• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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Twilight hooves ran back and forth along the floor as she prepped for the trip. Upon putting a spare set of quills in her bag she took a seat on one of the many cushions around the library floor. Her mane was frazzled a look of worry and uncertainty upon her face. She thought back to last night and how during the wee hours of the morning she had sat there in her bed thinking about events over in an endless loop. All the pieces had come together, yet so many questions were left to be resolved. While she had comforted Trixie while she slept between them, her gaze had been locked on the sleeping stallion next to her. The memories of a relationship had flashed before her eyes. She had tried to push them back trying to convince herself that those feelings were not real. Although was it really all a lie? There had to have been some logic, some reason Discord’s spell paired them up the way it did. Perhaps it was just Pinkie’s story weaving the magic together like cloth twisting pairs together to fit what she had imagined. She felt so confused that night and still.

Spike balanced a number of scrolls in his hands looking up at Twilight concerned. “Twilight, are you okay?” he asked as he set down the pile soon after.

Twilight snatched the cup of coffee off the side table, chugging it down ignoring the sting of the hot liquid as it ran down her dry throat. “To be honest Spike, i’m not. Just too many things on my mind.“

“Like Trixie and our other friends?”

“Yes and about Flash too. Just,” she let out a sigh, “I don’t know what real right now,” she put her face into her lap letting out a groan.

Spike remained silent as he gave her a hug. “It’s okay Twilight, i’m sure things will be okay,” he looked up at her with a smile.

Twilight stared into her assistance eyes and relaxed a bit. “Yeah I hope so,” she finished off her coffee before checking off another item on her list. After a quick breather she headed up the stairs to check on Trixie.

A few minutes passed before the front door opened followed by a procession of ponies entering the library.

“Hey Twilight, we’re here!” Dash called from Fluttershy’s back. Following behind her were Pumpkin, Discord and Rarity. Each looking happy and ready to go. The foalish prince looked rather bored and disinterested.

Twilight sat on the couch feeding Trixie a bottle her spirit lifting upon seeing her friends. ‘Morning girls you’re here early.”

Pumpkin nodded “Was my idea, thought we could have a group breakfast. Who wants pancakes..”

PInkie bounced up and down on the couch chirping. “Me me me me!”

The other foals nodded in agreement

“Then it’s settled” Pumpkin said before heading to the kitchen. Spike followed whining. “Hey I just got the pantry sorted!”


Despite the obvious intelligence of the foals, they were put into the playpen to occupy their time. Trixie didn’t mind this at all though, it was kind of nice to relax. Despite feeling a tad tired still she wanted to have some fun. She eventually coaxed a game of ball between Pinkie, herself, and Applejack. Dash had opted to read a book instead looking rather silly when she had to flip the huge pages.

Trixie blinked, startled awake when the ball bumped her forehooves. She shook her self a bit to try and wake up as Applejack came over looking concerned.

“You sure looked tired, is something on your mind?”

"Oh y-yes just the conversation from last night kept dancing in my head," she replied with a nod. She rubbed her eyes a bit letting out a yawn.

“You really should get some sleep. Have you talked with Twilight yet?” Applejack put a hoof on Trixie’s shoulder supporting the tired filly.

Trixie leaned on Applejack moments later. “Sort of, I-i’m not sure how to explain but she really cares for me. I like her as a mommy, I want to stay with her but what if I can’t.” She hugged Applejack, feeling the warmth that her body provided. Before she knew it, she had fallen asleep on earth pony’s shoulder.

“Poor thing, she must have been up all night worrying’”

Twilight and Rarity were beside the playpen they heard the whole conversation. Twilight set the last of the supplies in the diaper bag securing it closed with a soft click. “Yeah she had a lot on her mind can’t blame her really.” She levitates Trixie out of the pen and into a carrier near by. After tucking her in she smiled. “Okay all ready let’s get going.”


The train’s whistle blared as the train pulled into Canterlot Station. Trixie awoke with a start hugging the closest body she could find, which happened to be a plush bear. She calmed down and looked up at her mother figure who was smiling down at her from the light yellow carriage she was riding in. Sh rubbed the sleep from her eyes and gave a happy smile back.

“You slept for the entire train ride must have been a nice dream.” Twilight gave Trixie a kiss on the forehead before continuing the trek down the quiet streets.

“It was indeed,” Trixie giggled happily. Sitting up she took the time to look around. Her eyes lingered over to her left. Rarity walked along side wearing a sun hat, a pink frill feather poking out the top. On her back was the still bored looking Blueblood. Maybe idle was a better word to describe his mood persay. He seemed to scan his surroundings with idle bliss taking in the very familiar scenery he’d seen a million times before. He didn’t seem to even care that he be back to normal sooner or later despite all this whining the last few days.

Rarity looked back at Trixie and grins. “Trixie I’m so glad to see you’re looking better.”

