• Published 22nd Apr 2014
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Fluttercrinkle: (The Remake) - AlliePastel

Fluttershy has a secret habit which she'd kept underwraps until one faithful event when Twilight shows up uninvited. (Warning: Ageplay)

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Fluttershy's Mommy

Inside the cozy cabin in the woods, laid a petite girl sobbing softly on her living room couch. She wore baggy yellow pajama pants with pink butterfly cast about them.

The southern draw of her southern friend’s accent sounded through the phone, “I ain’t going to say this again Fluttershy, and it ain’t your fault Winona passed away!”

Fluttershy turned on her side. Still holding back sobs she yelled, “I-I know you say that Ap-ple-jack! But it is, and it-is my fault! I could-n’t do the one thing I’m good at. I-am-useless!”

In what appeared to be a more hostile town of voice, Applejack replied, “Y’all need to relax and remember I love ya!”

Fluttershy closed her eyes. Applejack was clearly drunk, and like Winona’s death, it was her own fault. Cautiously Fluttershy lifted the phone up to her ear. Her voice sounding extremely brittle, she squeaked, “If you really knew how I felt, you’d know that a bullet would fill that alcohol!”

Applejack’s line of the phone seemed to pause for a moment. Fluttershy wasn’t implying what she thought she was, now was she? “Sug…?”

The sobbing girl calmed herself, “Listen alright? I just gotta get this sorted out…”

The distorted static of the house phone rang as Applejack said her last words, “Alright hon, I ain’t gonna tell ya what to do. Just know that y’all are still special to me and there ain’t nothin’ y’all could’ve done about Wiona. She’d been sick for a long time.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Fluttershy replied hanging the phone on her friend.

She tossed her phone aside and sat up straight, leveraging her tired body. Her foot tapping kept increasing until the point it became absolutely rampant.

Despite not wanting to be honest with herself, the temptation that’d plagued Fluttershy for so many years was ringing heavily in the back of her head. It sucked too; it’d been almost a month since she thought she broke the habit.

Since then, clearly she’d become more mature, more grownup. She was strong… wasn’t she? She was almost positive; she didn’t need to wear diapers, or act like a baby, or do anything so bizarre. Yet, here she was; imagining herself wrapped warmly in the blankets of her cute white crib.

The thought of rang through Fluttershy’s mind a few times before she came upon a decision. Maybe a small peak at the nursery wouldn’t hurt? After all, maybe she just needed to be reminded she had somewhere safe to go.

The small girl ascended to the couch and unto her feet. Shortly she found herself inching through the pad-locked doorway in a surpassed anticipation for her inevitable sight. It’d been months since she’d last seen her beloved nursery. Yet here she was, standing on its pink faux sheepskin rug.

Fluttershy bent over grabbing a diaper from the changing table in front of her. She gripped the undergarments soft puffy material, she felt it got through the cracks between her fingers; she closed her eyes.

Nervously she looked at the doorway. Did she really want to break her streak. She had to have broken her habit by this point; it seemed so naughty yet so right at the same time. The doorway was closed; no one would ever know that she was doing it. She wasn’t even expecting Twilight to come by for another three or four hours! She had plenty of time to role play, even if only for a short while.

She hopped onto her changing table. With a bit of wiggling of the hips and an unbuttoning of her shirt, her pajamas fell onto the ground leaving her in nothing but her underwear.

She never liked being this naked, it made her feel… ‘dirty’. It wasn’t bad doing it by herself, but she’d never feel secure being this naked around a friend. Admitting, it might have been caused by her childish underwear. Her basic white bra wasn’t much of an issue, but her panties were. They were cotton white with a rainbow lace trim and cartoons with a similar color plastered on the backside.

Most girls her age were into underwear that was more ‘grown up’, most girls her age weren’t so small either. It’d never been much of an issue wearing childish underwear like she did. After all, other than Rainbow Dash, most of her friends had never seen her in her undies. She would be worried about a guy undressing her only to find her panties, but her relationships with guys never went past a peck of the cheek.

