• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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The Great and Powerful Trixie

“Is that all you can do Trixie?” A mocking voice asked, while its owner glared down at the azure mare.

“Told you mom, all she can do is flashing lights and spark uselessly!” A black teenage mare scoffed.

“T-the Great and Powerful Trixie does a lot more than sparks!” Trixie tried to counter, her voice trembling.

“Really? Like what? Materializing flowers out of a hat?” The teen replied, waving her hoof in circles taunting. “Intimidating.”

“S-shut up!” Trixie shouted, tears forming in her eyes. Her emotions were ready to make her burst, while she attempted to impress her mother.

Her mom put her book down, and stared from across the room “All those grades, and that’s it, a light show. At least your sister can rejuvenate plant life.”

“N-nothing is ever good enough for you is it?” Trixie loses it as she shouted at her mother, stomping her hoof on the ground.

“W-why do you hate me?” She asked, starting to sob now.

Her mother didn’t respond as she looked back at her book “Maybe when you’re older you'll learn to do something that is useful.”

Her mother’s words cut like a sword right into her heart, “I’m not useless!” Trixie cries running towards the stairs and up to her room.

“Yeah go cry like a foal.” her sister called out without any hint of sympathy.

She ran into her room slamming the door shut with a slam. Sobbing, she pulled off her cape and hat and threw them to the ground, diving onto her bed. For several moments she lay face down on her mattress weeping. She thought about taking a razor, slip in her sister’s room and tearing apart all those stuff animals she held so precious to her.

She kept sobbing as a voice broke through the quiet of her room.

“Shh...” A soft voice soothed, something like a wing wrapping around her.

Trixie kept her face down as she replied, “T-Trixie is not useless, I-I’ll show them!” she cried.

“Shh. Mommy is here to make it all better!” The voice soothed, lifting Trixie up as if she was weightless.

Trixie slowly opened her eyes, blinking away the flood of tears.

A lavender figure soon comes into focus, smiling at her warmly. She didn’t know who this pony was but whoever the mare was, she was giving Trixie love and attention.

“Mommy won't let anything happen to you, I promise. But she will make something nasty happen to them.” She said, nuzzling her gently.

The mare’s calm voice starts to calm Trixie her crying reduced to mere sniffles. “R-really, do you care about for Trixie?”

The mare strokes her mane as she replied, “Of course I do. You are my little angel, after all.” The wing from before was now around her like a blanket as Trixie was cuddled in the mare’s forehooves.

Trixie couldn’t help but smile, snuggling into the mare’s fur. “Thank you... mommy.”


Trixie awoke to a gentle rocking sensation.

A very familiar set of purple eyes stared at her, and, unlike the last time she had seen them, they looked gentle, calm, and motherly. Still half asleep, thanks to the dream she had just experienced, it took her awhile to process who she was.

“Was my little angel having a bad dream?” The mare asked her voice like a gentle breeze.

Trixie recognized that voice, she knew it all too well.

“Twilight Sparkle?” She asked with curiosity.

“Good morning to you too, Trixie.” Twilight replied, lifting Trixie out of the dandling cradle.

Trixie shook her head as she glanced about the room. This was definitely not the hotel room she had fallen asleep in last night. In fact, she was sure she wasn’t even in the same city. As she moved about, she heard something like paper rustling about. She was snapped out of her thought when she felt a hoof pat her rump.

“Oh my, Trixie, are you still dry? If you keep going, we may start potty training soon!” Twilight said, with a hint of glee.

“What?” Trixie exclaimed her dignity ruffled by Twilight’s statement, “Why is Trixie in a diaper? She is not a foal!”’

Not that Twilight could truly hear her.

“Oh, I see you are also excited about it!” She said, as she went towards the wardrobe, taking out what seemed to be a onesie, its pattern similar to Trixie’s cape.

