• Published 26th Jun 2015
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One More Time - AlliePastel

Scootaloo takes an opportunity to regain the earliest years of her life, under Twilight's supervision. (AB/DL Story)

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Author's Note:

You know, I've been working on this story for nearly nine months of my life and all I have to say is writing it has really made me reconsider a lot of things that I've written and that I've drawn since I started in 13'.

There's nothing wrong with caring for a person too much. It's better to care for someone too much than not at all. But I think there's a fine a line between caring and control that I've read as the premise in most AB/DL stories. As long as it's just a story- one for kinks at that, it's fine to do.

However, I draw the line at finishing off my story with the child living a life where she's forcibly babied, even if it is done with motherly/loving intentions. Because that to me, twist the natural and arguably most significant bond a mother shares with another person into something manipulative and wrong. It's for that reason, that I've ended the story the way I did.

I hope you all enjoy the read and I hope you all have a good one! ~England

“Poor baby.” Fluttershy cooed, bringing the child into her bedroom. She took a seat on her bed, the used her lap as a chair to sit her child on.

Scootaloo immediately turned to face her mommy and hugged her, burying her head into the yellow t-shirt that her mother was sporting.

The mother flinched a bit over the feeling of wet fabric touching on her shoulder. Shrugging it off, she wrapped her arms around the girl and rubbed her bare back “Shh… it’s alright. It’s alright to be a baby. I know it’s only pretend.”

“B-But it’s not.” The child whined, in the wake of her emotional breakdown.

Sighing, Fluttershy sat back on the couch continuing to coddle her child. It was insane to her, the fact that she was holding an eight year old who had the stability of one of her preschool aged patients. More so, it astounded her how utterly clingy a girl Scootaloo was. Despite her baby’s sobbing, it was weirdly cute to her.

In an attempt to soften her girl’s grievances, the women broke away from her coddle and grabbed her daughter’s chin, then turned it towards her own face. With a loving smile she softly spoke, “It’s alright lovey. You’re not a baby; you’re just pretending to be one. So what if you can’t use the potty. You’re just not ready for it.”

Scootaloo frowned, upset by her mother’s response. It was almost like Fluttershy really thought she couldn’t use the bathroom properly. “But I don’t need diapers!” She whined, quieting her sobbing a bit.

“Yes you do.” Fluttershy cooed, looking into her daughter’s eyes as if they were a magnifying glass of the mind. Under most circumstances, she wouldn’t hesitate to explain to Scootaloo the actual science of what had been going. That being that she was essentially dieting her daughter to be a diaper dependent girl. But unfortunately that was part of the experiment as well.

“Mmm.” Scootaloo moaned, clinging onto her mommy for support again. She buried her head back in the women’s chest, unable to gather herself properly as she succumbed to her tears again.

Very gently, the mother stood up and carried her girl to the kitchen, only to retrieve a formula flavored milk bottle from the fridge.

The child didn’t want to complain, but her tummy was really annoying her quite a bit. “I don’t wanna bottle.” She added, as she was carried off to another part of the house.

“I know you might not want a bottle…” The mother said, pausing for a short while as she made her into the child’s room. Planting a seat on the room’s walnut colored rocking chair, she repositioned her daughter, “but, it’ll help calm you down.”

“But I don’t wanna bottle. I’ve already had two today!” She remarked, crossing her arms in protest.

“Baby.” She said, using her hands to idly break up her daughter’s protest. “It’s very important for your nutrition to drink your milk. There’s only one other alternative and it’d be pretty bizarre for us both.” She continued, trying not to think too hard about it.

With a grain of salt, Scootaloo grabbed the bottle with both of her hands and began suckling on it again. Pouting, she sat back using her mommy as makeshift chair.

“Good girl.” Fluttershy cooed, hugging her daughter from behind as she used her legs to rock the chair back and forth in its intended motion.

Quite a bit of time passed in the nursery for the young mother and her child. Outside the house the sunset was being blanketed by the cascading storm clouds coming from the west. To every living thing’s surprise, a gently rain started pitter pattering against the roof top that hung over them.

‘Bizarre’ Fluttershy thought to herself as she looked out at the window, the storm couldn’t have possibly arrived so soon. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out cellphone; yes, the storm was in the area. Specifically, a thunderstorm with a rather high chance for flooding.

The child held the bottle away from her face as she’d grown extremely displeased with the taste. “I’m done.” She said very meekly.

Grabbing the bottle from the young girl, the mother nodded in a fake admiration. “Very good! Who’s a big girl?” She cooed, in a vain attempt to spark a positive response from her daughter.

To no surprise, the daughter remained stoic and profoundly upset looking.

“Hmm, how about we head to bed.” Fluttershy offered, setting her little girl on the ground. She made her way over to her child’s wardrobe and began assembling a little outfit for her, “Feel free to run to my room, I’ll be there in just a second.”

