwanted attention,” the maid said, giving Trixie’s mane a light pet.

The manager sighed, thinking as he massaged his forehead for a second. “Well we can’t just leave her unsupervised either."

The maid smiled. “Well I do foalsit a bunch. I have nursery and everything. Please, i’ll take good care of her,” she almost sounded like a filly wanting a new toy.

Trixie blushed a bit, some part of her wanting to stay here for when Twilight arrived. There were just too many variables to consider. Her eyes glance up at the maid who was beaming with glee.

The manager slid his glasses back in place. “Very well, Emerald, i’ll give you the day off to take care of Trixie here. i’ll still be informing the royal guard about this though.”

Emerald sqeed and hugged Trixie close. She held the foal in her forehooves before looking up at her boss. “But what will telling the guards accomplish? It’s not like she’s in any danger.”

“I’m pretty sure the princesses will know what to do with an alicorn foal.”

Trixie tried her best to make her mouth say princess, but to no avail as it just came out a babble once more.

The manager smiled again. “Seems she wants the princess as well.”

Emerald tickles Trixie chin. “Oh very well, i’ll keep an eye on her at my place and will have lots of fun while it lasts,” she said hearing the filly giggle and squirm about.

“Just don’t make too much of a fuss if they come to take her ok?” the stallion replied noting the slight hesitation in Emerald muzzle.

“Yes sir.” She replied calmly as she set Trixie on her back. Soon she out the door heading to her place.


Trixie stared at the nursery as she carried inside. It was quite colourful using almost every colour of the rainbow imaginable. Her mind seemed to wonder more now finding it all wonderful. She shook her head, re-focusing her thoughts. She knew Twilight wouldn't’ stop till she found her, so there wasn’t that much worry for that. Although being at Emerald house might complicate things.

While she was deep in thought, Emerald had set her down amongst the toys in the playpen. Realizing this, Trixie turning to look up at her.

“Go ahead,” Emerald cooed,” Have fun litte Trixie.”

Trixie shrugged before crawling over to a ball and bounced it between her legs. A smile spreading across her face and she turned back to look at Emerald babbling at her wanting her to play as well. Emerald got the message and entered the pen sitting down. Soon the two were playing all sort of games together both equally having fun. Trixie loved all of it and let the happy distraction keep her occupied.


Even with a one-way ticket, the ride to Los Pegasus had taken hours giving twilight plenty of time to think and unfortunately just as much time worry as well. Pinkie remained her cheery self, as per usual. During one of there many battleship games, Twilight couldn't help but ask Pinkie a question that had loomed in her mind ever since she found out that all that had happened was all fabricated.

“Pinkie, why did you chose Flash?”

Pinkie tilts her head. “What you mean, Twilight?”

“When you made that story up, why Flash Sentry, I barely knew the guy, well used to not know him much. I mean before we hardly ever met except when we went to the Empire, and even that was only a few sentences tops.”

Pinkie simply gave a shrug in response. “I don’t know, it just came to me. I suppose it could have been any stallion I know, but for some reason his name came to mind. How odd is that?” she snorted a bit.

“I dunno,” Twilight said with a sigh, having given up trying to figure out Pinkie months ago. “Just kind of hard to forget a romance that never happened you know?”

Pinkie tapped her chin before shaking her head. “Nope. I'm sure you’ll find love someday Twilight bound to happen.”

Twilight sighed “Yeah probably, so um A8?”

Pinkie gasped. “Gah, you sank my battleship!”


The train wheeled into the station letting out a high pitched whistle as it came to a stop. Twilight wasted no time securing the bags to her back and gestured Pinkie to follow, only to find her friend staring at snow globes.

“Pinkie focus!”

“Oh but they got the Manehattan one, I don’t have that one yet.”

“We can pick it up on the way back, we have to find Trixie remember?” she asked with a sigh, looking around, “Come on, we have to get to that hotel.”.

PInke ears dropped to her sides. ‘Oh sorry hehe, let’s go.’ She smiled again before bouncing ahead of Twilight.

