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To be continued...


Rainbow Dash abandons Scootaloo in a vain attempt to do great things in New York City. While Fluttershy isn't keen to Rainbow Dash's real motivation, she soon becomes very aware of what it's like dealing with kid with so many problems.

(Warning: Cuddling and Stuff! ^-^)

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Apart from the rare grammatical error, this seems to be shaping into yet another good story of yours.

This one seems less fabricated than the other one, I feel more naturally drawn into it. It has less of a fetish~y feel and more of a cutesy one.

I'd say this chapter was a success and a new step in the right direction.

I like the story so far

An interesting little fact, Andrea Libman drives a Blue Volkswagen Golf that she nicknames Snow Cruncher. So I find it very interesting that you have Fluttershy drive a Volkswagen as well. Anyways, awesome story as always keep it up. :)


Not bad so far, though it's a bit out of the norm to see how humanized this is. Most fics involving ponies as humans at least still seem to maintain the "late 19th century/early 20th century" style present in the show.

I understand that the world of Equestria would translate into around 1860's-1920's in the Human world, but there are also aspects like flash cameras, packaged food, cosmetics, and other items which would suggest that the world of Equestria is at least in the Human world equivalent to the Greatest Generation on Earth; or around the 1920's-1940's. It's bizarre really. Besides, if the story wasn't from the modern age then you wouldn't be able to use cute things like baby walkers, swings, and colorful baby wear! :twilightsheepish:

Is Scootaloo in a class that will help with that too? Or is Fluttershy basing this diagnosis on her babysitting jobs she's done and observations?

5218813 It's just a minor detail and it doesn't add or detract from the story.

I'm not entirely sure if I approve of Fluttershy allowing Scootaloo to be completely babied, but I can see how Fluttershy is just trying to help Scootaloo and keep her from getting too stressed out.

She has asperger’s Rainbow Dash, it’s something I’ve been all too familiar with, but I’m sure you know all about that.

As a fellow asperger I can easily see how something as major as being abandoned by someone you thought loved you can cause you so much emotional stress. I've lived with it for over a decade, and it wasn't until after joining this fandom that I was even aware of the concept of being an "adult baby", but I grew up with a loving and supportive family, and a school system that was willing to provide staff to help me, so I know that I can't say for certain whether or not what Fluttershy's doing is for the best. Right now, perhaps the only thing I think she might be jumping the gun on is telling Scootaloo that she doesn't have to use the bathroom and can just go in her diapers. But as I said earlier, I didn't go through what Scootaloo is going through.

Such a nice and lovely touching story so far.

Scootaloo's lucky to have such a loving stepmommy.

Your characterization is admirable, I feel like I'm reading about Fluttershy and Scootaloo, just as it should be.

~ :derpytongue2:

5218922 Probably the latter, though I do feel like she should probably consult a trusted source just to be safe. It's always good to get an expert opinion on something as tricky as child pyschology.

5219121 I hope she gets a diagnosis. It will help her in the long run, maybe get her in programs to build up.

5219135 I don't think she could just diagnose Scootaloo with asperger's syndrom without at least consulting with an expert on the subject online.

Even if you're a widely experienced babysitter, unless you've studied the human brain, you are not a doctor. You can make assumpations, but you can't say for certain what someone does or does not have.

5219151 I wasn't suggesting she herself to diagnose her. I meant that she should see a specialist to. ^^;

Even then I was referring to Scoots.

5219280 Indeed. Though, considering what she's doing, a specialist might not approve of her method of treatment. A specialist would probably have a different idea in mind to treat Scootaloo's disorder.

5219297 It would depend on the child. I mean - different methods work with different kids.

5219376 True, and I know that in no way, I could ever offer a truly expert opinion on what does or doesn't work. For all I know, being babied could be a more effective treatment for Scootaloo than anything other type of treatment that might be available.

5219414 I understand completely~I think babied might work based on certain events. She might never have had a life prior to the stay. Rainbow didn't make it easier either.

