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One More Time - AlliePastel

Scootaloo takes an opportunity to regain the earliest years of her life, under Twilight's supervision. (AB/DL Story)

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Act Naturally

Stepping out into the hallway, Twilight held a young child wrapped in a fluffy white towel. She didn’t mind carrying Scootaloo as much as she thought she would. At most, Scootaloo was only sixty pounds or so and unlike the cake twins, Scootaloo didn’t make a fuss when she was carried.

Minding the closeness to her caretaker, Scootaloo peaked her eyes up at Twilight. “Why do you feel so warm?” She asked, curiously nuzzling Twilight’s shoulder.

“Cause…” Twilight paused, opening up the door to Scootaloo’s temporary quarters, “I’m not warm. Your body heat is probably just low, or at least feels that way. Stress can do that to a person you know?”

Scootaloo thought for a second about what Twilight said and then nodded. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t feel just a little bit nervous, she was about to ignore lots of ‘musts’ that she’d learned over the years. Even if she was being quite literally ‘pampered’ the entire way, the situation she was in still put her on the edge of her seat.

Taking conscious breathes, the child didn’t speak a word out loud. She watched the changing table she was going to be set on, examining the various types of nappies and powders that filled its shelves. Before she could even collect her thoughts on the object, she was already being sat untop of the table’s vinyl waterproof padding.

“So Scootaloo…” Twilight said, sparing no time for the child to adapt properly to her situation. She stripped the towel away from the girl and smiled, “I’m going to need you to be a big girl and lay on your back.”

“L-like this?” Scootaloo said, anxiously covering up her exposed chest. She had some recollection of how diaper changes went. Without being told, she spread her legs and looked in another direction away from her caretaker; she wanted as little interruptions as possible.

Nodding, Twilight gently ripped off the sides of the swim diaper and tugged it from underneath Scootaloo’s bare bottom. “Are you sure you’re not really a baby, cause you seem to know an awful lot about the process!” she teased, as she pulled out the powder and began pouring it on the child.

Lifting her arms up, Scootaloo allowed herself to be pulled up onto her naked tushie. She blushed a bit as she looked up at Twilight; something about her empathetic smile made her feel a little less self-conscience.

Twilight slowly broke her eye contact with Scootaloo and pulled a pink plastic package from underneath the changing table. “They’re pullups, I assume you’ve worn these in the past.” She said, ripping the package’s top and handing one to the child with a smile on her face.

“Yeah….” Scootaloo said, hopping off the changing table. Putting it on one foot in at a time, she tugged the elastic waist up her legs and over her backside. Blushing a bit, she laughed nervously, “Hehe, I-I used to have a bad bedwetting problem. I guess Rainbow Dash already talked about that though, didn’t she?” She asked.

“Only a tad bit.” Twilight smirked, trying to help maintain the girl’s dignity. She knew it must have been embarrassing for Scootaloo to wear real nappies. Taking note of her ‘assistant’s’ fragile state of mind, she carefully patted the girl on the head.

Taking a deep breath, Scootaloo looked up at Twilight with a sheepish smile to her face. “Hehe. So, what am I supposed to be wearing? Or do for fun? How is a three year old supposed to act?” She asked, looking around the room with fascination.

Twilight tapped her chin then walked over to Scootaloo’s dresser. Opening it up, she started shifting through wardrobes. “Well…” She said scanning the various outfits, “If you’re pottytraining, I imagine your pants have to be something accessible.”

Watching patiently, Scootaloo was amazed as Twilight pulled out a beautiful purple princess outfit. It looked really nice, despite her not being a fan of the ‘girly’ look. It reminded her a lot of the dress she had when she was younger, albeit that dress was more tampered.

“I take it you like?” Twilight said, gesturing for Scootaloo to lift her arms in the air. “You said wanted to know a bit about being three years old, well a big part of it is gender identity. Don’t worry, once you take another step back until be all babyish things.” She said, giggling a bit as she zipped the back of Scootaloo’s Dress on her.

Scootaloo looked up, only to be met with a set of hands bringing her perky hair into two smaller ponytails. She blushed a bit, but that didn’t stop her from warranting her question, “What else am I supposed to do about ‘being’ three years old though?”

