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One More Time - AlliePastel

Scootaloo takes an opportunity to regain the earliest years of her life, under Twilight's supervision. (AB/DL Story)

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Welcome to Paradise

“Goooodmorning sunshine!” The mother of the child boasted, grabbing the young eight year old’s arm softly.

Still stirring a bit, the child looked up and was greeted with the still not yet familiar face of Fluttershy. She rubbed her eyes and smiled, “Oh-“She took a pause, to yawn for a second. “Hewwo.” She muttered, innocently enough.

“Awe, well hewwo to you too sweepy head.” Fluttershy cooed, bringing the child up by the arms and into a hug. She held her tight, running her hand up and down the girl’s bear back. “I don’t take it you need a super heavy meal. So, how about instead of a full dinner, you just eat some food I prepared and then we can get some ice cream.”

Curiously, Scootaloo looked up at her new mommy and asked her, “What else did you plan on doing tonight?”

Fluttershy made her way over to the doorway and towards the living room floor, “Well, I figured after the ice cream, we could come back home and I could read you a story or something .” She said, with quiet sincerity in her voice.

Feeling a bit heated, it was a hard for the child to think straight. But despite her obligatory just got up from napping crankiness, she agreed. “Yeah, that’d be nice.”

“That’a girl.” The mother said, continuing to carry the girl into the kitchen.

To her ‘surprise’ she was set in her high chair and fixed in it accordingly. Thankfully, the rather soft cold material that covered the seat woke her up on touch; she flinched forward when her naked back made contact with it.

Blinking a few times, she grinned. It was nice to be fully aware of what was going around her again. Taking in her surroundings, she noticed that Fluttershy had made Mac and Cheese and some form of salad; both of which laid in some sort of overly colorful serving cups.

“I know it’s not much.” Fluttershy said, walking behind the child. Briskfully, she tossed a stain-proof bib around the girl’s neck and smiled. Grabbing a seat of her own, she took a small rest. “But, I don’t want you running out of room for ice cream.”

Scootaloo gave her momma a big smile, as she hesitantly picked up her spoon. Her nakedness, the cushioned throne she was buckled into, and her lack of experience all added to her anxiety. Still, she pushed on and began spooning away at her macaroni.

“Awe, such a good girl.” The mother cooed. Encouragement for a baby is important, and she knew it was best way to bond with a growing girl. So, she stood up and smiled, “Tell me who’s a special baby?”

Scootaloo blushed, closing her legs around the divider of the highchair’s tray. “Me.” She meekly replied, trying to not sound too enthused.

Fluttershy giggled, taking a step forward. “That’s right! Ooh, who’s a smart wittle girl? It’s you!” She cooed, picking the spoon out of the girl’s hand. Dipping it in her daughter’s food, she brought it up to the girl’s mouth.

Without being told, the little girl leaned forward and nommed the spoonful. “Hehe, it’s yummy.” She exclaimed, kicking her feet a little bit.

“Awe, I bet it is. I made it with love… and extra cheese!” Fluttershy giggled, handing the utensil back to her daughter. Standing up straight, she walked over to the kitchen to work on stuff for the trip.

Scootaloo continued to smile, taking small bite of the macaroni and eventually, the salad. She kept her attention towards her food, but would take a look behind her chair to see what her momma was doing. It was strange, but with no one in front of her, she was starting to feel a bit lonely. She finished her salad and waited.

Fluttershy finished mixing her sixth bottle of formula and then stuck five of them in the fridge. “There you go. I got your bottle, just in case you get hungry or thirsty.” Fluttershy said, walking behind the highchair. She pecked the back of Scootaloo’s head.

“Eek!” She looked up to see Fluttershy’s bright blue eyes, “You’re back!” She said, surprised.

“That’s right I’m back.” The women said, taking off her baby’s bib.

Scootaloo beamed, watching as Fluttershy undid the straps safety straps, as well as snapped off the highchair’s tray. She reached her arms out and clung to her momma’s chest, “I missed you.” She said sweetly.

Fluttershy’s heart melted a little bit on the inside as she hugged the child. “Awe, you’re just a lovely little girl.” She gloated; using her hand to rub up and down’s Scootaloo’s bare back. A bit concerned, she bounced the child a little, “Ooh, you’re feeling a tinsy bit cold. Let’s get you in something a little warmer before we head out.

