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One More Time - AlliePastel

Scootaloo takes an opportunity to regain the earliest years of her life, under Twilight's supervision. (AB/DL Story)

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Not a Second Time

Author's Note:

So I apologize for the wait time on this chapter. August was a stressful month, between me seeing my girlfriend off to college and getting back into the grove of working on my studies.

I wouldn't exactly call this my best chapter, just because I started writing the first third of this story in early August and didn't finish it until a day or two ago! That being said, I'm still not entirely sure whether or not a 'pullup' is a colloquial expression or not. I suppose 'training pants' implies the same thing as a 'pullup' diaper does, but I'm almost curtain that there are training pants that snap around the waist too; so you couldn't classify all training pants as pullups. It's been a weird debate I've thinking about for a while now. -3-

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the chapter and judge it lightly. I'm working on a forth chapter at the moment and it's my intention on doing it a bit more coherently than this piece.

Have a good one! ~England

Scootaloo on the bathroom rug in nothing but her pullup and pink ankle socks, waiting for Twilight to take finish ‘bathing her’. She scrunched her face, whining as Twilight wiped the last piece of cake from her cheek.

“Annd- done!” Twilight cheered, setting the wet rag back on the bathroom counter. She stood up and grabbed the purple dress from off the granite slab, “You certainly did a number on your dress. Thankfully yours truly, knows just how to remove most stains. For now though, I think it’s time I get you ready for bed.”

Agreeing with her caretaker, Scootaloo followed closely behind Twilight as she was walked into the nursery. She honestly felt a little bit exhausted, but not in the least bit tired of role playing. To put it nicely, she felt comfortable for the first time in a while.

Twilight smiled, letting the child step into the nursery before shutting the door behind them. “Well dear, I have the best little ensemble in mind for you. Do me a favor and get that pullup off real quick.” She said, pulling a few things from out of the wardrobe.

Shyly, Scootaloo stripped herself of the pullup and socks then covered herself up with her hands. She watched as her caretaker brought out a couple of things that caught her attention. Knowing what she was supposed to do, she stepped into the pair of pink training panties and let them be pulled over her backside.

“Hehe, someones a smart baby!” Twilight cooed, holding out a pair of footie pajamas. She guided Scootaloo into them, getting the child to put them on one foot at a time. Once her kid got the outfit on proper, she zipped the zipper in the front and snapped the safety strap over the footie pajama’s tiny collar.

Scootaloo looked down at the out, noticing the little kitty faces on her feet. As she trailed up her outfit, she noticed that the zipper started halfway down the leg and went all the way up to her neck. She walked over to the mirror and look at the outfit. It wasn’t fitting like the Wonder Bolt footie pajamas she wore when she was really four, this one was much more loose around the backside and had little cats and hearts scattered throughout the design.

“Like them? They’re not like the footie pajamas you’d be used to. These ones are based on blankets, so they’re a bit baggier. They certainly look cute on you though, sweetie.” Twilight complimented as she closed the wardrobe’s doors.

“Ooh!” the child responded, clinging close to her caretaker’s leg. She was lifted into the air, where she hugged onto Twilight’s hip. Looking up, she posed the question “W-where am I sleeping tonight?” She looked at the newly furnished cot; it looked comfy.

Thinking about it for a second, Twilight shrugged her shoulders. “Hmm, you could sleep in your crib. So I guess you could settle down there. First however-“ Twilight walked over to the cabinet and opened it, pulling out another pacifier and strap. “Better take this with you, it’ll keep you sleeping nice and easy.” She cooed.

“Hehe.” Scootaloo giggled, strapping the object to the chest of her footie pajamas. She looked up to Twilight with her big magenta eyes and smiled.

Looking down at Scootaloo, Twilight couldn’t help but smile in kind. Scootaloo looked so cute in her little outfit, not to mention happy. “You know what sweetie, how about you sleep with me tonight.” She said, picking the child up into her arms. “I’ll make sure you’re super comfy.”


