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This story is a sequel to Dungeons & Dorks

Normally, history lessons equal naptime for Indigo Zap. But the lectures about the revolution which started their country managed to pick up her curiosity. Inspired by the tales about rebels and battles for justice she is eager to start her own revolution at Crystal Prep Academy. But in her fight for freedom at the elite high school she is facing a powerful opponent. Will she and the other Shadowbolts be able to stand up against their principal? Or will Cinch smother the revolution before it even began?

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XDDDD to the end of that. XD

Sticking out her chest Indigo proudly nodded. “Exactly!”
Rubbing the back of her head Indigo mumbled: “That’s a rather heavy let-down… I was hoping you’d roll a pair of party cannons into school or something.”

I think the second was supposed to be said by Lemon

lol Nice end to this chapter. Should prove interesting.

You see, Indigo? Struggle, heroes, villains and copious amounts of bloodshed! Who said that history is boring? :rainbowdetermined2:

Actually, I would say that they should indeed consider making Pinkie Pie their Quartermaster General. There isn't anything happiness-inducing that she can't supply on a ridiculously short timescale!

Still, it looks like a cultural revolution on campus will be an uphill struggle. Most Crystal Preppers seem to be quite happy the way things are. If they're going to effect change, they're going to have to come up with a strategy to make change seem needed and desirable.

Yeah, the problem with a clothing-based revolution? Cinch is a tight-ass.

The only way to make this work is for Indigo to get as many students as possible out of uniform as quickly as possible. Cinch can't exactly suspend 1/4 of the student body, can she? The Board of Trustees would have her out of the door so fast, her shoes would catch fire!

Still, I suppose you have to start in small ways. I'd be very, very interested to see how the other SBs' personality comes out in their clothing. I think that Sour Sweet would end up looking a bit like Harley Quinn due to the contrasting black and white panels in her clothing, Lemon would look like the rock chick she is and Sugarcoat would definitely go for the fetish librarian look, ensuring that she suddenly leaps to the top of the 'girls to date' board.

6816586 Yep, that was a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out :twilightsmile:

6816801 No problem and cool to see that I actually changed the story (even if only one word) with this comment
Keep up the good work. I really love your series.:yay:

Another amazing chapter, as always, eh?^^ Loved Cinch's choice of punishment. XDDD (And I'm guessing no possibilities of continuing that draft today, eh?)

Never forget that Cinch was probably a Shadowbolt once. She's probably forgotten more pranks than the girls even know exist!

lol Liking this even more with each chapter. Though, that's to be expected from your great works, eh?:D

You know, I think that Indigo has a good basis to complain to the Board about cruel and unusual punishment. Cinch must be on thin ice after her increasing the difficulty of the course and insisting on after-school classes and programs. Basically humiliating a student like that, especially given how it came close to breaking Indigo, could be the last straw. Hell, over her in the UK, it would not only get her fired, she might face criminal indictment for cruelty to a minor!

You can face anything if you've got friends. That's the lesson that Indigo learns today and, perhaps, is the most important lesson of all for her to learn.

This is adorable.:D

You know for some reason I would've expected Sugarcoat to look up the rules regarding the dress code beforehand and used a loophole for them to exploit.

If I were Cadance, my advice to Cinch would be this: Don't overreact; indeed don't even react, at least not overtly.

The SBs are young enough that, if you take away the adrenaline of the fight, they would get bored very, very quickly. Habit is strong and, if there wasn't any overt action, they'd slip back into uniform every so often just because they don't have anything else to wear. Every tyrant always makes the mistake in the end of being too strong and unyielding. Fail to give the rebels something substantive to resist against and the rebellion loses strength.

That doesn't mean that you can't make their lives unbearable in 101 untraceable minor ways (take 5 percentage points off the top of their test scores and grade averages just to force them to work harder; glue the little rotters' lockers shut and the like) to just wear them down that little bit faster. Anyone can attempt to be an immovable object. A really effective absolute ruler is an amorphous mass that simply resists any attempt to find something solid against which to deliver blows.

Yeah, you can tell I know my Sun-Tsu and Machiavelli! :raritywink:

Yet another amazing chapter, as usual.:D

Comment posted by ShadowLDrago deleted Jan 17th, 2016

The group of five was hanging around on the playground of Crystal Prep Academy, the probably most polished while at the same time least used playground in the entire school district. All other students seemed to either avoid or not take notice of the sandbox, no one getting closer than twenty feet.

:rainbowhuh: A sandbox and monkey bars don't scream "polished" to me.

Cinch didn’t move a muscle, except for her eyeballs.

This made me laugh.:rainbowlaugh:

That was a great story! :rainbowkiss:

Ugh, history is one of my worst subjects.

