• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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Rainbow Runner

“Well, I don’t really have any plans today, so, I’ll pop in with Dashie in a few hours.” She replied, happily tickling Dash

“H-hey stop that!” Dash said giggling, kicking her hooves trying to break free.

“Is Dashie ticklish? Yes she is!” Fluttershy coo’ed, as she kept tickling

Rainbow kept laughing, her most ticklish part of her body under assault.

“Ahaha, please, stop this!” she cried out, knowing well that Fluttershy wouldn't understand a word she said.

Fluttershy eventually stopped her fun, as Twilight and Rarity started talking between them.

“Has anything happened that would upset him?” Twilight asked as she nuzzled Trixie gently.

“Other than waking up as your foal?” Dash snickered, just for annoy the royal pain a bit more.

Blueblood merely stared back at her no saying a word.

Rainbow chuckled, as she listened on.

“Are you sure? I mean, he has some teeth already, and he bit me…” she said rubbing her leg “Should have just stuck with a bottle.”

“Hehe, took the phrase ‘bite me’ a bit far, don’t you think?”

Blueblood glared harder, “You try to react differently, when a harpy tries to shove one of her teats into your mouth.”

“Can’t be as bad as homemade foal food.” Rainbow comments, sticking her tongue out.

Blueblood was about to reply, only for a Rarity to plop the pink pacifier in his mouth.

Rainbow starts chuckling again “Pink, haha!”

From behind the pacifier, Blueblood sent curses to Rainbow Dash and her offspring for twenty generations.

Rainbow kept laughing, and glanced over, towards the swings, seeing PInkie happily playing.

“Well at least she is cheered up for now.” She thought to herself.

“As much as I’d love to stay and chat, Twilight, I really need to get back to work on a very prestigious order for a client in Hoofington.” Rarity got up and set Blueblood back in the stroller.

Twilight nodded. “I understand,” then she waved “Goodbye!”

Rarity buckled Blueblood up before waving back, “Goodbye! See you later for tea, that is, if I am not swamped!”

Dash watched as Rarity and the former prince left, soon out of sight.

After few seconds of silence, Fluttershy picked up Rainbow Dash, and said.

“I’d better get back to the cottage, Angel and Discord have been in dispute lately, and, well…”

Rainbow Dash imagined Angel slapping Discord so hard to make him cry, and then Discord turning Angel into a living hay sandwich.

“That’s fine Fluttershy, I’m just going to relax here, while Trixie and Pinkie play.”

Dash whined a bit “Oh, come on, let’s stay here, Discord creeps me out, with all his ‘daddy’ talk.” her complaints of course went unnoticed by her friend, as she was put back into the stroller.

“Let me walk! I know how to do that since I was born!” Dash grumbled, fighting against Fluttershy efforts to buckle her in.

“Don’t fuss Dashie, it’s not that long of a trip back home!” Fluttershy said in a voice that slightly bordered with a whine, causing Rainbow to feel a bit guilty.

“Oh, she is using the sympathetic whine voice, and if I answer back I will feel bad,” Rainbow sighed resigned, while Fluttershy brought her to home.

Few minutes later, the large tree cottage came into view. Rainbow sighed at the fact that her own home was non existent in this timeline.

Fluttershy lifted the stroller for a bit, opened the door, and then shoved the stroller in the cottage. there, Discord was, indeed, turning angel into a living hay sandwich, causing him to be chased by a hungry llama.

“Discord!”shouted Fluttershy

“Oh, hello Fluttershy,” Discord replied, his tail snapping, changing Angel back to normal. “I was just… talking with Angel…”

The bunny, thanks to his lack of verbal communication, started to jump up and down, making rabbit noises and creating metaphorical thunder with his noises. He gestured to Discord angrily, a deep scowl on his face.

Dash kept trying to unbuckle herself as Fluttershy came up to Discord unamused.

‘I swear if you hurt Angel I’ll...I’ll…” Fluttershy shook her head, likely thinking that she would kill him, before realizing the subject in question.

“I really wish you two would get along.” She said with a sigh, before heading over to Dash, swiftly getting her out of the stroller and setting her down on the carpeted floor.

“Finally” Dash exclaimed stretching her legs.

“You’re welcome Dashie.” Fluttershy said, patting Dash on the head.

Rainbow Dash, as a means to pass time, decided to mess with Angel a bit. Being a foal made the opportunity all too sweet to pass it up.

Rainbow smirked as started to poke at Angel, whom was playing solitaire with a raccoon and possum.

Angel of course reacted by pushing her away, only for Rainbow to come back and keep it up.

“Hehe, you can’t stop me, can you?” Rainbow taunted, keeping up her fun little game of poking.

Angel swatted his paws behind his back to stop Dash and her constant onslaught of poking.

Fluttershy was giggling at the sight, most likely thinking it was all harmless fun.

Then, the inevitable happened. Angel, annoyed by Dash, turned around and, while showing his incisives, tried to bite Rainbow.

