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Fluttercrinkle: (The Remake) - AlliePastel

Fluttershy has a secret habit which she'd kept underwraps until one faithful event when Twilight shows up uninvited. (Warning: Ageplay)

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The Little Blackbird

Inside the cottage, the cabin was cool and quiet. The light reflected off the blinded windows were the sun’s light sank its way into Fluttershy’s bedroom. Within the confines of the room, Twilight Sparkle awoke, her arms wrapped snug around her girlfriend.

Her eyes fluttered open as she gained conscious thought. A smile cracked on her face as she realized the situation she was in. She was in bed with Fluttershy cuddling, so she hugged her friend again.

Quietly Twilight held Fluttershy in her arms, swaying her body back and forth in a soothing rocking motion. Many thoughts of Fluttershy’s quiet serenity brought a small smile to Twilight’s face. It was nice hearing her friend’ doze so peacefully.

The much smaller girl opened her eyes. Stretching a little bit, she let out a heartwarming yawn.

“Good morning Sunshine” Twilight said hugging her friend just a little tighter.

Fluttershy opened her eyes slowly, “T-twilight? A-am I dreaming?”

Letting out a small giggle, Twilight answered her friend’s question, “No Fluttershy, you and I slept together last night…”she leaned in kissing the nape of her friend’s neck, “and yes, this is all very real.”

Akwardly, Fluttershy shifted in her friend’s arms, “You-you and I are dating now?”

Twilight nodded, “Mmm-hmm. I guess so, remember last night?”

The smaller girl’s eyes lit up as her memory started to come back to her. Her jaw became slack, “Oh my, w-we smoothed didn’t we?” Fluttershy seemed to tense up a bit, the thought of the two’s compassion flooded her thoughts.

Using her nose, Twilight nuzzled the back of her friend’s neck, “We share did Flutters. You’re a good kisser by the way!”

Fluttershy closed her eyes. Her recollection seemed so distant, yet here she was in her friend’s arms being held tight like a precious possession.


“Yeah Fluttershy?”

“A-am I umm... wearing a-“

“Diaper? Why yes you are Fluttershy.”

“I see. A-are you not wearing-“

“I’m wearing undies Fluttershy. Your undies to be specific.”

Fluttershy blushed, “Oh my!”

Twilight raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure you’ve never been in a relationship before?”

The timid girl nodded, “Mmm-hmm! The closest I’ve ever been in a relationship with someone else, was with Rainbow.

Although she always treated me more like a little sister, I still got more affection from her than I could have ever hoped for though.”

“Wadda you mean Fluttershy?”

The shy girl’s expression sank as she frowned and looked aimlessly around the room. “Well, when Rainbow Dash and I used to have little sleepovers here. We’d goof around, eat stuff, and talk for hours about random things. She’d even tell me how important I was in her life and how she’d never let me feel lonely again…”

“Then what happened?” Twilight asked with the most genuine tone of empathy in her voice.

A tear washed down Fluttershy’s face as she answered, “S-she left… It’s not her fault, she’s part of the Royal Air force! She had to go, b…” Fluttershy hugged her friend’s arms closer to her chest, “B-but I wanted her to stay, I needed her to stay!”

Sobs choked the saddened little girl. Her body felt heavy, and she fought to dry tears that streamed down her face, “D-don’t leave me Twilight!”

Something was clearly wrong, Twilight thought to herself. Perhaps it’s an inferiority complex, or maybe something else. Psychology wasn’t Twilight’s best subject, but perhaps she is unto something…

Using one of her hands, Twilight pulled up on Fluttershy’s tank top. The smaller girl wanted to stop her, but something in her system compelled her to let Twilight reveal her tummy.

Shakily the studious girl asked, “F-Fluttershy? I-Is there a reason there are so many scars on your stomach?”

Fluttershy shook her head, “Please Twilight.”

Twilight asked again, “Is there a reason?”

Fluttershy shook her head as if telling Twilight that she was undeniably curtain.

A dull pain seemed to relentlessly cross Twilight’s brain as she struggled to come up with a way to get an answer. Willing to do anything for a decent answer, Twilight smirked as she teased a threat, “You know Fluttershy, being that I'm now associated with the Canterlot Royal Heir, I could have my private nurse take care of you full time? I’d place you under house arrest, and you’d always be watched over. I don’t want my friend doing anything she’d regret, now would I?”

