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One More Time - AlliePastel

Scootaloo takes an opportunity to regain the earliest years of her life, under Twilight's supervision. (AB/DL Story)

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High Fidelity

“Hmm… I understand.”


“Well yes, but I.”


“With all due respect Professor, we’ve put a lot of money into-”


“No. I’m afraid I’m not registered for adoption by the state. This wasn’t supposed to be an adoption!”


“Well- I didn’t know Rainbow Dash wasn’t her actual legal guardian. Listen- I-I’ll take care of things alright? Just give me a little time to get things adjusted. Alright?”


“Thank you sir.”


“Right- understood.”

With that said, Twilight hit the red ‘end’ button on her phone and set it face down on her dresser with a ‘thud’. With the weight of Scootaloo’s world resting squarely on her shoulders, Twilight let her head fall backwards onto her pillow. Grabbing her comforter, she pulled it over her head and clutched it into her fist.

“Seven weeks in planning wasted, grant money wasted, days of instruction wasted.” She muttered, underneath her sheets. Annoyed, She threw them forward, exposing her plain blue t-shirt and plain grayish frilly panties. She turned to the side of the bed and stood on her matching gray socks.

Slowly walking, she made her way down the hard word hallway. She tried her best not to rattle the floor to much as she passed down it, but there was only so much weight she could keep from coming down. Opening the child’s white, sticker plastered door, she stopped and looked.

“Poor Scootaloo…” Twilight whispered to herself, as she entered the vaguely lighted room. The room was a mess last night, littered with toys and crayons from a days’ worth of play. But she’d cleaned it up since then. All she had to show for it was a young six year old toddler, lazily swooning back and forh between the bars of her crib.

She looked down, noticing the glimmer of innocence on her cheek. They were rosy and puffed out, to accommodate for her pacifier. Meanwhile the girl laid square on her side, kicking her right leg slightly underneath the confetti coloured comforter that surrounded her. There was no doubt, the numbing agent was starting to fade out of her system and it was only a matter of time before it was gone completely.

“Ooh Scootaloo; always running, never looking back, but not having to look forward. You’re nowhere child, I hope you realize that.” Twilight said, reaching into the crib and plucking the child gently but briefly out of her resting spot.

In her arms, Scootaloo’s still unconscious body rested relaxed and lovingly pressed up against her caretaker’s soft cotton top. Twilight moved her hands around, adjusting them to find a comfortable resting spot around and underneath the child’s relatively warm physique.

Making her way into the backyard, Twilight opened the entrance to the world. She kept the door open as she sat down on her white swinging loveseat. She leaned back and forth with her legs, never letting go of the child as she moved.

Closing her eyes, she stopped for just a second, when she heard Scootaloo’s first words of the morning. “Mmm… potty.” Scootaloo whined, her legs separated by Twilight’s stomach and her ability to move hindered by a loving set of arms.

“Shh… You’re a baby. Remember?” Twilight reassured the girl, rubbing her hand lovingly up and the girl’s bare back. She watched the sunrise beyond the surrounding forest as she herself relaxed. All of a sudden, a warm feeling started in the center of her palm and grew outwards; softening the diaper she was holding.

Content, Scootaloo breathed slightly and adjusted her backside to compensate for the odd feeling of the wet nappy. Her mouth fell lightly on Twilight’s shoulder, she smelled her girly perfume; it smelt nice. Content, she continued to doze on.

“Awe. Sweet like her eyes, can’t you see? Boundless and bright like our dear country. Read me a story of how love never dies, sing me a story a soft lullaby. Soft in my arms and quite at night, baby can’t you see you’re the gem of my life.” Twilight sang, softly into the girl’s ear. She wasn’t the best singer, but the sentiment is what really mattered.

Scootaloo remained, silently clinging to her caretaker. Unaware of what was going on, or what was being told to her. She was too transposed into the early stages of REM to do that. She started to drool a little bit onto Twilight’s blouse.

“Hmm… we better get you up and active shouldn’t we? Maybe a meal will help wake you up.” Twilight said, standing up from her swing.


“Mmm…” Scootaloo moaned as she woke up. She was in a completely differen’t environment now; to be specific, she was in the kitchen. She was sunk into the plush padding of her highchair, the white restraints kept her from doing otherwise.

“Ooh, you’re up. Well if it isn’t just the cutest wittle girl this morning. Momma made you some nice oatmeal and juice. You know, to start your day off right?” She cooed, setting the bowl and the bottle on the highchair’s table. She took a seat and watched as Scootaloo started spooning the cereal in her mouth. She was a bit messy and some of it dropped down and onto her tummy and nappy, but she seemed capable never the less.

