• Published 26th Jun 2015
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One More Time - AlliePastel

Scootaloo takes an opportunity to regain the earliest years of her life, under Twilight's supervision. (AB/DL Story)

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All Things Must Pass

Author's Note:

I'll be blunt, there was a big pause in between writing that first scene and the rest of the story. I've rewritten the chapter quite a bit, and eventually was able to aim the story in the direction I wanted it to go. That being said, I can say that I've been much more inspired to write lately and that the story reads far better after that first section.

It's also worth mentioning, that I'm actually seriously writing a more lewd AB/DL fiction at the moment as well. So, you might see it before I post the next chapter to this story!

Enjoy the story, and have a good one! ~ England

Scootaloo sat on Twilight’s lap, quietly resting as the two of them watched cartoons. Well, ‘watched’ wasn’t the best way to describe Twilight’s attention, she more or less just fawned interest; instead, playing with her phone.

On the other hand, Scootaloo was absolutely engaged; her eyes glued to every second of whatever programing the Mouse Network had to offer. That is, aside from her tummy pains. Sure, her stomach wasn’t ‘locked’ up as it was, but now she could feel it was only a matter of time before she had to ‘go’. Still, she kept watching.

“Hehe, someone really likes her little show doesn’t she?” Twilight teased, feeling the girl rock back and forth on her lap.

“No. I just- I gotta use the potty.” The young girl said, blushing a little bit. A part of her thought the situation was funny, but of course her real age stopped her from being completely alright with it.

Reassuring the girl, Twilight picked her up and stood her on the ground. “Silly girl, you don’t use the potty. You use your pants. That’s what the diaper is for after all.” She encouraged, pulling out her phone then pointing it’s camera towards the girl.

“Why the camera?” Scootaloo asked, blushing more intensely. She smirked; feeling the incoming accident off put her balance. She used both of her tiny hands to cover her backside.

“Cause, it’s for the research project. I figure if I have video of you pooping yourself, you won’t mind me sharing some of the other pictures I’ve had to take. Now no pressure, I promise I won’t show this to anyone that’d do anything malicious with it.” Twilight assured.

Squatting, Scootaloo accidently stared up at the camera. Despite her better judgement, she kept looking directly at the camera as she filled her pants. She smirked a bit, feeling the pressure let off her tummy. Being done, she very slowly poised herself back up straight.

“Awe, did baby make her poopy pants? Who’s a stinky little girl?” Twilight teased, trying to encourage Scootaloo to play along.

“I am.” Scootaloo meekly said, swaying on her feet, trying to get used to the feeling of a loaded diaper. It felt weird, almost like she sat on mud or something.

Twilight giggled a bit, “Awe come on love. You needa be proud of your little oopsie. Say it to the world, you made poopy pants and you’re proud!”

“Hehe, I made poopy pants. I made poopy pants!” Scootaloo cheered, giggling a little bit as the redness in her cheeks grew more and more. The commotion Twilight encouraged, made her feel like a little t.v star. She lifted her earms to the sky

The women gave the kid an amused smile and lifted the girl unto her hip. “Somebody is an awfully big baby.” She teased, sitting back down on the couch.

Scootaloo climbed off Twilight, but remained crouching on top of the couch. “I don’t wanna sit down.” She whined, upset about her predicament. Her patience for Twilight lasted a second, but to no avail. Frowning, the child let herself fall on her backside, spreading the contents inside her diaper all over her backside.

Twilight picked up the remote and quieted the T.V. “Awe, poor little Scoots. How about you take a little rest?” She proposed, lying back on the couch.

Scootaloo stared at Twilight for a second, still a bit puzzled by the mucky feeling in her pants; let alone the mildly gross smell. She leaned onto her knees and crawled over her Caretaker; resting her head flat on the women’s chest, she wrapped her tiny arms around her protector.

Her own warm body pressed up against her Twilight’s chest, she could feel her muscles relax and her restlessness fade away. A hand pressed up against her backside and a hand rested squarely on her back. It felt nice, being held snuggly. Smiling, she stuck her thumb in her mouth.