“No, Trixie refuses to be dressed like some foal, let me out, even if she would like the same!” Trixie shouts trying to use her magic but nothing came, not even a spark. She kept squirming through the entire process, “No! What has Sparkle done to Trixie?”

“Oh my, you’re fussy today.” Twilight said, “Are you still upset about daddy’s leg?” Twilight asked, as she buttoned up the hatch.

Trixie shifted about as the onesie covered her whole body, giving a sense of warm claustrophobia, “Trixie does not know what you are talking about Sparkle.”

Twilight seemed to ignore her inquiry as she lifted her off the floor, “Why don’t we go see him?”

“Answer me already, I demand it!” Trixie huffed, as she was set carefully on Twilight’s back, still unaware of what Trixie was actually saying.

“Come on Trixie, let’s go see daddy.”

As she moved out of the room, Trixie caught the sight of her reflection, as they passed a mirror hanging on the wall. What she saw was incredible.

She was a foal now, most likely only a few months old, and she had a pair of wings on her back, along with her horn, now reduced to a stub.

Something rang in Trixie’s mind, and then, when the sight was properly processed, her jaw dropped. She was… an alicorn?

“Ha-ha the Great and Powerful Trixie has ascended to alicornhood! Fear me!” She cheered loudly and flailed, momentary forgetting her position, and nearly fell off of Twilight’s back.

“Careful!” Twilight scowled gently, repositioning the foal with magic.

The magic tingled on Trixie’s fur making her giggle a bit.

Twilight walked down the hall passed some photographs and into what must have been the master bedroom, “Flash, Trixie wants to see you.” Twilight called walking up to the bed.

“Who’s Flash?” Trixie wondered getting a good a look at him a moment later. The stallion sat up pulling the blankets back, revealing his left hind leg in a cast.

“I think she’s still upset about your leg.” Twilight said, holding Trixie out to him. Trixie soon found herself in a hug as Flash took her in his forehooves.

“It’s alright sweetie, daddy will be ok.” He nuzzling her close, the contact making Trixie feel warm inside, something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Trixie doesn’t understand what’s going on.” She said staring at the two. She watched as Twilight left and soon came back with a bottle full of formula.

“Here Flash, you can feed Trixie her bottle while she cuddles with you.” Twilight said ruffling Trixie mane.

Flash smiled, taking the bottle from her. A moment later he popped it smoothly into Trixie’s mouth. “Drink up, Trixie.”

Trixie blinked at the sudden nipple in her mouth. Before she even thought about it she was suckling down the creamy milk substance. Unable to stop herself, she relaxed, snuggling into the stallion’s fur with her might.

“This isn’t so bad,” she thought, enjoying the simple cuddle. “Sparkle does seem to be a good mother… at least, compared to mine,” She thought, “But Trixie isn’t a foal.” She closed her eyes, now deep in thought.

A pat on the back got her attention, followed by her letting out a burp, “There you go! All fed! Feeling better already?” Flash cooed, nuzzling her cheek.

Trixie giggled, cooing back at him, a smile spreading on her face: it was so nice getting positive praise like this. “If being a foal again means that Trixie gets parents that love her, does Trixie really want to give that opportunity?”

As Trixie dove deep into thought once more, Twilight came back with a breakfast tray for Flash.

Trixie was set down on the bed as she put the tray on Flash’s lap. She curled next to his leg, not wanting to lose the warm feeling that the adults were giving her now. She idly listened to the two chatted to one another.

“So how’s Rarity handling her new adopted foal?” Flash asked between bites of his sandwich.

“She told me he’s quite the hoof full.” Twilight said, sitting down next to the bed.

“I still don't know why she wanted to adopt in the first place, she doesn’t seem like the motherly type“

Twilight scoffed “She’s a great mother, she even acts as a second mother to Sweetie Belle, like during the sister hoof soc-” she paused as she put her hoof on her forehead ‘ohh.”

“You okay dear?” Flash asked concerned

Twilight took a few breaths “Yeah, just, just a sudden migraine, nothing special”

“Are you sure?”

