• Published 22nd Apr 2014
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Fluttercrinkle: (The Remake) - AlliePastel

Fluttershy has a secret habit which she'd kept underwraps until one faithful event when Twilight shows up uninvited. (Warning: Ageplay)

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Fixing a Hole

Several minutes passes as Fluttershy hung unto her friend. Her eyes closed the entire time, she opened them every once in a while to seek movement from her friend.


The caretaker brushed her friend’s hair, “Yes Flutters?”

Fluttershy shifted awkwardly on top of her friend’s hands, “C-could you please get me out of this thing, it feels icky.”

Grinning, Twilight took the opportunity to play with her friend.

“Hehe, if baby wants to be changed, she has to ask.” She teased.

The small girl rolled her eyes, “Twilight please change me.”

“Hehe, ask like a baby!” Twilight said, clapping her hands.

“Fine…” Fluttershy said as she hopped up and down; a bit more playfulness in her voice, she yelled, “Changies! Changies!”

Twilight quieted her friend, placing her a single finger in front of her face. She picked the small girl up in a cradle, “Haha! Good enough. Listen, how about we get you changed, then we’ll head out to the store. Alright?”

“Oh, alright…” Fluttershy said as they entered the nursery. Before she knew it, she was on her back lying on the changing table. She watched observantly as her friend unfolded a large puffy diaper, right in front of her face.

“You know you’re too old for this right missy?” Twilight said untaping Fluttershy’s diaper.

Smirking, Fluttershy rolled her eyes. ‘Obviously Twilight knows it isn’t her fault’.

Still, Twilight continued to tease, “Awe, someone did a load in their diaper…” still teasing, she wiped her friend’s bottom, “Only babies would do this in their pants.”

Fluttershy fought the urge to smile. She knew she was just being teased, but everything felt so… mean. Perhaps it was just the awkward feeling of the mess; or maybe it was just the sensation of being changed? Still, holding back the urge to blush she just nodded and went along with her girlfriend’s comments.

“There… whew, I’m finally done with your bottom Miss. Stinky pants…” she said, bawling up Fluttershy’s old diaper and throwing it into a diaper pail. “Hehe, you must have really-”

“Stop!” Fluttershy shouted indignantly, “I-I can’t help myself sometimes- I-I mean you made me do it. I promise I won’t do it again, just stop!” she finished crossing her arms and pouting.

The caretaker frowned, “Awe, I’m sorry Fluttershy…” she said as she finished powdering her friend, “I forgot you were so sensitive, I won’t let it happen again. Alright baby?”

Fluttershy felt the diaper taped snug around her waist as she rolled unto her padded bottom, “No problem. I-I don’t know why I can’t stand it Twilight. I just dislike when people uh-um-“

“Patronize you?” Twilight said pulling the diaper cover over Fluttershy’s bottom and helping her step unto the nursery’s floor.

“Something like that” Fluttershy said as she walked around a bit, “You think we can get ice-cream or something? I want something filling in my tummy.”

“Of course baby…” Twilight said trailing out of the room.

Fluttershy meanwhile stepped closer to her crib. Reaching inside, she pulled out a large table bear which she gave a squeeze, “Awe, my baby. You’re so big and strong.” she said, nuzzling the animal. Giving it several small kisses, she finished off with a huge smooth, “Mmm, Mr.Snuggles!”

“Hehe, Fluttershy?” The girl in plaid said walking into the room.

Fluttershy’s eyes lit up as everything went silent, “Oh umm… you didn’t see that did you?”

Twilight smiled, walking up to her friend, “Only all of it sweetie. I got you these from your room; I suppose you can put them and pair of gym shoes on?”

Fluttershy looked down; it was a pair of black running shorts with a white strip on the side. They were actually her favorite pair. But was Twilight expecting her to wear them over the diaper? What if somebody sees through them?

“Oh no no no!” the timid girl says stepping back, “T-they’d see my uh… diaper.”

Twilight booped her friend on the nose, “Hey, don’t be so pessimistic. Even if people do see your cute little diapered rump, they’re not going to tease you. Well, maybe little kids, but I’m sure adults have a little bit more respect for others nowadays.”

“I guess so.” Fluttershy nodded.

The two cleaned up around the house a little bit; putting away all the loose pacifiers, serving trays, bottles, and what not into their proper location. Twilight grabbed her wallet and headed out the door, holding onto the hand of her timid companion.


