• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Foaling With Reality - Zubric

When Discord tries to beat his boredom with a little fun with Pinkie and the cake twins, a series of events is set in motion that even he couldn't have seen coming.

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Trixie felt magic course through her mind for a second as Discord set her back down on the floor. Her head felt tingly for a brief moment before settling. She didn’t know what just happened, but what she did know was her cover was blown big time.

“Ohhh...oohh dear. Twilight...you have this all wrong...”

Discord words rang in her head like a bell. A bit of panic built upside her. ‘No please don’t tell them.” She thought conflicted inside. She didn’t want her old life back. She wanted this one so badly.

lets gets

She kept watching as Discord talking with the other adults, shifting about worried about the immediate future. Her ears perk up when Twilight said something that got her attention.

“I'm fine really.” She said, “Though if that is the case, how did this happen?”

Trixie turned staring back at Discord, who seemed to know all the answers here, and if that were the case, that only meant her hope of staying this way would soon be over. Just another dream to be shattered before her eyes like so many others. She tried her best to keep her composure as Discord started to explain.

Her pupils shrank to the size of buttons as she listened “Magic surge, chaotic magic? That’s what happened?” She scratched her head as she tried to understand the situation. “If I was all the way in Los pegasus how did I get here and why did it even affect me in the first place? Was she somehow special, maybe unique?” Questions kept popping into her head as time passed. The adults meanwhile kept chatting amongst themselves about the foals.

Her train of thought was brought to a halt as Discord boops her head. disgruntled she looked up at him annoyed at the suddenly blunt contact.

“There that should allow them to speak now.” Discord said a moment later.

Trixie couldn't help but smile upon hearing this. She could finally tell Twilight she wanted to stay a foal and live with Twilight as her mommy. Before she could do so however, the others spoke up interrupting her chance to vocalize her concerns. Rainbow was the first to talk, complaining about her apparent huggable-ness and Fluttershy’s bear hugs. Fluttershy’s reaction made Trixie chuckle a little. Blue rude voice rang out causing Dash to bicker back at him like the foal she was. Soon, Trixie had enough and took a breath.

“Uh, Trixie has something to say.” She said her soft voice giving her the attention of the parents before her. This was it, Trixie’s time to shine. The spotlight focused on her, center stage. All she needed to do was speak up and be heard.

“Yes? What is it Trixie?” Twilight asked, smiling down at her with a motherly smile.

“Trixie...I...want to remain.” she said looking down feeling a strange case of nervousness as if this was somehow wrong to say.

“What do you mean?” Twilight sat down holding her hoof under Trixie chin, gently facing her to look into her eyes again.

Her emotional dam burst unleashing her tears, “I don’t want to go back!” she shouted.

Twilight pulled her foal into her embrace rubbing her back “Shhh, we can figure this out.”

Trixie kept on crying unable to stop herself. There we just too many contradictions for her to think straight.

Pinkie quickly joined the hug. “Oh, I hate seeing somepony sad.”

Trixie felt better as Rainbow and Applejack joined in the group hug showing how much they cared for the little alicorn filly. Looking back up at her mother Trixie sniffled, “I don't want to go... mommy.”

Silence fell over the room, the only sound heard was Trixie light sniffling as she hugged Twilight warm body. Even Discord, who had seemed rather neutral for this whole time seemed to show concern.

“Don’t be such a cry baby, i’m sure Discord can just snap his fingers and fix this.” Blueblood said before getting a light wack on the back of the head

“That’s very rude Bluey.” Rarity scolds.

Blueblood rubs the back of his head. “Ouch, It’s Blueblood.” he replied with clenched teeth.

Trixie kept embracing Twilight, thinking over the rather blunt words Blueblood had just siad. “H-how do we fix this?”

“Well I doubt a snap of my talons could fix this. If anything, as much as I hate to admit it, I’ll need Celestia and Luna’s help.” Discord said, stroking his goatee.

“So that’s it you just need more magic power, I could lend a hoof too?” Twilight replied contiuing her stroking of Trixie’s back soothingly. In return Trixie started to breath easier a little more level headed now.

“The more the merrier.” he said, giving her a smile. “At least I hope that’s the answer to all this.” He scratched the back of his head “Even i’m not sure how powerful this spell was.”

“But I don’t want to go back.” Trixie protests again hoping her pleas were heard.

“Wait, are you saying we could be stuck like this?” Applejack asked a look of worry in her eyes.

“What? No, no I never said that, though that might be a possibility.” Discord looked about rapidly as he got a few stares from the other foals “Hey wasn’t my fault some magically gifted filly blasted Pinkie now was it?”

Pumpkin huffed gesturing toward the draconequus with her hoof. “Hey don’t blame this all on me, you little..”

“Please don’t fight.” Fluttershy injects stepping between the two, “Neither of you meant any harm i’m sure.” She looks at Discord especially. Discord responded with a mere roll of his eyes

“Can we just contact the princesses already, this day been long enough without more bicking added to it.” Rainbow said, hoping to quell the brewing tension in the room.