“Woah!” Dash jumped back having never seen Angel that ticked off before. Well, that one time excluded.

But still.

“Angel!” Fluttershy called out coming over “She doesn’t know any better! Shame on you!”

“Ha!” Dash taunts “Nothing beats the Dash!”

Angel glared back with a silent “Why?’ expression

Just as Dash was about to gloat again, her stomach let out a very loud rumble.

Fluttershy smiled, looking down at Dash.

“I hear somepony’s tummy rumbling! I should make it stop!” she sang, reaching down to pick her up.

“Oh please, no more of that vomit you call foal food!,” Dash whined while sticking her tongue out, looking in the opposite direction of Fluttershy.

“Oh don’t you want your baba?” Fluttershy cooed in her caring voice, stroking Rainbow’s mane gently.

“Formula? Come on, why not something that’s not foalish like... hay fries, or even oatmeal.” Dash complained, despite knowing fully well her words were nonsense.

The next second, Dash was lifted up and set on Fluttershy’s lap “Come on, drink up, and you will grow up big and strong!”

As the nipple of the foal bottle approached her mouth, Dash quickly thought about what to do for thwart Fluttershy’s attempts to give her formula.

When the amber nipple was just millimeters away from her lips, Dash suddenly decided to attempt a quick yank to pop the top off. With a swift hoof slap, she disarmed Fluttershy, the bottle send sent falling to the floor, thus destroying it and spilling the formula on the floor.

Fluttershy gasped at the sight of the broken foal bottle and of the wasted formula, all while Rainbow Dash did an hoof pump.

“Dashie! Why did you do that?” She asked glaring at Dash with her firm eyes.

“Since words don’t work, I had to resort to using my hooves.”

“You know what this means, don’t you?” Fluttershy said sternly.

“No, and I don’t care.” Dash crossed her forehooves and blew a raspberry. She started to regret her actions, as he stomach rumbled again

Fluttershy put Dash down slowly, and dramatically walked towards the closet, either trying to get Rainbow Dash to her knees begging from a scare tactic or because she was hungry.

Naturally, Rainbow Dash wasn’t intent to find out her interests set on getting away from Fluttershy and reach Twilight to get some answers, before something stranger could happen to her.

She looked behind her, and saw that, while the door was closed, the animal flap sure wasn’t. She was small now, so maybe she would pass through it, even with the bulk of the diaper. There was also the open window next to the door, and the chair and table would act as stepping stools, though knowing foals she probably lose her balance trying to do rapid jumps to freedom.

She quickly made up her mind and bolted for the flap, lowering her head down as a ram, and surprisingly passing through it.

Realizing quickly she was outside, Rainbow Dash then started to run as fast as she short legs would allow.

“Dashie get back here right now!” Fluttershy yelled sternly while opening the door, her maternal instinct likely driving her rage and concern..

Fluttershy’s sudden anger only fueled Rainbow to run faster.

‘Oh pony feathers. Whatever she plans to do to you can’t be good, Dash, don’t stop running!” She said to herself as she galloped.

As her heart started to race and her infantile energy started to wane, she realized the only option was to hide until Fluttershy lost sight of her. Still running, Dash noticed the presence of a small pile of furniture nearby, a good place to hide for a while.

Why there was a pile on the side of road, she didn’t care, she only cared it was there. Without even a hint of hesitation she dove into the furniture and worked her way to the center of the mass. She breathed deep trying to best to stay hidden and not move, the slightest bit would make her diaper crinkle or, worse, caused a cacophony of falling furniture.

She could hear Fluttershy’s caring yet stern voice call out for her over and over, at times shifting to her whimpering-pleading tone.

Dash however resisted, and remained still. Every grueling second felt like an eternity of fear as she stayed hidden in the pile.

Eventually, Fluttershy moved out of earshot, giving Rainbow a moment to breath.

“Alright,” she said “Fluttershy is likely trying to find me in town. This means that I can’t get to Twilight via Main Street. I guess I should go for the longer way, but…”

Dash remembered the marshy ground around the town, the result of which was due to a bad rain rescheduling a week prior. If the universe she was in was anything to go by, the event should have still happened, even if with a different culprit, and doing the same thing on the other side meant passing through a good chunk of the forest and the last she she needed was to become some large animals breakfast.

Sighing, Dash realized she had no choice, and would have to risk it by weaving through side streets and back alleys.

She crawled out of the pile, climbed down the chairs in various styles and broken wardrobes, and touched the ground.

Her stomach rumbled again, whining loudly and causing another fit of stomach pain.

“Okay, first off, let’s get something to eat.” she reminded herself as she resumed her trek towards town.

A short time later, the buildings came into view.

Dash took a moment to catch her breath “Why...did Shy...have to live.. on the outskirts?”

Usually a trip from her house to town was a breeze even on foot, but everything was ten times longer and tiring as a foal. She might as well been the size of an ant.