Trixie nodded “Thank you. I guess all I needed was time.” She set her cyan pacifier into her mouth and closed her eyes to enjoy the soft breeze that blew through the city.

To her right Dash and Applejack were carried along in Discord big arms. Both were idly chatting to one another.

Dash shrugged.“I guess it’s okay being a foal but I rather just get back to being able to fly again.”

Applejack chuckled. “Daww little Dashie likes cuddles.”

Dash blushed and turns away for a second. “Well it is sort of nice. ” Changing the topic quickly she spoke. “So how was Trixie and Pinkie last night?”

“They were fine really. I gave Trixie a nice talking to.” Applejack suddenly look over as a whine of distress was heard.

“Pinkie, please stop. You're making my back sore.” Pumpkin turned her head to look at the pink foal bouncing on her back quickly.

Pinkie complied slowing down and eventually sitting still. “Oh sorry, I have so much more energy than usual. I just can’t help it.”

Pumpkin stopped to ruffle Pinkie’s mane. ‘It’s okay, you have good reason to be hyper.”

PInkie nodded. “Oh yeah of course I do. I get to see how this story ends.” She giggled looking over at Trixie and giving a rapid wave.

Other than a few stares and bows from passing citizens the parade to the Castle was otherwise mundane. When they arrived at the gates the guards directed them towards the east wing and the large meeting hall at the end.

“Twilight so glad to see you made it on time.“ Celestia greeted them as they enter the hall. She set down a scroll amongst a pile on a desk. Around the room sat various devices and scientific gear.

“So can you change us back to normal yet?” Blueblood called out, waving his hooves.

Rarity scolds his with a light swat on his hoof. “Don’t interrupt the princess.”

The rest of the foals chuckle as Blue stick his tongue out rather childishly.

Trixie was set on the table with the other foals all of them currently diapered up in cute patterns. She looks at Applejack seeing the zap apples on her diaper and chuckled.

PInkie bounced a bit “Yeah totally accident but look at what it caused. I mean gave twi a colt friend and made us cute foals hehe.” Twilight blushed at the remark.

Applejack cheeks turn a shade of red as she looked over at Pinkie. “Ya forget that i’m my brother’s foal? That’s just creepy.”

Pinkie shook her head. “it’s not creepy it’s really cute and so is Dashie.”

Celestia chuckled patting PInkie on the head before turning to Twilight. “Luna should be with us shortly she just taking care of a few morning duties.” She picks up a piece of paper from the desk. “From the research the mages were able to do I believe we might be able to reverse this altered reality back to normal but it’s going to be very tricky.”

Twilight nodded. “How so princess?”

“Well firstly, replicating the event that caused the initial magical surge will be very hard to pull off. Foals normally don’t have control of their magic during those.”

Trixie put her hoof up quickly. “We are not normal foals though.”

Celestia nodded while glancing at the other ponies in the room. “That is true, but surges are in most cases are random.”

Discord moved forward. “Well if anyone knows random it is me, and there are ways to cause surges.”

As Discord commented ,Luna entered the room being greeted by the adults with polite bows. Luna grinned as she steps into the center of the room. “Sister I found those crystals you requested.”

Celestia nodded to her sister grateful. “Ah thank you Luna.”

Luna set the crystals down and within a flash ran over to the table dawwing. “Who a cute wittle foal.” she babied ruffling Dash’s mane.

Dash whined backing up a bit ‘Hey i’m not cute!”

Pinkie laughs more “Told ya.”

“Luna please focus on the task at hand.” Celestia said deadpanned.

Luna cough and gets her composure back standing back as she adjusts her mane. “Sorry just haven’t had a chance to play with foals in a while.”

Blueblood smirked. “Yes the sooner we figure this out the better, I don’t like being a simpleton.”

The adults glare again as Blueblood huffs.

“Quite right, I need Twilight, rarity, discord and Pumpkin to stay here so we can do some tests and form a solution. The foals and other parents can use the side room for now it had cushions and food to satisfy your time.” Twilight nodded as Fluttershy helps the foals to the floor.

“Do you need one of the foals to do our tests?” Twilight asked glancing at Trixie with a smile.

“For now no but soon.” Celestia said as Fluttershy leads the foals to the side room. Luna closes the door behind them as they leave.

Trixie sat on the soft pillow cushion and played with a few blocks. She smiled as she did so feeling like the world was right at last. Pinkie sat next to Fluttershy, the older pegasus cuddling Dash under her wing.

“So, Dashie you seemed to have fun last night?” Fluttershy cooed.

Dash blushed a bit shifting. “I-I guess, but it’s still not me.”

“I suppose but you know what? I like being a mommy.”

Dash sighed giving Fluttershy a smile. “Well that’s good to know, maybe you could adopt when this is all over.”

Fluttershy ruffled up Dash’s mane nodding in reply. “That does sound like a nice idea.”

Applejack idly looked over at Blueblood as he stared out the window at the city. “So...what was your childhood like?”

