• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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Dress up Blueblood

Once Rarity brought Blueblood out of sight of her friends, she frowned “I really hope you behave. This order is important.” She said to the still irked Blueblood.

He kept pouring as he watched the world passing in front of him, the darn noise of his mouth suckled droning on to the point of near-insanity.

Blueblood let himself indulge into fantasies that showed him sending the annoying mare to the dungeon, laughing at her pleads for leniency.

He was abruptly yanked out of his dream, as a smell hit his nostrils “Ugh, what in Equestria is that foul odor?”

Rarity expression was pretty much the same as Sweetie Belle simply shook her head “Yeah, sorry, somepony thought it be oh so hilarious to set of some sort of stink bomb in the classroom. On the bright side, no more school until the room airs out.”

Rarity sighed “I know you just got home Sweetie Belle but, would you mind watching him, while I work? I am rather busy. I promise it only for an hour or two.”

“Typical parental figure, getting your own child to do your dirty work!” Blueblood angrily shouted.

Sweetie Belle, however, was seemingly over-eager, for an eight years old tasked to watch over a foal.

“Caaan do! Just let me take a quick shower!” She replied back to her sister, scooping Blueblood out and onto the floor.

Blueblood took a quick look back at the door, the thought of booking it out of this mad house coming to mind. However the prospect of making it back to Canterlot was impossible. That added with the fact that he was apparently adopted meant his noble bloodline didn’t exist either, thus there was no house to retreat to. Thus he pushed the idea aside in favor of a new plan, to prove he wasn’t some common foal to his supposed mother.

But how?

Writing was out of question, due to its heavy reliability on magic, and mouth writing was the peasant’s way.

Blueblood then thought about using a typewriter, before realizing it was out of his reach, and maybe even non-existent in Rarity’s house.

“Well if actions really speak louder than words, as the old saying goes…” he thinks to himself before being rudely yanked out of his thoughts by Sweetie Belle waving her dripping hoof in front of his face.

“Bluey, you in there?”

Blueblood blinked and realized he been drooling a bit and sitting on the floor of Sweetie’s room for who knows how long. He promptly shook his head and wiped the saliva off his lip, weirded out by the fact he had done so.

“Why?” He asked to himself, before feeling lifted.

“Oh, you are fine, thank Celestia,” Sweetie Belle said, before shaking herself to dry out, promptly sprinkling Blueblood with water in the process. “I can go on with my plan!”

Sweetie scooped Blueblood up and onto her light purple sheeted bed.,

Before Blueblood could figure out what was going on, he watched Sweetie Belle open the nearby wardrobe.

“Oh no, you are not using me a some dress up doll!” Blueblood protested, backing up until he reached the backstop.

Sweetie Belle took a pink dress with white frills, poofs around the shoulders, and small strapped-in booties.

“Open up those front hooves!” Sweetie Belle said with a smile.

“Oh Tartarus no, do you realize I’m a colt!? You can’t possible be that stupid!”

Defiant of that, Sweetie still tried to fit the dress on Blueblood.

He huffed, refusing to raise his hooves putting them under his forelegs.

“Come on, you’ll look so cute in it.” Sweetie Belle said tickling him.

“I’m..ahah..not ahaha..an effeminate… ahah… colt… lover!” He said, trying to hold back laughter.

Sweetie kept up her assault on the young prince, failing to notice the dagger-like glare Blueblood he was giving her despite his laughter.

“Coochy coo” She says as she keeps going, Blueblood determined to not lift his forehooves and give her the satisfaction.

Blueblood soon lost the struggle, his forehooves flailing ing into the air. Sweetie wasted no time, as she slid the dress over his head with military-like precision.

Caught by surprise, he couldn’t help but flail around, as his head pushed through the collar, and his hooves entered in the sleeves perfectly. Mere moments later the light pink sash was adjusted around his barrel, leaving the diaper below exposed, even looking visually bigger on his already plump tushy.

Sweetie Belle giggled at the sight. “You are so cute in this dress!”

Blueblood snorted, “This just didn’t happen.” he grumbled some more “I can only assume you done this more than once, due to the fact you have it in my exact size. I swear if you put makeup on me, I will show you no mercy.”

Sweetie Belle giggled again, and levitated out a camera , taken from under the bed “Come on, Bluey, smile!”

“Buck you!” he yelled, sick of that nickname, before trying to yank the dress off him. However, his movements were so wide and uncoordinated, that he waddled over the edge of the bed, until he fell off knocking, his head of the wooden floor.

Sweetie gasped, and ran over with a worried face “Are you okay.?”

Blueblood scratched his head on the impact zone, surprisingly, there wasn’t anything, not even a bump.

“I’m fine,” he said waving a hoof idly “I don’t think I have lost any of my beautiful mind.” He looked up at Sweetie Belle’s, as her shocked expression changed to baffled.

“What? I’m fine, if you ignore this stupid dress you put me in.” Blueblood retorted, crossing his forehooves angrily.

“Wha-” Sweetie Belle looked at Blueblood “You aren’t crying!”

“Of course I am not!” He said, while he tried to get out of the dress, by holding the neck with his teeth and trying to pull. The sash however kept it secure.

Sweetie Belle kept watching, still puzzled, as she lifted Blueblood back up to the bed. He didn’t notice that, and kept trying to get off the dress.

He was concentrated so much on his goal, that, when his left hoof was finally out, he failed to notice Sweetie Belle’s absence.

“Left hoof out, let’s try to get the right one out,” he said, while the right side of the dress turned limp, and moved the left hoof in an awkward way. He kept trying, until the door creaked again, and Rarity returned with Sweetie Belle.

“Sweetie Belle, you should have been more careful. I don’t know what got into you, but…”

“You have to believe me!” The filly said, pointing at Blueblood “He didn’t cry when he bonked his head, and he is fine!”

Blueblood looked up at the two ponies, and, after a quick failed attempt to get his right hoof out, Blueblood started to flail around yet again. However his attempts to get off the dress resulted him him tumbling to the floor again.

Rarity gasped and ran over to him “Oh my please tell me you’re okay”

“He is not crying?” Sweetie Belle commented “I’ve heard of ponies having high pain tolerances, but… usually foals cry over the simplest things. He cried over the slightest pain, until two days ago. Remember when he bonked his head on the coffee table?” Sweetie Belle’s pupils turned to the size of pinheads, and put her front hooves in front of her mouth “He may have hurt himself in his head!”

Rarity quickly raised the eyelid of both Blueblood’s eyes “No, it isn’t that. His pupils are even, and doesn’t seem all that tired,” Rarity said “However, I cannot stop to think about it, if there is anything wrong with Blueblood i’d never forgive myself. Oh...I’ve been a terrible mother...” She hugs Blueblood close stroking his mane.

Sweetie Belle pouted and lowered her ears sadly, “You're not a bad mother, Rarity, you just get a bit too into your work.”

Despite Sweetie Belle’s assurance, Rarity still looked distressed. “But that’s my point Sweetie Belle, I’ve been putting my work before my child. Well no more! I promise Bluey that from now on, I will be the best mother in Equestria!”

Belle smiled, glad her sister was out of her funk. “I know you can do it Rarity!”

Blueblood was relieved as Sweetie got him out of dress, before Rarity scooped him up.

“Come on,” she said “While you might not like the doctor, we have to get you checked out.”

Blueblood listened to the conversation carefully and chose to behave, “I don’t mind, as long it brings me closer to my goal.”

Rarity nuzzled him close before setting him on her back. She plopped a pacifier once more in his mouth and smiled, “Good to see you're not throwing a fit.” She headed down the hall and descended the stairs once more.