Twilight after waiting for the room to calm gestured towards Spike to get out a parchment to write the letter.

The other adults sat back down near the table pouring themselves the tea Rarity had made.

As the group enjoyed the tea Trixie felt a nudge against her shoulder. She turned seeing PInkie friendly smile, “Oh I bet the Princesses would love to see how cute we are.” she chuckled , obviously trying to cheer her up, “Come on you know it’s true.”

“I guess... “Trixie said, as she looked down at the wooden floor, a blurry reflection staring back up at her.

“Trixie dear,” Rarity started, sipping her tea. “Would you mind telling us why you don’t want to go back to normal?”

Trixie didn’t answer for several moments unsure of how to explain. After a brief pause she looks back up taking a breath.. “All my life I’ve been told I’m a failure. Nothing I did was ever enough for my family.” she began, tearing up. “No matter what I did, they just laughed at me, mocking my cutie mark and my talents. But here,” she gestured around, looking at Twilight especially . “here I can forget about that. Here I-I’m loved for who I am... “ she said before starting to sob.

Twilight’s magic picked her up gently setting her under Twilights wing once more. The warm feathery blanket soon wrapped around her. Soon her sobs reduced to sniffled again, her breath now steady.

Twilight nuzzled her, placing a kiss on her head. “Everything will be ok Trixie.”

Trixie sighed laying down watching with amusement as Rainbow and Applejack got into a hoof wrestle. For the few brief moments she was happy again only to be crushed like a rock as the prince's voice shouted towards her.

“I hope you don’t think your actual royalty.” Blueblood said raising his head up high like many nobles would in disquiet.

Twilight wa very not amused by prince's words. ‘Oh and why not, my brother is a prince now, or were you not at Cadences wedding.”

Blueblood seemed to ignore the enquiry as he kept blabbing on. “Hm. You bought that sob story?” he asked, crossing his arms. “She just wants to stay an alicorn so she can be royalty.”

“What do you care?!” Trixie huffed feeling the overwhelming temptation to punch him, but she was beyond such actions. “You’re nothing but a spoiled brat from all I have seen of you today.”

Rainbow flutters her wings standing up proud and defensively. “She is kind of right. All you do is whine. No wonder you’re a foal.”

Blueblood frowned shaking a fist at the young pegasus.

Without hesitation, Rarity floated a pacifier into his mouth before he could say more. “You just hush little colt.”

He tried to spit it out, unable to due to that annoying suckle reflex. He continued to sulk crossing his hooves across his chestas Rarity scolds him.

“That’s no way to speak to a lady.” Rarity looks Blueblood right in the eyes, “You may not be a foal in mind but for now I’m still your mother.”

Blue's words rang in Trixie head as took a look at her stubby wings hurt inside. Did she just want to stay this way to justify her recent misfortunes? Maybe but was it really the whole reason? In any case she needed advice and soon after looking at Pinkie's smiling face she had an idea.

Trixie moved out from under Twilights wing and headed over to Pumpkin nudging her leg to get her attention. “Can Pinkie stay the night?”

“‘ll have talk to my parents first.” Pumpkin said. “But I doubt they’ll say no.”

“Cool we can have a sleepover to help cheer you up.” Pinkie said with her usual enthusiasm.

Applejack smiled toward her pink friend. “Cheerilee you mind if I stay over as well?”

Cheerilee taps her chin for a moment or two before nodding. “Sure, I trust Twilight to take good care of you.” she replied motherly tickling Applejack’s tummy causing a short fit of giggles.

“Just please say we don’t have to keep using diapers.” Dash blushed hiding her face behind her hooves.

“I’m afraid so Dashie,” Discord said, lifting the little pegasus up, hugging her tightly.

“Ugh come on!” Dash tries to pull away from the hug causing Trixie to let out a chuckle at the site.

“Sorry but you still have those tiny bladders so the diapers stay put.” Discord said ruffling the pegasus's mane. “Dashie... is it ok if I still treat you like a foal?” he asked, his voice soft.

“But i’m not a foal.” Dash said crossing her hooves.

“Please?” he asked again all sweet like.

Applejack let out a shaft chuckle. “Just go with it Rainbow, not like it will do any harm.” she replied as Cheerilee held her in a warm hug.

After a bit pouting Dash simply nodded “Fine.”

Trixie smiled watching Discord bounce Dash in his paws. “I love you mommy” She yawned curling up under twilight once more. Her eyes growing heavy as she slid into a peaceful sleep.


The light creaking of a door awoke Trixie from her sleep. She yawned, sitting up in her crib. Turning her head she spots a Celestia plush and hugs it before looking up at Twilight who had walked up to the crib.

“Hey sweetie, you fell asleep on us.” Twilight said picking her foal up with her magic and into her forehooves, “Feeling better I hope?”

“Yeah I feeling much better.” she replied, hugging her around the neck.

“Well that’s good to hear do you need a change?” she asked patting the diaper.

