• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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Trixie's Tribulation

Trixie wasn’t sure what to think at this point. She felt conflicted inside: even though she wanted so much to stay a foal and have Twilight be her mother, she didn’t want to upset the ponies she had hurt in the past.

So, she just sat there, listening to the group of foals chat amongst themselves, listening, and hoping she had something useful to add to the conversation.

She watched as PInkie rubbed her chin contemplating something. Within a split second of her doing so, PInkie waved her hoof in the air, “Oh oh oh!”

Applejack rolled her eyes “Pinkie, what is it?”

“Have any of you tried writing?” She replied a huge grin on her face.

“That’s...actually a good idea..”Trixie said blinking. Not that she found PInkie stupid, no it wasn’t that. It was the fact that, all this morning she had been yelling and waving about somehow knowing it wasn’t working, and yet, kept on doing so. To top it off Twilight was a book worm, meaning she had lot of quills and parchment laying about, but Trixie didn’t want to give her intelligence away just yet.

“Well, it's not like we have had a chance to grab any kind of writing implement.” Applejack commented.

Before she could even think about her answer Applejack was scooped up and set back into her carrier. Trixie watched as the stallion wheeled her away, Applejack protesting as he did so.

She turns back to Pinkie as she spoke, “You will i’m sure!”

Then, before Trixie could even blink, the pink foal tackled her to the ground. Startled, she looked up a PInkie, “What are you doing?” She shouted.

“Having fun!” PInkie giggled, tickling under Trixie’s wing.

Somehow Pinkie knew where her most ticklish spots were, it did not take long for she to start laughing. “H-hey stop!”

“Why would I? I mean, you had fun with the Alicorn Amulet, and that was worse!”

As if Trixie had been struck by lightning, she froze.”W-why do you mention that?” She asked, pushing away from Pinkie.

‘why would she mention that, that mistake, why? What was the point, did she just like teasing me?’

Despite Trixie inquiry, PInkie kept going on and on

“It corrupted you, and then you were all angry and ‘Twilight Sparkle will pay’”

‘stop just stop’

“Hey, why do you hate my family’s rock farm so much?”

Trixie lost it, her soul unable to take the pressure,“Shut up!” Trixie fumed on the cusp of crying. She tightened up, her feeling telling her to run, but she had nowhere to go. In the few moments PInkie was quiet, Trixie’s inner turmoil came out in spades

“I-I’m sorry i just...”

“No, you’re just like everypony else, just putting me down! Mocking me!” Trixie retorted, turning around dramatically.

PInkie voice was sad-sounding, regretful, an uncommon characteristic, according to Trixie’s experience “B-but…”

“No, nopony cares, except Trixie’s new parents. You all hate me!” She said, feeling empty.

Pinkie Pie looked at Trixie confused, lost and puzzled all the same time. “But Twilight told us she apologized to you!”

Trixie let out a sigh, taking a few moments before she found her words,“S-she did, but…” She paused tearing up, “Doesn’t change your opinions of me.”

“What, I don’t hate you!” Pinkie said, reaching out to hug her. “Please just explain, I’m so confused!”

Trixie, being the drama queen she was, turned around and took a deep breath. Putting a hoof to her chest and gesturing wildly with the other, she explained, “All Trixie’s life she tried to prove herself to her parents. Nothing was ever good enough. They considered stage magic nothing more than a joke, a sham, useless!” She explained holding back the storm of emotions that surfaced feelings of hate, sorrow and pain inside her. Trixie took a breath fighting a losing battle over her emotional state. “So I built up an act, I took acting classes and became the Great and Powerful Trixie. I had become somepony, ponies cheered for, and praised.”

PInkie nodded “But what’s that got to do with you thinking we all hate you?”

She suddenly snapped as her eyes filled with rage, her recent events brought to forefront of her mind, the image of the Ursa crushing her dreams, “It wasn’t fair, I was just acting and t-then those two brain dead colts ruined everything! They were all ‘Hurr Twixie can kill Ursa, durr,’ and decided to lure a Ursa, thinking I could defeat it. I bet they are the kind of kids that really need the label of ‘This Cape doesn’t allow the wearer to fly’ on Super Pony capes.”

She started to tear up, her anger melting away as other memories came to mind, “I-I was given that wagon on my graduation.” She winced a bit putting her hoof to her heart.


“Almost there, Trixie.” he replied. The loud sound of metal verberating off the walls of the empty workshop was heard as he guided her inside.

"I really should get back to the grad party." Trixie said. Each step of her hooves echoed in the silence as she walked alongside her friend.