“Y-yes I'm just fine.” Twilight replied shaking her head. “Just having this weird feeling as of late, like something amiss.”

“Ok I'll take your word for it.” He said nodding going back to his breakfast.

Without even asking Twilight lifted Trixie up with magic and onto her back, “You can hang out with mommy, while daddy rests.”

“Trixie will not argue with Sparkle.” She said, getting comfy on her back. She glanced about what she assumed would be her new home as Twilight descended the stairs into the main floor.

Spike hummed as he swept the floor “Oh, good morning, Trixie.” Spike said in a tired voice as he spotted the foal on Twilight back.

“Hello, dragon.” Trixie said waving back at him. Taking another look around the room she spotted a group photo hanging on the wall.

She noticed and recognized most of the ponies in the photograph, Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy, and the dragon. However, there was also a muscular red stallion, with half of a green apple as cutie mark standing next to Fluttershy, and an orange earth stallion next to Rarity, both completely unknown to Trixie.

“This is just weird.” She said, staring at the picture.

“Yes, Trixie those, are my friends.” Twilight said, setting Trixie on a red cushion.

“Where are the obnoxious blue pegasus and the orange mare?” She asked, looking up at Twilight and back at the photograph.

Twilight stroked Trixie’s mane as she replied, putting words in her mouth, “We can go out in a bit, I need to do some research first.” she sets a few blocks and a rattle in front of Trixie and starts floating books over to her.

Trixie stared at the objects before her unsure of what to do with them. She wasn’t really interested in shaking child version of a maraca.

“Go on Trixie, have fun with your toys.” Twilight encouraged as she read through several books at once.

Spike noticed Trixie bored expression and came over to here, “Maybe she want to play with her ball.” He said holding a blue sparkly rubber ball in his hands.

“Oh that is pretty...” Trixie said, staring at the ball. It almost looked like her cutie mark as it twinkled in the light. She couldn’t explain why but she wanted it, “Give it to Trixie, Dragon.” She said holding her hooves out.

Spike set the ball down rolling it to her. Trixie latched onto it, bouncing it a bit in front of her. She giggled as she played something inside her enjoying the simple game. The ball glittery surface shined, as she played, soon getting fixated by it. Endless moments of joy passed until she was broken out of her trance by Twilight’s motherly voice.

“Come on Trixie, let’s head to the park.” Twilight said, suddenly lifting her foal up in her magic, placing her in a foal carrier.

“W-what time is it?” Trixie asked, now dangling from Twilight’s side. Had she really had that much fun with a simple rubber ball? And did she really lose track of time?

Twilight hummed softly as she walked out the door and down the street, waving to various ponies she passed. She soon came to Sugarcube Corner, building that never ceased to make Trixie curious of its architecture, and looked up at a hovering pegasus.

“Hi Twilight!” Pound Cake said, as he hammered in a nail to keep in place a banner that hung above the doorway.

“Hello!” Twilight replied back, a smile on her face. “Do you know where your sister is? I found the books she was looking for yesterday.”

“She’s upstairs giving Pinkie a bath.” Pound replied as he landed on the front steps.

Twilight levitated out a set of books out of her saddle bag and headed inside.

“Trixie wants to know... where are we going?” Trixie asks blinking a moment later when she heard a high pitched voice upstairs.

“Hehe, stop that, it tickles!”

“Come on Pinkie, let’s get you clean!” Another voice said, followed by the sound of water splashing.

“Trixie recognizes that voice,” She thought as Twilight reached the top of the stairs.

“Hehe but I like smelling like powdered sugar.” The voice rang out again more splashing heard from the bathroom.

“Pumpkin, come over here, I found those books you wanted.” Twilight called out as she walked down the hall towards the bathroom.

“In here Twilight!” Pumpkin called out, as even more splashing was heard.

Twilight pokes her head inside the bathroom; a foalified Pinkie was indeed splashing about having fun, as usual. She didn’t even seem phased at all.

