• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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“The usual, as it has always been,” Blueblood said to the mare sitting at the front desk of his favorite high-class spa, “Adone Incinghialito.”

The light gray unicorn mare with a black mane, nodded in reply leading him down the pristine hallway paved in granite,the walls covered in low reliefs representing mares and stallions entering in the Fountain of Youth made of amber, to the room at the far end, guarded by a obsidian statue of a mare with flowing mane.

The room was fairly standard, with ten padded tables near the wall, and the rest of the room occupied by the various instruments for relaxation and cleaning that one could find in a spa.

He trotted into the room and hopped up on the table. “Hurry up will you?” He asked impatiently, closing his eyes, and awaiting the usual massage to begin.

After a long silence, he called again “Hello? Anypony in this establishment?”

For a moment he heard something like plastic rustling.

“What was that?” He said startled, opening his eyes, and could only watch as his legs were being encompassing in magic and raised into the air. “Show yourself!”

“Calm down, Bluey, I’m almost done changing you.” A somewhat familiar voice said.

A bell rang into Blueblood’s mind. His memories of a certain grand gala brought to his mind.

“Wait! I know you. Your that harpy from the gala! What are you doing to me, jumped-up simpleton?” He shouted, squirming and staring at the white mare before him. He watched as a bulky and yet frilly diaper floated over his body, and was unfolded.

“You don’t dare!” He shouted, before trying to get off the table with all his might, but the magical aura was holding him firmly in place. His own magic was apparently useless.

“Security! For Pete’s sake, do something!” He said, extremely annoyed. He frantically looked around for somepony to rescue him, but the room was empty.

“Calm down Bluey, your giving mommy a headache.” The mare said, sprinkling powder on him.

“You are not my mother! I’m not of lowborn blood!” He shouted, thrashing about as the diaper was placed under his backside.

“Don’t touch my tail!” he screamed as she pulled it gently through the back guard.

“Almost done,” Rarity said tapping the diaper shut.

“I said: let-me-go. Are you also an imbecile?” He wailed, flailing around, doing tantrum-like gestures.

“Oh what’s wrong Blue?” the mare cooed, while nuzzling him.

Blueblood’s response was a wail, one that sounded like it belonged to an actual foal. “Stop calling me Bluey! Nobody, not even my mother called me like that, and I swear on Celestia’s sun that nopony will start today, at least without consequences!”


Blueblood gasped as he sat up panting. “What a horrible night. I should stop drinking so much warm Bear’s Blood before going to bed.” He muttered to himself. He took a few moments to shake off the sleepness before noting something was off. An odd and unfimlar smell greeted his nostrals. After a few sniffs he picks out the slight hint of lavender and a mix of vanilla. His room had never smelled like that. The mattress beneath him felt flatter than the one he had fallen alseep on the night before. He tried to scan the room more but the usual light that shined through his alabaster windows were nonexistent replace by a thick curtain over a window above him.

Shaking his head again he tried to remove the blankets that covered him. For some reason he couldn’t get them off as they tugged against his body. He stopped suddenly as he heard something loud and crinkling. Upon looking down at himself he gasped.

Along with his stubby hooves he noticed that he was wearing a soft cyan sleeper. Something large bulged beneath it around his flank.

“What?” He called out trying to open the hatch on the outfit.

“Is my little Bluey awake?” Rarity's voice sing-sang. The lights were turned on suddenly, making Blueblood wince and rub his eyes. He hadn't even noticed the mare enter the room.

“W-what? Now you must explain what’s going on!” He yelled. He looked down at himelf again getting a clear look at the new ridiculous detail to his sleeper. Namely, Rarity’s cutie mark on the flanks. He kept trying to remove the garment, but he felt too weak to do anything. HIs usual strong body reduced to a mere foal it would seem.

“Chatty this morning, aren’t we?” Rarity commented, lifting him up in her usual blue magical aura , smiling sweetly.

Blueblood kept struggling floating in what he felt like zero gravity hanging there like a rag doll.

“What have you done to me?”

She ignored him, pressing a hoof against his flank. “Seems like you're dry.” She said nuzzling him. “Good Bluey for staying dry through the night.”

“Don’t touch me!” He swings his hoof, swatting her muzzle, but failing to do anything of significance.

“Bluey, you know better than to hit mommy!” She said with a frown.

“You’re not my mother! You are not even one of my servants!” He shouted while squirming in her forehooves, even more upset than before

“I know! You must be hungry! At least if Sweetie Belle was any indication.” She said setting Blueblood on the floor and laying down on her side, levitating him over to her back legs.

Blueblood gasped at what she was implying as he stared at her teats, “What? No way in Tartarus I am going to drink your foul milk!”