Anyway, an interesting start on this next story. Indigo's attention caught by the word 'revolution'? I see gears turning inside her head. :pinkiehappy:

A big grin on her face Indigo dashed off towards the other students streaming back into the school. Her friends stared after her, looking a little worried. Sour, Lemon and Sugarcoat then turned their eyes towards Sunny, the short-haired girl surprised by their insulting glares.

“W-why are you looking at me?” she asked, uncomfortably hiding herself in the climbing box.

“You woke her up” Sugarcoat reminded her.

Coming back out from her hideout Sunny huffed. “I thought I was waking up a dozing classmate, not a sleeping giant!”

She's got a point. Yep, yep, yep!

“Well it sounds nice in theory!” Sour yelled, having trouble to keep her voice sweet over the loud music of Indigo. “Buuuut don’t you think Cinch will try to stop you?”

Indigo laughed out loud. “She can try!” she replied, putting her hands off her ears and folding them confidently over her chest. “I mean what’s the worst she can do?”


That's called Tempting Fate, Indigo. Knowing Indigo after a couple stories, I have a bad feeling this meeting won't go well.

I like Indigo's idea for a revolution. If I had to wear a school uniform all the time, I'd like it less, but if I got the chance to wear it by choice, I'd be more open to it. I can see why she chose this to be her revolution.

Poor Indigo. Nothing says embarrassing and humiliating like a clown costume. Cinch is evil for doing that to her. Granted she was evil before, but now she's even more evil. When will the evilness stop? First she blackmails Sci-Twi, then she adds those extra lessons to the curriculum, and now she does this to Indigo? Justice must be served.

Again, I repeat, poor Indigo. She's so crushed about her revolution failing like it did.

I did like the interesting spin on the human world's version of the Hearth's Warming Eve tale, and how it worked as a revolution. The problem with the war and Indigo's revolution are they were too demanding. The only way to get a positive conclusion is for Indigo to compromise with Cinch. Indigo might be stubborn, but if she's learned anything from friendship, it's that you have to take what you can get sometimes.

I wonder what Mirror's going to do now that she heard the Shadowbolt Five's conversation.

Yes! That's the Indigo we know! Way to rally, girls! :pinkiehappy:

The ending to this was pure win. A compromise was worked out, Indigo made friends with her teams, and she didn't study for the test despite participating in a school historic event. The irony! XD

Onto the friendship report!


Who said that history is boring?

Plenty of people.
Those people are wrong, though.


“Hey, um, that offer to meet at Joe’s doughnut bar – is it still up?” she asked shyly.

Indigo frowned at the girl who had dumped her once at that place. The suddenly stern look made Mirror wince.

Maybe I'm just misinterpreting this, but for some reason I get the vibe that Indigo and Mirror are ex's. Maybe they can make up?

Anyway, another fantastic story. I'm really loving your take on the Shadowbolts.

Excellent story, I loved it especially the ending!

Uh-oh. Indigo made a big mistake.

Very good story, enjoyed reading every last second of it! :heart: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

You are just one person going against a sea of many. What did you think was going to happen, Indigo?!

I love Cadence in this. She's sensible and firm yet kind and considerate at the same time. Why can't more school administrators be like her?

Chancellor Puddinghead trying to assume control of Royalty? Oh gosh dis is awesome!

Do I sense a SunnyxIndigo subtext in this series or did I leave my shipping goggles on again?

I haven't mentioned it before, but I don't think recess is a thing in high school. No high school I'm aware of has it. So it seems really weird to me that Crystal Prep does have recess.

I don't think the word "tis" would be in Indigo's vocabulary 🤔

“FREEDOM!” Indigo screamed the principal into the sentence, then began to sing the national anthem so loud people could hear her outside of the office.


I don't have any faith in Mirror. You, on the other hand, Mr. Author Man... :trixieshiftleft:

“T-rex eating rock isn’t really fair”


That was fun.

Pushing herself forward Sour slid down the slide, jumping off the bottom and landing with both feet on the sand. “And how should we start this friendship revolution, oh great commander?” she asked. Folding her hands she pressed them against her cheek, fluttering her eye-lashes as she spoke: “Should we place confetti canons on top of the roof and fire them over the whole school?”

A pink haired head peaked out of the bushes with a big smile on her face.

“That was sarcasm, Lemon” Sugarcoat told her.

Bushes rustled slightly.

Rubbing the back of her head Lemon mumbled: “That’s a rather heavy let-down… I was hoping you’d roll a pair of party cannons into school or something.”

:pinkiehappy:: I can help with this!!!

And oh yeah school uniform I still remember the situation with it in my first school, girls were the only ones to complain about it, we had a nice rule which allowed students to not wear it on the last day of the week, as long as the clothes are in formal style, but needless to say how many times girls were breaking it.

Long live the revolution!!!

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