The small girl shook her head. She was getting frustrated. Wasn’t it obvious to Twilight? “I don’t need or want some nurse giving her life just to make sure mine isn’t wasted! Twilight, I-I don’t want to be alone! Please, I want to be loved and cherished a-and… Twilight!”

The soft touch of Fluttershy’s skin versus her own made the girl cringe; it felt so delicate against her skin. How Fluttershy could ever see tearing it apart was another question. Slowly she arched her legs upwards and her head downwards, forming a safe little shell around Fluttershy’s small figure.

“Shh, shh!” Twilight repeated in an attempt to calm her friend, “I was just joking Flutters, I don’t even have a private nurse. That’s beside the point; I don’t wanna see you hurt yourself like you did.”

Fluttershy struggled to break her frown, “I-I know, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Twilight, it’s hard being strong when no one loves you, when no one has ever loved you! How would you feel if your mother abandoned you, when you were only in preschool? How would you feel if you were picked on every day for being yourself, no matter how nice you tried! I can’t stand being alone on this planet Twilight! I can’t be alone; being alone makes me feel so cold! Of course I’d hurt myself if someone like you left me! I-I- Ahh!” the girl yelled shaking in the grasp of her friend.

“You know what Fluttershy?” Twilight spoke while she used her grip to retain Fluttershy’s flailing arms, “I promise I won’t leave you. You’re one of the people that made my life great; that made me great! I’m not going to leave you. Just relax and enjoy being with me in the present.”

Fluttershy’s chest seemed to pulsate, each breath baring salvation to her heavy respiration. The warmth around her was helping though, as if her friend was acting as a make-shift blanket to provide her comfort.

Ever so carefully, Twilight lifted an arm and used it to pet the back of her friend’s hair, “Oh Fluttershy, baby girl. You’re being way too heavy on yourself, just… just let it go and let me take care of you for today, alright?”

The smaller girl nodded, clearly Twilight proved herself more than capable of roleplaying and such. Even if the terms they’d come on yesterday were in effect, Twilight was still going to take care of her like a child. This made Fluttershy both terrified and excited all at once!

In admiration of her friend’s love, Fluttershy actually managed to smile just a bit.

Without a word of warning, Twilight dug her hands under Fluttershy’s body and brought her into a cradle. A soft grin made its way onto her face as she giggled, “Hehe, come on Fluttershy. I wanna get you into something a little bit more comfy for a baby alright?”

Fluttershy held unto Twilight, her arms locked tight around her friend’s neck. After a quick bit with the stairs, and a lot of careful steps, they both arrived in front of Fluttershy’s nursery door.

Twilight lent out her hand to open the door, only to be surprised that she needed clearance. “Oh my, what’s the password Fluttershy?”

“F-fluttercrinkle” the timid girl said with a whimper.

“Excuse me, I didn’t catch that?”


Twilight smirked, “Ooh! Fluttercrinkle! That’s clever of you…” Using her nimble fingers, Twilight managed to type in the security password with complete ease. Using her foot, she bunted open the door and stepped inside. “Awh, this nursery is still as impressive as ever. Anyhow, where are you baby clothes?”

The heat of the situation made Fluttershy feel like she was on fire. The very thought of her friend being this accepting of this most secret part of her life made her happy; what made her even more-so happy was the thought that she was really able to just act like a baby.

A devious smile appeared on Fluttershy’s face as she pointed towards her baby clothes cabinet.

It didn’t take long for Fluttershy’s caregiver to find her girlfriend the perfect little outfit. It was a pink nightgown, with white crochet long sleeves, and ruffled socks to match.

“Like it?” Twilight said holding it into the air.

Fluttershy ducked her frail arms under her tank top and pulled upwards exposing her nearly naked top. She dawned her eyes at Twilight’s selection of clothes. The gown was so cute. Then again, she did buy it for herself, of course it was cute.

“It’s perfect” Fluttershy said nervously grabbing one arm with the other.

The bigger girl made her way in front of her smaller friend. Turning her head downward, Twilight noticed that her friend only came up to her chin in height. It was a bit funny to the both of them, but it didn’t matter either. If anything, Fluttershy enjoyed being the smaller of the two.