In Twilight’s room, all the lights were dimmed but the faint glare of the television that sat in front of the bed. Underneath a heavy mound of blankets was Scootaloo, who was cuddling right against Twilight as they stared at the television. Despite a ceiling fan whirling over their head, the T.V’s quiet dialogue could still be heard.

Scootaloo nuzzled Twilight and softly spoke, “I know I told you I was having doubts when you asked me to do this, but thanks.”

“Thanks for what?” Twilight asked, looking over at the kid.

Closing her eyes, Scootaloo relaxed herself a bit, “I dunno. Thanks for guiding me through all this; I like playing as a baby.” She whispered happily, as her eyes fell heavy with a steady tiredness.

A smile forced its way unto Scootaloo’s face as she held the girl tight against her chest. “Awe… you really are just a big baby aren’t you. It’s alright though…” Twilight kissed the girl on the forehead before slipping the pink pacifier into Scootaloo’s mouth, “I understand you’re just tired.” She smiled.

The night lasted a little while longer for Twilight however. It wasn’t usual for her to hold someone in her arms while she slept and Scootaloo ousted herself much sooner than she was expected. It didn’t help that her night gown was a little too heavy for the summer, it sounded more appropriate for the situation though. Besides, it was cool enough in her bedroom to justify wearing it.

She stretched her arms out and brought the sleeping child closing to her. Placing on hand on the kid’s padded tushie and the other one on the back, she guaranteed Scootaloo would wake up feeling secure. Closing her own eyes, Twilight took a deep breath and counted down from ten. 10…9…8…7…6…5…


Blinking a few times, Twilight’s eyes adjusted to the lighting of the room. She was still in the same turquoise colored room as the night before. The fan was still going and looking down at Scootaloo, she was still off in her own little dream land.

“Welcome to toddlerhood, baby. We’re gonna be doing lots of fun stuff today.” She smiles, cradling the child as she slipped her way out of the bed. Ignoring her slightly messy bedding, she walked her way towards the nursery.

Upon arriving, she leaned her head towards the girl and whispered, “Wake up Scootaloo, it’s time to start the day.”

Scootaloo woke up and slowly opened her eyes. Suddenly they opened wide; she wasn’t expecting to wake up a few feet in the air. She went cross eyed looking down at the pacifier she was suckling, then spat it out. A big smile on her face, she looked up at her would-be mommy. “Hehe, is it really morning already?” She asked.

“It sure is sweetie and I need your help. You see, as part of this experiment, we’re going to need to you to take a few things. Now I already got RD’s approval, but now I’m gonna need you to do your part as well.” Twilight admitted, setting the child unto the changing table.

“I’m up for anything.” Scootaloo cheered, more than confident in herself. She laid back, letting Twilight undo her footie pajamas.
Awkwardly, she was helped out of the one piece outfit and left in nothing but her pink training panties.

“Alright- just lay still on your tummy.” Twilight said, rolling the girl onto her stomach. She detached the pacifier from the footie pajama’s binkie strap and gave it to the child to suckle on. Reaching underneath the changing table’s mattress and into the various shelves open to her, she pulled out a small clear plastic case with several syringes inside. Pulling one out, she set it aside and tugged the training panties down a little bit.

Scootaloo looked over her shoulder to the realization that she was about to get a shot. Watching as her caretaker used an alcoholic wipe to sanitize the spot of the ejection. “Ooh, what’s the shot for? Is it for allergies or something?” She asked, before slipping the pacifier back into her mouth.

“Not exactly.” Twilight said, picking the syringe back up. “In order to ‘enforce’ your regression more calmly, the bureau that’s been helping to fund this little experiment wanted to make you a little bit more dependent. You know? Like a real child. Hold still, you’ll feel a small pinch in one… two… three.” Twilight said, pushing then pulling the needle from child’s backside prematurely.

“Ow.” Scootaloo chirped, tearing up a little bit from the pain in her backside. “That hurt.” She said, pouting a bit.

