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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.


Sometimes you get scared and need to sleep in somepony else's room. It's okay. It happens to everypony. Sometimes, it even happens to everypony all at once.

When it does, excessive cuddling ensues...

Takes place during season 1 because it wouldn't make sense anywhere else.

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Oh Spike!

Awww, this is a really cute read! Very goofy and funny as well, it was nice!

Well shoot, this just made me want to see Magical Mishaps of Atrocious Artifacts become an anthology series.

Nice story!

This story is horrible and I will never sleep again. :twilightoops:

But seriously, I enjoyed it a lot.

Dawww... that was adorable.

Now back to reading grimdark tales of horror and despair! 🎃

Мало слов. ЗЕЛЕНЫЙ РЕЙТИНГ вообще позор! Фууу....

But the title of the story and and the mention of the mane ... good.

Hey, that's Equestria. Sometimes it's all fun and rainbows and other times you begin to irreversibly turn into a tree or get eaten by giant cave eels or are petrified by a Cockatrice and snails crawl over your frozen countenance.

I felt strangely nostalgic reading this and was adorable :rainbowkiss:

This did split the timeline, if you think about it.

616 is Dewey Decimal number for books about Diseases

Fiction books are in the 800s, along with non-fiction literature.

This is the Pony Decimal System, though.

I need more old show goodness like this.

Me too, friend. Me too.

Well, shoot. I had better get to writing then.

I was waiting for Spike to reference that story and laugh. It would have been great to see how he loves horror stories.

Also, this is just more proof why herds are great. Pony cuddle pile just makes sense. Course as a dog lover i may be biased. My puppers always pile ontop of each other.

This was amazing. :pinkiehappy:
The order of ponies showing up makes sense in terms of fear and proximity.

Trixie was great, too. Such a great and powerful addition to the story.:trixieshiftright:

But that twist at the end....now I really want to hear this story.

really like the twist at the end xD

Sadly, leaving the story vague is really the only option here. Nothing will actually live up to the reactions.

I know this. I really do.

But that doesn't change the fact that I still want to read it hahaha:pinkiecrazy:

Note to self: a good horror story is the best way to get a ten pony cuddle going.

Really enjoyed the writing and the pacing of the story. Was pleasantly surprised by the last guest who came over to seek Twilight's 'aid'. :twilightsmile:

Just don't use that power for evil.

Dash defied death every day and Applejack… farmed? But she was a brave farmer!

y i k e s :duck:

Satisfyingly saccharine sweet. Perfect, 16/10.

I could see this becoming a fan-episode one day. Its really sweet and made me laugh quite a bit. Especially "But can you be completely and utterly certain of that"? <---- That whole exchange with Ponk really tickled me for some reason.

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