Scootaloo on the other hand was too drowsy to be enticed. It wasn’t hard for her to eat at first, but her tummy did start feeling ‘full’ about half way through her bowl. Placing the bottle’s nipple between her lips, she started to suckle slowly as she looked down at Twilight.

“Awe, you sweepy wittle girl. You’re just a little cutie pie aren’t you? I bet you’re curious to know why your legs have feeling in them, aren’t you love?” She questioned, trying to budge the conversation in the direction she needed to get to.

The Child’s eyes drifted downwards to look at her thighs before she redirected eye contact back towards Twilight. She turned her head to the side, curiously.

Twilight gave the child a slight smirk, “Welp, I kinda have a situation. Long story short, Rainbow doesn’t have a real ‘power of attorney’ to say the injections are legal and you’re, well-six. So basically, I can’t keep legally using the numbing gel on your legs.”

“Oh, that explains that.” Scootaloo smiled, kicking her legs a little. It didn’t take her long to start nomming at her bottle again. She had no interest in conversating anymore about the experiment or if anything else was going to change. She didn’t mind the leg-thing but then again, she never enjoyed it to begin with.

A bit perplexed over the child’s apathy, Twilight raised an eyebrow. “You’re not a little bit curious over your situation? You’re my baby now. Or at least, I’m supposed to look after you.” Twilight said, seeing if she could find any reaction from the child.

Stopping briefly, Scootaloo nudged her shoulders, still jaded by Twilight’s comments. “Is the experiment still going on? I am still supposed to act like a baby aren’t I?” She asked, perplexed.

“Actually yeah it is. It’s kinda funny, but dressing you up like a baby for my own educational pursuits is perfectly legal. Mind I don’t physical force you to do it.” Twilight said, squeamishly. “I won’t make you keep dressing like a baby, but I really do appreciate it.”

Scootaloo giggled, “I’m good. I like being baby.” Scootaloo said, then started suckling on her bottle again.

“Well, glad to hear it. I’m sure my colleagues will enjoy hearing about it too. Then again, I’m gonna need some advice on all of this. I now you’re a bit young, but I’m sure you know what it’s like to be quietly panicking.” Twilight added, not entirely sure if that went over Scoot’s head or not. It didn’t seem like Scootaloo was even paying attention.

“Welp. When you finish your bottle, how about I get ya set up in the nursery again? Maybe we can find you another toy or something to play with aye?” Twilight proposed, ruffling the young girl’s hair.

Shrugging her shoulders, the girl continued feeding away.; kicking her legs lightly as she did so.


“Yes… thankyou for understanding Mrs.Cake. I’m sure Scootaloo won’t mind her playdate very much at all.” Twilight added, peaking in the doorway at her child.

“Well I’ll be sure to treat her just the way she’s supposed to be. Baby food and banana’s for lunch, no 3+ toys or television, no pullups or potty breaks, and more attention than the twins correct?”

“Yep. Thanks for doing this. I know it’s weird for you to do, but just bear with it for a couple hours. Again, I’ll bring her by asap and I’ll pick her up before you get ready to go alright?” The caretaker said, smiling as she heard Mrs.Cake’s confirmation. “Good, I’ll see ya in a tad.”

Scootaloo sat, focused on her stuffed animal. Pounding her block against the foam rug, with her legs spread out and her eyes fixated on the ground. “Hmm?” She questioned, as she was hoisted into the air by an anynomous set of hands.

“We need to get you ready for a drive lovey pie.” Twilight said, plopping the girl on the changing table, laying her back gently. With the help of Scootaloo, she was briefly wiped, powdered, and changed into the fifth diaper from the package. She didn’t take long in wrapping it snug around her daughter’s bottom.

Scootaloo watched silently as her pretend-momma scattered across her bedroom. It took a second, but eventually Twilight came to a full stop. She held a pair of blue denim shortalls and a white onesie with a flower on it. “Hehe, these are going in your bag for lunch. Mrs.Cake wanted to take you swimming a tiny bit with the twins.” She heard as she was helped off the changing table and into a new outfit.

Carefully, Scootaloo with her still loose balance stepped forward into what looked to be a Ruffled yellow and white bag. She watched in awe as Twilight pulled the outfit up her chest and over her shoulders. A zipper came up the back. Looking down, all she could make out is a white outfit, with lots of yellow flower patterns and frills, with a colorful flower emblem protruding from the chest.