Picking the child off the ground, Twilight gave her a coy smile and booped her nose with a single free hand. “Well, you can start off by acting a little bit more emotional. There’s no need to hold back your feelings. If you feel angry you hit things or scream, If you’re scared then cry, and if you’re happy then giggle.” She said pleasantly.

Breathing heavily, Scootaloo started giggling wildly, forcing it a bit. Her face turned red with embrassment as she started frantically jumping up and down. “Hehe! Like that?” She teased, sticking her tongue out a little at Twilight.

“Something like that, not that forceful though. Just- don’t question your emotions when you feel about something strongly I guess.” Twilight said as she thought over the child’s performance.

Pouting, she fell on her backside and pouted. “I want play!” She yelled, raising her arms to the sky. It wasn’t long before a set of hands grabbed tight around her sides and lifted her up in the air. “I saw I swing outside, I wanna swing!” She whined, fidgeting a bit as she kept a strong eye contact with her caretaker.

“Nevermind.” Twilight said, planting her hand on her face. “Tell you what, don’t worry about the acting. Just try to feel less obligated to act rationally alright? I promise I won’t spank you or punish you too harshly.” She said, trying to reassure the girl.

“Hehe, that’s alright too I guess.” Scootaloo agreed, letting Twilight pick her up. “I wouldn’t mind swinging through, you know? If that’s alright with you?” She asked, blushing a bit as she was carried like a toddler. It’d been a while since she had swung.

Comfortable, Scootaloo hugged unto her caretaker. Unlike Rainbow, Twilight actually smelled pleasant. Not that Rainbow Dash smelled bad per say, but she most certainly was never clean. It was nice to be around someone who had a pretty fragrance for once.

Twilight made her way downstairs and towards the front door, stopping to check on the child. “I better protect your eyes…” Twilight said, setting Scootaloo on the ground. A bit flustered at her lack of preparation, she placed her hands on her knees and bent forwards at the child and spoke, “Listen, I need to head back up stairs and grab something real fast! Can I trust you to be a big girl and stand still while I go grab what I need?”

Scootaloo gave a blank nod as she watched Twilight turn around immediately and rush up the stairs. Something about Twilight’s nervous tone made her feel a bit bad for Twilight, like Twilight was really concerned about the situation at hand. She didn’t want to upset her caretaker anymore, so she stood in place smiling pridefully like a good girl.

From the top of the steps, Twilight came down each one quickly with a bear covered bag around her shoulder. The bag open, she reached inside and pulled out a small hat. “It’s a sunhat…” Twilight said, placing the thing on Scootaloo’s head. “I don’t want you to get a sunburn.”

Blinking, the child looked up at the hat and then back at Twilight. She watched as her caretaker pulled out a bottle of sunblock and signaled for her to put out an arm. With a small pull of her hand, Scootaloo walked closer to Twilight and let her apply some of the over-fragranced cream on her arms and legs.

“You know I tan right?” Scootaloo asked, puzzled as to why Twilight would need to apply the sunblock. She never sunblock and she never got burned.

Twilight finished off the application and capped the bottle. Putting it away, she dug back into her bag and pulled out a pair of socks and childish white sneakers.

Staring at the shoes, Scootaloo blushed a bit. “You gotta be kidding me.” She said, sitting on her backside. She lifted each of her legs in the air and let Twilight slip on a sock and one of shoe on both of her feet. She cringed, hearing the tear of the Velcro and the tightening of the shoes around her feet. “Why? Why the Velcro shoes?” She asked, looking away from them.

“Cause…” Twilight stalled, picking up her diaper bag and hanging it from her shoulder. She picked the child up and opened the door, “I couldn’t let my little toddler scuff her feet, or accidently get a sunburn. Not to mention, most three year olds can’t tie their shoes. So, it was either the strap sneakers or a pair of mary janes.

Puckering her lips for a brief second, the child nodded in agreement. It was true that a preschooler most likely wouldn’t be able to tie their own shoes. Then again, that doesn’t mean Twilight couldn’t have just tied a laced pair of shoes for her. It didn’t really matter much though.

Twilight stepped carefully through the grass, the weight of her diaper bag and Scootaloo making it very tough for her balance the two. She made her way into the patch of wood chips that lined the bottom of the swing and plopped the child into the seat of the back swing.

Wanting to be as helpful as possible, Scootaloo kicked her legs, letting both of them slide through the opening in the wicker design of the swing. Her thighs weren’t chubby enough that they would chaff at all. It was obvious that the swing was a perfect fit for her.