“So, whadda you think of the ice cream?” Twilight said taking another bite from a frozen chocolate fudge. Wiping her mouth, she took the same napkin and did likewise to her friend, “Pinkie told me this is the place to go for ice cream.”

Fluttershy dipped her spoon in the vanilla mush, taking a bite, she finished her little cup of ice cream. “Uhh… it’s really good. I usually don’t go out to eat. But being on this veranda with you sure makes me glad we decided to.”

Twilight scooted her chair, next to her friends. Quietly, she took her spoon and dipped in the chocolate ice cream. “Open wide!” She said, lifting it to Fluttershy’s mouth.

“Oh… Mmm!” Fluttershy let out a small moan as she smiled, “That’s really good!”

“Hehe, you know chocolate is a women’s favorite flavor right?”

Fluttershy blinked her eyes before smiling, “Hehe, I guess so. Do you always get chocolate?”

Twilight looked as the bystanders walked by the ice cream shop, “No, I sometimes get one of the unique flavors I guess. They have like 63 different verities here; although, a lot of them taste similar.”

The usually timid girl was awestruck by Twilight’s messy hair in the breeze. It’d been the first time she’d seen her friend outside, she looked absolutely angelic. Well… aside from the clothes, they outta go clothes shopping.

“Is something the matter?” Twilight said staring up at the clock, “Ooh, 3o’clock! We might wanna head downtown if we wanna catch the sale.”

“Hehe, what’s a sale matter to you? You’re rich!” Fluttershy said, standing up from her chair.

Twilight shrugged her shoulders, “I like finding sale items, I miss the challenges of having a budget…” She continued standing up, “What about your diaper? How’s it holding up?”

“Uh, a little wet… no need to stop though. Come on, it’s barely noticeable!” Fluttershy said exiting the veranda.


Twilight followed her friend down the road. Catching up with her again, she grabbed her hand, “Hehe, thought you forgot about our little compromise?”

The timid girl blushed at her friend’s sign of affection, “Hehe, no…” She said grinning a bit, “You’re so lovey nowadays. How come you’re being so uh… affectionate?”

Crossing the street, Twilight smiled, “Cause, I want everyone in town to know that the royal heir is dating a little cutie pie!” she finished, landing a peck on Fluttershy’s face.

“Oh my.” The smaller girl said, grasping her friend’s hand weakly, but firmer than before.

The two girls traveled through town stopping from shop to shop. While they did buy clothes elsewhere, they thought it’d be more than suiting to make a trip by Rarity’s

“You think she’ll notice?” Fluttershy asked cautiously as she was dragged thought the front entrance of the shop.

Rolling her eyes, Twilight continued to drag her friend through the shop’s entrance. ‘Did Fluttershy seriously forget about building the nursery. Rarity has probably had clients in the past that have had to wear diapers.’

“Hello Rarity!” she said, waving her hand at her frined. Rarity seemed to be busy working with a sewing machine in the corner. Her attention was definitely focused on whatever she was making, that was for sure.

“Oh…” Rarity said looking up for a moment before getting back to her work. A smile on her face, she sang, “Just a minute Darling!”

Twilight felt her friend’s grip get shaky and cold. Squinting, she looked at her friend, “Fluttershy, it’s alright. I hardly doubt that-“

“Hello!” Rarity sang again fast approaching the couple. She blushed, “Oh my, am I interrupting something?”

Shaking her head, Twilights took a deep breath. Smirking she answered, “No-no, Fluttershy and I were just discussing something and-she wears diapers now!”

“Hey!” Fluttershy said breaking away from her friend’s grip to cover the front of her shorts, “That was a mean move I-I…”

“Hehe, it’s quite alright Fluttershy dear…” She said tracing around the girl, “I figured you had some bit of illness, building a nursery like you did. Either that or you had some sort of ‘liking’ with being treated like a baby. It’s understandable, I could completely see you being a sub Fluttershy.” She finished, looking at her sketchbook like it was nothing.

A dead silence filled the air as no one wanted to say anything. It was a bit awkward really. Fluttershy just stood there blushing, Twilight was busying raising an eyebrow at Rarity, and Rarity was hardly paying attention at all.