“Wow wait up!” Twilight persuade her rather quick friend, Spike hung on for dear life. Her heart was racing and not just from the extensive physical activity. hundreds of possibilities had come and gone through her head all now surfacing to claw at her life raft of sanity. They passed block after block getting ever closer anxiety building up inside her.

Pinkie bounced into the hotel and up to the front desk. “Hey there have you-”

“Where is Trixie?“ Twilight interjected, appearing next to Pinkie panting.

The attendant jumped back startled. “Oh P-princess Twilight, uh what an honor.”

Twilight nodded ‘Yes yes, just answer the question,” her wings were spread wide making her look rather intimidating.

“Well umm... you seee... she was normal when she checked in but um... this morning we found her as an alicorn foal.”

The attendant scurried off to get the manager. He soon came out explaining the situation to her proper. Twilight calmed a little knowing her daughter was safe. After getting the address for the maid that was foalsitting Trixie, they headed out.

“Twilight, I don’t think she’s in any danger,” Pinkie said up, trotting after her, “You can relax a bit I think.”

Twilight kept going at full tilt something inside her just telling to protect her. She’d never felt so motherly before and it sort of made her understand how her own mother felt that one time she snuck out of the house to do some research. Velvet had never looked so distraught in all her life once she found where she had ran off too. Needless to say, she could relate. “Safe..with a complete stranger. I can’t be certain of that.”

After a few minutes of running they reach the residential district soon locating the house in question. Twilight stopped to catch her breath. “O...kay..running not such a good idea,” she panted heavily.

“We can’t be too far right?” Pinkie asked, giving her a smile, ‘We’ll find her don’t worry,” she said, hugging her.

Twilight kept taking deep breaths as she hugged back. “Yeah just down the block, thanks for coming along probably be in worse shape.”

“No need to thank me,” Spike said with a smirk, patting Twilight’s side, “I’m always happy to help!”

Twilight turned her head to look at Spike blushed. ‘Oh sorry Spike, I guess I got so caught up in my own worry I kind of forgot you were with us.”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Jeez Twi, thanks for making me feel special,” he replied crossing his claws irritated.

“Sorry! I’m just worried about Trixie!” she said, feeling rather guilty, “Wait,“ she paused, looking around, “I think... I think this is the house!” she shouted rushing over to the door, pounding on it frantically.

The door soon opened, a rather stunned mare standing in the doorway. Emerald gasps. “Princess Twilight?” Her eyes went wide at the sight and she bowed respectfully.

“Please!” Twilight shouted, grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her, “Tell me Trixie is ok!?”

Emerald meeped nodding quickly. “Y-yes she fine, I was just about to change her diaper when you came a knocking.”

Her eyes shoot open wide and she teleported behind Emerald, dashing into the home, being rather frantic about it. Spike fell to the ground somehow not being poofed along with Twilight. “Trixie!” Twilight called soon hearing a babbled reply from down the hall. Running down the hall the princess entered the nursery quickly.

Trixie was currently laying on a changing table, squirming around, buzzing her little wings. Twilight grab her giving a warm hug to her little foal. The filly in return hugged back babbling something although Twilight didn’t have to guess it was happiness.

Trixie cooed, nuzzling her gleefully.

“Daww,”Pinkie said from the doorway, a bright smile on her face as she watched them. “Mommy and foal reunited at last.”

Spike smiled as well watching the two have a bonding moment.

Emerald peeked into the room. “So what now? Are you taking her with you?”

“Of course, she’s my foal,” Twilight said, giving Trixie a happy nuzzle, cooing softly. “Thank you so much for taking care of her, I appreciate it greatly.”

“Oh um... your welcome,” Emerald said, looking at the ground, looking a bit sad.

Pinkie was the first to notice the sad look on the mare’s face. “Oh why so sad?” she asked giving Emerald a hug.

“I’m just... sad to see her go... she’s such a good foal...” Emerald said, hugging her back.

“It’s a long story, but she’s really a mare in a foal body. That’s why she so well behaved.” Twilight replied as she changed Trixie into a fresh diaper.

Pinkie kept hugging. “Oh i’m sure Twilight will let you visit little Trixie. I mean it’s a looong train ride but worth it right?”