“I know Scootaloo…” Twilight frowned, disposing of the needle in the diaper genie. “As I was saying, the bureau that was funding this program wanted me to make you a little bit more dependent. So, they gave me these syringes full of a non-topical, watered down version of Lidocaine for your pelvic region.” She said, tugging the nappy back over the child’s tushie.

“What’s lid-e-zeen?” Scootaloo questioned as she turned over onto her own backside.

Smirking, Twilight giggled a little. She shouldn’t have expected Scootaloo to actually know what the drug was. She reached down and started to tug off Scootaloo’s panties, “Lidocaine is a drug that’s ussually used for surgery. However, in your case the drug is being used to numb the better half of your lower body; To be specific, your butt region, your thighs, and behind your legs. Don’t worry though. You’re on a toddler’s expectations now, so there’ll be no need to worry about walking.”

Scootaloo blushed. Not out of embarrassment but out of anxiety. “Oh my, couldn’t you have told me ahead of time?” She asked, feeling as her body heated up a little bit. She felt like she wanted to relax, but at the same time the thought of the drug’s effects were all she could think about.

“Listen baby. It’s alright to be a little bit antsy at first, but you’ll get used to the effects in an hour or so..” Twilight smiled, picking up a bottle of baby powder and adding a coat just in case. She picked up the baby oil and poured some of it onto Scootaloo’s backside as well.

Her heart rising, Scootaloo took a deep breath and let Twilight continue on with the diaper change. She trusted Twilight enough to let her do what she was doing. “L-listen. I’m feeling a bit hot, c-could we pick a light outfit today?” She asked, shyly.

“Awe, sure thing my little cutie pie…” Twilight sang, lifting the child’s legs. She pushed a poufy cloth like diaper underneath the child’s backside and snapped each of its button snaps, snug around the child’s waist. “Hehe, now don’t move. I want you to calm down a bit before we move at all. Besides, I needa get you a nice little outfit for today.” She said, smiling as she trailed off.

Taking a last couple of deep breaths, Scootaloo finally stopped panicking. She still felt warm, but in an excited way. She was actually excited to have some of the guilt of acting like a baby taken off of her. She wasn’t exactly sure how handicapping the drug was going to be. Lifting her backside in the air a little bit, she realized that they felt a lot heavier than they did a few minutes ago. It actually felt pretty neat.

Pacing her way back, Twilight revealed her outfit. “Tah-dah! It’s a t-shirt and a nappy cover. “ She said, holding up an orange t-shirt, along with a set of white ruffled plastic pants, with an orange trim. “Sorry it’s not fancier, but I thought it might do you some good if there wasn’t much covering your legs. You know, until you get used to it.” She admitted.

“Oh… neat.” Scootaloo chimed in, not sure whether to be excited or not. The outfit didn’t look ‘childish’ enough for some reason. She could have always worn t-shirts. Then again, babies wear t-shirts too. She lifted her hands to Twilight and let herself get pulled up. The shirt was pulled over her head then her arms were through the proper holes.

“Awe…” The mother figure smiled, happy at her selection of shirt. The front of it had a cute white floral stitching on the front. Leaning in to pick up the child, she wrapped her forearms around the child’s underarms and advised her, “When I set you on the ground, you be sure to lean on my legs. It’s not going to be easy for you to stand for a while.”

Just then, the child was lifted in the air. She could feel her legs dragging her down, but she could move them very well. As her bare feet made contact with the ground, her knees fell weak. They collapsed so fast that she had no choice but to fall on the ground, unto her knees. Looking up at Twilight, she nervously smiled and whined, “Twily, I felled.”

“Awe, Scootaloo. You’re too cute. Just, sit back on your butt and I’ll get the rest we need done. I don’t want to spend too much time in here.” She admitted, pulling out the ruffled white diaper cover. She waited for Scootaloo fall backwards onto her butt and then slipped the cover over her cloth nappy. “I gotta make sure we cover your feetsies too.” Twilight cooed, going back to the wardrobe and pulling out a pair of shoes and socks.

