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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.


Lemon Zest is pretty lucky for a pony who just got fried to death, as she scores the one in ten thousand chance a pony has at becoming a ghost. Knowing nothing about how to survive the afterlife, Zest seeks out the guidance of a far older and more experienced specter named Sugarcoat. Fittingly finding herself haunting an abandoned schoolhouse, Lemon Zest will need to learn the basics if she ever wants to be a pro-ghost.
Of course, tuition isn't entirely free, and Sugarcoat will expect Lemon Zest to help her recruit more ghosts to the lonely Shadowbolt Academy.

This story takes place in the same AU as A Witch in Broad Daylight. No knowledge of the other story is required.

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A very intriguing story. I will wait for the continuation.

“The normal type?” she supposed. “Wait! No! I’m an electric-type ghost!”

Ah yes. Lemon Zest is now a Rotom. She'll have to see if she can possess her cylinder player. Maybe she'll be able to use Boomburst!

Definitely looking forward to more of this, especially with one of my favorite underused characters as the protagonist. (I should also catch up on A Witch in Broad Daylight while I'm at it. :twilightsheepish:) It'll be very interesting to see what you do with the rest of the expected girls, to say nothing of any surprises popping up.

Thanks! It'll be updating every Friday for at least a couple of months.

But unlike the black stars, Zest could swear a light shone somewhere deep in the hole of the moon.

Well isn't that interesting :trixieshiftleft:

That was a silly idea. She had no reason to assume something bad was to the south. Right?

Except for the weird pull making you go south :moustache:

Hypothetically, she did have ice magic. Making fire from ice didn’t sound overly plausible, though, so she gave up on that without trying.

No no give it a chance, I wanna see if Red Mage's theory about Cold Fission creating heat could actually work :trollestia:

(that's an 8-Bit Theater [a webcomic] reference for those of you that get extremely confused about what I'm talking about) :trollestia:

“I see.” Zest sighed. That implied Sugarcoat here wasn’t her enemy.

Or she's lying, don't think she is in this case though... still Zest, you should be a bit more careful about who you trust :trixieshiftleft:

ghost lore? ghost adventures? sign me up!

“Close,” Sugarcoat granted. “We call you an elemental. When a pony is killed by an element – that is, fire, water, earth, or electricity – they have a chance of becoming an elemental, imbued with the force that took their life.”

Wait, would a fire elemental still need to eat the heat of others or can they make their own? :trixieshiftright:

“Not anymore there isn’t.” Sugarcoat cast her glance downward.

There used to be one, what happened? :trixieshiftright:

“Yeah!” Zest nodded. Finally, she’d get an answer to that. “That’s how I noticed you, even. The feeling of being blown down there vanished when I got close to you.”

Oooh, Zest lucked out and Sugarcoat's aura ended up being in between the source of the pull and Zest :trixieshiftleft:

“It’s worse than you’re imagining, even.” Sugarcoat shook her head. “Our enemy is the leader of Crater Cemetery.

Ahh yes, the one Sonata is "working" for :trixieshiftleft:

Being a ghost is not ideal. At least when all the bigger and meaner ghosts want to steal your lunch money.

I will take all the Epsilon-Delta and Witch In Broad Daylight AU I can get!
Congrats on featured.

You just gotta be the biggest and meanest ghost, bro. Just do it!


Wait, would a fire elemental still need to eat the heat of others or can they make their own?

Don't worry. This one is crawling with undead. They're all over the place. 100% chance you'll see a fire elemental at some point.


“And if I’m dead I don’t owe anypony money.” Zest snicked and giggled, holding in a howl of laughter.

me irl

Very well written, I look forward to future updates of Zest being incredibly lucky.

Well, little Lemon. If this is the same AU, I must do this, I am sorry, but you are now cursed. You are forever a noobie ghost, the end condition is that you must get Twilight Sparkle to say books are stupid.

Lemon Zest's shoujo training arc begins now! She'll become the yureikage. Believe it!

That was a interesting story. I hope it stays that way.

Now the obvious question is where in the timeline does this take and whether what happens in one story will affect the other.

Like Zest even though she's a dumb, dumb pony.

Weird stuff world building. Can get into this.

She may be dumb now, but surely the school will increase her intelligence score.

Geeze, suddenly being a ghost doesn't seem as great if you can be enslaved by other ghosts... Fates worse than death I suppose.

That was why they lived in such dark and lonely places where they wouldn’t be tempted to harm anypony.

Nice detail!

Hypothetically, she did have ice magic. Making fire from ice didn’t sound overly plausible, though, so she gave up on that without trying.

Liquid oxygen :rainbowlaugh:

It needs to be something with high specific heat, you see.


“Oh?” Sugarcoat folded her hooves and rested her chin on them. “You don’t seem suicidally depressed to me. You’re chipper, considering your situation.”

Being depressed, committing suicide and then ending up as a ghost must be a bummer :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh, no! He’s coming right for me!”

If this is a South Park reference it made me laugh. Good stuff! :rainbowlaugh:

That is ancient. Like Season 1 or 2 South Park. Miss those days.


They can eat any type of heat, the only issue is the taste of it. Hot metal is too disgusting for most ghosts to stomach. I believe that would make plutonium unable to be used directly, though if you used it to heat up something else it could be more palatable.

Ghosts can easily boil and freeze the same lot of water over and over again. It tastes bland but it's doable.

Not sure how many ghosts are out there exactly, but they should get into the cryogenics business, they'd make a killing.

Interestingly, they would be able to tell if it was 'killing' anyone, eventually, as there's always the one in ten thousand chance someone frozen to death becomes a ghost.

I think from a practical standpoint there's not really any way to "survive" a cryogenic freezing, the idea is more about eventual resuscitation. I was thinking more along the lines of a profitable, and legal way to freeze people, even if it might be a scam.

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