As she slowly put him near her teats, Blueblood smirked with wickeded intent..

“But I bet that your blood tastes delicious.” And then, as soon as he was in range, he propelled himself towards the area around the nipple, erupting a shrill cry of pain from Rarity.

“Ooooowww! Bluey!” She said, as he bit even more harder.

“Aww, feel your torture for this heinous act.”

“Aaah, okay okay bottle it is!” Rarity said, resigned and a bit tired. However, for some reasons, she didn’t even try to detach Blueblood from her teat, thus letting him suckle until he felt warm and full.

When Blueblood has stopped suckling, Rarity got off the floor and called her sister,

“Sweetie Belle!”

“What?” Came a reply from a room down the hall.

“Could you watch Bluey while I make breakfast?” Rarity asked

Blueblood started grinding his teeth, the insistent nickname eating away what little was left of his self-control

“Stop calling me that!” He grumbled.

Sweetie Belle soon came into the room, a comb levitating in her magic and a toothbrush still in her mouth “Sure thing, Rarity.”

“Thank you very much, Sweetie Belle” She said patting Blueblood’s back, causing him to burp.

“Let me go!” Blueblood demanded, not liking the fact he was helpless in the hooves of a lesser pony.

Rarity set him down in the small playpen in the darkest corner of the room, and trotted out of the room.

“Good morning, Blueblood.” Sweetie Belle said with a smile, combing her mane and brushing her teeth a little with her right hoof.

Blueblood hardly listened to her as he pounded on the playpen gate “Where am I, and who are you and why am I a foal? Answer me! Also, is this the way to manifest, poorly dressed and clearly half-asleep?!”

“Blue, stop you’ll hurt yourself! You don’t want to go to the doctor, do you?” Sweetie said, \distancing him from the gate, all while Blueblood babbled constantly.

She grabbed him in her magic a few moments later, and placed him in a bouncing swing.

“There! Maybe this will tire you out.”

“Get me out of here, now!” He tantrums, bouncing about as he tries to do so.

Sweetie Belle couldn’t help but giggle, watching him bounce about “You are so cute Bluey.” She soon finished combing her mane, her teeth now clean.

Blueblood mumbled to himself, crossing his hooves. ‘I’m an adult prince, not a lowborn foal, this can’t be real!” he kept bouncing idly, as he tried to remember what happened last night, but getting only blurry images of him engulfed into light, and the recently converted Enemy of the State shouting about his failure in doing something.

Rarity came up the stairs sometime later, humming gently a tune.

“Breakfast is ready, Sweetie Belle darling,” She said, entering in the nursery and walked over to the swing lifting Blueblood out, who started wiggling like a worm again

“Bluey, why are you so frisky today?”

“Because you are annoying me with no reason whatsoever! So release me, witch!” He shouted, trying to bite her again.

‘Blue, stop it, before I spank you!’ Rarity says a stern look upon her face.

“No, I won’t, not even if you put my flank on a cheese grater!”

“Gah!” Rarity said. Blue was soon reduced to simply float beside her, as she headed to her room. “Blue, your constant shouting is giving me a headache. “

“Good! I will continue to give you one until you release me! And, if necessary, I’m going to give you more than that!” He shouted angrily.

Rarity rubbed her forehead as she set Blueblood into a play saucer and went over to the closet.

Usually a simple task of getting out a chair would be easy, but he struggled to push himself high enough to do so.

He continued to throw a fit, slamming his hooves into the saucer.

His attempts were fleeting, and, after a few moments, he started to tire out.

Rarity breathed heavily, as she moved assortment of dresses and hats, trying to decide what she should wear that day, and, considered that she was a pony obsessed by clothes, it was going to take forever.

“Will you hurry up?” He asked, glaring at Rarity, the ever audible ticking of the clock drilling into his brain.

She seemed to ignore him for now as she lifted out a purple hat with trim “Simple yet elegant.”

“Yes, yes, yes, can we go now?” He asked, crossing his hooves. “Or do you need to polish your hooves with dung?”

Rarity left for a second leaving Blue alone for a while.

“Hey! Don’t leave me here!” He called out, while he felt the urge to go to the bathroom.

“Magnificent… I have to go the bathroom, and I can’t do that.” He mumbled annoyed “My only option is…”

A realization came to his mind.

“Yes! If she really wants a foal, so be it!” He grinned “Even the least pleasant parts.”

He smirked as he let it go, and rather easily at that. The mess rather unpleasant at touch to Blueblood but so would it to to clean up for Rarity.

She soon returned, a flush being heard from the bathroom. As she entered she suddenly made a face as she sniffed waving her hoof, “Somepony needs a diaper change.”

A moment later, he was picked up by Rarity’s magic, and brought back to the nursery, all while Rarity kept her breath.