With her one free hand, she held the cold bottle up to her daughter and smiled, “Carry this for mommy?” she asked politely.

Grabbing the bottle, Scootaloo waited prudently as she was carried to her room. After the the trip, she climbed off her mom and laid down on her carpeted floor to be dressed by her mommy.

Fluttershy opened the dresser and sorted through the various outfits. “Hmm, what screams ‘too young for preschool’?” She questioned, smiling a bit on the inside over the thought of Scootaloo wearing the adorable outfits. She didn’t want something too babyish, since they were going out in public though. After a few seconds, she found one.

“These- go on here!” The mother cooed, tugging a pair of gray footed tights, with a pink kitty face on the backside. “And this…” Fluttershy paused, helping the girl into a casual pink shirt, “Goes over here.” She giggled.

“Hehe, is it noticeable?” The girl joked, using her hands to cover the diaper buldging underneath her tights. She sat up on her padded backside and regained composer with the help of her hands.

“Hehe, it’s only a tiny bit noticeable.” The mother joked, picking out a pair of white sneakers for the girl. She lifted each one of her daughter’s feet, easing them both into their own Velcro-strapped shoes.

Scootaloo kept a smile on her face as she looked down. The shoes were babyish, they had a cartoonish design and they were puny. But, they also were brand new and they fit comfortably. It was neat to have new shoes, even if they weren’t for a girl her age. Besides, with the outfit she had on, the sneakers were the last thing anyone would notice.

“Hehe, upsie daisy!” Fluttershy cheered, picking her child up and holding her against her chest. “Oh my.” The women giggled, placing one hand under her child’s bottom and the other one behind her back, “I think you might be light enough to use your baby carrier.”

“Oh-no, that’d be a punishment for me and you.” Scootaloo replied, smiling a bit at her own silliness. Truthfully, she really wouldn’t want to be caught alive in one of those contraptions.

“Maybe another time.” The mother joked, reaching down to grab her child’s bottle. She handed it to Scootaloo then made her way out of the nursery. “You know, I forgot the last time I’ve been to town without a car. But, we’ve still got a few hours left. I’m sure nothing will happen.” She assured her child

Very calmly, Fluttershy approached the stroller near the back entrance of the house and set Scootaloo inside; strapping her in snugly. She crouched in front of the stroller and smiled dearly at her child, “Is somebody excited for her trip? Does somebody like icecream?” she asked rhetorically.

Scootaloo happily nodded. It felt like forever since she’d been outside, even if it had only been half a day or so. Leaning back in her seat, she let herself sink into the snug cushioning as she held her bottle up to her lips.

Quite thirsty from her dinner, she started suckling away at her bottle. Calmly watching as the world around her moved, but she sat in place. It was a weird feeling really. Sunny meadows and asphalt roads seem to stretch in an endless cycle for some mile until some old fashion housing started popping up. Then eventually, out of the corner of her eye, came a some rather lavish brick style buildings with bright pretty colors and fancy decorative signs.

“Awe, look at that.” Fluttershy paused, stopping to look at a nearby window. “Isn’t that dress gorgeous? Oh, we outta get one suited for you.” She said, turning the stroller so her child could see it.

Scootaloo turned to face the glass, her reflection in full view. It was only now that she realized, she’d been nursing her bottle of milk for quite a few minutes now. Blushing a bit, she answered, “Hehe, it is cute.” She said, adverting her attention away from the bottle and at the dress. The dress was a basically a doll-dress. It was yellow in design, had a bit of a frilly white apron with a duck in the center, and ruffled skirt that matched it’s sewed on diaper cover.

“Awe, no wonder it’s so fancy.” Fluttershy giggled, turning the stroller away from the store. It was quite evidently, Rarity’s Boutique. A curious thought came to mind for Fluttershy, “You wanna visit Rarity?” she questioned.

“Umm…” Scootaloo looked down and giggled, sheepishly. “Maybe later, If I’m gonna meet her as a ‘toddler’ than I’d at least want to look a little nicer.” She commented.

Fluttershy giggled, “Hehe, I guess you’re right. Maybe we can stop by later and I can get her to make you a couple outfits.”