None of that mattered at the moment anyway; clearly no amount of childish design on her panties could hail in comparison with the humiliation that came with wearing a diaper. It was like wearing a child’s underwear, but much different. With a diaper you could wet herself discreetly and stay relatively comfortable. With a diaper, she’d always have the security of having something soft and cozy hugging her waist.

The anticipation was getting to her. She grabbed the elastic waist band of her panties and tugged down, revealing her most private parts in her entirety.

In the heat of the moment, Fluttershy focused both her hands on unwrapping the puffy diaper in her hold. Once fully unwrapped, she set it on the changing table’s padded surface and adjusted it under her bottom.

Hesitantly, Fluttershy pulled the front of the diaper over her crotch. Using the back tabs, she pulled the diapers elastic sung around her waist.

Her face by this point had turned undeniably crimson. Usually diapering herself didn’t make herself feel so guilty, but in this case it did. She’d been doing so well keeping her habit closed off from her, and her she was alone in her diaper, sitting on her changing table half naked.

Dejected, Fluttershy hopped off of her changing table and made her way towards a mirror on the side of the nursery.

She looked at herself unable to grasp the site in front of her. In front of her stood a small girl, with weak arms, and slender body. She subliminally started to play with her long pink hair as she got more subconscious about her appearance.

Her weak physique wasn’t her fault. Years of being orphaned left her with little food and plenty of time to rest. She never got a chance to grow up, and like so many other things wrong with her life, this too was out of her own control.

Slowly Fluttershy reached behind her back and unlatched her bra, it ofcourse fell flat unto the nursery’s soft rug. Naturally, Fluttershy turned away from her reflection and made her way over to her main dresser drawer were several items that in mind lay.

Firstly, she pulled out a small yellow onesie with a white trim that she loved to wear. Along with it, she pulled out a matching pair of ruffled white socks. Slowly but surely, she found herself pulling a sock over each of her feet, and buttoning the onesies snaps over the cute little designs on her diaper.

Between the padding of her diaper, and the suppression the onesie had on it, Fluttershy had no choice but to awkwardly wobble between steps. It was her fault for ever buying thick diapers in the first place, she had to go with the only one’s thick enough to appear visible through clothing.

Fluttershy grabbed unto the railing of her huge crib as she noticed the time, she still had hours to blow. Taking the opportunity to make her experience more genuine, Fluttershy opened the gate of the crib allowing herself easy access to its mattress and many pillows.

As Fluttershy got more and more comfortable in her crib, she found herself climbing underneath a heavy blanket covered with light hearted depictions of farm animals.

Then it hit her. How could this be happening again? She grabbed her nearest stuff animal and held it closely to her small chest. She nuzzled it with her face, begging for comfort. How could she let herself do this again? It wasn’t right; yet, it felt so very nice.

It’d been nearly a month since she’d even seen the nursery, and that was only for light maintenance of it. She promised herself she’d never do it again, she’d never do anything that’d cause her to feel helpless. Yet her she was.

A single tear fell down Fluttershy’s face as she watched aimlessly at the mobile above her crib. She was just helpless anymore, undoubtedly helpless. Fluttershy accepted her destiny as she hugged her bear even tighter than before. A sensation of warmth overtook her body as she started to relax; she closed her eyes and fell asleep…

“Fluttershy?” A timid voice asked from across the room.

The nursery door cracked open. From it a studious young girl with violet hair who wore a dress like attire stepped towards the crib.

She looked around. What was this room exactly? Was Fluttershy pregnant? No, Fluttershy was much too timid to have ‘relations’. Was she babysitting? She most certainly mentioned anything about it if she was. More importantly, who was snoozing in the crib? The crib and everything else looked irrationally disproportional for conventional purposes.

Twilight made her way to the crib, spotting inside the bars a young pink hair girl. Seriously, what was happening?

“F-Fluttershy?” Twilight asked astounded by the reality that seemed so impossible.

The puzzled girl watched as her friend slowly opened her eyes in yawned. All of a sudden, a horrified expression grew on Fluttershy’s face as she squeaked;

“Eek! Twilight! H-how’d you get her, w-what time is it?!”