With a quick tug the blindfold his surprise was revealed to Trixie. At first she thought this was a joke, seeing an old looking wagon barely 5 ponies long. It wooden shelter supported on rusty metal frame work.

“What is this?” Trixie asked not amused, “You brought me all the way here for a pile of junk.”

“No, no not exactly.” He replied

Trixie was still really confused by his actions. “Okay so what is with the wagon.”

“Oh I found it out back one day when I was searching for materials.” he said “Then I thought about what you have been saying about taking your talent on the road.”

“Yes, that is my plan, but you can’t honestly expect me to use this, it is a wreck.” Trixie said pointing at it.

“That’s the idea.’

Trixie shook her head still under the impression he was joking with her. “What? I don’t understand.”

“You and me, we can rebuild this wagon together, give us a chance to bond and such.” Night replied to her nudging her in the shoulder.

“I suppose.” Trixie said scrapping her hoof on the floor.

“Come on, Trixie, you been wanting to truly show off your talent and this is the time to really show it off, beside never know when we might see each other again.”

“You really think ponies would like my stage magic?” Trixie asked looking up into his cyan eyes.

“Yeah, don't put yourself down so much, you have great skill.” Night hugs her close cheering her up a bit.

“Not that my parents care.” Trixie muttered

NIght having heard her muffles scoffed, “Oh don’t let them drag you down so much.” he replied “Let’s get to the party and then we can discuss details.

Thus over the next few weeks Night, and Trixie worked together. Night handled the mechanical side having a knack for gears and assembling things, while Trixie wrote out her design plans. After two months work of sweat and tears the wagon was complete. Her new mobile home for her show to travel equestria and a withstanding monument of teamwork and freinship between close friends


Then it was all gone with one giant stomp of that damned beast.

Her sadness only lasted a second, swapping emotions again like a light switch. Enraged once again she shouted, “I’d still have it too if it weren’t for them. I wasn’t harming anyone and..and..” she let out a long sigh feeling the heaviest emotion of all, guilt.

“then I blamed it all on your friend.”

Trixie started to whimper on the verge of crying again. PInkie instinctively came over and gave her a hug. “It’s okay, really, it wasn’t your fault.”

“Yes it was, I got so high on the mountain, that when I fell, I fell hard. It took me forever just to get respectable gigs outside of 3rd graders birthday parties.”

The next thing PInkie Pie said shined a spotlight on a perspective Trixie hadn’t considered before.

. “But Trixie, your pride wasn’t the direct reason for why you got in this state. We were kind of harsh with you the first time, and the second time… well… you had lost your mind, so there isn’t much I can say against you.”

A long pause followed, neither saying a word. As the silence lingered, Trixie had time to think it over, eventually speaking when she should the words, “Y-you don’t hate Trixie?”

“No, no of course not.” PInkie replied, hugging her close. “You’re a great pony, Trixie, don’t forget that.”

“You really think so?” Trixie sniffled wiping her nose with a quick motion of her hoof. For the longest time she had been consumed with revenge and now it had all gone away with a few simple words from a new friend.

Had she really been so wrong? They were that forgiving? Even after what she had done. Although none of her actions were all that harmful, no one had been injured or worse killed. So many questions flooded her mind, many of which she had no answer to.

She held the hug for a while not sure what to do next. Twilight voice broke Trixie out of her inner thoughts “I think somepony needs to take a nap.”

Trixie sighed holding her hooves up to Twilight. “I really need it,” she said “even if it’s just to process these positive emotions better.”

Twilight scooped her up into her forehooves, gently rocking her a bit.

PInkie looked up a bit sad, “Aaaw, but we never got to play.” Pinkie called up at Twilight.

Trixie looked down for a moment at PInkie. While she would have liked to play and get to know her, she had been a bit exhausted even before her outburst prior. She let out a yawn as Twilight set her in the soft side carrier.

She smiled seeing PInkie wave her goodbye. the light bouncing of Twilight trotting soothing her, soon nodding off to sleep not long after.


Something soft was draped over her as she woke up. It was a light shade of purple, and looked very feathery. She lay against a warm mass a rhythmic pulse being felt ever so often. Trixie yawned, stretching her forelegs before curling up closer. She felt so much better having gotten the load off her now-little chest.

Twilight’s motherly voice cooed, moving her wing to peer into Trixie’s eyes “I see my little Trixie is awake. Did you sleep well?”

