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This story is a sequel to A Stellar Performance

Contains spoilers for "Friendship games"

After having become friends the five Shadowbolts from Crystal Prep Academy spent their first Friday night together. However, the distinct personalities of Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare make it hard to find common ground. In the end, they can only decide on something none of them is really eager to do: Play a table top role-playing game. At first the prospect of spending their Friday night with nerd stuff in a gloomy basement doesn't excite them very much. But the deeper they dive into the adventure, the more intrigued the nerdy game seems to catch their interest...

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"You may all have set on this quest for different reasons, but fate brought all of you together to this place..."

Well, if there was ever a prophetic introduction to a scenario, it's that!


Sour Sweet
Class: Cleric
Species: Lycan
Alignment: Lawful/Neutral

Class: Fighter
Species: Orc
Alignment: Chaotic/Good

Lemon Zest
Class: Bard
Species: Naga
Alignment: Chaotic/Good (A prankster, which seems to be her)

Indigo Zap
Class: Paladin
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful/Good (automatic for the 'Paladin' class... I wonder what god is her character's patron?)

Sunny Flare
Class: Rogue
Species: Human
Alignment: Good/Neutral (A crime-fighter, yes, but still an outlaw)

Sounds great, lets do this!

God, this takes me back to my half dragon wizard, my best friend at the time was a dwarven ranger. Best scenario ever: man is driving a horse drawn whatchamicallit when a wizard walks up and asks for a ride, he was about to deny the wizard, when he sees its actually a dwarf giving a wizard a piggyback ride.

Been waiting for a new story from you. :heart:
Can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:
Good work!:pinkiehappy:

Don't you mean Lemon Zest? :derpyderp1:

A D&D game where the players start off irritated with one another? That's a twist, :pinkiegasp:

Okay, I'm loving their characters already. I would laugh my butt off if this is reflecting, in some dim way, how their Pony equivalents in Equestria act.

They do need some random monsters though, if they're going to level up. Nothing particularly high-level or challenging; just the sort of scum you usually find on the road.

"Three goblin thieves step out of the shadows and... Oh, look, Axe has already decapitated two of them! The third one is already on the floor, curled up in a ball, sucking his thumb and screaming for his mother... thing... whatever the equivalent is for goblins."

“A space pirate riding on a unicorn?” Snakes asked, leading the others to furrow their brows at her. “…What? That’s totally a thing!”

YOU SONUVA... :pinkiegasp:

Evil cliffhanger.

Nice chapter; a few spelling errors, though...:twilightoops:

6745548 I'll look over it again. I didn't have Word available to check on the grammar before uploading, so it's quite possible some mistakes slipped through proof-reading.

6744607 You know, I had to rewrite this part because my computer crashed, which made me quite angry, and couldn't remember what she said at this point. Then I thought of this, and it made the crash totally worth it :rainbowlaugh:

.... XDDDD Hilarious way to handle that battle. Sure, there's no rule for such a thing, but there's no rule against such a creative countermeasure. XD

'Roll some dice for effect and then make some stuff up' D&D is Best D&D, :pinkiecrazy:

“You can’t just add rules through democratic vote!” Sugarcoat told them.

“Who thinks we should be able to add rules through democratic votes?” Indigo asked.

Everybody but Sugarcoat raised a hand.

Perfect :rainbowlaugh:

Somehow it makes sense that Lemon Zest would somehow win the day by being... herself.

Shoulda had Snake go up first and climbed up her tail, :rainbowderp:

No rope? What kind of a third-rate dungeoneering party is this?

That ending gave me flashbacks to no small number of games I've played: "This was the dumbest thing I've ever played!":flutterrage: " Do you want to try again?":trixieshiftright:"Yes I do!":rainbowdetermined2:

Nice fic, very telling on the abrasive attempts at Friendship...:yay:

“What did they say?” Thunderblade asked.

“They’re gonna oat us and use our ear-cones as vices,” Snakes told them.

Immediately thought of this, :rainbowkiss:

That was awesome; the rampant idiocy was on-par with what my first AD&D group was like when I was a kid (ah, memories, :ajsmug:)

Also, I love how the way you write the Shadowbolts' relationship portrays them as 'anti-friends'; like they're an antithesis to the Humane 6 in almost every way. They're not trying to emulate the friendships that their rivals have: their forging their own kind of friendship, :rainbowdetermined2:


lol Amazing way to finish this, I've got to say. Loved it.:D

In truth, recently, my cousin told me of some hilarious stories involving him and his D&D campaigns that were downright hilarious. XD

Oh, and I think it was in the prior chapter, but there are parts where you changed the pattern as to which was using the italics in regards to Sour Sweet's personas. And even a part where you italicized the words outside of the text. Thankfully, fairly easy fixes. But, just thought I'd mention.