Twilight raised an eyebrow, “Umm… well it’s about five in the afternoon. What’s going on her Fluttershy? How come you’re sleeping in a crib?”

“Umm…” Fluttershy stalled shifting her legs a bit under the blanket, which made a clearly audible crinkle noise.

“A-are you dressed like a baby?” Twilight asked uneasy about this whole situation.

The attention of Fluttershy’s eyes shifted towards her small sleeve before she tugged her blanket higher up her chest, “Umm… no… please go away…”

Twilight’s curiosity got the best of her as she reached her arms down the crib grabbing hold of the big baby blanket. She tugged upwards revealing Fluttershy’s clothing in its entirety. Fluttershy was most definitely wearing baby clothes, but ones made for women, or at least Fluttershy’s size.

Fluttershy curled into the fetal position; she moved her hands behind her backside in a desperate attempt to cover her clearly diapered bottom. Her face flared a deep red as she begged to explain herself, “I… umm… I…I…” she couldn’t finish the sentence before breaking into an uncontrollable sob. How could her friend see her like this? She was so sure she locked the door. But just like everything else, she screwed up.

The observer’s expression turned to concern, “Fluttershy, did Discord put you up to this? I know the mafia has done some weird stuff before, but this seems a bit irrational. Is this a prank maybe?”

The diapered girl turned her head back and forth.

It was clear; whatever Fluttershy was doing was at her own discretion. Twilight opened the crib’s opening and reached her arms outwards and under Fluttershy’s armpits. Her strength wasn’t get but it was enough to pull Fluttershy in a hug, “F-Fluttershy…”

The babied girl looked up.

Twilight held her closer, “Y-you’re shaking. I-I wasn’t supposed to see this was I? No one was supposed to see this were they?”

Fluttershy shook her head. It was true, this was her secret and it burst like a bubble. If only she hadn’t taken that thought about indulging in herself again. This wouldn’t have happened had she only been able to rough things out for a little while longer. But no, she just had to comfort herself, and now she’d never be able to do it again.

Clearly Fluttershy needed help. Using her meager strength, Twilight escorted Fluttershy to rocking chair in the corner of the room and let her friend sit on her lap. Fluttershy wasn’t exactly a heavy one for her age.

She must have made some right decision coddling her friend; Fluttershy was not only hugging unto her, but also burying her face on her chest. The situation was a bit awkward for Twilight, she’d heard about this sort of life habit before, ‘age-play’ to be exact. Sadly, the topic lost its fascinating touch in the pursuite of other more interesting ones.

Still, she should have guessed Fluttershy was into something like this. She’d always been timid and lacked confidence. It’s safe to assume it had or has something to do with the same feelings attribute this ‘habit’ of hers.

Through the fabric and skin pressed against her mouth, the timid girl yelled, “Go a-ahead Twi-light! C-call me a fr-eak!”

A soft understanding smile formed on Twilight’s face. Using her hands, she grabbed unto Fluttershy’s and held them close to her chest, “Woah, woah, woah there Fluttershy! I think you need to relax. I’m not judging you.”

Fluttershy shook her head, “Yes you are! They always are!”

Twilight closed her eyes and brought her friend’s hand closer to her lips. Smiling, she gave her small friend’s hand a little peck, “They aren’t judging you Fluttershy, more importantly, I promise not to judge you.

A small bit of astonishment crossed Fluttershy’s mind as she lifted her tear soaked face from her friend’s breast. How come her friend was being so understanding? Nobody had ever been this understanding. Curious of her friend’s actions, Fluttershy asked, “W-why are you just a-accepting this?”

Twilight pondered the thought a moment; it was a good question with a difficult answer. A part of her wanted to say more, but instead she just answered cheerfully, “Cause I know you’re a sweet little angel, and I think you’re a very important friend.”

A bit of joy rushed through Fluttershy’s mind as she heard her friend’s words.

“You promise this is our little secret?” Fluttershy asked gripping her friend’s hands just a little harder.