“That’s a good girl. Someone’s been an awful busy baby today. Shh, it’s alright. There’s nothing to fret over. You can take a quick nap.” Twilight said, rubbing gentle circles into the little one’s back.

Very slowly, Scootaloo felt her cheeks cool down, as well as a tide of undeniable comfort. She closed her eyes and took gentle breaths as she fell asleep.


“Goodmorning sweetie!” An unfamiliar voice sang cheerfully.

“Hmm?” Scootaloo questioned, her eyes darting open immediately. She looked to her left and saw her crib bars, then to her right and saw the same crib bars. Confused, she looked up at the voice. To her surprise, she found the woman who was staring at her had a set of beautiful blue eyes; it was Fluttershy.

“Hehe, sorry if I scared you. I didn’t want you to be too tired to go to bed tonight.” She said, resting her hands on the fencing of the cot.

Scootaloo panicked, trying to find her words were only pacified by an actual pacifier. She suckled nervously, as she slowly sat up. To her disgust and shock, she realized that underneath her confetti colored blanket, denim shortfalls, and white onesie. There was still, in fact, a very messy diaper that still covered her dirty backside.

“Awe, you’re even cuter as a baby.” Fluttershy said, smiling as she picked up the young girl. There was no resistance from Scootaloo, although she did seem a bit nerved. Using the base of her hand to lift Scootaloo at her backside, and her other free hand to gently pet the child’s back. Fluttershy stood in place and bounced the girl up and down a bit, “You’re probably wondering why I’m here. Well there’s a very long and very drawn out explanation to that.”

Scootaloo lifted an eyebrow, curious of what the women was talking about.

“Actually-“ Twilight butted in, peaking her head through the doorway. She was dressed in rather formal attire, including a dark grey pea coat that seemed to cover everything above her black skirt. She walked up to the child and pecked her on the head. “I thought I’d say goodbye to you Scoots, before I head out. I’m sure you can fill her in on all the details.”

With a forced smile, the women waved to the child before turning her back to the doorway. A messenger bag held tight against her waist, she made her way towards the door; then shut it.

“Hmm?” Scootaloo questioned, looking up at the twenty-something fushia haired women that laid her in her hands, like an offering from the heavens.

“Ooh, someone needs a change. No offense.” Fluttershy giggled, cradling the child all the way to her changing matter. Regaining a more loving but serious composure, she set the child down and took a step back from the child. “So, you’re probably wondering what’s going on here.” Fluttershy posed.

As expected, Scootaloo nodded, shifting awkwardly in her messy pants; they were starting to feel icky to her.

“Well- how about I get you changed.” She said, walking towards the girl again. She helped the child lay down completely, then pulled out a medical mask from her pocket. Unlike Twilight, she had prior experience talking care of children, seeing as she was an actual pediatrician.

She undid Scootaloo’s wardrobe, stripping the straps of the child’s shortalls, then undid the buttons of the girl’s onesie. Some gentle tugging as well as cooperation from Scootaloo, and she managed to wittle down the child’s outfit to just the diaper and pink socks.

Clearing her throat, the women gave the child courteous smile. “Okay-Twilight had to uh, go back to the University because one of the Professors had a stroke; she basically just got herself a full time job.” She said, helping the child unto her back. She started undoing the diaper tabs, “I-I’m going to be continuing her pet project.”

“W-what?” Scootaloo questioned, confused by her situation. Her vision was still a blur, her attitude was inattentive, and her train of thought hadn’t really started yet. All she could register is that she was being wiped clean and really felt uncomfortably cold.

“Well…” Fluttershy paused, ducking into the changing table’s compartments in search for the supplies she needed. She came back up with a white cloth nappy, one with little repeating 60’s era flowers on it. She grabbed the girl’s ankles and pulled them up into the air and slipped the nappy underneath her bare bottom.

Scootaloo all the while, kept her head tilted to the side as the skilled caretaker worked her magic. When the powder dropped and the diaper snuggly wrapped around her waist, she closed her legs and sat up.