Trixie yawned yet again. “Yeah, I did” her own wings fluttered a bit

Twilight’s warm smile confronted Trixie’s eyes, as she remained again her side. She didn’t want to leave her mother's embrace, yet being more relaxed now than she had ever been before. Not even a full spa treatment could amount to the level of calm she was feeling.

This moment of peace was interrupted, however, as a knock on the door got Twilight’s attention. Trixie was gently set into the playpen, as her mother headed over to the front door to answer.

“Oh, Hello Cheerilee” Twilight said, giving her friend a big smile.

Trixie could see Applejack smiling wide as they came into the main room. She was clearly excited about something.

“Twilight, I need to discuss something with you, it is important.” Cheerilee said sounding very serious.

“Oh, well, let me make some tea, then. You can put AJ in the playpen with Trixie.” Twilight said before trotting into the kitchen.

Applejack was promptly set down inside the pen with a soft puff from her orange diaper.

Trixie sniffed, and she immediately regret doing it “Eck, what is this smell?”

“Some pony made a literal stink bomb.” AJ said, crossing her hooves and frowning. “Strong one too, not even Cheerilee perfume got rid of it.”

Trixie waved her hoof “I have not smelled something that strong since...never mind.” She said, quickly moving on before she remembered the ugly details.

“So, how did your quest to prove yourself go?”

“Well, at least I got her attention.” Applejack replied.

Twilight soon came back with a tray of tea, and set it on the coffee table. “So what is it you need to speak to me about?”

Cheerilee, trying to ignore her own foul smell, replied “It is about Applejack, she wrote.” Cheerilee took out form her saddlebag a piece of paper ”this out during art class.” she pulled out said sheet of paper and showed it to her.

“Twilight, if you are as smart as I think you are, you will guess what’s the deal.” Applejack said, eagerly watching.

“Wait...how could AJ write this? She’s just a foal, and a babbling one at that!” Twilight said, both pondering and wondering about the writing just in front of her face.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw it,” Cheerilee said “and she seemed aware of what she had done. In fact, she was insistent in showing it to me.”

Applejack smiled wider, as she notes that Twilight was rubbing her chin in thought. The next second she was lifted off the floor by Twilight’s magic, and set on the table.

Twilight narrowed her eyes, as she examined the foal and glanced at the text on the paper

“I am not a foal” she read aloud “Interesting.”

Applejack took action, pointing her hooves to Twilight’s face, “Listen to me!”

She knew her words were gibberish but at least the emotion would come across.

Twilight thought for a moment, before levitating over some paper and a pencil. “Well this is very interesting.”

She set the pencil in front of Applejack.

“If you can understand us, write up something.” Twilight told her.

Applejack took to the pencil in her mouth, fighting back the annoying suckle reflex, and wrote out the word “Something” She chuckled a bit, since she had done that on purpose.

Twilight blinked a few times as she observed Applejack doing so. “She took me literally too.”

Applejack nodded vigorously in response. “Come on! Connect the dots!”

Trixie idly watched the scene unfold before her. She wouldn’t reveal herself to Twilight, nor did she really want to. She was content now, why ruin everything?

Before any of them were able to contemplate what was going on, the front door burst open, a rather distressed Fluttershy standing in the doorway.

“Twilight!” Fluttershy cried, rushing over to her, wrapping her forehooves around her, bawling her eyes out.

The two foals in the room looked shocked for several moment. as Fluttershy kept crying.

“Fluttershy! What’s wrong?” Twilight asked, blinking in surprise, doing her best to calm her friend down.

“Dash...she...she ran away from me.” Fluttershy whimpered.

Applejack looked at Fluttershy unsure of what to think of Dash’s escape. “What is she up to^”

‘Oh dear, what happened?”

“I-I don’t know, I was trying to feed her a bottle and then she knocked it out of my hooves. The next thing I know she ran out the animal flap.” She whimpered more, “I can't find her anywhere! I don’t want even think about where she is now! She may have been foalnapped!”

“It is okay, will find her!” Twilight replied, stroking Fluttershy’s mane.

“Discord is looking all over for her.” Fluttershy said, burying her face into Twilight shoulder.

“I hope Dash knows what she is doing.” Applejack mumbled to herself. “We may not be foals, but our bodies sure are.”

Trixie kept watching her mind wondering on other things more important at the moment, like her sudden hunger. She went up to the side of the playpen, and using the grip stood on her hind legs

“I'm hungry, feed me.” she gestured to her mouth repeatedly.

Twilight looked over shortly after. “Is Trixie hungry?” She turned toward Cheerilee. “Could you stay with Fluttershy? I have to fed Trixie.”

Cheerilee nodded and hugs Shy to comfort her.