“Um... “ she said, feeling it squish as she moved her hind legs.

Twilight chuckled getting her changed quickly “such a wetter you are Trixie.” she teased during the process. Soon she was put into a new diaper with twilight cutie mark printed on the front and back. Twilight set Trixie on her back and heading out.

Trixie looked once more into the hallway mirror at her form. The conflict from before resonation in her mind the more time passed. “Mommy?”

Twilight stopped just before the stairs turning her head to look at her. “Yes Trixie?”

“Do... do you think I’m weird for wanting to stay a foal?” she asked playing with Twilight mane.

Twilight mouth hung open for a while, the cogs in her brain turning. Trixie started to doubt her decision in the odd silence that followed. Soon Twilight replied. “This entire experience has been weird to be honest.” she said “As for wanting to stay my foal..I’m really not sure myself, I’d love to raise a filly of my own.”

“Really?” she asked, looking up at her, smiling hope in her eyes.

“Despite what Discord says about it all being made up my loving motherly feeling are genuine i’m sure.” she replied heading down the stairs.

“What about um... daddy?” she asked, feeling a lot better.

Twilight’s silent lasted a bit longer this time sounding unsure as she spoke, “I -I don’t know really, I explained the situation to him but now i’m just wondering what would become of him afterwards. All the sudden relationships just wiped away clean.”

She went quiet, snuggling into her mother’s mane sniffing the flower scent. As Twilight entered the room Trixie saw Applejack and PInkie playing scrabble.

“PInkie I told you PInkalicious isn’t a word.” Applejack facehoofed, a rather annoyed look upon her face towards her pink friends shenanigans..

PInkie rolled her eyes comically gesturing towards the board. “Oh, do you have poof it isn’t?” She snickered clearly joking and yet not getting her friends unamusement. Either that or being a troll.

“No it’s not, you’re making up words.” Applejack shook her head, shifting her crinkling rump and taking a glance down at her words she had manage to spell out, oddly enough all apple related. The universe just loved to reminder her of that didn’t it.

“Hi girls.” Trixie greeted, waving happily towards the two with a smile on her face. Sliding down from Twilight back with a soft poof, she waddled over to the two. For now she could forget her trouble and just hang.

“I see your a lot cheerier.” Applejack said taking another look at her letters.

Trixie nodded giving her a hug “Yes, very much so.” She smiled to Pinke before seeing somepony missing. “Wasn’t Dash able to stay?”

“She tried to convinced Shy but ultimately failed, Discord kind of just teleported away with her.” Applejack placed a few letters down. “Shame too, she fun to hang out with.”

The group all looked over towards the side room as a large bust of light was seen. Moments later Spike came into the room a reply from the princesses nested in his claws.

"Oh that took a bit longer than usual.” Twilight said unrolling the parchment in her magic and began to read it aloud.

Dear Twilight

After much discussion with Luna about the matter and reviewing several magic texts, I do believe it may be possible to reverse the problem. I request that you and the foals to meet in Canterlot tomorrow. Any other parents are more than welcome to come as well. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sincerely Princess Celestia

“Well good to hear she can help after all” Twilight said happily.

Trixie continued to watch the two play for a bit. Pinkie kept using nonsense words against applejack much to her annoynace, but it was all in good fun non the less. Trixie tapped Applejack on the shoulder taking a few breaths. “Applejack, can I ask you something?”

Applejack set her pieces down giving Trixie her full attention. “Something on your mind?”

There was a short pause as Trixie moved her hoof along floor. “Do you think that Blueblood was right?”

the farm filly shook her head. “Now don’t you listen to a word he said, he’s just a upper class nobile who cares nothing for anything but himself.”

“It’s just , do you think I”m being selfish for wanting to just throw my life away for this one? Just cause I want a better mother.”

While Trixie didn’t know anything about Applejack parents, she could see her remark had struck some sort of cord. A slight frown formed on the farm pony’s face as she stared down at the floor remaining silent for a time before she spoke. “I only knew my own parents for a short time, and I wouldn’t trade the world for them,” She coughs a bit no doubt fighting back emotional baggage. She continued regardless “The point is, at least you had parents. There had to be some good in your childhood your missing?”

“There wasn’t any... “she said, hanging her head.

Applejack put her hoof on Trixie’s shoulder “What about when you would got hurt, or graduation? I just don’t think you’re looking deep enough.”

Trixie remained silent for a time thinking about it further. “Well my sis did stay with me while i was sick for a week. My parents were at my graduation so I guess they cared somewhat.” Her life outsider her family had been quite enjoyable, she made few friends even had a crush at one point. Could she just let them go? She sniffled again. “Maybe I was being a bit selfish.”

“I never said you didn’t deserve a new childhood, I'm just saying you should think about this.” Applejack retorts, “There is always a silver lining.”

Trixie nodded at Applejacks words. She had been focused on the negative that she couldn't see the positive things in her life but no more. Even if she had to go back to normal she remember those words. Tomorrow was a new day and hopefully not her last as a foal.