“Should I just put the books in your room?” She asked noticing the hefty sum of water on the floor.

The pink foal in the tub looked up from the bubbles for a moment and waved “Hey Twilight!” Her greeting, of course, was just babble to the adult’s ears.

“Yes please, Pinkie might get them wet.” Pumpkin said, her mane sagging and dripping wet.

Twilight nodded and turns to leave. Once the books were set on Pumpkins bed she headed towards the stairs

“Has the world gone upside down?” Trixie said out loud rather confused at this point.

“I know Trixie you want to get out and walk will get to the park soon enough.” Twilight said as she headed out the door and resumed her trek to the park.

Twilight hummed winter wrap up as trotted down the road, Trixie couldn’t see what was in front of Twilight from her side perspective but she could hear yet even more familiar voices as Twilight approached the park area.

“Hello everypony!” She greeted

Fluttershy replied back with her usual soft voice “Uuuh, good morning, Twilight nice to see you here, how’s Flash?”

Trixie paid little attention to the idle conversation, already aware of Flash’s condition. As her hind legs dangled, she started to get really bored.

“Hey! Stop ignoring me!” She cried out after some time, squirming about in the attempt to get attention.

A moment later she was lifted once more into the air by magic and set on the ground close to Twilight She stared at the two foals who were now looking at her seeming just as surprised as she was. The rainbow mane was a dead giveaway of which one of them was.

“Come on Trixie just put your pride aside.” she tells herself as Twilight nudge her back calling her a sweetie.

“Trixie is not a sweetie.” Trixie said huffing. Her pride took hold by the reins as she posed or at least attempted to, her usual show opener gesture,”Ai-men. Behold! The Great and Powerful Princess Trixie, daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry!” She shouted, and to add to her proclamation, extended her tiny wings from her back.

“T-Trixie!?” The rainbow maned foal asked, her mouth hanging open.

“Wait a minute you're an alicorn?” the orange foal added.

“Great, that wasn't the best first impression to make.” Trixie thought before she replied to the foal, “Yes it is I Trixie.”

“Oh will you drop the act!” Rainbow replied rolling her eyes.

“Okay, Fine esh, can’t help it if I want to do a performance.” Trixie said folding her wings back to her sides. “You aren’t still upset about the whole alicorn amulet thing, are you?”

“Well, you did take over the entire town.” AJ retorted.

“H-hey, I apologized for that.” Trixie objected.

“Okay,” Rainbow said, “I see whatever is happening to me and Applejack got you too. Am I right?” Rainbow asked while Fluttershy set her down on the ground patting her diaper.

“Trixie... I...like my new life.” Trixie admitted, looking at the ground.

“Really? How is waking up as foal, having your friend as your so called parents, a good thing?”

Trixie didn’t feel like explaining her past, just thinking about it brought up painful memories. “That’s none of your business!” Trixie shouted, tears forming in her eyes, fighting back the urge to punch the rainbowed filly.

“Whoa, calm down sugarcube.” Applejack said, holding her hooves up. “We can figure this out.”

The three adults watched as the group of foals babbled at each other. They all looked over as a high class voice called out as the pony approached. “Hello darlings!”

The foals turned to look as well as the mare approached. Twilight waves her over “Oh Rarity, nice to see you here. It seems we all had the same idea today.” she said letting out a small chuckle.

Applejack stared at the stroller Rarity was wheeling in front of her with magic. “Who is that?”

“Let me out of this infantile thing!” A shrill whiney voice called out

Rarity, covered in tiny bite marks, shook her head violently “Blueblood. Please stop shouting, I got a headache.”

“Blueblood!?” AJ and Dash shout in unison, though Trixie just sat there confused.

Author's Note:

If anyone is wondering why Trixie is an alicorn, well it was just a cute thought so yeah that why she is an alicorn foal. Like Trixie needed a bigger ego am I right ah ah.