6763917 6765232 Thank you! My favorite scenes in MLP are when the mane 6 have humorous arguments, so I try to put a strong emphasize on that kind of banter into my Shadowbolt stories.

6765341 Oh you're right, I squeezed some text into a dialog line and forgot to italicize it :twilightblush: Thanks!

As for Sour Sweet's personas however, they are constant throughout the entire story :ajsmug:

6765768 I meant, usually through this fic, you had the mean one italicized, but for one of the recent chapters, there was a part where the nice one was the one italicized. Easy mistake though, eh?

6766072 Sour Sweet's sweet remarks were, like in my previous fics, always italicized, while her sour remarks were left normal.

Look at the italicized parts again. Notice something? :raritywink:

6766413 I'm just guessing that you fixed it. But, in previous chapters for this particular fic, you kept making the mean side italicized.

Ah well. Regardless, still a great fic.^^

Oh, and just tell me whenever you feel up to that draft we discussed on PM. But for now, hope you're having a Merry Christmas.:D

6766421 As I said, just PM me next year and I'll see if we can work something out :twilightsmile:

About Sour Sweet's speech, there was never something to fix. Oh well, maybe you'll realize it sometime.

6766443 I'm just saying that there were parts where you swapped the pattern. I noticed it as I read. But, those parts may have already been fixed by the time we are currently talking about it. XD

And darn. Was hoping we could start whenever you've finished the next part of Cadance's reading of the friendship essays.^^

6766451 I'll be busy with other stuff, so sorry, but it'll have to wait :twilightsheepish:

6766465 Darn. But, alright.^^

6766465 Well, maybe we can set up at least discussing it, so as to get a general idea for it ahead of time?

Obviously Indigo is a fan of The Avengers, given the way she used Tony Stark's "Hulk-Out Provocation Method" #2 and #5 there!

6766481 I didn't watch Avengers, but I'm guessing one of those methods involves "Yo momma"-jokes?

I've got the feeling that Sunny's parents are going to find the five of them passed out in the basement after trying to redo a few times.

Well, it isn't about the end but the journey and, through their games, I do think that the Shadowbolts are learning something that Cinch never allowed them to learn - teamwork!

This story makes me want to try out a RPG. It sounds interesting, but I've never found a game to sit down and play. :derpytongue2:

“Seriously, you only threw stuff together you found cool or funny, didn’t you?” she scolded the carefree girl. “Did you put a SINGLE thought into how we can win this thing?!”

That's so me :rainbowlaugh:

6767730 I've only played "Dungeons & Dragons" once, but it was really fun. I can recommend to try it out :pinkiesmile:

Buuut you should play it with people who don't get mad or insulted too easily :derpytongue2:

I like this. It's clear that they're very inexpereicned with being NICE or even just more than just barely civil, but, they're slowly forming their own type of friendship.

As a person who HAS played a campaign with a half-snake bard, and its Kobold brother, I can attest to the behavior of said creature, except ours was somewhat useful. She sat on enemies while we beat up more.

Indy's gonna pull a Leeroy isn't she?

6842470 Actually, what she pulled off could be considered an "Anti-Leroy" (delayong the assault on the enemy) :raritywink:

On top of the map, various sheets of paper as well as a handful of books were scattered over the table, alongside several dices with up to twenty sides.

Common mistake, but it's actually 'dice' for the plural, die for the singular. 1 die, 2+ dice. I presume it's the 'standard' D&D set, so D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20 with 2 or more of everything except maybe the D20, since that's usually rolled on its own in that system.

7109297 Well that's new to me. Thanks :twilightsmile:

A role-playing game, huh? Not really my kind of game, but I'll read along and see how this goes. Very in-character character decisions each of the Shadowbolts made. They all sound pretty cool, and I'm plenty interested in just what Lemon's going to do with her character.

The adventure really begins! Very detailed character descriptions the heroes have, and I liked the breaks back into the real world. They make me laugh. Something that also made me laugh is how the Axe called Honeytooth's deciding factor. The end result was nice, leaves me wondering which path is going to be taken.

I liked Lemon's approach to the goblin battle. Everything could use a little spontaneity here and there. Plus, the idea of goblins being attracted to Lemon's kind of music is amusing. Onward to the dragon's cave!

Well, that was a waste of the characters' time. Perhaps if they had stacked up in the order that the Axe told them to, they would've been able to get up there. But the prank and the insults towards Honeytooth were worth it to see the werewolf priestess hulk out. :twilightsmile:

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