A bit reluctant at first, Scootaloo waddle to her mommy’s room. It astounded her that she wasn’t going to sleep in the crib by herself. She smiled coyly a bit, she was glad.

‘That and that’ Fluttershy thought to herself, grabbing a pacifier and one of Scootaloo’s various plushies. She thought about packing the diaper bag, but it wasn’t like Scootaloo was going anywhere she couldn’t solve the problem. Satisfied with what she picked, the mother made her way out of the nursery, shutting the door lightly behind her.

By the time her mommy entered the room, the child was already sitting politely on the bed waiting for her. “Why are we going to bed to bed so early again?” The child asked, looking at the alarm; there were still four hours til midnight.

“Because, you need your sleep and mommy has to file some things in the morning.” The mother cooed, trying not to spark a protest from Scootaloo as she made her way over to the bed.

She sat down and unzipped her jeans, tugging them down her legs. “You know, it’s pretty cool for being so hot outside.” She spoke, taking off her buttoned down blouse as well.

Scootaloo averted her eyes, directing her eyes away from her mom.

“Hehe, it’s alright Scootaloo.” Fluttershy said, reaching over and pulling out a pair of yellow and black plaid flannel pajama pants. “It’s not like I have anything that you haven’t already seen.” She giggled, throwing on a white tank top.

Blushing a bit, the child took a glance at her mommy. She’d never realized how fit she really was. Curiously, she reached out her hand and grabbed Fluttershy’s bicep.

Quickly, Fluttershy snapped her neck looking down at her daughter. “Oh, hehe- You alright there baby? You aren’t hungry are you?” She asked, despite being pretty sure that Scootaloo was alright.

“Actually, my tummy is a tiny bit achy. But, anyway I just noticed how big your arm was.” She said, turning her head a tiny bit in observation. To her own ignorance, Fluttershy’s arm actually wasn’t all that big, if anything it was edging on being dainty.

“Hehe, if you say so.” Fluttershy giggled, moving her legs to sit on top of the bed fully.

Scootaloo followed suit, grabbing her pacifier and stuffed ducky and crawling underneath in the bed’s blankets. When she settled, she stuck the pacifier in her mouth and set down the plushie to be cuddled with later.

“Come on Scoots.” The mother said, getting underneath the covers herself. She opened her arms to Scootaloo and let the child cling to her side for comfort.

Scootaloo rested her head on the crook of her mother’s arm and hugged her tiny arms around her mommy’s waist; she knew she wasn’t going to use the stuffed ducky.

“Hehe, comfy?” Fluttershy asked, using her one free arm to shut off the room’s light.

The child nodded, unable to use her tongue underneath the rubber nipple of the pacifier. She just assumed her mother knew.

“Good girl.” Fluttershy said, turning towards the child. She very carefully adjusted her arm to continue serving as Scootaloo’s pillow, and used her other free hand to pat her daughter’s padded tushie.

“Mmm…” Scootaloo sounded, resting her forehead against her mother’s breast. She closed her eyes, drifting quickly off to sleep.

Fluttershy held the child in a quiet close intensity as she heard the lightening and the rain pick up in intensity a bit. She knew that the thunderstorm wouldn’t get that bad, but she still hated the sound of thunder.


“Mmm…” Fluttershy moaned, opening up her eyes and doing a small stretch. To her relief, her baby had rolled elsewhere on the bed and had clung to her ducky plushy as expected.

She smiled coyly as she climbed out of bed and went to the other side. She very gently pulled her child up from underneath the sheets in a manner that wouldn’t disturb her too heavily.

“Ooh- yuck.” Fluttershy said, feeling the weight of Scootaloo’s nappy before the eventual stench that followed hit her nose. To her disgust, she got some on her hand as well.

Quite some time passed as the mother diligently cleaned up her daughter’s accident. It wasn’t Scootaloo’s fault any of what she did, happened…


“Hmm?” Scootaloo questioned, looking up from her position. To her surprise, she was in the car; but not in her car seat.

“Oh, Goodmorning Scootaloo.” Fluttershy said, focusing on the road. “Did you sleep well?” she asked, nicely.

Scootaloo nodded, rubbing her eye with a balled up fist. To her shock, when she tried lifting her leg the seat’s leather interior stuck to the bottom of her thigh. It was incredible, but when she reached to feel her backside she was wearing a thin bit of cotton; she was wearing panties.

She looked down at her outfit, she was wearing some sort of nice white gym shoes, a white skater skirt and a generic cute t-shirt.

“Yeah, sorry it’s all I had.” Fluttershy said, focusing on the highway in front of her.” She glimpsed back at the child and the luggage around her for only a second before focusing back on the road. “Don’t worry, when we get to the diner I’ll explain everything.”

Scootaloo smiled a bit, but was a tad bit concerned for herself. She looked out at the fields around her as the rain bounced and glistened off the corn stalks and green grass blades. She laid back in her seat, relaxed.