Scootaloo’s eyes went wide, she wasn’t expecting an outing today. A bit afraid of the circumstance she asked, “W-where are we going today? I-I thought we already played in the backyard enough.” She thought to herself. Watching as Twilight made her way back to her position, she fell unto her back, forcing her feet into the air.

“We are going to grab breakfast.” Twilight mentioned, trying not to bring too much attention to her comment. It was obviously not the most welcoming scenario for Scootaloo to be in at the moment. She crouched down and slipped the socks over the child’s feet. “See, in order for you to get the full ‘baby’ experience. The bureau wanted me to engage you in some social activity outside of the house you live in. Don’t worry though, I”ll try and get it down for you as quickly as possible.” She affirmed, while she stuck the children’s feet in their individual Velcro shoe.

Blushing a deep red, Scootaloo got nervous. She wasn’t expecting the possibility of actually leaving the house. “W-where are we going to eat breakfast?” She asked, unsure of what she could handle.

“Well. How about we eat at the Sugar Cube Corner Bakery? I can at least alert Pinkie Pie not to make a commotion when she sees you. Plus if we leave here early enough, we’ll be less likely to run into people we know.” She reassured the child, trying to tone down her nervousness.

“O-Okay. I think I can handle myself. I-is there any way I can help hide my identity?” She questioned.

“Well… I have an idea.” Twilight responded, walking back over to the wardrobe for a third time. She picked up the pacifier from the changing table and got out a sun hat. She tied the hat around Scootaloo’s head then pushed the pacifier between the girl’s lips. “Perfect!” She cheered, pumping her arms up into the air. “Now let me call Pinkie Pie and let me get some clothes on, and we can be on own way.” She said, picking the girl up in the air.


“Alrighty.” Twilight reassured herself, going down a mental checklist of things that she needed as she made her way down stairs. She walked over to the front door and Scootaloo down on the seating bench. She walked over to the closet, and pulled out one of the contraptions the research team issued her. “Alright Scootaloo, meet your set of wheels for a while. It’s a heavy capacity, very comfy, very safe, pink interior stroller. The team really spared no expense on this experiment.” She said, quite proudly.

Scootaloo looked in awe at the stroller. It was black, it was most certainly heavy, and above all else it had an awning on it. Perhaps her breakfast could have some discrepancy after all. Smiling, she clapped her hands together. “Ooh, that actually really does look comfy.” She admitted.

“I know…” Twilight agreed, Picking up the child. She lifted her over the fixed safety tray and into the plush interior that lined the inside of the device. “Now the other thing I’m going to need you to do-“ She paused her sentence, giving her time to in the child over the waist and chest. Finished, she continued on, “Is talk like a real two year old. That meaning, very ‘dumb’ word choice and only about four to five words per sentence. Also if you don’t wanna draw attention to yourself, it’d be best if you used the best ‘toddler voice' you could muster.

Scootaloo blushed, but agreed. She leaned back in her seat, watching as her environment changed around her. It was a bit bizarre, but with the straps holding her back, she really couldn’t do much to interact with outside things. She lifted the pacifier, which now on a clip, into her mouth and started to suckle it. Come to think of it, she kinda had to pee. Too late now though.

Twilight paused in front of her house. She turned around and locked the door behind her. She got the diaper bag off her shoulder and lowered it into the stroller’s lower tray.


The trip was mostly silent, despite it lasting so long, but Twilight did occasionally but in to make a comment about their surroundings. “Awe, did Scootawoo see da wabbit? Is baby enjoying her wittle stroll? Is somebody a quiet wittle baby?” were among the various cringe inducing things the make believe mother asked her baby on the way to the restaurant.

“Twily, stop.” Scootaloo whined, trying her best not to attract attention to herself. Thankfully, she hadn’t gotten much attention from the crowds of people her and Twilight passed by. They had actually made it all the way to the restaurant without a single interruption.

“Hehe, sorry Scoots. I was just trying to get you to loosen up a bit. Now do you have any preference in your breakfast?” She asked, pulling the door to the restaurant open.