Reaching forward, Fluttershy picked up the child and hugged her close, “It means I’m your new momma; as weird as that might be for you. Twilight and I were planning on revealing the news to you under better circumstances. But, unfortunately we didn’t have the time.”

“Oh.” Scootaloo said, getting comfortable against her new mommy’s chest. Her facial expression was perplexed and numb. Not that she and Fluttershy didn’t know each other well, but to consider Fluttershy her ‘mommy’ was something that seemed foreign to her. Fluttershy seemed to be everyone’s mommy when the time arose; having her all to herself seemed kinda selfish.

“I know this must be a lot, coming off your nap and all. You must be just a little bit stressed out.” The women cooed, using her free hand to rub up and down the girl’s back.

A week ago, the orphaned would have had some objection to be held like a toddler, let alone dressing like one. But for some reason, she felt alright being held right now, even in unfamiliar arms. She felt weightless, yet secure. It was a nice feeling; a basket lifted by a hot air balloon.

“Awe, someone’s a quite one. I understand.” Fluttershy sympathized, kissing the child’s forehead. It was strange, that she’d been planning the adoption for so long and only now did things catch up to her. She was Scootaloo’s ‘mom’ now; albeit, non-biological.

Lighting up a bit, the young girl looked her mommy in the eyes. Her irises were pure of color and her face free of any blemish or wear. There was an intense silence between the two, then an understanding smile.

“Hmm. So you’re going to be a baby are you?” Fluttershy simpered, taking the child out of the room, pressed up against her chest. “Well unlike Twilight, I’ve seen children growing up. I also know that your hair is much too long for a cutie little toddler, like yourself. Now where’s Twilight’s room?” she questioned.

The young girl pointed down the hall and another white door.

“Thanks love.” Fluttershy replied, opening the door and walking inside. She didn’t say a word as she examined the room. She pulled sizeable computer chair in front of Twilight’s dresser and sat the child down. Like her friend Rarity taught her in the past, she covered the child in a shabby blanket she found in the closet and once she found them, pulled out a pair of hair trimming scissors.

Scootaloo watched in awe, as she watched Fluttershy near-professionally shape her hair with the few supplies she had.

Scootaloo watched as chunk after chunk of her straight but messy hair fell to the ground. Suddenly however, a question hit her. “Wait, is Twilight coming back? What about this house?” The girl asked, as her head was tilted to the side politely by Fluttershy’s hand.

“Well… how do I put this?” Fluttershy paused, spraying down the girl’s hair with a spray bottle. “Yes, Twilight will be back to visit every once in a while. However, being your new momma, I’m the one responsible for carrying out the experiment. Since the University doesn’t want to do something questionable my consent. Twilight nearly got in a lot of trouble for starting this experiment off with only Rainbow’s approval. Since, we were in the process of handing over custody to you-Um, are you following?” She asked, noticing the child had spaced out again.

“Sorta.” Scootaloo giggled, smirking a bit.

“Awe, well don’t you worry. I’m sure you’ll we’ll learn to love each other in no time.” She said, pulling up locks of hair and snipping away at them. Smiling, she continued to talk, “I’ll have you know that now that you're legally my girl, they want me to continue this project for much longer than intended. They also wanted me to stop at treating you like a toddler and not a baby; unlike before.”

Scootaloo was too busy to look at her hair to feign much interest in what was going on. “Wait, so what’s going on? How long is this going to last?” She questioned, instinctively putting her thumb against her lips.

“Well, all things considered- Let’s just say you’ll probably be getting a pretty new baby swing for Christmas.” She said sheepishly, trying to avoid sparking some sort of rebellion in the child.

“Oh, but what about school and stuff?” Scootaloo asked, before sticking her thumb back into her mouth.

Finishing the haircut, the women made a few last second adjustments. “Well, I’ll be homeschooling you during the school season. But, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to keep you nice and involved with your friends. I’m not going to completely displace you from society. Unlike Twilight intended.”

The venim in that comment flew over the child’s head and aside from the comment about school and her friends, she really didn't care. Suddenly, she was spun around to face the mirror and was asked to stand up.

