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Scootaloo idolizes Rainbow Dash. So why is she asking to talk to Twilight about something being wrong? That question alone has the Alicorn worried.

Continuity: Homecoming

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" Earth pony strength and endurance just didn’t translate to wings, for some reason. " Twilight was a unicorn before her ascension. I find that line to be somewhat racially insensitive. :facehoof: :twilightsmile:

Well as an Alicorn she gets magic of all the tribes. But she - as a bookworm - doesn’t understand that exercise is a thing for muscles.

Also, bookworm.

including a ottoman


Absolutely adorable on multiple levels. Thanks Rose.

I loveeeeeee this aw, it's so heartwarming

Aww, poor Scoots. :scootangel:

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