Blueblood blinked turning to face her. “Huh, what why would you ask that out of nowhere?”

“Just trying to spawn conversation is all,” she shrugged, ”Well how was it?”

He didn’t reply at first thinking it over. “Busy,” he replied, “Mostly being brought up to society standards and schooling. Rather dull really,” he rubbed his hoof on his chest.

“Ya does sound like a bore, no fun or anything.”

“I have plenty of fun,” Blueblood retorted with a huff. “Parties galore your non noble mind can’t possibly understand.”

“Yeah whatever I never was once for high society, my relatives tried once but I never fit in.” She puts a hoof up as Blueblood opened his mouth. “Don’t ya finish that sentence I don’t care what you think.”

After an hour the group was called back to the main room. Discord waved to Fluttershy as they take a seat. Nopony spoke at first, a calm silence filling the room. After a minute of quiet Celestia noted for Twilight to begin.

Twilight cleared her throat before looking at her notes. “After examining what happened we think we can reverse things back to normal there's just one catch,” she looked up from her paper the foals all staring worried. “Somepony is going to have to stay a foal for this to work.”

Trixie immediately beamed with joy at the solution. Now she could be happy and be with Twilight. Without even pause to let Twilight continue, she stuck her hoof in the air. “I volunteer!”

“She just wants to stay an alicorn!” Blueblood argued, “Little imposters tasted the good live and doesn’t want to give it up!”

Trixie glared at him eyes narrowing. “What do you know! You had everything given to you on silver platter. You know nothing about hardships,” she gave Blueblood a hard shove pushing him against Rarity leg.

“Hey now, lets not fight ya’ll,” Applejack said, moving in between the two.

“I agree that no way for a gentlecolt to act.” Rarity grabbed Blueblood holding him. ‘It’s not like you were going to volunteer.”

This alone seem to keep Blueblood from replying. He glared at Trixie again unwavering.

Twilight coughs. “Well I”m happy you made up your mind, but are you really sure about this Trixie?”

Trixie glanced about the room then back down at herself. “I-I”m sure,” she took a breath and looks at her friends. She smiled at PInkie thinking of fun things they could do after this.

“Okay then, lets do this shall we?” she asked, lifting Trixie up and carrying her to the center of the room. “Before we start, where did you fall asleep Trixie? Before all this started.”

Trixie looked into Twilight eyes. “Well was asleep in my hotel room in Los pegasus. Why is there a problem?”

“No but you're going to wake up there again and I need to know where to find you,” she said with a smile, kissing Trixie’s head. I obviously can’t teleport across Equestria but i’ll get there as fast as I can manage.”

Trixie grinned. “Room 12C, of crystal cloud hotel,” she said.

“Good,” she turned to the others, “We’re ready.”

Discord leans down to Trixie. “Now you need to focus on channeling as much magic as you can manage. Try thinking of happy thoughts, willpower is key here.”

“O-okay,” Trixie said with a nod, closing her eyes and focusing as best she could. She thought back to the time she got her cutie mark, the cheering crowd when she won the talent show. Her horn started to spark glittering lightly against the sun coming in through the window.

“Thats it Trixie, you can do it,” Twilight encouraged, felling maternal pride welling upside her.

Trixie sweats a bit trying to keep it going. Her mother was depending on her, her friends needed her. It began harder as seconds ticked on by. “Just a litte more you can do Trixie you are great and powerful,” she thought to herself.

“Get ready Discord,” Celestia said, charging up her own horn.

Trixie let out a gasp as he eyes lit up with a pure white light, levitating off the floor. Every part of her body felt like it was on fire. She felt her own magic over take her control.

Discord paw glowed building up a ball of red sparking energy. With underhand toss he sent it flying towards Trixie. The two magics collide blending into an ever expanding ball of magic.

As Trixie vision was encompassed by light she felt herself falling down a pit. Images of her life flash before her as she fell for what felt like eternity. The last thing to appear before her eyes before she passed out were Twilight big motherly eyes. When she finally came too she found herself back in the bed she had fallen asleep in, though this time, she was much, much smaller.

“I-it worked?” She shifted soon digging herself out from under the covers and stared at her form. She flapped her tiny wings feeling giddy watching her reflexion in the mirror on the other side of the room. She paused, looking around, everything was so big, the shadows so deep. She started to tremble, childish fear sinking into her mind. “T-Twilight said she’d come get me,” she told herself. She laid down covering her head with her hooves. She was so small and helpless anything could happen before she showed up. “C-come on Trixie pull yourself together no need to be scared-”

There was a suddenly knock on the door, Trixie heart skipping a beat. “house cleaning.” Trixie dived under the covers, trying to hid herself as best she could.

“This is not good.” she whimpered.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the massive delay but things got busy or distracting and well hard t think but there one more chapter to this story. Hope I havn't strayed away what people liked abut the fic in the first place.