“Like it? It’s called a romper, it’s meant for swimming.” Twilight smiled, crouching in front of the child. She tugged lightly at the ruffled bloomers attached the outfit. It was cute; it really ballooned out near the bottom.

“Oh, I guess that’s cool.” Scootaloo smiled, a bit embarrassed over her outfit. Her regular swimsuit was a one piece, but it definitely didn’t have nearly as much emphasis on the backside.

“Well I don’t blame you if you don’t think it’s ‘cool’, but it is cute.” The caretaker smiled, sticking a yellow bow on top of Scootaloo’s hair. She turned around and plopped Scootaloo’s diaper bag on the changing table, “Now, what do you need for you little trip? I’m sure Mrs.Cake will keep you entertained, so… maybe just a couple diapers and the rest of the stuff. Oh yeah, and your baby bottle. I forgot you’re a ‘big baby.’” She teased.


In her room, Twilight say patiently at her study as she continued jotting down her ideas and theories. She finished her hypothesis of the regression’s effects and no matter how she tried to spin it, the results so far for inevitably positive.

Yes- Scootaloo has been more active, to the point of losing over three pounds.

Yes- Scootaloo was improving her hand eye coordination.

Yes- Scootaloo still interacted in a positive attitude with adults; despite her new social position.

Standing up from her chair, Twilight edged her way out of her room and down the wall. She entered her child’s room and stopped at the doorway.

Yes there were toys scattered about, but with approval. Her crib, like much else in the room, was perfected. It’s blankets were soft and fluffly, the wood polished, and the white pillow cases glimmered with a perfected cleanliness.

It actually stuck her curiosity, to the point where she wanted a closer look. Nothing really was out of place, aside from a scatted white rabbit plushie that she used for naps. The pillow cases did have small spots on them, but that was understandable, when she thought about the milk bottles and drool on the pacifier.

In a weird way, taking away Scootaloo’s big bed had made her cozier. Likewise, giving her a smaller window to play in, kept her more entertained in the long run because the every time she got to play with a new thing or contraption, it felt like a unique experience.

She was always curious to take Scootaloo into the woods, to let her run about the real world in her nappied behind. It would probably be a fun, albeit dangerous experience. But, it’d also help give her a sense of place despite her being confined to wherever Twilight wanted her to go.

It was a happy little leash Twilight kept and would continue to keep on Scootaloo. Just because Scootaloo was able to explore less, doesn’t necessarily mean she’d learn less. Confining her to a space would help her stay more in tune to what she was doing and it’d make her feel a bit safer to explore, knowing there was a more responsible person around her.

Stepping over to the changing table, Twilight ducked underneath it and pulled out the set of panties that she’d kept for when Scootaloo wanted to end the experiment. They were ‘childish’ in the same way her nappies were.

Taking a deep breath, Twilight sighed. In a way, playing ‘mommy’ was a very momentous job. No matter how many diapers she changed, she would still have to change another. No matter how many meals she fed Scootaloo, she’d still have to feed her another… but then again. No matter how many times Scootaloo scraped her knee, she knew she’d still be there to kiss the scratch and no matter how many times Scootaloo was feeling down, she would be there to give her a hug.

It was an interesting thought, childhood was to her. It’d been so many years since she’d been graduated from college. So many years she’d been working for the university and yet, only recently it caught up with her. Of all the hustle and bustle of life and in all the solace that has come with being a prudent researcher. She hadn’t felt this empty without someone by her side in such a long time. Not that it was a painful feeling, but it was hallow and the scale of everything around her had just caught up with her.

She looked at the traditional turquoise clock on the wall. As the hand struck three, she found herself befuddled. Where had the time gone? It was time to pick up Scootaloo.


Parking her car on the lane in front of the Cake’s house, Twilight got out of her car and made her way to the glass doors. She rang the doorbell. After a brief ringing noise was a heard from inside the shop, “Scootaloo, you mommy is here” Could was called out loud. A minute or two later, Mrs.Cake arrived with the child in her arms and the ducky covered diaper bag around her shoulder.

“Why hello Mrs.Cake.” Twilight said, looking down at Scootaloo mixed expression. Did everything go alright?” She asked, nicely.

In a squeamish smile, Mrs.Cake nodded. “Oh yes, Scootaloo had a little run in with the twins, but they made up. Didn’t they Scootaloo?” She asked, directing the question towards the child.

“Yes.” Scootaloo muttered, trying not to whine.

“Good girl. Now why don’t you give a big hug to mommy alright?” Mrs.Cake instructed, handing the eight year old like an infant, to her mother.