“Hehe, you fit right in…” Twilight giggled, setting down her vanilla colored nylon bag. She walked up the child and tried to tug the front of the dress in front of the child’s knees. Feeling a bit silly about the situation she got Scootaloo in, she blushed. “Maybe the dress wasn’t the best choice for today. Then again, I had no idea this is what we’d be doing.” She admitted.

“You know, I didn’t exactly expect to be in this position either. Although it’s a quite nice change of pace I guess.” Scootaloo said, kicking her legs innocently. She looked at her caretaker then pointed at the diaper bag, “You got anything in there?” She questioned.

“Well duh.” Twilight said, walking behind the girl, pushing softly at the back of the swing. “Do you wanna know what’s inside your diaper bag?” She questioned.

Scootaloo raised an eyebrow then threw her hands up in the air, “What kinda question is that? Of course I want to.” She giggled, trying her best not to come off as too curious.

Looking to the sky, Twilight tapped her chin. She slowly pushed the child again as she ran down the mental list of things in the bag, “Well. There’s a stuffed lion, a travel size pack of pullups, a pair of two cotton training panties, powder, diaper rash crème, oil, wipes, and a changing mat. There’s also a wittle change of clothes incase Scootawoo has a potty problem!” she teased, pulling the strap of the girl’s dress then releasing it.

She watched Scootaloo turn her head back and blow a raspberry at her. Feeling the child’s perky attitude come alive in side her, she leaned in and pushed a bit more. “Hehe, you’re such a cute wittle pwrincess. Infact, I think someone deserves a wittle tweet.” She cooed.

“Is that all you got?” Scootaloo asked, trying to keep her pullup hidden with her hands. For some reason, Twilight’s suggestions were making her feel warm on the inside. It was like she was talking to Rainbow Dash but there was no reason not to cave in. It was all for fun after all.

“Hehe, how about we skip the swinging…” Twilight said, grabbing a hold of the back of the swing and slowing it down manually. “You know you’ve been pressing on the front of your diaper a lot, are you sure you didn’t make potty pants?” she teased.

Scootaloo reddened from the embarrassment, but there was a small burning in her chest that made her smile happily. Letting the playful feelings take over, she exclaimed with the biggest of smile, “Hehe, no wet!” She said, using both hands to cover up the front of her dress.

Feeling playful in kind, Twilight lifted the child from the air and stepped back from the swing. “What about- now!” she yelled, tossing the child up a couple inches in the air. “Did you do it, did you wet yourself?” She asked, throwing the child back up in the air, “Do you needa potty?”

“Hehe, I-don’t-need potty.” Scootaloo giggled between bounces. She laughed widely, kicking slightly as she was thrown into the air.

Twilight caught the child and cradled her. With a devilish smile on her face, she set her onto the plush green grass and started tickling at her sides. “Hehe, is that a call for war?” She asked, running her hands up the sides of the child’s body.

Before she knew it, Scootaloo had fallen onto her backside with the hail of giggling from the two, but her tickling didn’t let up. She crouched over Scootaloo and lifted her dress, then nommed her ankles.

“Eek!” Scootaloo said, rolling onto her back. She kicked her feet in the air and squeeled, but Twilight held a single leg still.

“I’m going to get you!” Twilight rawred, in a monster voice before nomming at Scootaloo’s ankle again. Without a word of warning, she used the child’s lower guard to tickle her sides again.

“Mommy, stop!” Scootaloo giggled, continuing to fidget around as her Caretaker’s tickling onslaught started to lay off.

Taking notice of the child’s words, Twilight’s expression lit up then turned back into a sincere smile again. She sat on her on backside, letting the child catch her breath then pulled her up as well.

Scootaloo let out a few more light giggles as she balanced herself on her hands. Taking a deep breath, she crawled a foot over to Twilight and hugged her as best as she could.

“Awe Scoots.” Twilight smiled, bringing the child onto her lap. Soothingly as she could, she slowly rubbed her hand up and down the child’s back. “You know we can do stuff like that all the time if you want, all you gotta do is loose your big girl filter. Whtta you say?” Twilight asked, taking the hat from Scootaloo’s head.

“Well…” Scootaloo paused, going in for another hug. She rested head on Twilight’s chest as she slowly adjusted her seat on her lap a bit.