Taking the time to catch her breath, she noted she had to use the washroom. She reached behind her to rip the diaper off, after all, it was not like anypony would care if she went in the bushes.

But it was harder than expected, because the tapes kept slipping out of her grasp.

“Come on, stupid tapes!” She whined, determined not to use a diaper like the foal everypony thought she was. That, and the last thing she needed was a extra load to slow her down.

Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts to get off her diaper, the idea of lying down and untaping it from there came to Dash’ s mind.

Without thinking too much about it, she put herself on her back, and finally managed to grasp the tapes, and slowly detach them from the rest of the diaper… just before she did the business without control.

“No!” Rainbow Dash shouted, as she aborted her original plan of taking off the diaper, and holding it on her crotch instead.

Even if she was going to take off the diaper after she was done, it was humiliating to watch the adsorbent material go from white to yellow pretty quickly.

“Eeew!” She said, and, as soon as she was sure was done, she swiftly grabbed the tapes, yanked the now-used garment off her and back-pedaled away from it.

“So close, but at least better then getting it all over my fur.” She thought to herself

With the unpleasantry done she resumed her trek back into town. Being mid morning the streets were not very crowded, giving Dash the ability to move about without too much hassle. She still kept glancing at the sky every so often for Fluttershy, just in case if she was scouting from the air.

As she walked around, Dash looked at the stands and saw that the market was, apparently, a culturally-themed one, since all the stands had flags of the various regions of the Equestrian Diarchy This proved to be a good thing and bad thing at the same time.

One the one hoof, she was starving, her stomach more than happy to remind her of that, as it let out another whine at all the good and unique smells. On other hoof, the cheap perfumes made with parapsite’s wings and washed-out Poison Joke were hurting her nostrils in virtue of their strenght.

“Oh why did it have to be Interregional Food Week” Dash grumbled. On the plus side, plenty of food for her to snag. She hid under a nearby table of a Polas stand, as she surveyed the area, and look for suitable foods to take.

Pie was excluded due to its weight. the gyros was too difficult to steal, because it was cooked on a spit attached to a grate. Carrot dog maybe? No, still out in the open, that and she never be able to hold the entire thing in her hooves right.

As she continued her survey for some more food, a voice came from behind.

“Uh, co mamy tutaj?”

Rainbow Dash turned around startled, and saw a light brown stallion, his bright yellow mane running down the left side of his wrinkly face. The stallion was pretty thin, almost emaciated, but seemed still cheerful despite that.

“Poor stallion,” Dash said “he doesn’t seem to have much of a business.”

The stallion turned his worried frown into a warm but tired smile.

“Hello, little one. Are you of lost?” The stallion asked with a Polan accent.

“Not really. I am actually running away from my supposed mother.” She replied as another wave of hungry made her hold her hoof to her chest.

The stallion reached out for Dash with his hooves. The sudden movement caused Dash to back up a little.

“I see, you are of hungry” he said with a calming tone “worry not, tatùs Talon Chłop will take care of this.”

The stallion reached behind him and plucked from his cart a freshly baked berry muffin, setting it down in front of her.

Dash immediately dove into the pastry, eating it as fast as her few teeth would allow. It might have been her hunger exaggerating her taste buds but the muffin was delicious.

“So good!” Rainbow said with her mouth full, a bit of berry juice dripping down the sides of her mouth.

The stallion let out a chuckle at the messy filly.

“You are of big eater, aren’t you?”

Before Dash had time to respond, a familiar voice was heard calling out in the distance. “Rainbow Dash!” Discord shouted, his voice sounding frantic. A loud pop was heard as he teleported about.

Dash began to panic again, she wasn’t even half way to her destination and was sure as Tartus not going back yet until she had answers.

The polan pony, clearly worried, brought him to behind the tent, where a fat pink mare with violet mane was preparing some pastry.

“Discord!” The mare spoke up. “Uhu? Wasn’t him reformed?” Said the mare, with a voice that Rainbow Dash recognized as Berry Punch.

“So, in this universe… Berry Punch, my drinking buddy, is a wife of a traveling sales pony?” Dash thought chuckling “It seems that this universe isn’t just made of odd couples making babies!”

The couple failed to notice the chuckle, too busy talking between each other about what to do with the foal they found.

Taking note of their lack attention, she snuck out, on the look out for Discord and Fluttershy. She snakes her way into a back alley and ran, her hooves getting muddy from random puddles.

Finally, after another half hour of trekking through side roads she spotted the sparkling crystal castle just ahead of her. Unfortunately for her, it was way out in the open, but she’d have to risk it, if she wanted an answer.

She took one last scan of the area and booked it towards the castle. Her hopes raised high like a firework, as she reached the main door. With a swift leap into the air, she pulled down the door handle and, after pushing a bit, she stepped inside.

Suddenly, a loud gasp broke out through the main room, as Fluttershy voice rang out “Dashie!”