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Life is going well for Diamond Tiara. Her family is rich, her parents are nice, she has at least one friend who appreciates money like she does, and now that her parents leave for one whole weekend, she has a whole villa for herself and Silver Spoon. Except that Silver Spoon is also gone for the weekend, and Diamond's parents don't trust her being alone. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but when they decide to leave her over with some old friends of the family, who are also a tadbit poorer than what she's used to, everything just may go south.

Now, Diamond Tiara is stuck for two nights in a room with a pony she hates, and not only is this problematic in that she despises the Apple Family, but also that she has secrets she'd rather not let anypony know.

Have a Warning: Contains diapers, usage of such, apples and excessive amounts of ponies being poorer than Diamond Tiara. Proceed with Caution.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 68 )

Wow, this quality of writing is actually something you don't see in a while
1. Excellent grammar and spelling
2. Great detail
3. No overuse of dialogue (I'll admit that in my works, this is a major issue that I need to work on :P)
4. Smooth wording
5. Clean formatting

I'm going to keep an eye on this for sure! Good work so far!

I agree with monopony.... This is good, keep it up. Its not perfect, but when are you ever going to find a perfect story on fimfiction? Or ever for that matter. I'd love to know more why diamond tiara has to wear diapers all day, and how she has hidden it for that long from everyone in class.

Some strange turn of phrases, but otherwise quite solid. I do wonder about the choice of making her permanently incontinent, though, as opposed to the night time accidents I originally suggested. I take it the tiara she wears is something that helps her "hold it in", as it were?

Very interesting, especially seeing as she's permanently incontinent. And supposedly that tiara helps her maintain some control. There is the question though, of how she managed to keep it hidden from the CMC. You would think eventually something would happen that would tip them off, despite Diamond's best efforts. :eeyup:

Really enjoying this story, looking forwrd to seeing where you go with this. keep it up!

“No, no, Rich, it’s fine. Diamond, ya can get in. Ya get to stay together with Apple Bloom, so ya two can do some bondin’.”

That’s bad, was all Diamond Tiara could think when she got that instruction.

But ya get a free frogurt.

That's good.

The frogurt is also cursed.

That's bad.

But ya get your choice of topping.

That's good.

The toppings contain potasium benoziate.


That's bad!

Can I go now?

Of course.

1,000 bits says the tiara gets knocked off or the spell shorts out or some other horrible catastrophe happens, revealing DT's secret shame.

“Ah reckon’ she’s got quite a bit of fun with that, Mister Rich.”

Diamond Tiara had to tilt her head at that comment, though her father had the decency to blush.

Not sure if it was the cold, or that I somehow wasn't expecting THAT kind of joke from a... why am I reading this? I can not stand this type of grown ponies in diapers type stories! So, why did I continue reading?

I'll admit, I was cursing to myself downloading this story to read when "diapers" came up. I was expecting a lot of vulgar pee or ugh, the other stuff. I could only hope it lived up to the EVERYONE tag... and so far, this story had been rather brilliant. I can't say I don't find it creepy, but, this story seems to be treating it as if it's so normal and it actually has some of the best moments I've read between DT and her dad and mom in such ways that shows more than the typical "Her parents are neglectful." "Never spend time with her." and it's almost like I forget this story has to do with diapers when I read on.

Hell, that line above, that very quote, side-winded me with a sort of delayed laugh where I almost spluttered the fair amount of tea I had just sipped back into my cup, in fear it would splatter over me or my possessions. Thankfully, I don't know how, I managed to laugh a bit through the sides of my mouth and through my stuffy nose a bit before I managed swallow my tea so I could release the rest of the laughter.

You have such a lovely description for this story. I fear I never saw the warning signs, but my ignorance aside, I'm happy I missed that tidbit, from the way you describe a painting, the inner workings of "The Dance" to how wonderfully creative her parents are that they even managed to make DT (not sure) believe some of that stuff with Lich's and Mages.

I feel like Twilight Sparkle after she learns a lesson that humbles her a bit. So, despite you probably never knowing unless spoken, I still feel I should share this since I can't stand to feel I've judged someone so wrongly. This is a remarkably amazing story. I can't say that I'll warm up to the diaper stuff anytime soon, but in the context of this story, I can say I am getting not just a story that tries to explain the condition some people genuinely suffer through/have to deal with/prefer living with, and still offers a very genuine story of growth and characterization not found in many stories with Diamond Tiara.

Long story short, I, so far, am very much loving this story and I am going to look forward to more of this story.

/+1 like and just because it's that good up to this point, have a fav!

While I just can't see the appeal of this as a fetish, I have known a couple, included my friend's ailing father in his final months being forced to use diapers, the condition that forces you to live with it is understandable and I feel bad it took a story like this to remind me this is more than just a fetish and an actual thing some have to live with regardless of age.

3946798 Loved that Halloween episode. xD
Man, Simpsons really have done it all.

Oh god twice in one conversation..... pplejack you perv

Wow Granny Smith. Way to be bluntly honest with your granddaugther there. :ajbemused:

Diamond Tiara especially enjoyed the feeling of a thoroughly soaked mane. The way it hung straight down amused her deeply, and the way it would stick to her coat looked funny in the mirror, too.

I uh... Might of misread that. :rainbowderp:

This is an interesting take on Diamond Tiara. I certainly feel bad for her that her cutie mark is the thing that lets her hide her diapers. That's a bummer of a special talent. But that also adds a twist not present in most PP/AF stories, so I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this.