Trixie smiled, as Twilight magic gripped her once more. She opened her wings to feel the sensation of simulated flight, as she was carried towards the kitchen letting out a gleeful cheer. “Weee!”

Twilight smiled, placing her into the light purple highchair. “Hmm, I think I’ll feed you some crystal berry foal food today” She said aloud, as the sparkling jar floated out from the top shelf of a cupboard.

“Oh, never tried crystal berries before,” Trixie said eager, licking her lips in anticipation.

Twilight came over with said jar, a bib with her cutie mark swiftly tying around the Trixie's neck.

“Okay open up for the pegasus.” She sang, popping the jar open and scooping up a spoonful up into Trixie mouth.

Trixie stared at the sparkling, sweet smelling mush before her. Without delay she latched onto the spoon and took in the first spoonful, sloshing it about her mouth. She smiled ,tasting about a dozen different berry flavours in one, and maybe some glass. How such a combo could be so tasty was unknown, but she loved it all the same.

“I see you like it.” She said, as she put the next scoop into Trixie’s mouth “Cadence was right about me ordering a few jars.”

Trixie ate each spoonful greedily. A few spoonfuls later she giggled, a bit of mush spilling out of her mouth.

“Oops! Somepony made a mess,” Twilight cooed, scooping the mush from the bib and fed it back to Trixie.

“Still hungry Trixie?" Twilight asked soon receiving a nod in responce from the foal." Twilight ruffled Trixie mane before heading to the fridge and retrieving the foal bottle.

Trixie was soon set on Twilight lap as she sat down. She happily opened her mouth latching onto the nipple suckling down the creamy substance. She closed her eyes, losing track of time as she drank. A few minutes later she felt a pat on her back. Trixie let out a burp and opened her eyes smiling more “Sorry.”

Twilight carries her back out to the main room, setting her back in the playepn. “There you go.” She cooed before heading back to over to Fluttershy.

Trixie shifted about having to use the washroom. She was surprised she still had control. “Must get to the bathroom,” she said frantically looking for a way out of the pen. To her relief she noticed the gate was as very simple latch and grinned. With the two adults occupied, she made her move. She grabbed a rattle and used the end of it to push the latch upwards and pushed.

“No playpen can hold Trixie!’ she thought to herself, finding the simple action clever before looking back once more. She knew there was one upstairs, but clearly dealing with stairs would take too long, so her best bet was trying to find another one on the same floor. She walked down the empty hall her diaper crinkling as she did so searching for the bathroom.

“Let’s just hope the door is open.” she thought to herself as she eyed the many crystal doors along the hall. After a bit she eventual spotted it as Spike came out from the bathroom. Trixie hid behind a potted plant, making herself as small as possible to avoid detection until he passed. Doing a double take she made sure her coast wa clear before darting into the bathroom.

Sure she could just use her diaper, but trying to use an actual bathroom couldn't hurt to try, right? However such a task of using the toilet now looked like an epic poem, since she had to fight both her size and her reduced controlling ability. She stared up the toilet, the white porcelain now looking like a mountain in her current state. She glanced around for step stool finding non within view.

“Oh come on,” Trixie groaned contiuing to look for a way to get onto the toilet seat. Barely holding it she spots the pile of towels nearby. With delecate persision of a foal she accended the towels until she was able to reach the bowl. Carefully placing her hooves upon the toilet seat she pulling herself up.

Finally on the toilet itself, Trixie tried to desperately remove her diaper, grabbing the tapes and attempting to yank them off. It was slow going but eventually, after a few slips, she manage to pull it off.

With a sigh of relief, Trixie threw the diaper on the floor, crouched on the toilet seat, and let nature take its course.

As she did so, the door was suddenly pushed open by a certain baby dragon, whom, of course, could not help but stare silently, blinking a few times at the odd sight.

Once Trixie got over her bliss, she looked to her left, just not noticing Spike for herself.

“Hey didn’t Twilight ever teach you to knock first!” she yelled, still peeing.

“A-alright… didn’t know you were already ready to get out of diapers…” he said, backing away

Trixie blushed red from embarrassment soon hopping off the toilet and landing just barely managing not to fall on her tummy.

“Twilight! Twilight! You are never going to believe this.” Trixie heard Spike shouting his feet echoing down the hall as he ran for the main room.

“What is it, Spike?” Twilight called back, finally noticing that Trixie had escaped the playpen... somehow.

“I just saw Trixie using the toilet!” Spike replied, Trixie was moment behind him running as fast as she could with her stuby hooves.