Twilight smiled warmly, “Of course I will Fluttershy, I would never betray your trust…” the air went silent as Twilight carefully chose her next words. This situation felt unique, and holding Fluttershy in her arms made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Against her best judgment, Twilight spoke, “D-do you want me to stay with you for a l- a little while? I-I wouldn’t mind staying with you for a little bit…”

An eager hope was present in the air as Fluttershy asked, “C-can I wear my umm… baby cloths. I-I know this sounds dumb. B-but if you’re willing to d-do it, I wanna have a bit of an umm… ‘mommy’?

“A what?” Twilight asked cuffing her ear.

Fluttershy blushed, “I want an umm… mommy.”

The words passed through Twilight’s mind for a good few seconds before she nodded, “Oh Fluttershy, O-of course I’ll be your umm… ‘mommy’. A-anything to help a friend I suppose?”

Tears reformed in Fluttershy’s eyes as she let go of Twilight’s grip and hugged her arms back around her friend. She found her, she found her mommy, and her mommy is Twilight!”

Nervously, Fluttershy’s new ‘mommy’ figure started bouncing her leg. Rapidly she felt her friend’s diaper crinkle against her skirt. It was hard to admit it, but she wasn’t really expecting Fluttershy to want to continue to be babied. Her original hopes were to talk it over during a sleepover or something, but obviously her friend had other plans in mind.

This wasn’t the first time Twilight had to accept the role as some pony’s mother either. After all, she did adopt Spike as her own when she was just going into her academy. Maybe taking care of another kid would be… ‘fun’.

Twilight raised a curious eyebrow, “So… Fluttershy. What does being your ‘mommy’ imply exactly?”

Fluttershy didn’t bother raising her head from her friend’s chest, “Umm… feeding, dressing, changing, and sleeping…”

“What was that?” Twilight asked as if to suspend her friend’s comment.

Fluttershy swallowed hard, “I-I need you to change me, i-if that’s o.k?”

Twilight simply nodded. She really didn’t want to change her friend, but it really couldn’t do too much harm. Could it? Besides, how many diaper changes would a girl Fluttershy’s age even need?

Fluttershy cuddled tighter next to her friend, allowing herself a steady source of warmth and a comforting heartbeat. She’d never heard such a comforting sound as the heartbeat of one who understands her. All of a sudden, her problems vanished into the air; almost like she couldn’t remember anything past the subtle heartbeat of her friend.

The two sat in the rocking chair as Fluttershy got accustom to the hold of another person. No one ever held, let alone so closely like Twilight did. All of sudden however, the world around Fluttershy came back to her as she realized the obscurity of her request.

“T-Twilight?” Fluttershy asked using her hand to tug on Twilight’s skirt.

Twilight turned her head to the side, “Yeah Flutters?”

“A-are you sure you wanna do this? I-I want you to know you can do as little or as much as you want. It’s the thought that counts you know? I-I’d be fine just spending forever in your arms.” Fluttershy said looking aimlessly upwards at her mommy figure.

Twilight blushed, nobody had ever cared about being with her before; even her brother didn’t enjoy affection. The student
couldn’t help but smile, “I-I promise Fluttershy, I’ll be sure to take it easy. Alright? I wanna help you get through this little obsession of yours if want, if not, I’ll always be there to love you anyway.”

Fluttershy didn’t speak another word as she delved down by Twilight’s waist and hugged her arms around her friend’s slender figure. Twilight wouldn’t betray her trust, how dare she try to think such a thing. Twilight was an amazing friend and she knew she’d be an even better mommy.

Fluttershy smiled at the very thought of her and Twilight sharing time together. Her lips parted as she spoke, “S-so Twilight… W-what would you like to do first?”

Author's Note:

It's worth noting that I got an editor, and he will get to this story eventually.

This story is a remake of Fluttercrinkle. However, I do plan on removing and adding curtain aspects and details that were part of the origanal story.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, I'll be posting more in (5-7) days!

That being said, I hope you have a great day! ~England ^-^