• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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PInkie Pie

As PInkie finished her bedtime story she looks down at the twins who were somehow still awake after the whole tale. “Still awake, wow.” PInkie said rubbing the back of her head. It was strange, they usually fell asleep halfway through her tales. Not that they were boring, hardly they were quite interesting.

“I know how about a-” she paused watching as sparks started to built up around Pumpkin’s horn. Pinkie backs up s the foal’s horn kept glowing brighter with ever increasing in intensity. Pumpkin clapped her hooves together and cheer as her magic reach its climax. Before Pinkie could take cover a bright explosion of expanding light erupted from the crib knocking her out as she was consumed by it.


Pinkie let out a light sneeze as she started to awake, somepony was nuzzling her gently on her face. She blinked, letting out a cute yawn. As she rubbed her eyes she took a look around seeing that she wasn’t in her room. All around her were large wooden bars and a towering Mr Cake beyond them staring down at her.

“Mr. Cake! Why are you so big!?” Pinkie asked a little surprised


“Morning Pinkie, I see you slept well.” He replied reaching down and scooping her up into his forehooves and pat her crinkley bottom.

“Woah! I’m light as a feather!” She said giggling not even noticing the light squishing noise.

PInkie was carried over to the change table a little strap buckled over her barrel. PInkie giggled again, “Hehe i’m so small.” She squirmed, kicking her hooves playfully.

“Somepony is hyper today I see.” Mr. Cake said as he cleaned her.

“hehe! Is this one of those um..lucy dreams?” She asked, Mr. Cake failing to respond.

Cake soon finished taping up the diaper and kissed her forehead. A second later Pinkie was placed on his back, “Come on Pinkie, let’s go get you some breakfast.”

As Mr. Cake exited into the hall, Pinkie held on to his neck. She watched as a teenage Pound Cake walked up to them. “Dad I can’t find my textbook.”

“Did you check the nursery?” He asked stepping aside to let him pass.

“Not yet, i’ll go look.” Pound replied, stopping for a second to ruffle up pinkie’s mane, even as a foal she had curly hair, “Morning sis.”

“Sister? Oh...right.” Pinkie smiled, waving hell,.” You're really big Pound! Almost as big as Big Mac!”

Pound gave her a smile back, “cute,” he says before heading into the nursery to look for his books.

PInkie was soon taken downstairs and was set in a soft padded highchair. “Good morning Pinkie.” Mrs. Cake voice motherly sang out as she came into the kitchen a bright smile on her face. Pound cake sat across the table casually scanning the morning paper, her blue bow tied to her long beautiful mane.

“Come on i’m hungry.” Pinkie cheered pounding on the tray.

“Calm down Pinkie, your breakfast is coming.” Mrs. Cake said, warming up a bottle.

“I love this dream so far.” Pinkie began to bounce in her seat her usual hyper self unhindered by her current foalish form in fact she seemed to have even more energy.

“Somepony is energetic today.” Mrs. Cake said comments pushing the bottle into Pinkie’s mouth. Pinkie eagerly started suckling away enjoying the sweet taste of the liquid as it slowly filled her tummy. She made short mmm sounds every so often.

“hehe that what I said when changing her.” Mr. Cake chuckled

As Mrs. Cake held the bottle she looks up the at the time, “Pumpkin, do you mind watching Pinkie today?” She asked, giving Pinke a loving nuzzle. “We’re a bit busy preparing for the Sweets convention in a few days.”

“I don’t mind mom, I wont be meeting up with Cheese Sandwich until later anyway.”

“Cheese Sandwich? Did I add him the dream too?” Pinkie thought and then started to giggle again some milk dripping out of the sides of her mouth.

Pumpkin came over and tickled PInkie’s tummy “Somepony is ticklish this morning choochy coo”

Pinkie giggled, flailing her hooves around managing to rock the highchair a bit. “Stop hehe not my tummy.”

Pumpkin let PInkie finished driking her bottle and picks her up, patting her back “Come on Pinkie, we’re gonna have some fun .” She said as PInkie let out a burp.

“Yay fun!” PInkie cheered clapping her hooves together with joy.

Pinkie was set on her back as Pumpkin headed back upstairs. As they walked by the baking supplies, Pinkie eyes sparkled spotting a cupcake. She licked her lips and using her foalish strength effortlessly jumped off of pumpkin’s back and onto the countertop her landing resulting in her sliding on the smooth surface. Her slide soon came to a halt as she impacted right into a small stack of sugar bags. The bag at the top fell over and broke as it hit PInkie on the head, spilling its contents all over her.