“What?” Rarity said looking at her friends. Looking around, she noticed the large mess of assorted fabrics thrown everywhere around her gallery. All sorts of colors, patterns, and an assortment of spools were everywhere. Blushing, Rarity shrugged her shoulders, “What? I had a large shipment due a few days ago and I’m waiting for Coco to get back from New York before I start cleaning up.

Twilight placed her hand on Rarity’s shoulder, “It’s fine, really. I was just wondering if you could maybe, well… Could you make Fluttershy a pair of Footie Pajamas?”

The timid girl’s eye opened wide, “What? No- I umm…”

“Again, it’s fine dear. I understand your obsession with ‘infantile’ objects. All I’ll need is a reference of sorts to help get me started. What’s the general design of the blanket sleep going to be like?”

Twilight smiled as she ‘shoowd’ away her friend. Whispering in her ear, she watched as Rarity wrote down a quick sketch of what the design should look like.

“Oh my, that’s adorable!” Rarity said clapping her hands together. She invited Fluttershy over, “Fluttershy dear, I’ll need your shirt though.”

“Oh umm…” Fluttershy said stalling. All of a sudden, a firm grip on each shoulder drew the shirt off her body, exposing her completely naked top. She smiled a little bit, covering up what she could. Blushing, she nudged Twilight and gave her loudest whisper, “Twilight! I wasn’t wearing a bra!”

“Well I can see that now silly!” The caretaker said booping Fluttershy on the nose.

“Grr!” Fluttershy sounded, in a playful anger.

Rarity looked at the couple; their eye contact, their hand holding, their closeness. She blinked a few times before smiling, “Wait, a-are you two a thing now?”

Fluttershy took the chance to embrace her friend. She nodded, “Mmmhmm,Twily and I have been spending all our time together. She just loves my little diapered tushie!” finishing off her statement, Fluttershy’s turned around and grinded her diaper against the front of Twilight’s pants.

Rarity let out a small chuckle, “Awe, well that’s cute. I always thought you and Rainbow Dash would get together, but this is a nice change of pace.”

“You think I’m better for Fluttershy than Rainbow Dash?” Twilight asked clasping her hands together.

Rarity nodded, “Yep, you’re both introverts after all. You love reading, nature, and you also both love quiet time. Rainbow is always wanting to do something wild or exotic with us. I’m not imposing, but I’m sure if Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy ever got into a romp, that it’d be too much for her gentle soul.”

The timid girl blushed, “Hehe, I can’t imagine Rainbow Dash in bed. She’s straight though, I doubt she’d even consider me.” She finished by clutching unto Twilight’s arm.

Shaking the clutch free, Twlight grabbed unto her friend’s hand, “Hehe, well I think Fluttershy and I outta be on our way. Well actually, do you have blouse per chance?”

“Why of course dear!” Rarity said running to and from the backroom, carrying a white t-shirt.

“Thanks!” Fluttershy said sliding her hands then head through the t-shirt’s openings.

Twilight lead Fluttershy out the door, “So, how about we go to the groceries to pick up some milk and stuff, then we’ll head home.”

Fluttershy nodded, she was doing so well. No one seemed to have noticed her diaper and if they had, they at least didn’t point it out. The sun shined warmly on her face as she sank her head in her friend’s shoulder.


It’d been another half hour of back tracking the same direction towards Fluttershy’s house. They would have gone sooner, but it would have been more groceries to carry. They didn’t really need to pick up much anyway; just baby powder, wipes, and milk.

The two had agreed to split up, as the baby and dairy isles were on separate sections of the small mini-mart.

Cautiously, Fluttershy reached down to pick up milk in a large clear refrigerator compartment. She checked the milk’s fat percentage rating, making sure it wasn’t whole. All of a sudden, a shill voice called out behind her, “Are you a bwaby?”

Fluttershy blushed. Looking behind her, she noticed a young girl about 4 years of age. Trying to remain cool, she kneeled in front of the girl; laying a hand on her shoulder she said, “No sweetie, I-I’m ‘potty-training’.” She said trying to think of terms a toddler could understand.

“But your big girl, you poopy yourself?” The child asked matter of factly.

Her cheeks got redder as she begged a decent way to phrase it. Taking a deep breath, the timid girl shook her head, “No, I just have trouble making pee-p-“ Fluttershy looked up at a rather burly looking women. Her smile shrunk, “Oh my, Ma’am uh- I-is this your child?”