OMG diamond liking pie that's just rich right there

And, maybe she had talked to much with Rainbow Dash,

I think you mean too*

This is one of the most creative ideas for a diaper story I have read yet... makes me jealous I did not think of it XD :pinkiegasp:

Her plan will fail horribly... wait I don't even know it yet.

Checking.... Plan is made by Diamond Tiara: Plan will fail. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't think her mark lets her do that, it was the tiara (I know that is her mark and all, but I think they are different here). Or did I miss something? 3973101

You've given me an idea for myrick the princess and the foal. Don't worry, it's small from here. Not the story itself, just something mentioned.

Anyway, liked this and can't wait for diamond's time with apples... Wish There was a snicker face amount the ponies

Now I'll happily read the next chapter:twilightsmile:

Don't see why diamond's so suspicious of applejack.:rainbowhuh: She's the element of honesty and she can't trust that? :facehoof:

Now I feel bad for doing what I did to dt I my Fic. I'll probably lose a few readers for it, but I'm gonna make it up to her... While also making things miserable beforehoof.

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter. I'm assuming apple bloom and scootaloo will find out dt's secret. Time to test their morals:twilightsmile:

Is Scootaloo just going to tease Diamond Tiara for her secret, or is she gonna exploit it to her advantage? :trixieshiftright:

I have a feeling this is gonna end like One Bad Apple. The CMC realizing they are no worse than she is

This story. THIS STORY.
is 100% Diamond Cutter Approved!

4338849 Except "One Bad Apple" got it all wrong in the regard of what makes you a bully. The CMC were overreacting to a situation, but they weren't actively trying to make Babs' life miserable.


Also, surprised she's not concerned at all about eating that much pie.

Oh Scoots :facehoof: Also, I'm guessing Scootaloo saw the diaper riding up or something? Cause she was wearing something over it and all, even with the Tiara and its spell off it should still hide it but you never explained that.

4339644 Well, she found out, somehow. The question now is, what's she gonna do about it? :pinkiecrazy:

4338268 We'll have to see. :moustache:

4338302 Well, at least we now know that it's the wardrobe's fault. So that's a relief ... I guess? :unsuresweetie:

4338849 It does look that way, doesn't it? :trollestia: I'm not going to let any of the characters do anything excessively cruel though, since the whole point is that they are all actually better than it first seems.

4339006 Your approval fills me with glee, though I certainly hope to update this one more frequently now that we're halfway through. :twilightsheepish:

4339644 I was lying in bed yesterday and suddenly realized I actually forgot to write that part. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Well, it's fixed now. DT now has the weirdest sleeping position possible!

Okay, this was a good chapter, but I noticed something wrong here that is a big error.

:ajbemused: diamond tiara is NOT a unicorn. She's an earth pony

I don't get the connection between the diapers and Diamond Tiara's cutie mark. It sounds like there is a connection but I don't see it.

I like it so far but the apple lands are in the south, not the north. Also Applejack has a south american accent.

DT seems very realistic here. In many fanfic's she is downright evil and doesn't care about anyone at all, she only exists for bullying and making other's miserable.
Here she is still a bully but she also is a real filly with filly emotions and desires.

better watch your back Diamond Tiara.:scootangel:


Thats why Celestia invented nail guns. *thunk* Looks like she's a unicorn now.

So, how long til Scootaloo tells Apple Bloom what she discovered last night? Knowing Scootaloo, she won't keep her 'discovery' quiet for long. :scootangel:

:trixieshiftright: nope. diamond, you didn't scare scoots. she KNOWS!

i look forward to the next chapter, though i'm annoyed i finished reading this one so fast.

now i have to wait:ajsleepy::applecry:

At least with the tiara on, she wouldn’t need about getting exposed or anything.

So I noticed a lot of tiny mistakes for missing words. Did you mean 'she wouldn't need to WORRY about getting exposed or anything.

how long? That is the question for scootaloo :scootangel:

That ending to the ch was awesome. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for this amazing chapter. it eased my feverish suffering this night. i'll just say i love those adorable rp moments and "bush" game silliness and big mac. loved chapter. thanks.

4576923 We'll just assume that's why she needed to go outside so quickly. She's doing it all ninja-style. :rainbowdetermined2:

4577024 Well, considering her entire life is one huge power-fantasy, you'll have a hard time convincing her otherwise. :moustache: When it comes to length, at least the chapters aren't aroun 1k words long. :trollestia:

4577133 Yeah, went over it, fixed what I found. Thanks for the hintage. :twilightsmile:

Also: Applejack's ignorance of the orange's magnificence is highly disturbing. :eeyup:

4577206 Eh, she's an angel, so whategver happened last night probably won't become a huge plotpoint or catastrophe. :scootangel:

4578291 Thanks, I'll attempt to get the next one up before the nuclear winter. :pinkiesmile:

Great now, everypony knows that Diamond Tiara wears diapers thanks to the Element of Blab.

I'm still waiting for the tiara to malfunction and expose her shameful secret.

4584586 Assuming Applejack doesn't slip up again and reveal the secret first. Diamond Tiara had a very close call.

I can already tell this wont end well.... :facehoof:

i can see this ending up both messy and hilariously. and anyone who thinks that blackmailing a bully into leaving you alone has never been bullied. i can personally attest to the fact that blackmailing a bully is a viable way of getting them to stop, just so long as you hold true to your word not to abuse the position of power you are now in, and that you don't give them anything to use against you.

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