With her mother’s hands helping her keep balance, the child stood up on the chair and too a look at herself in the mirror. Her bangs were notably cut straight and long. The rest her hair maintained a decent part of it’s length, despite the trim. She watched as the hair to the part on her left was tugged into it’s own half-pony tail, as was the other side.

With her hair arranged in its brand new style, she shifted her sight towards her tummy and short legs. She was still small, her skin was still pale from lack of sunlight, and her body was exceptionally scrawny.

Likewise, Fluttershy looked at the girl with a slight curiosity. In all the years she’d worked, she hadn’t met too many children quite as small as Scootaloo; especially for her age. Of all the reasons Twilight choose Scootaloo to help her with the research, the BMI had to be a strong factor in her decision.

“Hmm, I just thought of something Scoots. I need to do a few notes real quick. So how about I give you tiny bit of alone time, alright?” She asked, helping the child back unto her padded backside. Patting her kid on the head, she smiled, “Come on Scoots, show mommy to your room!”


BMI Update 7/8/2015

Standard Height for 8y/o: 4ft2in/50.5in/128.2cm

Standard Weight for 8y/o: 57lb/25.8kg

Scootaloo’s Height: 3ft3in/39.5in/100.3cm

Scootaloo’s Weight: 35lb/15.7kg

Oral Hygiene: Good

Aliments: Mild indigestion/constipation

Analysis: Scootaloo seems to be recovering steadily from the defunked anesthetic. Her legs are working fine and her motor functions are fine, with the slight off balance of equilibrium (Most likely do to underdevelopment). While I haven’t pin pointed the exact cause for Scootaloo’s noticeably small stature, I’ll attribute it mostly to her poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and potentially her genetics.

I have obviously been around for only a few hours, Scootaloo seems to have already taken a liking to me and has yet to speak up much about her feelings with Twilight. On the other hand, she seems quite comfortable with the continued regressive treatment and has still yet to complain about her nudity. I can’t read her mind, but she seems to be enjoying things so far.

-End Journal-

With her research papers completed for the day, the young ‘mother’ made her way out of what used to be Twilight’s study and made her way over to the nursery, where she left the child. She was no fool; she knew she could trust Scootaloo in a room by herself, so long as the important stuff was baby proofed. Scootaloo might act like a baby, but she definitely wasn’t reckless.

Peeking her head inside, Fluttershy smiled at the sight. The young girl had fallen asleep in a pit of stuffed animals that were kept in her playpen. She approached the girl with the kinda mentality that you would use, when respecting a person’s rest. She was tempted to pick the girl up and move her to the crib, but she didn’t want to risk it; even if the playmat wasn’t the cleanest surface to be snoozing on.

Picking up the confetti-plaid throw blanket for the girl, she tossed it over her and dimmed the lights to the room. Very carefully, she sat on the ground next to the playpen and watched the girl through the white plastic gate.

It was interesting to see how relaxed Scootaloo was. Her chest would occasionally rise and fall, she would occasionally mutter some gibberish, or kick her leg. But she never seemed to disturb herself. To the fault of the parental-change, she really had no idea Scootaloo preferred so many naps. She of course, had read a few notes in the medical journal, but apparently day naps aren’t phenomenal enough to list.

It appeared as if Scootaloo was comfortably adjusted to the life of a preschooler, at age eight none the less. It was incredible really, being able to approach a girl with this much acceptance for such a bizarre situation; almost like the girl had never lived any differently.

Content that the child was already in a deep sleep, she took out her phone and took a picture of the eight year old. I need to find you a better blanky, The women thought to herself, Confetti might be fine for a school girl, but Scootaloo was supposed to be treated like royalty, with the privilege of a baby. She deserved something a bit better- with a bit more personality.

With total equanimity in her form, she made her way over to the dresser. Opening it up, she shifted through the various wears. Nothing but jumpers, t-shirts, diaper covers, dresses, onesies, and footie pajamas. Nothing to wear in public, not for a girl her age, she thought to herself, as she looked down at the child.

Come to think about, I outta check to see if there’s any laundry to be done.

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