The women pushed Fluttershy across the ground, grabbing her child in a retaliating hug, “What are you doing with my daughter?”

Across the store, Twilight noticed the shouting;

“I-I was just-“ Fluttershy’s voice was interrupted.

“She was just talking to me about diapers. She still uses them hehe!” The shrill girl’s voice giggled.

“You sick freak, what are you doing wearing diapers? Huh! You’re a pedophile aren’t you?” A masculine voice shouted.

Twilight shut her eyes before running across the small store. Gathering the attention of the manager, he joined in on the commotion.

By the time Twilight got there, Fluttershy was sitting on her bottom crying with her hands planted in front of her face, “I-I’m so sorry Ma’am, I promise I didn’t mean to touch her.”

The women in her rage was relentless though, “What’s that smell? Did you piss yourself? What kind of a weird ass girl are you?”

Twilight flashed her teeth as she got angrier at the lady. Walking up right behind the grotesque women, she joined her head in a clasp and used the base of her right elbow to strike a direct blow to the neck. As expected the lady collapsed and her alleged child started crying.

Wearing his dress shirt, a very nerdy looking man tipped his glasses, “Well… Umm… I have to call the cops now don’t I?”

Twilight turned around looking the man in the eyes, “You’re the manager right?” She dug into her back pocket and flashed a bright gold-scribed card from a protective purse case, “’Princess Twilight Sparkle of Celestia’s United Kingdoms’, right there…” She said pointing at the very official bolded lettering, “Call an ambulance if you want, she’ll be up in an hour..”

The Princess walked over to her friend and helped her on her feet. It took a few minutes to get Fluttershy to look up at her. Poor girl looked terrified. Smiling warmly, Twilight brushed her friend’s bangs to the side.

“Listen Fluttershy, that was just a really obnoxious beast. She was defensive of her child, probably a soccer mom. Listen, the manager doesn’t care that you wear diapers. Does he now?”

The manager looked up, still confused form the ordeal. He straightened his sky blue top as he smiled, “Hehe, I don’t ma’am. Plenty of girls your age have the same problem; We do sell incontinent supplies after all.”

Twilight smiled. Her friend content with herself again, Twilight crouched in front of the little girl, “I’m sorry I had to uh- detain your mommy.”

“She wasn’t my mommy, she was my aunt.” The girl said, avoiding eye contact with the Princess by dittling her fingers.

Smiling warmly, Twilight pointed at the manager, “Listen, you follow him and he’ll take care of everything. Again, I’m really sorry I had to do that. Don’t think too much of it alright, it wasn’t your fault.”

Twilight walked over to the manager and handed him several hundred euros, “Say nothing to the media…” she put her wallet back in her back pocket, “Now if you excuse me, my girlfriend and I while just be heading out…”

“That was completely insane!” Fluttershy said pacing back and forth.

Twilight entered the front door and dropped her shopping bags, “Hehe, it was definitely something else.”

“I just can’t believe it happened at all. I can’t believe you were right. I mean, the lady laughed at me, but it was just because she was an ass. That’s amazing! Only asses would make fun of me for my diapers!” Fluttershy finished, clapping her hands together.

“Hehe, yeah. I still can’t believe I gave that guy 200 quid for his troubles!”

Fluttershy ran up hugging her friend around the waist. She reached her hands down and put her hands in Twilight’s back pants pockets. She blushed, “Hehe, my big jelly butt!” She said, nuzzling her head against Twilight’s chest.

Twilight blushed beat red, “Hehe, my baby. Listen, how about I get you changed alright my padded princess? Quite frankly, I just can’t stand Applejack’s panties! The lace is ichy… and apple scented.”

Fluttershy melted in her friend’s embrace enjoying the moment. Of course she loved her friend, but she just did the number one thing Rainbow Dash never managed to do; she gained self-confidence… pride… her obsession wasn’t so bad all of a sudden.

Smiling, the girl in plaid back away from the hug, “Hehe! Come on baby, let’s get you some changes, nommies, and then we’ll sit down alright?”

“Alright!” Fluttershy said claping her hands together again, before running to the nursery.

Author's Note:

So I wrote this whole chapter as pretty high paced and I'm satisfied with the results. Usually I don't move the story past real time, but I'm thinking of writing a slower paced sequence in the chapter! ^-^

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoyed the new chapter.

Have a wonderful day! ~England ^-^