“Umm… A-are you going to remove my pajama bottoms, or should I?”

Without hearing a response from her friend, she felt a pair of hands grip the elastic hugging against her diaper. A cool breeze swept in-between her legs as she kicked the pants off from her ankles.


“Yeah Twily?”

“D-did you wet yourself?” the studious girl asked in disbelief.

Fluttershy looked down at her diaper. Her suspicions confirmed, she closed her eyes and nodded.

“I-is this something that usually happens? Are you incontinent?”

The timid girl shook her head, “No, I-I have a weak bladder. I-I can control myself… but I usually don’t do well if I drink liquids before rest, or get in intense situations.”

“Which was it this time?” Twilight asked, kneeling down and poking the front of her friend’s diaper.

Fluttershy’s lips cracked upwards as she tried to retain some confidence, “Hehe… yes.”

Gracing her fingers along the plastic backing of her friend’s diaper, Twilight pulled the front of it to reveal the absorbent material was very yellow indeed. She let go of the diaper, which made an audible *crinkle* sound as it melded back into it’s original form. Looking back up, her friend’s face was now visibly red.

“What?” Twilight asked, lowering her arms under her friend’s.

“Y-You saw my…” Fluttershy struggled as she was lifted into the air.

Being as careful as possible, Twilight lifted Fluttershy with all her meager strength. Stepping quickly over to the nursery’s changing table, she quickly but hastily set her friend unto it’s padded surface.

Using her hands, Twilight parted her friend’s legs leaving her wet diaper in full view. A bit ecstatic about the scene in front of her, Twilight jabbed the front of her friend’s diaper again. “Hehe, squishy. How do diapers feel Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy’s face was red, her entire body felt hot. Her friend saw her naked, not really, but she saw her sex! Unable to conjure words, the girl squeaked in response to her friend’s question.

The studious girl couldn’t help but smile at her friend’s blatant cuteness. Years of toil and schoolwork made her so much more confident than when she was a little girl, Fluttershy reminded Twilight a whole lot of her younger self.

Curling her fingers around the brim of small girl’s diaper, Twilight peeled the tabs back undoing the diaper’s hug in the process.

“Awh, Baby! Now Twilight is gonna make you all nice and clean alright?”

With great desperation, Fluttershy shook her head in disapproval, “No! Please! I don’t want you to-“

With a flick of the wrist, Twilight withdrew the diaper from under her friend, leaving her completely exposed.

Twilight blushed at the site of her friend’s exposed flesh, “Oh my, I should have guessed you were a virgin!”

Fluttershy’s face lit up. She couldn’t distinguish her own anger from embracement. ‘Why couldn’t she have changed herself, how come she didn’t say anything about it before she was exposed?’. Rolling her eyes, Fluttershy spoke, “Of course I’m a virgin Twilight. You think any man has touched me? He’d be way too afraid that he’d hurt me, that’s if a guy would even think about asking me out. I’m too shy to date Twilight, don’t hate me?”

Twilight yanked the diaper from under her friend’s bottom. Using a little process she’d form when she used to babysit her little brother; she first balled up and threw away the dirty diaper, before she grabbed a clean one from the side compartment.

Fluttershy watched in suppressed emotional anguish as her friend unfolded a new diaper in her hands. Never had the timid girl felt so ashamed, she had no control over her privacy; she had no privacy to protect in the first place!

A grin dawned on Twilight’s face, holding a diaper in her hand made her feel not only in power, but even a bit nostalgic. The sensation of the mysterious puffy material between her fingers made her smile.

Time was of the essence, and Twilight knew Fluttershy was getting uncomfortable being naked on the table. Using one hand, she lifted her friend’s legs in the air. Using her other hand, she slid the diaper underneath her friend’s little bottom.

No amount of vocal screaming or talking could express the helplessness Fluttershy felt in her heart. The humiliation of being naked was enough to make her want to curl up into a ball and die. Nobody had ever seen her naked, at least no body that she remembers fondly.

Twilight’s hands moved quickly while wrapping the babyish undergarment around her friend’s waist. Smiling, she pulled the tapes over the cartoonish designs on the front, “All better Flutters?”

The timid girl’s world seemed to calm down. Nothing but her and her caretaker existed in that moment. She thought she was embarrassed, but Twilight’s motherly tone of voice made everything seem alright. Without muttering a syllable, Fluttershy nodded.