Scootaloo sat back in her seat again, waiting patiently as she was continuously pushed down the street. She felt sudden warmth grow between her legs, but she hardly paid attention. Curiously, she jabbed the front of her nappy only to realize that it made no difference. She wasn’t a hundred percent sure if she just peed or not.

As she watched the various lightly dressed women, men, teenagers, and children pass by. The realization of just how small she was, really hit her. She was eight, but didn’t come up to nearly the height of the other children that were walking around; and they didn’t wear baby clothes or wear diapers either. Nervously, she stuck the nipple of her bottle in her mouth and lightly suckled.

Stepping relatively slowly already, Fluttershy eventually came to a full stop. Turning the heavily pink clad stroller, she cheered, “We’re here baby.” She was careful not to utter Scootaloo’s real name, she didn’t want to embarrass her girl in case anyone significant was nearby.

Scootaloo felt as the stroller and its plastic black wheels mounted the doorway’s entrance before dropping unto the store’s hard tiled floor. She looked up in awe at the Ice cream shop’s selection. Everything was wood finished and glimmered with colorful ice cream and toppings.

Walking up to the counter with her stroller, Fluttershy stood in front of her baby and smiled. She unstrapped her girl and lifted her into a cradle hug, putting Scootaloo and her soggy nappy in full view of the store.

“Now baby, what kinda ice cream do you want?” Fluttershy asked, using her free hand to brush her daughter's hair out of her face. She watched as Scootaloo made a distinctive grunting noise and pointed towards the ice cream and its various toppings.

Scootaloo meanwhile, despite feeling a bit shy, was also somewhat delighted to be seen. While her mommy waited for the cashier to get down scooping the ice cream, she turned her head to see if anyone was paying attention.

To Scootaloo’s surprise, no one even seemed to notice her; with the exception of an elderly women, flashing her a smile and a hand wave. She smiled, blushing slightly at the prospect. She turned her head back around and rested it on her mommy’s shoulder.

“Awe, there you are.” A somewhat scrawny, but photogenic brunette girl said, sticking a spoon in the bowl, then handed off the ice cream to Fluttershy. Looking over at Scootaloo, she waved a hand, “You enjoy sweetie.”

Fluttershy smiled, setting her baby back into the stroller. Then set the ice cream untop of the tray. Stepping behind the cart, she waved a hand at the cashier, “Have a nice day.”

“Hmm?” Scootaloo questioned, noticing that she was moving forward.

“Hehe…” Fluttershy giggled, making her way towards the door. “I know you probably don’t want to. But, there’s more space elsewhere. You do have a pretty big stroller after all.”

Outside of the ice-cream parlor, the women continued to push her child merrily down the boardwalk like sidewalk of their small down.

From Scootaloo’s perspective, she was fairly limited sight wise by the awning that surrounded her. But, gradually she noticed the amount of sun bathed civilians dissipate and watched as the once densely packed small town brick buildings became less and less frequent.

She picked up her runny strawberry ice-cream and brought to her mouth. She could feel the chilled air brush up against her lips as she lightly nommed the contents off her plastic spoon. It was strange, but she hadn’t realized just how warm it was outside.

Fluttershy, after traveling for quite a while, eventually stopped at a bench on the outskirts of town. “Are you enjoying your ice cream?” she asked, crossing one of her legs over the other.

Scootaloo nodded, looking up at her mommy. It was funny, but Fluttershy’s hair seemed to be radiating like a light bulb because of the sunset in the background. Coupled with her crystal blue eyes and she looked really pretty. She stood, dumbfounded for reasons she didn’t quite grasp.

Fluttershy chuckled using a napkin she had to wipe the child’s chin. It was funny, but Scootaloo really did have her face; and her hair for that matter, very thick and straight despite the color difference.

Blushing, the girl kicked her feet around a bit then set her ice cream down. She looked down at her crotcg and nudged her nappy with her hand; it was wet. Looking up at Fluttershy, she asked with a calm anxiety “Mommy, is this normal?”

Fluttershy blinked for a second, taking in the question. Sheepishly, she smiled at her child. “Hehe, not exactly. But it’s not that strange either. Plenty of kids are late bloomers and you’re not even that. You’re a regular kid that just doing a favor, you know?” she said, sugar coating it.