5219467 Yeah, and it's even worse when you consider how much Scootaloo looks up to Rainbow Dash. To have such a major figure in your life abandon you, that kind of tramua might never fully fade away.

I actually didn't mean to kick this up this much debate over Scootaloo's diagnosis. Usually when children go through traumatic events, trends of regression are common. Luckily or perhaps unluckily, Scootaloo is in a pretty unique situation for someone her age. :ajsmug:

5220409 Like I said before, I have asperger's myself, but I never went through what Scootaloo went through. So I can't say for certain whether or not what Fluttershy is doing is an effective means of therapy.

5220510 you do?! I never noticed. You write amazing stories.

Apart from the spelling errors (which you mentioned in your Author's Note,) this was pretty good.

It seems like Fluttershy is enjoying things maybe a bit more than I thought she would have within the context of your story.

As always, looking forward to more interesting chapters.

5248807 Yeah. It's something I've been living with. It makes me a bit socially akward in public. And it might potentially explain my somewhat newfound love for the world of AB/DL.

I'm flattered that you like my stories.

A tummyache huh? I think I can see where that is going. Poor Scootaloo isn't going to be very happy about it. :trixieshiftleft:


I'm glad your flattered. Honestly-I understand those with Autism more than not. (My sister and brother have Autism actually.)

Tummyaches :( Ugh, I have disdain for them. She won't like it one bit later. (Then again- I get permanent tummy aches so...)

5251712 Indeed she won't. Especially if what I think is going to happen happens.

5251820 Ughh. I hope its not going to be too terrible.

5252179 Well, there's only one way we'll know.

Wait, I'm confused. Does Fluttershy have asperger's or has she cared for someone with it?

Hm, so it looks like that stomache was a sign of something more serious. I hope that's not an indication of anything permanet. :twilightoops:

I didn't know that the term "Blow Out" existed in the way you mentioned it. How did you manage to find out about it, if you don't mind me asking? :unsuresweetie:

5278350 Hehe, the term blowout as I've heard it is when a baby's accident goes out of the lining of the diaper. In Scootaloo's case, it wasn't so much a blowout as a big accident. The reason I had Fluttershy use that term is Scootaloo most likely is unfamiliar with the term and assumes that's another name for a regular accident! :twilightblush:

5279256 Oh, I see. If that keeps up Fluttershy needs to see a doctor, because I'm pretty sure that's not normal. Unless the diapers she buys are very low quality, which doesn't seem likely.

I'm wondering where Big Mac comes in.

5286690 I guess, he'll be the sort of unofficial second parent for Scootaloo, so Fluttershy won't have to take care of everything on her own. Considering he has two younger sisters, including one within Scootaloo's age, he probably knows even more than Fluttershy what Scootaloo needs.

I just hope that doesn't mean he'll think Fluttershy babying Scootaloo is making things worse. Because at the very least, it seems to be helping Scootaloo cope and keep her from feeling useless.

The diaper blowouts aren't going to become a reoccuring issue, I'll assume the accident was just a reaction to something she had eaten. As for Big Mac coming into the story, I actually plan on introducing him next chapter! :derpyderp2:

5294644 Well, that's good. Though again, I have to wonder if he's going to approve of what Fluttershy is doing to Scootaloo. It's very easy to get the wrong idea with these sort of things.

So, what exactly is the deal with Big Macintosh outside of him being Fluttershy's boyfriend and potentially a father figure for Scootaloo?

This story continues to get more and more adorable. I can hardly wait to read more Oliver. ^^

Scootaloo seems to be adapting to her new lifestyle. For better, or for worse, I can't say.

5335025 Funny you mention that, the new chapter will be coming out later this week! I'm shooting for 3-5 days from now! :ajsmug:

I've got to say one of the best fan fiction I've ever read I fell like I want it to be a on going series instead of small chapters

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Yeah, I wrote the title the way I did by mistake. I was in a bit of a hurry when publishing it. :twilightblush:

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