Twilight smiled, hugging unto Scootaloo with one arm while she took the diaper bag with the other. “Are you alright sweetie pie?” She asked, adjusting the bag’s strap up her shoulder then used her second arm to rub the girl’s back.

“Yeah… they made fun of my outfit though. They called me a ‘bubble butt’ and a ‘baby pants’, even though they’re younger than me.” Scootaloo said, pouting a bit.

Smiling sympathetically, Twilight bounced the child up and down a bit, “Awe, it’s alright baby. How about we get you home? I got you some really yummy food from the burger place that you like.”

Mrs.Cake butted in, smiling nervously, “Don’t worry Twilight, I made sure the twins learned their lesson. I made them apologize. They’ve both been on an ego trip ever since they started going to preschool. They made up for it though right Scootaloo? They apologized and you guys had good time, right?” She teased, playfully pinching the child’s foot.

“Hehe. Yeah.” Scootaloo weakly smiled, looking up at the Twilight. “Did you get icecream?” She asked innocently.

“Awe, hehe. Of course sweetie. Now let’s get you all snug in your car seat and we can head out.” Twilight smiled, nodding at Mrs.Cake “Nod to the nice lady Scoots.”

“Bye Mrs.Cake.” Scootaloo said happily. Her chin resting on Twilight’s shoulder and her free hand waving happily.

Opening her backseat door, Twilight helped the young eight year old into her car seat. Unlike some of the stuff Scootaloo had been living with, the car seat was actually just a modified version of an already existing model. It was pink, it had a full set of buckles, and like her stroller it had a safety tray that sat on top of her lap and spread her legs.

Rather gently, she helped the child into her seat and then got in the car herself. She smiled, pulling off into the road. There was very little traffic for such a nice afternoon. Trees rose aside the sidewalks with their lament green hue, bricks rose proudly in their levitt style fashion, and the echoing presence of wind chimes and their sound resonated through the air.

Scootaloo laid back in carseat. There was a comfortable warm feeling, from the sun peeking through the car’s windows. She didn’t say a word, but instead watched out the window as she passed street by street, house by nuclear family house, and then eventually watched as they traveled to the outskirts of town where Twilight lived.

The exit from the car was brief. It took Twilight a while to undo the vinyl straps that clung to Scootaloo’s body, but the girl didn’t mind. She enjoyed the warmness that came from the seat and snugness from the straps.

“Come on little denim butt.” Twilight teased, in reference to the denim shortalls that Scootaloo had on. She helped the child out of the car and into the house; carrying her all the way.

Scootaloo clung happily to her momma’s chest as she carried into the cute little villa. It didn’t take long before she was sat into the same old colorful plush padding that was her high chair. Just like the car seat, a set of straps came over her chest, and the a tray rested over her lap.

“So sweetie, I got you chicken nuggets and a thing of fries. Also-“ Twilight smiled, setting what she mentioned on the table, “I got you your own little shake.” She smiled, setting the small clear plastic cup on the table then put a straw in it.

Lighting up, Scootaloo happily nommed away at her snack. She bit into the tender nuggets and chewed away at her fries, all with her fingers, and all while leaving a rather sizable mess to clean up. The white onesie that she wore underneath the blue denim jumper was alright, but the jumper itself gathered quite a bit of salt on it.

Regardless, Twilight watched in amazement as Scootaloo plowed through the food that she was offered. But it seemed, as she watched the child chew away from a distance, that the haste was quickly lost in the girl. Not only was Scootaloo not finishing either the fries or the chicken nuggets, but she seemed to only be taking sips at her shake.

Scootaloo herself looked down at her tray in concern. It was a weird feeling, but her tummy felt hollow and hungry, but also painful in a ‘needs to use the bathroom’ sort of way. She looked up at her mommy and frown, “I-I, my tummy hurts!” she cried, her face getting redder and her eyes filling up with tears.

Getting out of the seat she’d sat in, Twilight rushed immediately over to Scootaloo. “Oh, you poor baby.” She said, lovingly rubbing the child’s back as she moved everything but the shake off the tray. “Does some baby have a sore tummy? Do you needa use the potty?”

“Mmmhmm…” Scootaloo nodded shyly. But in all honesty, she wasn’t a hundred percent sure if she did. “A-at the C-cake’s house. I-I tried u-using the potty. B-but, i-i-i couldn-n’t.” She said, still gripping her tummy. She closed her eyes and pushed, trying to get something out of her system, but she couldn’t budge her tummy at all.

“Awe, somebaby needs more fiber in her diet.” Twilight said, undoing the child’s straps. She helped the child to the ground and walked her own to the couch and helped her unto the couch. She walked to the nursery and searched through the various medical supplies that she kept in the locked cabinet underneath the changing table.