“Enjoy!” He says gleefully, feeling his body start to weaken more as Rarity set him down the change table and unbuttoned the hatch.

She pulled back the hatch to reveal a rather soiled diaper.

“Stinky!” she reached for the taps and starts to remove it.

“H-hey don’t touch me there! I didn’t think this through!” Blue whined, as Rarity wiped his plot and accidentally touched his stallionhood.

Suddenly, Blueblood felt the need to urinate, at which Blueblood wasted no time into using it as weapon against Rarity.

urien streamed on Rarity’s coat and mane, staining it, and causing Rarity to jump away, and whirl around like a drunken dervish.

“Aaaah! Aaaah!” She shouted with an high-pitched tone, one that caused a fit of roaring laugh in Blueblood “Urine! It won’t go away! This is the worst possible thing that could have happened this morning!”

“You break it, you pay for it.” Said Blueblood with a smirk.

Not that Rarity cared, because she ran out of the room, shouting “Must clean, must clean must clean,” and, apparently locked herself in the bathroom.

When Blueblood finally ended his laughter, he looked around him and, in particularly, down. The distance in-between the top of the changing table and the floor would have been minimal… for an adult, or, at least, a decently-old pony. In his state, that fall would have hurt a lot.

“Darn,” he said “I should have considered it. Now I can’t get down without breaking something. Guess I will have improvise.”

After a few minutes of silence, Sweetie Belle went up to the bathroom, knocking on the door.

“Rarity, is everything okay?”

Then answer was direct and strong.


Sweetie Belle, as the things were looking ominous, galloped in the nursery, only to wrinkle her nose in disgust.

“Eeew! Bluey, what did you eat last night?”

Blueblood, now annoyed by the little fillies statement , flailed his hooves up and down, shouting.

“What do you think I’ve ate, you little white cretin, if I still need breast milk? Now come on, get me out of this diaper and set me free!”

Sweetie Belle seemingly understood the message, albeit by pure accident.

“Okay… since Rarity won’t finish anytime soon, I might as well try to change your diaper.”

Blueblood sighed. “Finally!”

However, his relief was short-lived because Sweetie Belle, as soon as she was near him, violently yanked out the diaper fro under his bottom, with predictable consequences regarding excrements.

A panicked Sweetie Belle took out some wipes from the drawers of the changing table, and tried to clean him and herself up

Noticing that a couple of drops of poop that had stained his coat, Blueblood’s mind locked up and made his body freeze.

Once Sweetie Belle had more-or-less cleaned it up, she took out a blue-ish diaper from a box under the changing table. She swiftly unfolded it, and put it on Blueblood’s waist, disregarding silly things like the foal powder.

“There, all clean!” She said with a smile.

“I still feel pretty dirty… but I guess it’s an improvement from before.” He said

Sweetie Belle, after taping the diaper on Blueblood, decided to do one last thing to him, before leaving.

“Sorry, Bluey, but I have to get to school now.” she kissed him on the forehead, causing him to retract in disgust, before scooping him up and setting him in the playpen, hoping to keep him distracted while Rarity slowly overcame her fit of hysteria.

Blueblood grinned.

“Well now…” he said,“I think I may be able to open this gate and run away from this mad house”

He concentrated trying to channel his magic, but only produced pitiful sparkles.

“Why I can’t have a magic surge right now?” He asked to himself, while still trying to get something to come out. “Come on!” he grumbled with no success.

As Blueblood struggled to make magic, Rarity finally finished her cleaning frenzy, and entered into the room again, her mane still dripping wet and her eyes showing tiredness.

“Ugh,” she said “hopefully he didn’t…” Rarity paused glancing towards the changing table, and saw Blueblood trying to do magic in the playpen.

She took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a second, before heading over to the playpen. Blueblood kept glaring at her as she spoke with barely contained her current stress,

“Maybe a trip to the park will calm me down and relax you.” She said sighing. She took a white pacifier with yellow handle out from the nearby wardrobe. “And this will, thankfully, will keep you quiet..”

Before he could protest, the pacifier was shoved in his mouth, his attempt to spit the darned rubber object out was suddenly halted as something brought him to suckle it instead. Another attempt to stop said action also failed as his mouth kept suckling away.

He, calmed down, once more being levitated into the air and brought in the hallways towards the living room. There, a light purple stroller was standing in the center of the room for not discernible reason.

“I’m not riding in such an infantile contraption!” Blueblood mumbled from under his pacifier, and once the calming effect was gone he managed to spit out the gag.

Rarity hummed softly, placing him inside of it, buckling him in tightly. Despite Blue’s best efforts, he couldn’t get out. Might have been due to fact he was really small or that it was designed with child proofing in mind, and in either case he was stuck.