“Pinkie!” Pumpkin groaned, looking at the coated filly. “Now i’m going to have to give you a bath.”

“Hehe, oops.” PInkie grinned sheepishly and sniffed the air. With her nose full of sugar she sneezed quite cute like.

Pumpkin shook her head and used her magic to carry Pinkie the rest of the way to the bathroom. PInkie of course wiggling and squirmed just to have fun with it.

She took Pinkie’s diaper off, placing her in the tub, turning on the water. As soon as the water got high enough Pinkie started to splash abou.

t “bubbles!” she cheers as Pumpkin brought over the blue bottle of the stuff. The solution was poured in, PInkie’s splashes only made more bubbles form as the water kept coming out of the fossett.

“Come on Pinkie, let’s get you clean.”She said smiling, getting some shampoo and applying it to the foal’s mane and body..

PInkie giggled as Pumpkin started to work in the shampoo into her fur, “That tickles” PInkie splashed her hooves about much to Pumpkins annoyance.

Pumpkin’s mane drooped from all the water she been assaulted with. She groans as got out a bath brush “Hold still PInkie.”

“Hehe, but I like smelling like powdered sugar.” She complained between fits of giggles.

As Pumpkin was hit by another splash, she heard Twilight voice ring out from the hall

“Pumpkin I found those books you wanted.”

“In here Twilight!” Pumpkin called out, as PInkie splashed her again.

Twilight peeked her head inside the bathroom concerned, “Should I just put the books in your room?” She asks noticing the hefty sum of water on the floor.

“Yes please, Pinkie might get them wet.”

Pinkie smiled as she saw Twilight, “Hey Twilight!” She called out cheerfully. She see’s Trixie on Twilight back and waved to her as well.

“Eeeep not you.” Trixie calls out squirming.

Pumpkin dumps water over Pinkie’s head causing her to close her eyes. When PInkie could see again Twilight had moved on down the hall. Pumpkin started to wash PInkies lower half making her squirm even more

“Ok Pink’s I think you're ready to come out.” She said, lifting her out, setting her on a towel. She starts to empty the tub not paying attention as Pinkie used her speed demon powers to bolt out of the bathroom ‘weee!”

Pumpkin turned gasping, “Oh no you don’t.” Pumpkin said, grabbing her in a magic grib. She dries off PInkie sighing, ”How about we burn off some that energy at the park?” She suggested, walking into the nursery.

Pinkie wiggled around “Sounds like fun!” she cheered vibrating.

Pumpkin laughs a bit as she set her on the change table. Holding her in place with her magic, she quickly put Pinkie in a new diaper and finished off with a foal leash. “Last thing I need is your running off on me.”

“Hehehe! I feel like a puppy!” She giggled, pulling on the strap that went around her barrel.. She of course couldn't loosen it at all or even reach the leash that attached to her back.

Pumpkin ruffles the foal’s mane before setting her down on the floor, “Come on let get going.”

PInkie rushes forward towards the stairs the leash snagging as it reach it’s end. She kept trying to push forward somehow dragging Pumpkin along the floor

“Wow, Pinkie calm down!” She said pulling back on the leash. PInkie kept it up now running in place making little headway.

“lets go go go!” PInkie cheered as she keep trying to run ahead out the door.

“Pinkie slow down!” She scowled, following after her, somehow being dragged at moments by the energized foal.

The park soon came into view as the two reach the top of the hill. Pumpkin smiled as she saw her group of friends there as well. “Oh hello everypony.” She called out walking towards the gang.

Twilight glanced over smiling back, “Oh hello, Pumpkin came to join us I see.”

Pinkie was focused on the swings and tried to run towards them despite being at the end of her lead. Paying little mind to the group nearby.

“Pinkie was getting restless and I thought she’d enjoy some playtime in the park.” Pumpkin said giving the leash a tug.

“Come on I want to go the swings!” Pinkie cried out out as she pulled against the leash once more. She finally turned to look behind her to notice who else was there. She gasped as she saw her other friends, “Hi everypony!” Pinkie said, suddenly rushing toward them forgetting out her lead. A second later the inevitable happened as she let out a grunt and fall on her flank as she ran out of leash.

Rainbow fell over, laughing loudly. “Oh that was hilarious!”

“Thats not nice Dash.” Applejack said crossing her hooves.

Rainbow took a breath and sat back up wiping the few tears from her eyes, “Sorry but that was just too funny.”

“Now don’t run off Pinkie.” Pumpkin said, detaching the leash, placing Pinkie in the circle of foals.

“Hehe this dream is awesome.” PInkie cheered clapping her hooves “Just like my story.”