Walking back out into the living room, Twilight watched as her child kepted straining herself; trying to go in her diaper. She approached the child then crouched down infront of her. “Shh… listen sweetie.” She said, rubbing the girl’s leg. “This powder is going to help you potty alright? There’s no reason to hurt your tummy. It’s probably just not used to the baby food and all the sugar you’ve been getting lately.”

Scootaloo sat back, her face flustered and red as a tomato. She watched moaning as Twilight traveled to the kitchen, then came back with the bottle in her hands. Despite her tummy hurting, she couldn’t deny there was something soothing, knowing that someone was there to make things better.

Twilight sat on the couch right next to the child and patted her lap. She watched as the young girl crawled on her knees and unto her jeans. She looked down and watched as Scootaloo wrapped her tiny little arms around her waist. Smiling kindly, she held the bottle at an angle that the girl could suckle without moving much at all.

Scootaloo accepted the bottle of milk and despite its awkward taste; she swallowed each bit of its overly-sweet flavoring. It was a bit thicker than she was used to and it had a bit of a coconut after taste. Still, she drank it as fast as her sore tummy would allow her to.

“Shh… shh…” The women whispered, holding the child’s thin figure against her chest. She continued to hold the bottle for the girl and continued to rub gently up and down Scootaloo’s frail denim covered back. “It’s alright sweetie, just relax. That’s a good girl.” She encouraged, using her free hand to gently brush her girl’s sikly hair with her soft fingers. “There’s no hurry little Ms. Poopy Pants.”

“Hehe, I’m not a ‘poopy pants’.” Scootaloo said, giggling a little bit. She suckled a little more, swallowing every drop like it was the best thing she ever tasted. It was actually starting to make her feel better.

“Yes you are. You poop your pants and don’t even care.” Twilight said, smiling as she continued messaging the back of the girl’s head.

Scootaloo suckled some more, melting at the touch her mommy's loving hands. She blushed a bit as she continued to accept the baby treatment. “Hehe, I do not.” She said, kicking her legs a little bit. Her diaper rustled softly underneath her onesie and denim jumper. It felt comfy.

“Yes you do, who’s my little poopy pants? You are, that’s why you wear diapers silly. You’re just a baby afterall. Aren’t you?” She asked, nudging the girl’s arm.

“I can get out of diapers any time I want.” Scootaloo teased, sticking out her tongue. She couldn’t help but giggle a bit.

“You could, but then you’d ruin all your panties.” The caretaker teased back.

“Would not.” Scootaloo defended, leaning her head on her caretaker’s chest. It was warm.

Twilight giggled a little bit at her child’s disobedience. She set the mostly empty bottle down and hugged the child with both her arms. “Ooh, I’m sure you wouldn’t. You can’t stand being in a dirty little diapey can you baby?” She cooed, kissing the top of the child’s messy hair.

“I wouldn’t know.” The young girl grinned, using both her free forearms to hug her mommy’s arms. Delighted, she could feel the tension release in her stomach. She felt so calm in Twilight’s embrace. She felt so weighted, and so loved. It was a weird feeling she had, but she really liked it.
“T-Twilight, c-c-can I be your baby forever?” She asked, with an undertone of desperation.
“Awe, you know you always will be. You are my little poopy pants, remember?” She teased, planting another kiss on her child’s forehead.
Scootaloo smiled, chuckling a bit as she lightened up to that name. “Hehe, I make poopy pants.” She giggled, lightening up a little on the inside. She liked saying that out loud. It felt right.

Author's Note:

To answer the first question a lot of people will probably ask me. "Why didn't I elaborate more on Scootaloo's visit with Mrs.Cake and the twins?"

Simple. Mrs.Cake and Scootaloo I've already written before in my story "A Message to Rainbow Dash"

As for the Twins, I tried making the twins around three or four years of age, since that'd mean they could actually socially interact with another person (Scootaloo). But, I found their dialogue and interactions with Scootaloo to be either mean spirited, underwhelming, or overall boring to read. After all, the chapter would have literally been a roughly 3000 words of two toddlers and a make believe baby playing together.

That being said, omitting the previously mentioned scene, I enjoyed the way this chapter played out. While I'm not a big fan of time-cuts, I don't using them for this chapter since the next chapter is going to be a pretty consistent series of events.

Other than that, I also am quite happy with the title I decided on, whilst relistening to Daft Punk's "Homework" album. I think it suits what's going on quite well.

Anyhow, Enjoy the chapter and have a good one! ~England

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