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An felt like an average day in Ponyville, that was until a mysterious enchanted diaper bag appeared unleashing magical baby items upon the Elements. How will they cope? Will they like it. And who unleashed this magic power. Here's a hint, it wasn't Discord.

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Co-Writer: Foal Star
Teen mostly for the adult foal themes but rather light.

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Starswirly beardy


and I wuv you awot

Did Twilight just admit her crush on Celestia?

Meanwhile, in Carousel Boutique, a large pink diaper bag appeared on the cashier’s counter awaiting its next victim.

I hope this means that we get to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders getting affected by this as well.

Seems odd that Twilight and Spike spent the whole day coloring and drawing. That seems like the sort of thing Rarity and Sweetie Belle would do.

Well rarity and sweetie Belle are going to have a tea party

This story keeps getting better and better. It's like a cake adding layer after layer of adorable fun with the mysterious diaper bag going around causing chaos in Equestria.

Wow the sweetie rarity roll reversal was something I didn't know I needed in my life.

So Rainbow´s next huh :ajsmug:

Soon all of equestria will be good foals~

Did Pinkie somehow get ahold of your fic? Wouldn't surprise me.

Ohh, make her a pretty little princess for me , would you kindly?

I honestly thought it was just gunna be a sort of compendium of short stories. Didn't need an overarching thing, just an object that did foalish things to ponies that come upon it. Leaves how it arrived

I love the idea, but the execution needs work. There are grammar and spelling errors all over, and I even saw the wrong character name in a certain paragraph. I recommend re-reading your work many times before publishing, or have an editor look over your work so such things can be found or fixed.

Dear Spike,

Twilight wrote me a silly letter and I wanted to say that it was very adorable but also kind of concerning can you check on her she might have messed up on a spell or maybe she is a little stressed.

Looks like Princess Celestia could use some lessons in punctually perfect punctuation.

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