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To be continued...


Scootaloo volunteers to have Twilight assist her in living a youthful childhood, that she never experienced. While at first Scootaloo comes to help Twilight out, she stays for other reasons.

(Cover art by: The-Padded-Room)

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Cute so far, as always

Pretty good so far. I like how this is trying to explore the pyschological aspects of regression, and how it feels. :pinkiesmile:

This actually better then your previous works. I didn't see any glaring errors other than a few sentences that didn't seem to connect to anything.

Hey, take as much time as you feel necessary. Stories always turn out better when you don't try to rush through them.

What a cute little story you got going here! You take as much time as you need! :twilightsmile:

heres food for thought, once these tests of twilights are over, she will have fallen into a trap of her own design. she will have come to love Scoots as her real daughter.

It be funny twilight some how end in up in pull-up or diaper just for one chapter. :twilightsheepish:

This is still really cute, but the stuff with the syringe and Scootaloo going out in public feel a bit excessive even for the sake of an experiment. There's no telling what sort of psychological effect those things will have on a child,

Oh? A play date with pumpkin and pound? That should be interesting. Another great chapter. Can't wait for the next one! :heart:

6138696 i would say it's a bit larger than just a few sentences , a lot of things seemed to be responding to something that never happened/was said , felt very strange to read....

6383611 im just hoping/expecting that part to be a lie and it was just water she was injected with as part of the testing , which is still cruel and not good at all , but at least it's not fucking monstrous like it currently is.....

6409166 Yeah, it feels almost "Pattycakes" like in terms of what it's suppose to do. And especially since this is being done to a child, it's very uncomfortable.

6409171 aaahhh pattycakes , god times not really lol......

“Don’t worry, I’m not made. Just stay here and I’ll get everything taken care of.” Twilight smiled, reassuring the girl that she wasn’t angry at her.

So if Twilight wasn't made, then how is she standing in front of scoots?
Maybe she never existed in the first place :pinkiegasp:

Just a slight update, but I'll be posting a new chapter in the next couple of days. Sorry about the wait! :twilightsmile:

6568559 Any update on the story or things?

I wouldn't say this is completely a filler chapter, as Scootaloo grows backward a bit here. But I do hope the effects of the experiment are not permanent, and that Scootaloo can return to normal if she wants to. :twilightsmile:

6561095 You make so good a point, I got a tattoo of it on my arm.

this is starting to feel like the point where Twilight starts to see Scootaloo in a different light other then part of the experiment.:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::scootangel:

If I'm not carefull I'll die of cuteness!:rainbowlaugh:

6409171 He did make a remake, which is fluffly and not like SAW

6707010 To some extent, it's actually a sequel to "Pattycakes 2", but it does end with Rainbow Dash returning to normal, and Scootaloo being freed from Fluttershy's control.

we need a chapter where princess celestia and princess luna makes a visit

Great chapter as always! Would have loved to read what could of happened with scootaloo and the twins, but hey it's your story! And a fine good one at that. :scootangel:

6710760 It's funny you mention that. I'm not sure if you read the author's note, but I actually did write 2,000 words of that timeline before realizing that it was kinda trite to read. :twilightsheepish:

6712398 Well, if you ever get writers block you'll always have a backup for a bonus chapter or something. ^___^

You there Oliver? I've been waiting for an update:ajbemused:

I absolutely love this story. Great job, Mr. England! And by the way, may I ask you something over PM?

The beginning with Twilight recording a video of what Scootaloo was doing felt way too uncomfortable. That's definitely a violation of Scootaloo's privacy. Changing the caretaker/mother figure to Fluttershy seems like a sudden change, but Fluttershy does seem to be a little more considerate of Scootaloo's feelings, and the effects the expirement could have on her.

6864402 Haha, I felt a bit uncomfortable writing it too! But, the point is, Scootaloo is supposed to act a little less like she cares. As for Fluttershy's addition to the story, it was supposed to feel sudden, because an event like an important business related meeting, is sudden. It is something that could actually happen. Seeing as Twilight in this universe is most likely a PHD and part time professor, having a professor with actual tenure die, could result in a university calling for immediate assistance.

Enter the Fluttermom! :yay: I look forward to the next chapter!

So Fluttershy is continuing the experiment? I don't think she's on the University's payroll, so she's not obligated to keep doing it if she doesn't want to. And Scootaloo seems to be a bit conflicted about whether or not to continue with said experiment.

6937499 I think with scoots, its not that she does not want to, but rather she fears losing total control of her body functions.

this is the first time i can recall seeing you write a character half way through a fic that's being babied actually try to stop it , so that's different....

Awesome job

I have to agree with you, Oliver, on ending it here. It's not right of Fluttershy to force Scootaloo to continue the experiment if she really doesn't want to. Regression therapy is a very difficult subject matter, and if Scootaloo was forced to continue the experiment against her will there's no telling what sort of adverse pyschological effects it could have. That being said, if at any point she were to want to return to how she was being treated, and Fluttershy was okay with it, that would be fine.

you sir have regained my like

it shoud end whit twilight

Comment posted by Cristo Rose deleted Mar 25th, 2016

Well if scoots would of like it then yes but, to me this seems like forced infantiism pretty much this story could be come the next patty cakes

With that said, Twilight hit the red ‘end’ button on her phone and set it face down on her dresser with a ‘thud’.


I read this story before The Friendship Games came out,and I imagined Twilight from the first two movies,and now I imagine her as The Twilight from the third movie! XD

I am SO happy with the ending. I think I might have teared up a little.

Rolling her eyes, the child huffed, “I guess.” A second passed before she looked down at her outfit. “Hmm, if I’m supposed to be younger, why am I wearing what I want to wear?” she asked, curiously.

“Huh…” Twilight paused, astounded by her ‘helper’s’ comment. “I guess you’re right. Looks like someone I know is gonna be wearing the cutest wittle pink shorts I can find!” She said, pulling out a pair of pink running shorts similar to Scootaloo’s.

“…” Scootaloo was silent.

It was at this moment Scootaloo realized she messed up.

I do mean to say anythings bad with the story, but the hand in the cover art fluttershy's because it has a bracelet with three butterflies on it

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