• Published 26th Jun 2015
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One More Time - AlliePastel

Scootaloo takes an opportunity to regain the earliest years of her life, under Twilight's supervision. (AB/DL Story)

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Author's Note:

Alright, so the obvious question for you all is probably, "Where has Oliver been going?"

Well to answer it simply, I've been working hard at my job, I've been focusing a lot more on my visual art, and I've been pretty distracted by my Government and Social Studies classes.

Which brings me to another good point. Unlike I used to, my school work is becoming a bigger part of my life than it ever was before. Add that with 20-30 hour work weeks and sometimes you're too exhausted to sit down and write when you get home.

However, I've been listening to a lot more Romantic music lately, a lot more angsty music like Twenty-One Pilots and Green Day. And while I can't say either the band's music has inspired something directly correlated with this writing, they most certainly have alleviated some of focus on success and politics, and I can say it's been a lot easier to calm myself down and write now.

That being said, I've also taken time to rewrite this chapter of the story, so that Scootaloo is written to be in a more comfortable situation. While I can't say I'm entirely happy with my re-write, due to some of the more enticing scenes being dulled down for pacing sake. I can say that being that this is a definite 'filler' chapter anyhow, and the next one will be a lot more full for me to write and for you to read.

Have a good one! ~England

With both of her hands on the handles of cup, Scootaloo suckled out the last bit of the creamy milk from her sippy cup. She looked around, observing the people around her talking in their own conversation. She supposed she did look fairly young. Smiling, she set the cup on her tray. “All done.” She chirped.

“Awe, my baby.” Twilight cooed, staring at the child with awe. She really did make a fantastic baby. Maybe it was just the outfits her and the research team bought Scootaloo, but between the child’s perky smile and the little get ups, she was really starting to look younger as well. Confident in her intution, Twilight grabbed the sippy cup and put it in her bag. “I take it, you wanna go home about now don’t you?” She questioned.

“Yeah, I’m fine with that.” The girl admitted, sinking back into the strollers plush pink padding. In all honesty, she actually was feeling very relaxed inside the building. The absence of Pinkie Pie and the mild-cool breeze helped a lot too. She hated to talk about it, but the sun did feel kinda overbearing on her skin.

“As you wish princess.” The women smiled, throwing the vinyl diaper bag over her shoulder. She leaned over and pushed on the front of the child’s diaper little, “Do you need any changes before we go?” She questioned.

“Nah, I don’t think so.” The girl blurted out, nervously scanning the room for people who might have seen them. She forgot about her expected speech pattern. Looking up, she blushed a little. “Hehe, needa pee soon.” She added, her face reddening a little.

Twilight smiled a little bit, setting out on her way. She turned her head to look for Mrs.Cake, but she didn’t see her. It was a bit strange, but Mrs.Cake left her counter unmanned. Ignoring that detail, she headed out the door with the stroller infront of her.

Scootaloo looked down on her lap as her and her caretaker started their round. It was actually blindingly bright outside, not to mention the intensity of the heat and the lack of humidity in the air felt like it was cooking her alive. Frowning a bit, she looked up at Twilight. Shading her eyes with her forearm, she gave the women a puppy dog expression. “It too hot, I wan shade.” She complained.

“D’awh…” The women sounded, pulling down the awning. Scoots was right, it was getting really hot. She walked a little faster, trying to cut down on the time she needed to lug everything around.

As she paced down the street, she looked down at the stroller and cooed, “If my baby needs a drink, we can get one. I don’t want you getting all thirsty after all.”

“Nah. I think I’m fine.” The child replied, feeling a slight heat around her thighs. She looked up confused for a second before realizing what it was. “Oh, that’s that makes sense.” She announced, “I think I might needa change.” She giggled, blushing as she use both hands to cover the front of her diaper.


Naked on the changing table, Scootaloo flinched a little as Twilight grabbed her ankles. She watched as her caretaker lifted her legs into the air. She could hardly register it by touch, but did observe as her backside was wiped clean with a wet cloth.

