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To be continued...


Twilight asks her brother Shining, if he'd like to spend a night with her to reenact the dreams she's had for so long. The catch is, Twilight wants to be dressed like a foal and coddled. Fortunately for her, Shining is more than willing to help her out.

(Warning: Diapers, Cuddling, and Emotions)

Cover art by: Cuddlehooves (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13158975/)

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Aw, so nice, and so cute. :rainbowkiss:

Cute, But basic, barebones, generic, tons of grammar mistakes and misplaced words, and really not much to it.

I suggest an editor. Lots of misused words, ambiguity and other assorted typos mar a rather cute and fluffy story.

Just wish there was more maybe something with smarty pants?

Why no Twilicorn tag?:duck:

While I get the undertone of the story, I just can't picture Twilight not only putting up with this from Shining, let alone being the one to suggest it. It seems, to me anyway, that Shining would be playfully suggesting to do this to get under Twilight's skin a little.

Rather lacking in substance, but kinda cute and fuzzy. My biggest issue, I find, is I'm conflicted between considering it cute warm fluff, or light BDSM. The magic nullifier, the strap on the pacifier, and the breast feeding-related content seemed to rather abruptly turn it from cute to almost sexual, not to mention the non-consentual nature of some of those things I just mentioned. So, I want to like it, but I can't seem to figure out how to feel about it. I'm giving it a thumbs up, but I don't think I can fave it.

as an ab and the fact that i've been single since i was 15 i can sympathize greatly with Twilight. I'm disabled and in a wheelchair and the lack of personal touch does make a person feel isolated and alone. Not only do i not have a gf but i dont have anyone to help me enjoy these regression experiences because my disability makes it impossible to do for myself.:fluttershysad:

I LOVE this story! While, yes, Twilight's issue IS stated to be a fetish, it doesn't make the story sexual in the least, instead focusing on Twilight and Shining Armor re-strengthening their previously slightly weakened bond with one another. So adorable!

Yay! This is a great story and I only have a simple plea: Maybe Twi got changed into a foal by Shining, accidental or not! It is a cool addition to think about!

Not bad, not bad. It's like a continuation of the Twilight part of Pattycakes 0.

8 out of 10. :twilightblush:

4568277 I vote for accidental, though if he talked things over with Cadence first, I could see him doing it intentionally.

link is dead....

Comment posted by xXElite AlicornXx deleted Jan 9th, 2015

wait , how has this not had a sequel made for it yet?....

Is this supposed to be borderline hentai?

Shining heard the diapers subtle crinkling noises, gradually turn into *squishing* noises with each on going pat.

Did Twily have an accident?

This was really cute and therapeutic for Twilight. Interesting that you went into the psychology of this kink.

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