“Well what?” Twilight questioned as she noticed the child look in another direction. It only took a few moment before a sudden warmness spread on top of her thighs. “What the hell?” She questioned look down and then at the child.

“Hehe… sorry.” Scootaloo said, feeling a bit dumb as the never ending blush on her face only seemed to get redder and her movements even more clumsy.

Twilight lifted the girl’s dress to reveal the top of her light blue jeans were now a cash blue and the colorful illistations on the child’s dress were now faded. Lifting the girl back the underarms, she set Scootaloo on her feet.

“Scootaloo. You silly girl, toddlers would at least try to make it to the bathroom.” Twilight smirked, laying a hand on the child’s shoulder.
“Don’t worry, I’m not made. Just stay here and I’ll get everything taken care of.” Twilight smiled, reassuring the girl that she wasn’t angry at her.

The child stood in place, watching as her caretaker grabbed the diaper bag and walked backed back to her. She didn’t really think too much of the wetting, she was trying to be childish afterall. Still, she felt a bit silly standing there with a soggy nappy between her legs.

Stopping infront of the girl, Twilight laid down the white vynil changing mat. She quickly took note of the little repeating blue baby bottle designs as her kid crawled on top of then positioned herself on the changing mat.

Giving the child a reassuring smile, she pulled the purple dress up and took a look at the soggy diaper. “Hehe, someone really needed to go potty!” She giggled, undoing the tabs of the pullup and letting it plop onto the vinyl padding.

Making the process as quick as possible, Twilight worked fast on wiping and powdering the girl. “You know, I think someone needs to relax after all that excitement.” She said, as motherly as possible as stood the child up.

Scootaloo looked around, making sure no neighbor or street goer could see her. Without much of a hassle, she stepped into the pullup Twilight had opened up for her and stepped in one foot at a time, using Twilight’s shoulders for balance. “I guess I could. All that tickling was a little bit tiring.” She admitted.

“Well…” Twilight giggled, wiping off the changing mat’s vynil cover with a wipe then tossing it into the dirty pullup. Using a bit of hand santizer, Twilight got the mat and the nappy properly stored in the diaper bag, then pulled something from the side compartment.

To the confusion of Scootaloo, a small plastic shield with a cartoon covered lanyard was attatched to the breast of her dress via safety pin. She picked up on the plastic, only to react with wide eyes; it was pink pacifer.

“Shh…” Twilight said whispered, tossing the diaper bag onto her shoulder. She gently snatched the pacifer from the child and slowly slipped it into the kid’s mouth. She noticed Scootaloo didn’t even put up a fight, she just looked a bit fansinated is all.

Scootaloo grabbed Twilights hand with her own tiny one and tugged a bit, grabbing the women’s attention. “But, Twilight. What about my hat?” She asked as she was walked towards the back door.

“Meh, it was a cheap hat anyway.” Twilight giggled, walking the child through the entrance way. “Now, if you agree too. I think it’s time we got some dinner. Aye Scootaloo?” she questioned, shutting the door behind her.

Scootaloo rocked her head to the side before shrugging. She took the pacifier out of her mouth and looked up, “Sure I guess. Can I go play with something though, in the mean time?” She questioned.

Twilight nodded. “Sure thing. What kinda thing is my baby in the mood to play with?” She questioned, walking with the child into the living room…


“Scootaloo…” Twilight called, alerting the child that her dinner was ready. She walked over to the couch, where Scootaloo sat snuggling a throw blanket and watching T.V. Crouching in front of the girl, she undid her shoe laces and let each of them drop to the ground. “I made you macaroni and cheese and sliced apples, is that alright?” She questioned.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” The child replied, letting her caretaker pick her up. She clung to Twilight’s hip as she was carried to the kitchen. To her surprise, Twilight had set up a big highchair right next to the dinner table. She was gently sat down in the colorful plush padding and had a set of safety straps buckled snugly over her chest.

She watched as her caretaker took a pearl white colored tray and buckled it too properly into place, giving her a place to set her hands down at. It wasn’t long until a bowl of macaroni, a rubber spoon, and a plate with a few sliced apples on it made its way onto the table.