The young studious girl extended her arms outward to her friend. Willingly, the much smaller one leapt into her friend’s arms and hugged unto her for dear life.

In that instant, both girls shut their eyes and held unto each other tighter. Perhaps it was just their emotions playing off of each other, but the bond they both formed felt unbreakable.

Twilight inhaled deeply, the smell of her girlfriend’s hair filled her sinuses. Something was different all of a sudden, she had no attraction to Fluttershy, but more of what felt like an empathetic pity. Oddly though, this made her feel even more attracted to the young girl.

Fluttershy meanwhile started rubbing her hand up and down her friend’s back. Her mind didn’t have to time to comprehend the immense guilt she felt from showing her shame. She seemed to know nothing but the soft cradle of her caretaker’s grasp around her fragile body.

She opened her eyes and whispered to her friend, “T-twilight… c-can I get dressed pleased?”

In confirmation, Twilight nodded. Kneeling nearer to the ground, the studious young girl set her friend unto the soft playmat of the nursery floor. Smiling, Twilight reached on top of the changing table and handed Fluttershy her gown and socks, “Listen Fluttershy, I gotta go get some real clothes on myself. I trust you can handle dressing yourself like a big girl?”

Fluttershy, half-knowingly nodded. Doubt rained in the young girl’s mind as she struggled to remember whether or not she really knew how to dress herself or not.

Still, the timid young girl watched as her caretaker made her way out of the nursery, and away from her sight.

“… Anyway Applejack, you wouldn’t happen to have any spare clothes would you?”

“I suppose I do, why are you askin’?”

“Well you see, your farm is the closest thing nearby.”

“… Sure, just give me time to start up the truck and everything.”

“Great, I’ll talk to you then?”

“Sure thing Twilight! I’ll talk to you then.”

Twilight pumped her fist into the air, proclaiming victory for her smooth talk. Out of the corner of her eye however, Fluttershy came stepping out in her night gown.

“T-Twilight?” the timid girl called, as if she’d literally just lost track of her mommy.

“I’m on the couch Flutters!” Twilight answered, signaling the young girl with the shake of her hand.

Fluttershy stepped over to the couch and climbed on top of it. Crawling to Twilight’s side of the couch, she leaned over to hug her much bigger friend.

“Huh?” Twilight sounded, startled by the arms that were hugging around her waist.

Using her little nose, Fluttershy nudged Twilight’s shoulder.

The affection Twilight got from her friend made her beam. Fluttershy is so innocent; from her long pink mane, to her frail touch. Everything about Fluttershy was absolutely adorable. “Awh Flutters, how’d you get so kawaii?”

“Hehe!” Fluttershy giggled crawling up unto her friend’s lap, “It’s one of the good things about being a small lady I guess? Say, what are we going to do now? I-I’m kinda hungry.”

A hand arched around the timid girls back and pulled her in for a hug. Twilight rubbed the hand up and down Fluttershy’s arm, “Oh I dunno. I’m going to wait for Applejack to get here; she says she wants to feed you.”

“Umm, Twilight? What did you umm… tell Applejack?”

“Nothing much, I just gave her a little update on or little roleplaying thing. I mean, she likes role playing. She’s been doing it with Applebloom since she was just a little baby. She told me she’d love to feed you. Oh! And that I needed clothes. Your undies are kinda tight, and I can’t go back to the castle manor without them.”

“Oh.” Fluttershy said hugging her friend even tighter, “I-I’m going to be a baby around Applejack?”

Using her hand, Twilight graced Fluttershy’s bangs away from her forehead and behind her ear, “Of course you are baby. I know it’s a lot to ask, but if you want to live your life as a baby girl, you outta at least feel comfortable around your friends.”

Fluttershy closed her eyes. Everything Twilight said was true, she wanted her friends to know eventually. Besides, it gave her a good excuse to snuggle up to Twilight if she got scared. Weakily smiling, Fluttershy tried to speak but was stopped by the rubber nipple of a pacifier.

Twilight hugged her friend, pressing the small girls head against her chest, “Don’t sweat it Fluttershy, everything will be fine. Now rest a bit, Applejack is a bit excited to do this!

Author's Note:

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