Lowering the girl’s legs, she spoke softly, “I’m not sure what you want to do today. On the one hand you’ve been doing a lot of stuff outside. On the other hand, I’m most likely going to have to have Mrs.Cake babysit you here tomorrow; since it’s easier to fit three babies in a big crib, than two babies and a big baby into two cribs.”

Scootaloo raised her finger up to her mouth then squeaked, “Ooh, inside! I wanna play inside today! There’s so much I haven’t even touched!”

“Awe, well that works.” Twilight agreed, pulling out the pink plastic bag of disposable training pants. She took one of the pullups out and worked it up the child’s legs and around her waist. Grabbing the child from under the arms, she brought her into a cradle. “So, what kinda game do you wanna play lovey pie?” She ask, turning to show

Looking around the room in all of its sleek wooden modernity, the thing that really caught her eye was a big plastic contraption. It was for the most part made of white plastic, but it’s seat cover, toys, and decorations were all vibrantly coloured. Curiously, she gave her caretaker a goofy smile and cheered, “Ooh, that thingy! What’s that thingy?”

“That thingy is called a baby walker.” Twilight answered, then walked up to the device.

Scootaloo gave Twilight a puzzed look as her legs were laced through the holes of the contraption’s seat. A bit of weird sensation took her by surprise. The fact that she could hardly feel her feet on the carpet but could still bounce up and down felt off-putting and it gave her abdomen a strange sense of pressure. She wanted to feel like she was holding herself up, but every time she squatted, she bounced back up in the air.

Twilight took a step backwards and watched at the child recklessly bounced herself up and down. Smiling, the women cooed, “Awe, who’s a big baby? Look, you’re standing up all by yourself!”

Looking up, a big grin came across Scootaloo’s face. She bounced up and down a little bit, giggling as she did so. Not even the toys that surrounded the higher half of her body could distract her. She was enjoying making Twilight happy.

“Good girl.” Twilight encouraged, beaming with pride. She leaned over and patted the child on the head. “Now, I’m going to turn on the television and let you have a little bit of private time to yourself before I get you ready for a nap. Alright?”

“Sure. Me bouncy!” Scootaloo cheered, giggling more as she enjoyed the senstation of being weightless. Twilight grabbed the remote and turned on the television; she hadn’t been paying much attention to anything but her activity honestly. That being said, the activation of the baby monitor and the exit of her caretaker made little difference to her. She was enjoying herself.

With each bounce up and down, she got more and more absorbed in her surroundings. She found her eyes and hands focusing on a targeting toy. Grabing one strand of beads, she pushed them over a zig-zag arch formation and to a wooden foundation on the other side.

Satisfied, she started working her hands bringing another strand of beads, from one end of a metal beam to another end. She kept at this for a while, then switched to a rattle like plastic pony doll figure that hobbled back and forth, then a hollowed out tube of colorful plastic balls that rotated. Before she knew it an hour had passed and the clock struck eleven.

“Scootaloo!” Twilight called from the opposite side of the house. Opening the nursery room’s door, she step inside and turned to find Scootaloo still bouncing happily. “Woah, you still haven’t gotten bored of that yet? Fascinating” She commented, astonished.

Grinning, the child turned her head to Twilight as she bounced for the forth hundred time that day, “Hehe. I kinda have no choice.” She admitted, lifting her arms towards the ceiling.

Twilight picked Scootaloo up and put her into a cradle. “Awe, you’re probably a little bit tired by now, aren’t you?”

“Nope.” Scootaloo said, bluntly.

“Oh, well I’m sure a nap wouldn’t hurt you anyway. Do you want me to get some pajamas or something though? Maybe a t-shirt? I figured it was going to be hotter than it turned out to be, so I didn’t bother.” She ask, walking over to the Scootaloo’s wardrobe.

“Yes!” Scootaloo said quite eagerly. She was brought over to her crib and sat backside first unto her mattress. Watching through the bars, she patiently waited for Twilight to bring over her shirt.