Emerald nodded. "Well I suppose so, that would me I'd only b able to visit every so often then."

Twilight looked about the room and soon had an idea. She cleared her throat. “Well...” Twilight started as she tapped her chin, “If you don’t mind the move to Ponyville I could hire you to be her nanny.”

Emerald sqee’ed at the thought bouncing in place. “Really, you do that for me. Oh i’m so honored your majesty.”

Twilight blushed still finding the royal treatment a tad off putting at times. “Twilight is fine, no need for such formalities please.” she grinned. “I’d be more than happy to do it. After all,Trixie seems to like you too, i’m sure you’ll be close friends. I can even help you find a place to live.”

Emerald beamed and began dancing around like a filly on Hearth's Warming. She gave Twilight a big hug and looked at the alicorn filly. Pinkie and Spike join the group hug all smiling.

Trixie smiled up at her mother, snuggling into Twilight’s warm fur. For the first time in her life, she felt like she really belonged, a loving family that loved her and that’s all that really mattered.

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Felt a little rushed; mainly due to a bunch of punctuation, capitalization, and grammatical errors; but was a lovely ending regardless!

6103377 agreed.

Also, it feels like it shouldn't have ended there. I mean, we don't see twi take trixie back home, nor how her friends react to it (or the fuss blueblood makes over the fact that there's now another alicorn princess who wasn't of royal blood before alicornhood) or how the whole of Equestria reacts to the news that, not only do they have another princess, but Princess Twilight is now a mother, her foal being said new princess.

I kinda wanted/expected to see that, but it just ends. Not to mention we don't even get a small glimpse of emerald's new job as trixie's nanny.

I'm half tempted to write a sequel showing all that and more... with your permission of course

6105803 Huh... didn't even think about the aftermath. An epilogue would be nice! How Discord and Fluttershy react to not being parents and how Dash reacted to them being her parents. Cheerilee and Mac, do the Cakes and their twins remember anything, does Flash remember anything? Lotsa loose ends that could be explored for a sequel!

6105803 Hmm Could add a epiluge, or a whole sequel not sure what a plot to that kind of thing would be. But yeah there are a lot of unasnwered quetions. Granted I thought of making an Epilouge althoug Shag was hesitant on it but i'll think about it.

6105857 So... that's permission to write a sequel myself?

6105857 I find your lack of sequels disturbing.

6116716 all honesty woudl perfer collab cuase you know my orignal idea and all. well that and somhow woreded as "I can do this better then you" i'm hesitant.

6117657 my apologies. I never meant to sound so arrogant. I would be honoured to collab with you

6118785 yeah i'll think about, but yeah coud collab in the futuere to make a sequel. a lot of open ended ness i'll admit.


We could collab in three. after all, I was a (willing) "ghost writer" for this.

This was fun to read. :rainbowkiss:

And I hate stories with diapers in them. :ajbemused: So that's saying something. :ajsmug:

7592939 Thanks, although if you want ot be techicall this story was more age regression nd foals just happen t use diaper it just what they do . not like the story revolved around usage or anything. So differently can be regardless as a 'age regression' story in term of category

Loving this story so far. The complexity of it all really coming together very nicely. I'm perhaps most impressed on how the perspective from each character lines up with other events that happen during the story. It's not easy to keep track of such details throughout such a long work, but you've done so brialliantly.

Really like Blueblood with Rarity. His actions are most definitely what I'd expect from him. Rarity being an 'adoptive parent' is also fun to think on.

Definitely a great story. The work you've put into it is certainly all well worth it. :)

What a delightfully deep and heartwarming story this was. I am most hopeful that you felt a sense of pride in finishing this work. It certainly shines well for how all the content comes together just right to create a truly magnificent alternate universe.

What is also nice is how any typos were very easy to ignore due to how immersive the tale was. There may have been a bit of a 'hiccup' at a typo, but nothing that ever destroyed the overall experience of reading this story from start-to-finish.

Once more, great work! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

6252542 A ghost writer I never wanted on the story

And starlight never gets a best friend. There should be a sequel to this with Starlight entering. Would she still become friends with Trixie?

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