“Really?” The child asked excitingly. She already knew she was pretty typical, but ‘helpful’ was something exciting to her.

“Yeah. And if you go by your new age, you’re the smartest wittle toddler ever.” The mother giggled, leaning in to rub her child’s fringed orange hair a bit.

Scootaloo melted at the touch of her mommy’s hand. The sun’s glow already relaxed her, but there was something about Fluttershy’s loving touch that made her feel particularly cozy, like she was being praised by something bigger than her. She felt something shake in her tummy, then before she knew it, she felt her backside warm up a bit.

“Oh-my.” Fluttershy giggled, looking down at her child’s pants. The cloth diaper was soaked through; as were her gray leggings. “Awe, well someone’s a wittle heavy wetter.” She teased, retracting her hand from her girl’s head.

“It didn’t even feel it.” Scootaloo muttered, a bit frightened by her own incontinence. She looked down anxiously at her accident

Coddling the child with her words, the mother patronized, “Awe, it’s okay baby. Wittle toddwers have accidents. At least you’re getting used to it.” She said, dropping her tone a bit as she stood up.

Scootaloo sat back in her stroller and crossed her arms, pouting indignantly. She wasn’t a baby.


“Scootaloo, no means no.” Fluttershy commanded sternly, trying to keep her child from throwing any more cleaning supplies from her changing table. She had already tried talking to the girl and it wasn’t helping; the only thing keeping her on the table was the safety strap.

Scootaloo pouted, kicking her legs. “But I don’t need diapers!” She whined, throwing a bit of a tantrum.

“Listen, I’ll put you in Pullups, but you still have to use them. I’m not allowed to deviate from the experiment. I doubt you wanna use a plastic potty all the time anyway.” The mother remarked, picking up her package of night time pampers.

“I’m notta baby, I’m not, I’m not!” The child yelled red at the face and with tears in her eyes.

Very carefully, Fluttershy leaned over and picked the package of pink training pants of the ground and set them in front of her. Almost immediately, her child tried kicking them off the table.

Closing her eyes, Fluttershy huffed. “Listen Scootaloo, I can’t give you any leniency if you’re gonna keep acting like a baby. Now are you going to behave or not?” She asked, grabbing her child’s feet to stop them.

Scootaloo screamed, flailing her hands and feet around as much as she could, bust into a frenzy of crying and rage. Denounced to her mommy, it was really her aching tummy talking for her. She was aching and she wasn’t able to think straight.

“Alright.” Fluttershy remarked, pulling out one of the night time diapers. She kept the child’s legs as calm as she could get them and pushed the diaper underneath her bottom. Very quickly, she pulled the front end of the nappy up and taped the back snug around the front.
She let go of her daughter’s feet, then leaned forward undoing her daughter’s waist strap. Immediately, she leaped in and picked up her daughter, offering no time for a retreat.

Scootaloo expected screaming or yelling, but instead she was held up into the air and given a tight squeeze against her mother in complete silence. Unable to control her temperance, she cried helplessly.

“Poor baby.” Fluttershy cooed, patting her child’s diapered rump. She felt a bit dis-genuine, but she was supposed to treat her daughter like a toddler and she could bring herself to scold a child that couldn’t comprehend it- and it was quite clear that Scootaloo couldn’t comprehend it.

She took a deep breath and sighed, idly walking the girl out of the nursery. Pacing down the hallway with her distraught daughter clinging onto her for some sort of archaic affirmation, it was clear one thing needed to be done. She needed to calm her baby down.

Author's Note:

This chapter is filler if I've ever written it. It's an important chapter, but it's a bit 'meh'. I've been in between writing this chapter and writing what will be a new story arch for "Magical Mystery Nursery".

If things go accordingly and I'm feeling particularly inspired, I'll get chapter three of "Magical Mystery Nursery" done by the end of tomorrow and I'll have a new chapter of this story posted by the end of the month.

That being said, I'm looking forward to writing more of this story. I have already started the next chapter and it's been one of my favorite to write of anything I've written, in quite a while.

Anyhow, enjoy and have a nice day! ~England :twilightsmile:

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