Twilight walked over with what looked to be a mostly plain white t-shirt. She set her hands on the top railing and pushed down, giving her access to the inside of the crib. Crouching, she helped her would be toddler’s arms through sleeves.

To her surprise, Scootaloo noticed that the there was a long bit of textile that laid on the mattress behind her, like a cape; except it was attached to her t-shirt. “What’s that?” Scootaloo asked, looking behind herself before turning back to Twilight with a confused look on her face.

“It’s the button section sweetie.” Twilight replied, grabbing the fabric and pulling it between the child’s legs. She buttoned it, and as she figured, it was a snug fit.

“Hmm, what’s this?” Scootaloo asked, pointing at her chest. There was a design on her area infront of her right breast, but she couldn’t see it from her perspective.

“That right there is a pink duckie design. The team at the college had to come up with a logo and they thought it was cute. Plus, you really look good with pink. Since your eyes are all pretty and purple like they are, you know?” Twilight complimented as she raised the bars of the crib. Searching into her pocket, she was quick to find a binky, then handed it to the kid.

Scootaloo crawled over to the non-covered side of the mattress and laid down. She looked up at Twilight and smirked, “This is dumb, I’m not even tired.”

“I know.” Twilight half-heartingly agreed. She grabbed the poofy comforter and pulled it over the child’s body. “But, rules are rules. I have to keep you on a mild schedual. Even if it is dumb. But look, atleast you relax for a little bit.” She said, taking out the pacifier and pushing it into the child’s mouth.

Blushing a bit, Scootaloo stared passively as the mobile above her started quietly spinning. She glimpse at Twilight, only catching a faint smile on her caretaker’s face, before fixating her eyes back on the rotating elephants, tigers, and what not that hung from the mobile.

In the girl’s eyes, she found herself a lot smaller than before for some reason. She clung to a nearby yellow duck plushie and hugged it for comfort. Something about the bars around her, the mobile above her, and the lights of the room growing dimmer as Twilight circled around the room made her feel more on edge. But strangley enough, this also helped her get more comfortable under her blanket.

*Suckle Suckle*

She looked down at her duckie, before looking towards the room’s only door. Quietly, Twilight made her way out; being sure to close the door behind her as subtly as possible. She smiled a bit on the outside, but on the inside she was more soothed than anything. She nuzzled her pillow before slowly closing her eyes, and pressing her forehead against her duck plushie.

*Suckle Suckle*

She fell asleep.


“Hmm-wha?” Scootaloo questioned, looking up at her mobile. Not had much changed, the lighting in the room was relatively the same and she was still in the same position she was in when she fell asleep. Taking the pacifier from out of her own mouth, she called out “Twily!” She waited a little while, but after a minute or two the sound of footsteps became louder and louder until eventually the door opened.

“Goodevening my little sunflower, how’d you sleep?” She asked, walking up to the Scootaloo. Being sure not to rattle her too much, she picked the child up and gently pressed her head against her breast.

“Mmm.” Scootaloo whined, rubbing her eyes with her balled fist, then yawned. Barely awake, she muttered, “I slept really well.”

“Sounds like it.” Twilight smiled, lovingly rubbing her hand up and down the child’s back. She walked to the livingroom and relaxed on her futon.

“Awe, somebody is just a little tired girl. Why do not close your eyes and let your momma feed you lunch.” Scootaloo heard, still only half conscience. Holding back the urge to yawn, the young girl shook her head. She didn’t feel like eating, at least not yet; however, she was thirsty.

“Hmm, well how about just a cold bottle of formula alright? I promise it’ll taste good, even if you’re only a tinsy bit hungry.” She chimed as she reached forward to grab the bottle she had set on her coffee table. With a calm hand, she eased the bottle and it’s nipple into Scootaloo’s mouth and propped it up at just the right angle so it would flow.

Reluctantly, the child accepted the bottle, faining only slight interest in drinking from it. She didn’t mind drinking from a bottle, but her tummy felt really ‘heavy’ ever since she woke up. Not to mention, she really was still pretty full from her breakfast earlier in the day.