Fluttershy smiled in tandem as she raced down the highway away from the little suburb town. She was a doctor for a reason after all.

After several minutes of traveling, the child watched as the world around her went from an innocent community in the middle of nowhere, to a series of humble little cottages that sprung up in the quiet forest in a more secluded part of town. Eventually, she turned off the interstate highway and into a small fishing town by a lake.

“Does someone like pancakes?” Fluttershy asked, getting out of her car. Just because she was trying to change things up, doesn’t mean that she was going to be the caring mommy she could be.

Scootaloo undid her seat belt and lifted her arms out to her mother, before being yanked from the car like a cheery from a tree. She watched as her mommy grabbed her hand and guided her up the concrete walk in and inside the restaurant.

“Come on Scootaloo.” Fluttershy said, opening various glass doors for the girl. She went inside the building and took a seat on a weather torn table.

Scootaloo climbed on top of the opposite seat and sat. It was around now that she realized that her mother was still in her pajamas. She turned her head curiously.

“Oh, these?” Fluttershy asked, looking around at the bustling joint. She smiled a bit, “Gimme a sec.” She said, before turning to the waiter. After giving a brief order, she turned back to the girl.

Scootaloo watched as a glass was carried over and set on the table in front of her. With both hands, she picked it up and sipped on it as she heard her mommy’s response.

“Well, it’s a long story Scootaloo. But the situation wasn’t necessarily and as much as I’d like to raise you like a baby, you’re not one.” She admitted, taking a sip of her coffee. Waking up a tad bit, she blinked a few times, “You know. I can pamper you all I want, but you’re eight years old and deserve to be treated with a little bit of independence.”

Scootaloo kept sipping her milk, kicking her legs in a cute manner as she did so.

Looking around to make she the conversation was still confidential, Fluttershy smiled. “Ooh baby, I’ve got so many things planned for you, but letting you be some sort of Guinee pig isn’t one of them.” She said, looking down at her baby, “I told that University that they can experiment on somebody else. Because my baby isn’t just a baby, she’s beautiful young lady and one day she’s going to do things ever more incredible than even her mommy could imagine and she’s going to be able to do them all on her own. ”

Scootaloo smiled pridefully, lifting up the glass and setting it on the table; but, blushed at a sudden realization.

“Hehe- can I use the potty?” The young girl asked, politely.

Eagerly, the mommy replied, “Any time you want.”


“There it is.” The mother said, helping her child out of her care once again.

Smiling, Scootaloo looked at the quant little cottage. It wasn’t nearly as spacey as her Twilight’s old town house, but it was pretty spacey feeling underneath all the trees and whatnot.

Very happily, Fluttershy took the child’s hand and led Scootaloo inside the house. It, like the rest of the house was quaint. The rooms were all lavish with modernish décor and every section of the small three roomed house was floored with a fresh oak laminate.

“Where’s my room?” Scootaloo asked, biting her knuckle in a curious attempt to navigate the new home.

“It’s that one.” Fluttershy replied, walking up to and opening the door in front of her own.

Scootaloo looked inside and was astounded by how spacious and neat the room was. In reality it was a just a guest bedroom with some rather nice turquoise sheets. There wasn’t any interior or toys like she was used to. But that didn’t stop her from running up to Fluttershy and hugging her waist.

“Awe, baby.” Fluttershy smiled, lifting her child into a cradle. She smiled, looking down deeply in her eyes. She brushed her daughter’s hair back, “Hehe, I wish I hadn’t cut your hair so short.”

Without saying a word, the child started tearing up a bit. Likewise, she was hugged closely without a second guess.

"Shh... it's alright sweetie." The mother lovingly cooed to her baby girl. She rested a hand on her daughters backside and used her other one to press her daughter's head against her chest.

Scootaloo sobbed for only a few minutes before calming herself.

For what seemed like a snap shot in time, the girl listened to her mother's heart beat like the time and it were one and the same...

*Thump Thump Thump*

-The End-

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Comments ( 8 )

Awesome job

I have to agree with you, Oliver, on ending it here. It's not right of Fluttershy to force Scootaloo to continue the experiment if she really doesn't want to. Regression therapy is a very difficult subject matter, and if Scootaloo was forced to continue the experiment against her will there's no telling what sort of adverse pyschological effects it could have. That being said, if at any point she were to want to return to how she was being treated, and Fluttershy was okay with it, that would be fine.

you sir have regained my like

it shoud end whit twilight

Comment posted by Symphonic Writer deleted Mar 25th, 2016

Well if scoots would of like it then yes but, to me this seems like forced infantiism pretty much this story could be come the next patty cakes

I am SO happy with the ending. I think I might have teared up a little.

I do mean to say anythings bad with the story, but the hand in the cover art fluttershy's because it has a bracelet with three butterflies on it

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