“What do you mean, exactly? Do you mean she actually sat on the toilet seat, and used it?”

Spike nodded “Yeah, kind of walked in on her.”

Trixie wasn’t sure whether to panic, or to just let Twilight speculate. Though one time wouldn’t raise many alarm bells, however, with Applejack around, things were a little more complicated.

‘That’s amazing! My little Trixie learning to go the toilet all by herself!!” Twilight squeed with motherly pride, only to be taken down a notch by Cheerilee a moment later.

“Don’t you think that is kind of odd?” She titled her head looking at the blue alicorn foal with puzzlement.

Twilight shook her hoof in dismissal. “Prfff, you are just envious.”

Cheerilee blinked. “Have you ever seen a foal potty train themselves?” she said, pointing a hoof at Applejack, obviously emphasizing something.

Trixie watched, as the gears in Twilight head turned. “Well, no not really.”

Applejack beamed wide “That is it just think about this.”

Trixie shook her head not wanting to be found out. Not that being found out would be the worst thing in the world, but still she feared the worst. Before she could let her imagination run off with her logical thinking without saying goodbye, a rapid knock was heard at the door again.

Spike ran to get the door. “I’ll get it.”

Just outside was Pumpkin, a hyperactive PInkie Pie on her back. “Twilight you are never going to believe what I just witnessed.”

“Wow, is ‘The National Holiday of the Bizarre and Incredible’ today?” Twilight asked jokingly.

Pinkie waved to Trixie as Pumpkin walked in “Hey there!”

Trixie waved back smiling a bit, having gotten her emotions in check and happy for the concivent distraction.

Pumpkin set Pinkie on the floor. “S-she can communicate, like... spell and everything!” she pulled out a parchment “Look at this! I copied the whole conversation!”

Cheerilee and Twilight both stared at the parchment for a long time, neither of them saying a word.

“Victory!” Pinkie declared, high hoofing Applejack.

“P-Pumkin… this has to be a hoax. A joke… something, but I can not believe this!” Twilight gasped.

Cheerilee looked at Applejack and then at Pinkie noticing their grins. “Okay, something odd is going on here. Both our foals able are able to write before even learning speech.”

Twilight scratched her chin. “That’s true. I mean, there should be an explanation for this… maybe I should scan her brains. Who knows, maybe I can discover a mutation that is in common with all these foals.”


Twilight took a breath. A magic scan could solve this mystery, or maybe make it even more complicated. All she knew was that it was her only option at the moment.

That is, if the foals could stay still while she did that. After all, little children never liked having sharp things, even if dull in comparison, near their faces. Also, the sensation of magic flowing through the brain was pretty scary even as an adult.

“Cheerilee, mind setting Applejack on the coffee table?” she asked, preparing the memory-reading spell she had refined ever since the Discord incident.

Applejack seemed calmer than usual. Normally she refused to sit still for anything. “Now just hold still Jacky.” Twilight said, leaning her horn closer, as it glowed her usual purple aura.

The aura enveloped Applejack’s head, and a couple of lines connected the temples of Twilight with Applejack’s. Soon Twilight’s head pulsated and, in front of her eyes, a series of images scrolled in front of her eyes.

Twilight started to groan, a headache coming on once more. She kept focusing, seeing so many memories that she couldn't quite recall, and some that didn’t make sense.

She collapsed a few minutes later, holding her head.

Fluttershy epped, barely catching her “You Okay Twilight?”

Twilight continued to rub her head, memories fresh in her mind, swirling about like oil in water. So many things contradicting one another, her own logical mind failing to piece together anything reasonable.. “T-this doesn't make sense.”

Cheerilee looked back at Twilight concerned “What did you see Twilight? What is wrong?”

Twilight stuttered a bit, before answering. “I-I’m not sure where to even begin to explain.”

“Try your best,” Cheerilee said “it’s important.”

“I-It’s weird,” she said “Applejack… was not your daughter and she was one of my friends. S-she remembers Rainbow Dash a-as an adult… and that Fluttershy was just one of her peers.”

Cheerilee blinked “That can’t be! I remember thing quite fondly of Big Mac and I. How can AJ not be my daugher?”

“I-I don’t know…” Twilight said sadly “Maybe the others will have the answers we are looking for.”

Pinkie Pie, whom was “chatting” with Trixie, suddenly looked at Twilight, and babbled something while running towards her. Pumpkin set her on the table next to Applejack, while telling her to stay still. The two high hoofed each other again, as Twilight leaned close with her horn glowing.

“Here we go”

Author's Note:

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