With a still ambience in the air, Twilight continued to coddle the child in her arms, never once letting the bottle stray away from the child’s lips. She watched as Scootaloo lazily suckled down the bottle, counting the fluid down from 400ml to just 100ml.

A sudden cringe inducing pain jolted through Scootaloo’s stomach and she suddenly felt the need to ‘relieve’ herself. Under most circumstances, she would have a second to think about getting up and using the bathroom. But the numbed effect from her medicine cut all her potty-training out of the equation. There was a mild pain, a subtle relief, then a complete absence of feeling again.

It took her a second, but she realized that there was a slight tug around her tummy, where the waistband was being tugged down by the weight of the dirty nappy.

“Oh my. Some little girl made poopy pants for the first time; very interesting.” Twilight smiled, excited at the prospect. “Awe, my baby girl is really growing backwards.” She teased, bouncing the girl up and down slightly on her knee.

Scootaloo blushed heavily and clung to Twilight’s chest. There was a part deep inside her that wanted to cry out and complain, but she weirdly enjoyed Twilight’s patronizing comments. Even the bad smell didn’t bother her; if anything, Twilight’s lack of reaction made her feel even more secure. “Mmm.... this should be grosser.” The groggy child whined, perplexed at her own apathy. “How come this isn’t upsetting me? It’s so- ‘weird’.”

Twilight continued hugging the child as she walked about the house. “Well, little girls don’t mind using their nappies. You’ve probably adjusted a bit over the past couple days, whether you’ve noticed it or not. I mean, you did wet yourself too as I recall. Just cause it’s unique, doesn’t mean it should upset you.”

“B-but, I haven’t messed myself since I was four. This is so weird.” Scootaloo talked, benign to the fact that Twilight was walking her back to the nursery. Entering inside the room, she stared up at Twilight as she was set down and laid back on the Changing Table’s plush white vinyl top.

What followed was a series of awkward cringes, as the child dealt with the smell of her shame. Twilight didn’t help stop the embarrassment either, harboring teases like, “Awe, somebaby had quite the accident” and “It’s a wonder your pullups even held, someone really had to go.”

With the last few wipes of the girl’s bottom, Twilight wrapped the pullup along with the wipes inside and tossed the ball into the diaper genie.

The young girl’s face was a true red again and she could feel it. Quietly, she watched helplessly as Twilight pulled out a mostly turquoise package. She could tell what they were, but she didn’t bother protesting. The experiment must have called for them and quite honestly, she knew she probably needed them; they were real diapers.

Tearing into the package’s plastic coat, Twilight pulled out a white nappy. She turned to face the child, lifted her legs in the air, then pushed the poofy diaper underneath her bare bottom. With precision, Twilight wrapped the pants around her waist, taping them snug into place. “And it’s a perfect fit!” Twilight cheered, patting the nappie’s front.

“Mmm…” the girl sounded, feeling a bit speechless at the sight of the white diaper between her legs. The pullups looked a bit like real panites, the pampers didn’t. The white nappy hugged her inner thighs, it protruded out like a ballon when she sat down, and it hugged her part of the way up her waist. No, she wasn’t just a big-girl acting like a toddler. She was a toddler again.

The warm thought of cuddles and Twilight’s loving smile came to mind and she knew what the nappy wanted her to do. Her chest warmed and she looked up at her caretaker, giving her a big goofy grin as she muttered utter nonsense. “Gbbrl-ga-gahh…” She sounded, giggling slightly afterwards. Some drool came out of her mouth, and she did nothing to stop it. She was excited to play baby again.

“Well aren’t you being a little cutie pie?” Twilight smiled, helping the child onto the ground. “Listen, how about we spend some time just playing together in the nursery. I can read you books, you can listen to music, watch T.V, and you can do it all with me? Doesn’t that sound fun?” Twilight ask, as if she didn’t already know the answer.

With her knees still weak, Scootaloo happily crawled over to Twilight’s leg and hugged her. Her onesie was undone, but her passion sure wasn’t. ‘She was ready to have some fun with her mommy’, she thought to herself.

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