The group of foals stare at the Pink one surprised and confused as ever, “Sugarcube this isn’t a dream.” Applejack retorted.

PInke laughs at the remark, “Of course you would say that. All dream characters say that.” she replied

“Pinkie, listen, this isn’t a dream!” Dash replied, moving closer to her putting a hoof on her chest.

“But this is just like my story I told the twins last night.”

“Story? What are you talking about?” Trixie asked, raising her eyebrow.

“Oh last night the twins were hyper, so I told them this amazing story I made up on the spot. Oh and it had all of us in it and eerily similar to what happening…” she paused realization sinking in faster than a boat made of solid rock, “uh oh, you mean this isn’t a dream!”

“Yes that’s what we’ve been saying!” Rainbow said, throwing her hooves up.

“But if this is real then..” Pinkie started, staring off into the distance, her eyes starting to water.

“Pinkie?” Applejack asked worried for her friend.

“I’m, i’m not Maud’s sister anymore!!” Pinkie wailed, starting to sob, her hair going flat.

“We can figure this out, just calm down.” Applejack pleads reaching out to give her a hug.

“I don’t know somehow this is all my fault” PInkie sniffled accepting the embrace.

“It’s ok Pinkie, we’ll find out how to fix this.” Dash said joining in on the group hug.

Just as Pinkie was starting to calm a shrill voice rang out, “Ignoring a prince how rude!” Blueblood huffs ruining a perfectly good bonding moment.

The group look over at him “Not like you had anything to add.” Dash replied.

“I have a lot to add to the conversation.” He stuck his nose up snorting.

“Like…” she rolled her eyes in response.

“It’s obvious we should go to my aunts.” He said looking at them.

the group blink since none of them had even considered that yet. “Well duh, but how do we even communicate that, they hear nothing but babble from us remember.” Dash replied.

“Oh oh oh!” PInkie waves her hoof up like she was in class.

Applejack rolled her eyes “Yes Pinkie what is it.”

“Have any of you tried writing?” She says smiling.

“That’s...actually a good idea..”Trixie said blinking.

Dash facehoof “ohh why didn’t we think of that.”

“Well not like we have a chance to grab any kind of writing implement.” Applejack added.

“Whelp, ah think it’s time fer Jackie and I to get going.” Big Mac said, interrupting their conversation as Applejack was lifted off the ground.

Applejack tries to protest holding her hooves out to the gang, “Wait put me down.”

“Come on Jackie, dontcha want to see mommy?” He asked, placing her in the baby carriage.

Applejack let out a sigh realizing she had no choice in the matter, “I guess i’ll catch you guys later somehow.” She calls out as Big Mac started to push

Twilight gave the foals a smile as she had a thought, “You know we should hang out more, how about you bring Pinkie over to the castle later, Trixie could use some playtime with the others.” she says to Pumpkin.

“Oh sure that be fun what about you Fluttershy?” she asked watching Fluttershy lift Dash to her lap.

“Well I don’t really have any plans today, so sure i’ll pop in with Dashie in a few hours.” She replied happily tickling Dash

“H-hey stop that!” Dash said giggling, kicking her hooves.

“Dashie ticklish, yes she is.” Fluttershy coo’ed as she kept tickling

Trixie chuckled watching the two bond. She got jealous and held out her hooves to Twilight “PIck Trixie up.” she gestured. Twilight got the message and does so cuddling her close.

Rarity let out a sigh “Finally some quiet.” she says rubbing her head “I thought adopting would be fun.” she whined.

“Rarity, parenthood is a commitment, tell me you really didn’t just adopt because you thought it was fun?” Twilight asked scowling.

“No, no, of course not. I really do want to care for a foal and such, just lately it been so much screaming, my poor ears.” she says and change her tone suddenly “He is quite cute though.”

“My name is Blueblood!” he complained, looking up at Rarity.

She looks down and nodded “Oh of course.” She picks him up into her lap. Blueblood kept trying to escape her grasp Rarity easily able to hold him and continued talking. “He was well behaved last week just so odd his mood swings. Is that something foals have?”

“Has anything happened that would upset him?” Twilight asked, nuzzling Trixie gently.

“Other than waking up as your foal.” Dash snickered

“I don’t think so. Do you think I did something wrong and didn’t realize it?”

“I’m sure it’s nothing Rarity. He’s probably teething.” Twilight said, as if speaking from experience. “I remember when Spike was teething, he was so fussy.”

Rarity let out a sigh of relief, “Oh okay, I thought I was being a bad parent for a second, I mean it’s hard enough being a good sister.” she giggled managing to pop the pacifier back in Blueblood mouth,

Author's Note:

Dun dun duuun!!