• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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On a glorious day in the Equestrian Diarchy, Discord, Lord of Chaos loomed overhead. He looked down upon it his eyes scanning for a moment to strike. His eyes focused on Cloudsdale, the white fluffiness making him gag for its blandness. With a quick snap of his talons, the clouds turned into pink cotton candy, livening up the city.

He giggled and then stopped suddenly “Wait...I did that already!”

He pouted, as he kept staring at his very accurate scale model of Equestria.

He sighed, continuing to stare down at the model, finding that his amusement ended pretty quickly

“Being good is so, so, so, SO boring!” he said to his plushie sidekick, an incredibly accurate reproduction of Cadence.

“Oh, cheer up! There must be something you can do for your amusement, even if you are restricted! ” she replies, with a voice that matched perfectly the real deal.

Discord snapped his talons once more, creating a tiny Luna and Celestia, before tying them up to cardboard reproductions of two Canterlot Towers with silk threads that formed a tight web.

“What do you think of Celestia, spiders? Does she taste of chocolate cake, or maybe fudge?” He asked, tapping his chin.

“I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t answer to you, or like the taste of either,” Plush Cadence deadpanned.

Discord facepalmed. His boredom started accumulating in him like sewage liquid in an alley deep in Manehattan’s worst neighborhood. Just as he was about to liquefy into goo thanks to sheer lack of entertainment, he got an idea.

“How about we check up on Pinkie Pie? She’s always fun to watch..”

“Your choice, boss, I’m just that little of your child-likeness you hide. I’m not even really here.” Plush Cadence giggled

“To Pinkie!” Discord declared as he made appear a winged go-kart, and, after jumping in it, he rode off.


Meanwhile, at Sugarcube Corner, the Cakes were getting ready for bed. Ms Cake let out a loud yawn putting her hoof up to her mouth “Pinkie? Would you mind checking on the twins, I'm exhausted?” She turned off the lights as she headed for their bedroom.

“Okie Dokie Lokie!” Pinkie said, before bouncing up the stairs to check on Pound and Pumpkin Cake.

As she peeked in, she saw that the two were still awake; playing with the toys she left in the crib.

Pinkie walked in, and turned on the lights, allowing her to see better the scene going on in front of her “What are you two still doing up? Are you still not tired?

Pound looked up at Pinkie, babbling softly. Pumpkin poked Pound in the stomach, giggling

Pinkie loomed over the twins in the crib “Come on,” she said cheerfully “let’s get you two tucked back into bed.”

Pumpkin shook her head, babbling annoyed tapping her hoof on the dark yellow mattress with letter patterns.

“Now now, little foals like you need their sleep.” Pinkie insisted, forcefully tucking them in under the light blue sheets.

The two keep squirming about in defiance, refusing to settle in. How foals could still have energy this late at night was a mystery,

“How about," she tapped her chin and beamed. "Auntie Pinkie tells you a story?” She suggested her grin going from ear to ear.

The twins became excited by that clapping their hooves and babbled bouncing on their diapered tushies.

Pinkie sat down, tapping her hoof to her chin. She hummed something close to elevator music as she put her idea together. “Lemme think about it…”

A moment passed before she put her hoof into the air. “Uh ha I think I got a story,” She turned off the light and cleared her throat and began her tale making it up as she went.

She was unaware the draconequus outside the window, who was watching with interest.

Pinkie started to tell her tale, of a land where ponies ages had been changed around, with the twins as teenagers and herself as a foal. She tied her friends into her tale like threads in a tapestry.

When she had finished her tale the two were still suprisinlgy awake, especially Pumpkin, who smiled wide.

Pinkie rubbed the back of mane “Still awake,” Pinkie groaned a bit frustrated. She rubbed the back of her head staying optimistic “Let’s try again.”

Pinkie was going to tell the tale of the pony that made ponies miserable with his horrible accent and weird likings, but something prevented Pinkie from even starting the story.

Pumpkin clapped her hooves hyperactivity her horn starting to glow. Without any control over her surge, a magic bolt shot out towards Pinkie. At the same time, a snap was heard followed by a large ball made of light streaking towards her. The two collided with a violent explosion of magical energy, causing everything to fade into a white light.

Before she fell into unconsciousness, she could hear Discord's voice ring out from the dark

“What have I done?”