Scootaloo smiled a bit. She was actually hungry, despite the growing need for her to use the potty. Sugar Cube Corner had a lot of different options available for her to get, but she thought she outta keep it simple. “Uh-chocolate and w-white milky?” she responded.

“Awe, of course baby. Thankfully, I was sure to pack your sippy cup.” She cooed, as she continued to push the cart towards the front counter. To her surprise, the person up front was Mrs.Cake, not Pinkie Pie.

“Why hello deary.” Mrs.Cake chirped, happy as ever to see Twilight. She waved her hand across the rows of donuts and cupcakes in the brightly lit, wooden display case. “Ooh, I you brought a stroller with ya? Who’s the fortunate little cutie?” She questioned, looking down at the child.

Scootaloo, who was in plain view of Mrs.Cake just blushed and waved as she continued to suckle on her pacifier.

“Oh my, why is Scootaloo in a stroller?” She asked, directing the question to Twilight as she looked up. She raised an eyebrow, but kept a curious grin.

Twilight blushed a little herself. “Oh, Scootaloo is just helping me with a tiny experiment. I was meaning to bring that up with you at some point actually.” She admitted.

“Whatever for?” The baker asked back, intrigued.

“Well… Scootaloo is helping me define study the reactions of regression with a child. As part of the experiment, Scootaloo has to interact with other children as well. Without going too into it at the moment, Pound and Pumpkin would be the perfect age for the playdate she’s going to need to have. Plus she’d probably feel a little less self-conscience, seeing as they’re around her ‘make believe’ age.” Twilight replied.

“Hmm. I think that’d be alright. However, I’m only really free to babysit tomorrow. I’ll actually be going on vacation soon; which is why Pinkie Pie isn’t here today. Anyhow, what can I do for you business wise?” She asked, politely.

“I’ll just take a chocolate donut and milk for the baby and a coffee and chocolate muffin for me. Also I’ll give you this…” Twilight smiled, pulling out the wallet from her jeans. She handed Mrs.Cake about forty pounds over what she owed. “I’ll give you a little something extra for the short notice on that babysitting thing. I probably should’ve brought it up a day or two ago.” She sheepilshy spouted.

“Nah, it’s fine dearie. You know I love children. But thanks for the money; I’m sure you know diapers are a costly expense. Aye Scoots?” Mrs.Cake teased, chuckling a bit as she looked down at shy girl suckling at her pacifier.

Scootaloo giggled nervously, but kept mostly quite. She wanted to play along, more like a baby would, but she couldn’t muster up the courage to act that way in public. ‘Maybe she was just a different kind of baby’ she thought to herself.

Twilight smiled, waving at Mrs.Cake. “I’ll see you tomorrow around eight I guess. I’ll be sure to prep everything in her diaper bag. Don’t worry, she’ll be a little angel for you!” Twilight smiled, taking her food and walking towards the red wooden booths that lined the windows of the stores. She sat down, setting the muffin out on the table, along with the cup of coffee she had just gotten. “Now, the question is. Does my baby wanna eat at the table or in her stroller?” She asked, curiously.

“Hehe… the stroller is fine.” Scootaloo meekly replied, crossing her legs as much as the leg holes under the tray would allow her to. Reaching for the donut, Scootaloo got it and took a bite out of it. She smiled, weakly kicking her legs as she looked up at her caretaker. “Thanks for the treat.” She added.

“Awe, who’s a polite baby?” She questioned.

“Me?” Scootaloo replied, blushing a little.

“That’s right, you’re the polite baby!” Twilight cheered, giggling a bit as a few of the surrounding guests looked towards them. She kept on smiling as she reached back and undid the awning. “Come on sweetie, you have a pretty face…” She complimented. Reaching for the bag that hung off the side of the strollers handle and dug into it, “Now come how about I grab your sippy cup, so you can drink your milk? Does that sound nice sweetie?”

“A little.” Scootaloo smiled, warming up a bit to the situation.

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