“Release me from this contraption!” He wailed, on the verge of another tantrum.

“Calm down, Blueblood.” She said with an eye twitch, popping a pacifier back into his mouth.

Blueblood started to unwilling become calm again as he suckled on it. He yawned a bit desperately trying to fight his tired body. His struggle didn’t last long, as he soon drifted off into sleep.


Blueblood was awoken from his first moment of peace as Rarity’s voice woke him up. He groaned, blinking as the sudden sunlight noting he was now in a new location. He tried to sit up only to be stopped by the blasted straps of his current containment.

“Hello, darlings!” Rarity called out, faking a smile as she saw what Blueblood assumed to be her friends down the path.

Princess Twilight waves at Rarity “Hello Rarity, nice to see you here! It seems we all had the same idea today.” she chuckled.

Oh how he loathed her. Thinking she could elevate herself to his status by growing wings.

Blueblood started to feel his annoyance building up like a volcano about to burst. He tugs yet again on the strollers belts, “Let me out of this infantile thing!” His shrill whiney voice rang out.

Rarity shakes her head “Blueblood, stop shouting please, I got a headache.”

“Blueblood!?” Three young voices cried out in unison.

Rarity lifted Blueblood out of the stroller, plopping his diaper rump on the grass. “Why are you so fussy today?” She asked with a frown, nudging him to go play with the other foals.

“I am not going to lower myself to those ruffians!” Blueblood said, turning his nose up at the other foals.

The cyan pegasus foal suddenly broke into laughter “This is rich!”

“Shut up!” Blueblood seethed, glaring daggers at her.

“Why should I, you're not my boss.” she retorted with a calm and uninterested tone.

Blueblood’s blood was boiling with anger “How dare you insult me?””

Another cyan foal, this one an alicon, looked over ‘“What’s the problem? Trixie doesn't get it.”

“Ya’ll just calm down! We don’t need a fight right now, we are all on the same boat!” An orange earth pony foal said, looking between the two angry foals.

Blueblood huffed “I don’t care!”

“So, you don’t want to find out why yer a foal? Or how to change back?” The orange foal asked, crossing her hooves.

“What? Of course I want to know how this happened!”

The miniature alicorn looked towards Blueblood “Who are you, Trixie doesn’t recognize you.”

“I am Prince Blueblood!” He said proudly.

“Never heard of you.” Trixie says dryly

“Then you live under a rock.” He huffed.

“Look! They are chatting!” A purple mare smiled, watching them sit in their small circle.

“I wonder what their talking about?” A yellow pegasus mare asked, gazing at the foals with interested eyes.

“Foals don’t know how to talk.” A red stallion wearing a yoke replied dryly

The adults look towards the purple mare, who slightly winced for no apparent reason.

“Something is wrong, Twilight dear?” Rarity asked

“Just I had a sudden headache. It happened this morning too,” Twilight said and noticed something off about Rarity.

“Wow, Rarity, you look devastated. What happened?”

Rarity sighed. “Blueblood was acting up this morning.”

“How?” she asked.

Rarity put a hoof on her head dramatically. “How to put it? Let’s say that he is screaming like there is no tomorrow, squirms around whatever I do to him, and, well… he bit my teat, oh and...” she shivered ‘Urinated on my coat.”

Twilight frowned, “It happens Rarity, some days its really hard.” She said as if she had experience with the subject matter.

“I know. But I’ve hardly experienced something of this scale before. He never been this bad before.”

Twilight simple shrugged in response,. “That happens both ways.”

Applejack, that was the name of the orange foal, suddenly spoke up after some time, “Ya know..I had ah headache this morning.”

“Trixie thinks there is a pattern.” Trixie remarks, rubbing her chin in thought.

“Well we are the only ones who seem to remember what is actually right.” Rainbow replied, “That still doesn’t explain how this all happened.”

Blueblood was completely lost at what they were talking about having only paid half attention.

“Hello everypony.” A new voice said, cutting into the chatter. The foals glanced over to see a yellow unicorn mare, with a leash in the right hoof.

Twilight gave her a warm smile “Oh, hello Pumpkin, I see you are joining us.”

“Pinkie was getting restless, and I thought she’d enjoy some playtime in the park.” She said giving the leash a tug.

“Come on, I want to go the swings!” Pinkie voice calls out, as she pulled against the leash.

“It can’t be...” Rainbow said, shaking her head.

‘It is...” Trixie replied with an eye roll and a sigh “It’s that annoying pink demon”

“Hi everypony!” Pinkie said, suddenly rushing toward them, only to let out a grunt and fall on her flank, as she ran out of leash.

Rainbow also fell over, laughing loudly.