“Annnd… a sippy cup.” Twilight smiled, setting down an eight ounce cup with two handles and a super strong pink lid. “It felt appropriate, so I filled it with juice. Is that fine sweetie?” she asked, eager to know how Scootaloo felt about it.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo sat laid back a bit in her super comfy chair. The plush padding on her back made her feel like she was laid against a cloud, but the six feet of height also put her on edge. It was weird, but in the high chair she was as tall as any adult. But would usually make her comfortable, but that also means that she’s always the center of attention in the room to whoever is sitting down.

Nervously, she nodded before taking the tiny spoon and working her way into the bowl of macaroni. The whole time she pecked away at her macaroni, she couldn’t help but watch as Twilight ate away at the sandwich she’d made for herself. Occasionally, she’d give her caretaker an awkward smile, but other than that she just keep to herself as she ate away at her macaroni and apples.

“Hehe…” Twilight giggled, watching as Scootaloo eat away at her food like she was guilty of something terrible. She knew Scootaloo was always one to avoid showing weakness and being the center of attention wouldn’t help much though. But it was all part of the process to help the child cope with her insecurities.

“What?” Scootaloo questioned, adjusting her seat a bit. All of a sudden, she couldn’t focus on nothing else than her looks. ‘Was there a stain on her face? Did she get something on her dress? Did she look like a baby?’ were all questions flowing around in her head.

“Nothing.” The motherly figure panned on, taking the plate and bowls away from the child’s table; they had nothing edible left on them. With a powerfully positive expression on her face, she turned her back to the child and set the dishes back into the sink.

Reaching for a pastry cover box, she lifted it up to reveal a whole baby sized birthday cake. Without speaking a word to Scootaloo, she looked her right in the eyes and gave her warm grin as she placed the cake in it’s whole onto the tray. “Oops.” Twilight said, taking the spoon from the tray and slipping it into her back pocket, “That isn’t for you.”

“I-it says 2.5 on it. Why does it say two point five?” Scootaloo asked, watching as Twilight removed the unlit candles. “Cause, I thought I’d save it for tomorrow. But, I think I’d be better for you to indulge now. So go ahead, eat up!” she exclaimed.

“W-with what?” Scootaloo asked nervously.

“With those of course!” Twilight cheered, grabbing Scootaloo by the wrist and making the child clap her hands together.

Scootaloo looked up at Twilight and gave her a sly grin before digging into the vanilla cake’s icing and scooping it into her mouth. Cake went everywhere as Scootaloo got more ravenous. She cheered, ripping the fluffy cake with her hands, letting crumble and get all over her dress, then suckling the remaining cake and icing off her hands.

Twilight pulled out her phone and took a picture of the child, who didn’t seem to pay mind to the device. It was obvious Scootaloo was more than happy to break the cake up, ruin her dress, and smash whatever she could hold unto her face and her mouth. Scootaloo moved without any hesitation, like the guilt free child she should be. Encouraging the child’s playfulness to come out again, Twilight cooed, “Awe, who’s the cutie with the messy face?”

“Me! I’m the cutie!” Scootaloo giggled, bouncing up and down in her seat a bit as she continued to indulge herself. The cake was so sweet and delicious. She loved it, she loved eating it with her hands, she loved Twilight, and she loved being the baby.

“Hehe…” Twilight giggled a bit more, looking at the mess that was Scootaloo. There was cake crumbs all down her dress, as well as sprinkles. She took the mess that remained of the cake away from the child’s table and set it on the counter next to her. “I think we outta give you another bath now.” Twilight admitted, “It’s getting near beddie bye time.”

Author's Note:

If any of you were wondering why I'm taking so long with each of these chapters, it's because I'm trying to relax myself and enjoy writing the stories. This story is my pet project of mine. I'm writing it to not only give people a cutesy story about a two fictional characters, but also to give an accurate representation of behavior and care based on age.

I want people to know understand that there's a lot of growing up to be done in a young child's life and that the line between babyhood and childhood isn't a broad line. Growing up is an experience that is best done with the intent on making the child more independent so they can create and explore and feel complex emotions.

Without spoiling anything too big, Twilight uses the aging process to her advantage to prove something. But, I'll explain that more when the opportunity comes around.

The only other thing I have to say is to mind my spelling and such. I don't have as much time to glare over my writing as I used to. Speaking of older works though, I've written a new chapter to 'Magical Mystery Nursery that's a bit 'brutal' to say the least. I plan on posting that as soon as I have it edited.

Anyhow, enjoy the read! ~England <3

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