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This story is a sequel to Sour's on the case!

If there is one thing Lemon Zest loves, it's music! So it only makes sense that one day, she decides to start a band out of the blue. However, her fellow Shadowbolts and best friends don't seem interested in playing music with her, claiming their genre preferences are too different for this to work. When everyone else at Crystal Prep Academy turns her down as well and she is about to give up, she unexpectedly receives help from two girls outside of her school. But soon, Lemon must learn creative differences as well as a certain past between her fellow band members might make this band thing a bit more complicated han she originally thought it would be...

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nice u have done a story for a long time welcome back

Okay, I have no idea what Lemon will come up with here or who she might approach (*coughTheDazzlingscough*) but something tells me that 'hilarity ensues' is going to be pretty much where this story goes.

By the way - Rock and classical stylings are not completely incompatible. Ask Jeff Lynne if you don't believe me. Admittedly, ELO's stuff is probably mostly too high-concept for Lemon's tastes as well as being about two generations too old...

Actually, thinking about it, it would be hilarious if Cinch were an ELO fan of long standing and were to raise them when Lemon presents the suggestion of a genre-fusion music club to her. Yes, Abacus Cinch was, in her 20s, a rock chick (she still has the leather jacket, signed by Lemmy of Motorhead). Just consider the degree to which that would utterly blow the girls minds!

lol Cute, though surprised you didn't add one more 'SHHH!!!' at the end there. XD

Love Lemon's impulsiveness.^^

Bid The Dazzlings return? :pinkiegasp:

Actually, it might work out. There's no-one at CPA better suited for helping Aria with her melancholy than Lemon Zest!

Cute chapter.^^

Honestly, I like to view Aria as the type that actually likes being a supporting role, but having wanted to lead cause, simply put, she wanted respect, and leading is a way to gain such respect. And she sure as heck wasn't getting respect from Adagio and Sonata. No doubt why she's so bitter. No respect. No respect at all. I also like to think that Aria's got good ideas, BUT... she's impulsive, and doesn't consider the consequences or complications resulting from her actions, and thus why her ideas were always shot down by Adagio.


Pls keep them evil, or atleast antagonistic towards other lowly humanoids


Huh... I expected Lemon to get band members outside of CPA, but I never guessed one of the Dazzlings would be a band member candidate.

Ooh... I bet Octavia's not going to like that Lemon invited one of the Dazzlings into the band since they brainwashed the school into fighting with each other. Hopefully Lemon can keep any tension at bay.

This story is really good so far, and has me tightly hooked. Once again great job!

7228809 Thanks, and sorry for the wait. Been busy and it took me a while to figure out where to go with this story :twilightblush:

7229539 The golden rule for running gags is three times, so I technically overdid it already :raritywink:

..... that's Lemon alright. XD

That's a revelation that seems to invite a scene where Octy and Aria bond over (unsuccessfully) trying to teach Lemon to play anything, even the spoons!



*dat ending*


Lemon really needs to work on her planning skills

The Dazzlings appear in this story, right?

... That's Lemon alright. XD

Poor Lemon! Something tells me that we've just seen 'The Battle of the Bands - The Ones That Didn't Make the First Cut'. :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting speculation: Unleash the Magic may be a heartsong and so might that improv that she tried later on. Maybe all Lemon has to do is follow the harmony rather than trying to sandwich it into another genre. I also wonder if Acapella might be the way for someone with purely vocal talents may wish to go. Five-point rock harmony? Could the Shadowbolts be on the verge of starting their own unique genre? :pinkiegasp:

I didn't see THAT one coming...

Lemon, Octavia, and Aria
This can only end wonderfully. :twilightsmile:

Well then. That ended rather abruptly. :rainbowlaugh:

 Sour mostly listens to Pop, Sugarcoat prefers Techno, Indigo is a fan of watered down rock music, and you are into noise.”

Haven't these girls heard of the Doors? One guy's classical, the drummer was Jazz, the guitarist played flamenco and on top of that Jim Morrison... to different? Pah.

Great Job! Take as long as you need. As long as this story's still great, I can wait as long as I need to. I love the chemistry between Lemon, Aria, and Octavia!

Welcome back.^^ A few more proofread errors than normal, but that's forgivable because: You're back! *celebrates!* XD

Something tells me that Octavia and Aria are both actually quite well suited for the job of keeping Lemon grounded and non-humiliated; Octavia has to ride herd on Vinyl and Aria has to do broadly the same thing for Sonata.

Great finale! This was an amazing story, and if you do a next one, I hope it'll be spectacular like the others. I truly enjoyed this. Quick question: Do you have any plans for the Dazzlings?

Another excellent chapter. A number of grammar mistakes, but the story and characterizations MORE than compensated.:D

7439276 I have no intention of ever writing a story about the Dazzlings. Truth is, I find them the worst antagonists of the whole MLP-franchise - Aria was the only one I could stand in the movie.

7440198 Wow such hatred. Oh well. So is Sugarcoat next? Do you have any plans when you finish all the a Shadowbolts?

7440425 Can't say when the next one is gonna be finished. You'll have to wait, I'm afraid.

Yay! This story is back! I was wondering what was going to happen with Lemon's new band, and their first gig.

It was nice seeing Aria and Octavia start to warm up to each other, and the group eventually coming to a compromise over what kind of music to play. Instead of picking one genre for their first gig, they combined all three of their favorites. Awesome of them to accomplish.

I find it sad that Zest for Life had to break up after the first gig, but I have a feeling that Lemon's new band will fill the void just fine. Amazing how one band can inspire tons more to form. Bands forming at school like that was fast, and it's another step towards Crystal Prep becoming a better school and the students in it becoming better people.

The ending was perfect, heading back to square one with starting a band. Or maybe square two since square one is getting band members.

Can't wait to see what friendship lesson Lemon learned from this experience.

XDDDD Loved the hilarious ending bit there. XDDD

Um... *Raises hand* Has anyone thought of trying to find an alternate rehearsal location?

Let me get my trumpet.

*muac muac muaaaaaaaac*

And that's how the band got together!

7443217 I imagined a music studio or something would be too expansive for a bunch of high school girls, but didn't find a good way too add it into the dialogue.

That ending, though. Genius!

the nagging voice in the back of her mind told her two girls didn’t really make a band, either.

Tell that to twenty one pilots. :duck: Sorry, I'm trash

Can't combine heavy metal and classical music?

They must never have heard of Nightwish or Within Temptation.

Lemon...you didn't really think this whole band thing all the way, did you?

"Still glaring at the former siren Aria put her hands on her hips. 'Humph! Even if I were to believe that, the last time I heard you sing I remember your voice being not so enchanting anymore. What could YOU contribute to the band?' she asked, leaning slightly forward."

I believe you meant to write Octavia instead of Aria.

8209590 It's corrected, thank you.

7440198 Ouch, minority opinion right there. That's a shame, since they're actually my favorite antagonists in the MLP verse. Honestly if you hated the Dazzlings so much, you shouldn't have wrote any of them in your story. Especially since a lot of people actually do like them. It's pretty much like a slap in the face to people who actually like them.

Nice going, Lemon, nice going.

This will surely go swimmingly given the character tags.

“I don’t play any instruments.”

D'oh :twilightoops:

[D'oh intensifies]

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