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After having a mental breakdown, Scootaloo is promptly kicked out of her home and into the arms of her only supportive relative; her aunt and godmother Fluttershy. However, despite Fluttershy's expertise as a pediatrician, how she deals with Scootaloo's temperamental mental health becomes a true test of her skills as a caretaker and parent.

(Cover Art Creator: http://the-padded-room.deviantart.com )

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Sweetie Belle is offered to stay the summer at Fluttershy's cottage, with her sister Rarity's approval. However, Sweetie Belle's misunderstanding of what 'foal sitting' entails doesn't catch up with her until it's too late and she's forced to make the hasty decision to let Fluttershy baby her. After all, maybe it could be a lot of fun?

(Cover Done By: Jiayi)

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Scootaloo volunteers to have Twilight assist her in living a youthful childhood, that she never experienced. While at first Scootaloo comes to help Twilight out, she stays for other reasons.

(Cover art by: The-Padded-Room)

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Twilight's new SpARK program and it's legendary lore attracts many ponies to examine what about the nursery makes it such a secret project. Following several alternative plot lines, what happens in the nursery is at the whim of the nursery's creator and its inhabitant's desire.

(Cover Art Provided By CuddleLamb: http://cuddlelamb.deviantart.com/)

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Rainbow Dash abandons Scootaloo in a vain attempt to do great things in New York City. While Fluttershy isn't keen to Rainbow Dash's real motivation, she soon becomes very aware of what it's like dealing with kid with so many problems.

(Warning: Cuddling and Stuff! ^-^)

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Coco Pommel has the unintentional purpose of getting Rarity to roleplay with her during Heart's Warming Eve. While at first she's stress over her co-worker Rarity reaction, she soon welcomes the situation she got herself into.

(Warning: Padded Pony Story ^-^)

Cover Art Done By: inky-pinkie.deviantart.com

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Twilight asks her brother Shining, if he'd like to spend a night with her to reenact the dreams she's had for so long. The catch is, Twilight wants to be dressed like a foal and coddled. Fortunately for her, Shining is more than willing to help her out.

(Warning: Diapers, Cuddling, and Emotions)

Cover art by: Cuddlehooves (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13158975/)

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Fluttershy has kept her little secret for too long. When her friend Twilight finds out about her habit, she feels more than obliged to trust her friend. As time goes on, the two friends discover more about each other than they might like to have known.

(Note: This story contains a decent amount of age play and other aspects of it)

Cover Art: http://derpibooru.org/tags/artist-colon-rocket+manatee

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Celestia agrees to help Twilight with a problem shes' been dealing with for many years. However as Twilight soon discovers, her fascination with her fetish is linked deeper than she could've guessed. Thankfully Celestia is there for her support.

(Warning: Contains mild age play and mild sexually suggestive scenes)

Cover Art: http://britishstarr.deviantart.com/

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A month after the events of "Pattycakes 2" and Fluttershy is starting to see the effects of her experiments unravel. Likewise the decision Scootaloo made the faithful day during Fluttershy's game are starting to catch up to her and grief is approaching fast on her mind.

This story is based in part by the series original author:

Cover art done by: http://hourglass-sands.deviantart.com (FillyScoots42)

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